Drunk Officer Tries to Kiss Man’s Girlfriend, Shouts “F*ck You, I’m a Police Officer!”

Image via The Free Thought Project.

Image via The Free Thought Project.

Officer did not shoot the fellow cop when he attempted to get his revolver out — what would they have done if it was a citizen?

It seems an undercover police officer was not really interested in protecting his identity, nor his reputation, when he engaged in inappropriate behavior with the guests at the Hyatt.

Apparently, Officer Scott Perry caused quite a ruckus at the hotel last Saturday.

Alpharetta Police had to be called in to help the man calm down.

65-year-old Genesco Carvalhais and his girlfriend were eating at a restaurant located inside the hotel when a heavily drunk off-duty Perry approached them.

At first, Perry made tasteless remarks to Carvalhais’ girlfriend.

Then, he tried to kiss her right in front of her man.

As if that was not enough he proceeded to take plate of food off the table.

Perry also attempted to kiss the frustrated man as he tried to get his food back.

Soon after, a physical fight ensued, which left Carvalhais’ shirt ripped and his watch and necklace damaged.

Perry got up the floor and once again he made in appropriate advances toward the lady.

Eventually, hotel staff called Alpharetta Police for help.

What followed was another comedy of errors.

When officers knocked at Perry’s door, he answered wearing nothing but his underwear.

According to one of the officers, the man was so drunk that his speech was slurred and he even found it hard to stand up straight.

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  • Frostbitten

    Do you guys proofread your stuff at all? Come on, now.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    again, notice the complete lack of “resisting arrest” charges? how about trying to grab his weapon? if that was you or me, they’d charge us with attempted murder of a police officer, or some other charge(s). and again, just like clock work he gets a free paid vacation. and most people aren’t even aware of the amount of money these people get. in my own very small town cops get between 3500-5000$ a month!! and that’s just the average patrolman, most chiefs make well into the 6 figure range. these police unions need to be banned, investigated and PROSECUTED!

  • Written so poorly that I don’t want to share the article.

    • Ammy

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  • Darkgrace

    It’s hard to take an article seriously when it contains so many spelling and grammar errors.