Elderly Man Calls 911 Because He’s Starving, These Good Cops Show Up and Feed Him

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A 79-year-old man called dispatchers because he hadn’t eaten in two days and needed help. So, these officers used their own money to stock his pantry for month’s. They then launched a food pantry at the police station to help citizens in a similar situation.

Last Saturday, a disabled 79-year-old man called dispatchers saying he hadn’t eaten in two days and was hungry. The 911 call was a last resort for the elderly man, but it was answered by a group of police officers of Mt. Pleasant in Tennessee.

WKRN News reports that a group of the station’s officers showed up at the hungry man’s door with several bags full of groceries.

Reportedly, they spent $160 of their own money to make sure the man had enough food in his kitchen to last him a month.

Said Nathan Bolton, one of the officers:

“I think he was shocked at the amount of food that we bought and just the fact that it was there without question.”

When one of the pictures of the officers stocking the man’s cabinets was posted on Facebook, the country was made aware of the men’s good deed.

It’s difficult for us to see as police officers. We’re out here to take care of the public at large and that doesn’t always mean stopping a car. Sometimes it’s us doing little things like this,” said Mark Billions, one of the officers.

Most of the news concerning police nowadays has to do with brutal arrests and unnecessary fatalities. Therefore, it’s heartening when the positive deeds carried out by the law enforcement workers are shared, as well. At the end of the day, we are all human and need to act compassionately; these officers did just that.

The elderly man, who prefers to remain anonymous, said he appreciates everything they did to help him. The man is on a fixed income and relies on his social security benefits each month to get by.

Unfortunately, a former caretaker stole his debit card last weekend, therefore, he did not have any funds to buy food. Thankfully, the thief was found and faces charges for fraudulent use of a debit card.

Since the incident, the police officers have started a food pantry to help other citizens that might be in a similar situation. If you are in the area and would like to assist, they are accepting canned food donations at the Mt. Pleasant Police Department.

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  • Alex Ostrander

    Great job guys! Fuck that woman how could you do that to a 80 yr old man.

  • Chumscrubber

    Why do you post preposterous propaganda pieces like this?

    Feeding a hungry elderly man is something good PEOPLE do, not GOOD COPS. Will you now be sharing stories of regular citizens who “spend their own money” (which is bullshit – more on this below) on feeding the hungry, whose income isn’t derived from raping other citizens of the fruits of their labor, who don’t take the time to pose for a photo-op?
    Seriously, there are at least three cops there it looks like, and a cop is probably taking the photo. That has got to be the most expensive armed food delivery service the taxpayers have ever had the dubious honor of compulsorily providing! Ergo, it isn’t “their own money”, and it isn’t their own time, in at least a couple different ways. And a food bank? Again, the most expensive, inefficient, armed food storage service the taxpayers have ever had the dubious honor . . . etc. I wonder what kind of evidence you have to bury to get put on “food bank” detail, or “food delivery detail”, when you want to milk the clock and the taxpayer tit for OT . . .
    Did it ever occur to anyone, why paramedics weren’t the first responders to a 911 call of a starving elderly man? Did they just give him some saline drip and tell him to get screwed? Can you say “staged”?

    Please stop posting ludicrous propaganda pieces like this; it encourages cop misconduct, quite frankly.
    If cops think they can kill ten dogs & ten grandmothers as they sleep during botched swat raids, beat homeless simpletons to death for kicks, and rob the public blind through asset forfeiture scams, then pose for a fake photo op in duck face, jarhead haircut & freaky tattoos with groceries & an old man, nothing will ever change.

    • random456

      Hey man… maybe just calm down a little.

      There can be good people being cops, in addition to the bad ones. Maybe they need more positive role models.

      Its probably propaganda, yeah, but you sound pretty ridiculously angry over what is essentially a positive story. Do you just piss Rage 24/7 or what?

      • Chumscrubber

        Hey man… maybe just stow the condescending equivocations, infantile platitudes, self-serving emotion critiques, and melodramatic hyperbole.

        If it is propaganda, the “story” isn’t even mostly true, let alone “positive”. Furthermore, my point is precisely, that this story, like any other piece of propaganda, intentionally appears “essentially positive” when it is fundamentally negative. I have explained exactly why this POS piece is fundamentally negative in fact – read before you comment please.

        You sound pretty ridiculously ignorant, apathetic, and biased over what is essentially the purpose of this website. Do you just CopSuck 24/7 or what? Aren’t unsupported, irrelevant ad hominems productive? Did you actually want to comment on the validity of the arguments presented, or continue to offer your subjective opinion of your perception of the ‘personality’ behind them?

        • random456

          Ok, I have a better idea. How about I tell you to fuck yourself, and never talk to you again?

          You’re going to sit there and call me “ridiculously ignorant,” “apathetic,” “biased,” say that I “copsuck 24/7” and then accuse me of making ad hominem attacks?? Are you even fucking for real?

          Douchebags like you are why we can’t have nice things, like a fucking civil society. Seriously, go fuck yourself, and then die in a fire. Jesus Christ.

          I don’t have time for this level of dochebaggery.

          • Chumscrubber

            Great idea! That will give you time to work on your thesis about the link between “douchebags like me” and the absence of “a fucking civil society”. I recommend you explore the duller points of basic logic first however, like how to present and support an argument, because you apparently cannot, or are unwilling, to do either.
            Thanks for the kind, civilized wishes, and have a great weekend ; )

    • Michelle Parker

      THANK you for saying this!!! I have been going NUTS trying to explain this very concept! What these cops are doing would make them good CITIZENS if they just did it on their own time. I agree 100% and would add that good COPS they have to do things that are part of their JOB! Testifying that another cop lied, beat someone, making arrests that are justified and made without beating or shooting suspects unless TRULY necessary, THAT’S a good cop. This site has shown them, usually along with the story about how that they then get fired or relentlessly harassed! True “good “cops” are out there and THEY are the ones who need praise!

      • Chumscrubber

        You are very welcome : ) Exactly.

  • Bo kelly

    Did their good deed for the day, now they can go out and murder people unabated.