Video: This Ex-Cop Owns These Cops When They Try to Harass Him

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CANTON — Police detained a man because he allegedly “fit the description” of a someone exposing themselves in the area.

The cops said they were looking for a black male in black shorts, and that was exactly how Mr. Sylvan Triggs was dressed.

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However, when Mr. Triggs looked up the actual description of the flasher, it was a tall white male in his 20′s who the police were looking for; not a short black male in his 40′s.


Had Mr. Triggs not been filming this harassment, it could have gone much worse.

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Here is that incident caught on film which shows Mr. Triggs refusing to be bullied by these harassing cops.

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  • Curtis Nixon

    lying sacks of shit.

  • Curtis Nixon

    racist pigs

  • Curtis Nixon

    embellishing? FUCK YOU PIG!

    • Ron Marlin

      yea right– i heard the cop say that shit too. fkn liar

  • Steve in Iowa

    He should have asked them what the perp’s name was.

  • Mark Gooden

    fascist state of America

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    save america, execute a thug with a badge today.

  • James

    The Sqt actually said White Male – er Black Male —-

    • Ron Marlin

      yea — I heard that to.

  • Dane

    What a bunch of fucking racist cowards.

  • Chance Pemberton

    Every single cop in this scene was lying out their azz, even the dam supervisor. So since the person committing the crime was white, I guess this simply turned into a case of police profiling for which a black man was in a mostly white neighborhood or he just looked suspicious. Isn’t that against the law? Wait, they get off with murder, so I’m sure nothing else really matters now does it.

  • Bonehedz11

    anyone notice the UC in the black looks like the guy in the composite sketch?

    • larry

      I did but the black guy had no way of knowing this.

  • Shemp

    The reason cops lie is because their superiors lie and allow it.