Family Dog Making Miraculous Recovery After Being Shot in The Chest by a Tarpon Springs Police Officer

TARPON SPRINGS – A family dog is making a miraculous recovery after it was shot in the chest by a Tarpon Springs police officer who said the dog tried to bite him several times.

The dog, a chocolate Lab-Besanji mix named Karuso, somehow got out of the family’s backyard and went straight to Craig Park, which is about a block away, where his owners take him for a walk every day.

Someone called 911 and reported a pit bull that was loose in the park.

When an officer arrived, according to his report, he found Karuso sitting on a park bench. Chief Robert Kochen said the officer played with the dog first and then tried to corral him into the police cruiser, but the dog wouldn’t get in on its own.

“Once the officer grabbed the dog [by the collar], he growled and tried to bite him,” Kochen said. “The officer immediately released the dog and backed up and at that point, according to the report, the dog lunged at the officer in an aggressive manner and the officer took out his firearm and tried to protect himself.”

The bullet hit Karuso in the chest and miraculously passed right through him without hitting any vital organs.

Minutes later, the dog’s owners, Kelly Markham and her son, Tyler Markham arrived and learned an officer had shot their dog.

“I just started crying and saying, ‘Why did you shoot my dog?'” said Kelly Markham. “I don’t think I’ve ever cried that much in my lifetime.”

Tyler Markham searched for his dog, who had run off after getting shot, and eventually found him hiding in the woods. He and his mother rushed their pet to the animal hospital.

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