Family Dog Making Miraculous Recovery After Being Shot in The Chest by a Tarpon Springs Police Officer

“The whole time I’m thinking, ‘This is the final moments with my best friend,” Tyler Markham recalled, adding he’s never seen his dog be aggressive toward anyone. “Karuso is the friendliest dog, has never, ever attacked anybody in his eight years of his life…just my best friend.”

“[Karuso] has grown up with my children,” Kelly Markham added. “Thank God he’s OK because I don’t know how my three wonderful kids would be able to handle losing him, especially this way.”

The Markhams were amazed to find out Karuso’s wounds weren’t fatal and that he’s expected to make a full recovery.

Chief Kochen said the Markhams are good pet owners and he feels awful about what happened, but he stands behind his officer’s actions.

“He did not intend the situation to turn out like this but a lot of times in our job, when you look at circumstances, things evolve and change rapidly and that’s what happened here. The dog really left him no choice. That’s not what we wanted,” he said.

Kochen told FOX 13 officers are trained to handle calls about dogs on the loose and, in his 28 years at the department, he can only remember two ending in the animal getting shot; most dogs are reunited with their owners without any issues.

“The vast majority of our calls for dogs end up very good,” the chief continued. “I’ve told [Kelly Markham] I was sorry for what she had to go through. I have to support what the officer did per policy, even though we didn’t want it to turn out this way.”

The Markhams think officers should be required to go through additional training. They and the chief have been talking and, according to Kochen, are planning to meet about how to come to a resolution.

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