Family pet shot in the head by plainclothes cops searching at wrong address



Police State USA

ERIE COUNTY, NY — (EXCLUSIVE) — A family was traumatized when gun-wielding police officers walked onto their quiet property and shot their dog in the head while looking for a man who did not live there.

Megan Shimburski, 25, was spending a quiet afternoon with her children at her parents’ countryside East Concord residence on July 25, 2014.

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It was a normal day, she said, which involved watching her 5-year-old daughter play behind the house with their dog, as her infant son lied in a playpen inside the house.

Ms. Shimburski’s parents, John Shimburski and Martha Spaulding, were not at home when the day turned to chaos.


At around 2:00 p.m., Ms. Shimburski recalled that she ducked inside the house for a moment to use the restroom.

She became alerted to something occurring when the family’s two dogs began barking; one was inside and one was outside the house.

Ms. Shimburski said that she looked out the window and saw two vehicles parked outside — a car and an SUV — along with unidentified men, one of whom had a gun drawn.

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Panicked, she rushed outside toward danger to attend to her daughter, Makenna, who was accompanied by “Lady,” a 2-year-old Brindle Pit Bull.

“I heard 2 shots fired, and Lady yelp, and my daughter scream,” Ms. Shimburski told Police State USA.

The armed stranger had just shot the family’s beloved pet in the head, with Makenna standing “20 feet behind [the dog] in the exact same direction.”

“He then proceeded to continue walking up the hill with his gun raised, and I screamed at him not to shoot his gun again,” she added.

Ms. Shimburski says that there was no clear indication of who the intruders were; there were no markings on the vehicles and the three men were not in uniforms.

She described them as dressed in “business attire” — definitely not uniforms.

“I stated that I was going to call the police, and that’s when they said, ‘We are the Erie County Police,’” Ms. Shimburski recalled.

The men then began to request to enter her parents’ home.

Ms. Shimburski declined, and tended to her children and dogs.

Lady was bleeding profusely.

Makenna was cowering nearby crying, “The man shot Lady. He shot my dog.”

As Ms. Shimburski took her daughter inside, she discovered that two of the self-described “officers” had already entered her parents’ home, after she had explicitly told them to stay out.

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  • eman1973

    Pig cops’ lives are NOT worth more than even the mangiest mongrel dog. They are worthless pieces of trash and when they come to steal your property and kill your animals for no reason whatsoever, you need to SHOOT BACK! If these fucking pigs would make sure they were in the right location in the first fucking place, they wouldn’t be placing themselves in a situation where they would be vulnerable to attack by these “dangerous” animals. And what a fucking joke that is, most of the dogs these pigs shoot wouldn’t be a danger to a small child much less a roided up low IQ order follower.

  • Liberalism_is_mental_AIDS

    Cops are nothing more than thugs with badges and guns.

  • James Michael

    Felons with badges and guns need hemp neckties….

    Especially oath breaking, dog shooting, home invading, trespassers…without warrants…or cause….They would have been talking to my DE .50….

  • Scott

    America…your “American Dream” has become a nightmare! All of those nice old thoughts are sliding down the toilet!

  • Lamik Khalifa

    Well, i had to save a few kids from being mauled by a
    this so-called dog/Tasmanian devil/Etruscan pit. i am in my late 40’s and i have been around dogs before, my father was a world war 2 vet and was blind and had a variety of dogs from german sheps, to retrievers and bull terriers and never have i seen such blood letting since the pitbull has been unleashed in this so-called society of civilians who hold a dogs life more valuable than a human being is beyond belief. If this viscous animal attacked the cop then he had every right to shooot that beast of a so-called dog..

    • Sarah Louise Crum

      kiss my big fat ass pal!! I have a pit and he’s the best dog I’ve ever had. He only know’s to protect his master’s. Cop’s will take ANYTHING AND ANYONE’S life they choose, they are nut’s!!! Way more than half of them are anyway. Police brutality is all over the place now, matter o fact, I see it way more than I see pit bull attacks in the media, why do you think that?! Cop’s are a fucking joke these day’s, You need to wake up!!

  • Lamik Khalifa

    Some people on here just as nasty as can be be loving an animal more than a human life, despicable!!

    • Ex cop

      This is for the person said the cops are right to shoot a dog and have no regret for humans I’m a former cop I do see what is out there cops shoot people as well as pets even a child Ive seen it that what made me leave the force so you don’t know shit I’ve lived it I’ve seen it it could happen to you or anyone times have changed since I was a cop nobody gives a damp about anything or anybody so get a life and see what the real world is like it’s not what it used to be I know I still see it everyday so welcome to the real world just so you understand when we are trained we are trained to kill that’s what they teach people who want to be cops so if you want to be a asshole wear a badge and go join them if you want justice you just might be there next victim

    • AlvinBr

      Lame Caliphate does not know what she is spewing.

  • Pet lover

    Kill all cops they will always be protected no matter what they are just plain murders they kill innocent people family pets they even will kill your child if they have to no matter what if they don’t get there way you will pay for it with your life so fuck you cops the only good one is a dead one