Family Puppy Shot Eight Times, Executed by Police After “Barking Complaints”

SAINT CLARE SHORES —  It began when a grandpa, who suffers from dementia, forgot to bring Lexie the puppy back inside.

Lexie was barking for several hours, wanting to come back inside.

At some point a neighbor thought it was a good idea to call the police and complain about the barking.

By the time the police arrived, the grandpa was at the door trying to let Lexie back inside — but it was too late.

Police surrounded the dog, according to reports, which distracted Lexie from going inside, causing her to bark at the police.

That’s when a hail of gunfire occurred. The police shot Lexie eight times, according to ABC-7 News.


Photo by WXYZ 7 News

Photo by WXYZ 7 News

“She was just my puppy,” said Brittany Preston, the dog’s owner.

Brittany was at work for the night and left Lexie home with grandpa, never imagining she would return to find Lexie dead.

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Police claim in their reports that Lexie “charged” at them.

That appears to be a lie, given the testimony of witnesses at the scene.

Witnesses stated that the puppy was actually cowering against the house as the police continued to shoot her again and again.

“Eight shots in my dog is just horrendous,” says Preston, devastated.

“Lexie was friendly, loveable, playful,” she said.

Preston doesn’t believe the shooting was necessary at all and believes Lexie would still be alive right now if police had handled things more responsibly.

“You could sedate dogs and find out  who their owners are, instead of killing them and worrying about it later.”

“I think what they did was very inhumane,” she said.



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  • copsrinhuman

    Sad that nothing is being done about these cops. Through other stories I have seen that all cops at the scene say that the dog or puppy was charging at them. In the end they are never held responsible because their “life was in danger” and the judges see it as a reasonable course of action.

  • Stan Sands

    Damn easy to tell lies to avoid being accountable.Seems like all the police shootings have one thing in common. The police are all bullies who are filled with fear so shoot first.

    • gerbilcrusader

      I as a soldier was victimized by these cowards countless times. They violated my free speech in 1993, conspired with the nazi FBI/marshalls and gestapo federal prosecutor that turned love letters sent to an ex girlfriend who was cheating with a local cop who were buddies with the feds according to my lawyer then. I was incarcerated for over year for that having a clean record while the federal judge was dismissing illegal mexican alien drug dealers. I was a citizen, veteran and reservist and a citizen with a clean record. When I challenged their criminal lies, they added 22 more charges when they stole my stored registered guns. My family had no idea how corrupt, racist and thuggish, nazi like the state and federal courts are. They force you to plea agree and commit crimes against you denying your rights while detained. This is something the public doesn’t know. They control the media and once they label you and assassinate your character and name, they make themselves as the good and you are evil. I have been trying to warn people jow evil the entire court system is especially federal and state level. These thugs look down on the common citizen. We have been under the police state since Janet Reno/Bill Clnton. False charges is what they do to give them an excuse to RAID, KILL and Steal your stuff. I have so much hatred for cops and prosecutors and most judges, 90% of them should be fought killed. DO NOT let yourself get arrested. These domestic enemies will ruin your life and treat you like a slave once they capture you. We as Americans need to fight back as a whole and take our power back. Look at the militarization of these NAZIS buying military gear, vehicles which are not authorized in the constitution. America needs to remove the power of the police. They should only be used for traffic accidents and basic capital crimes like burglary and murder. Anything else send a family counselor/psychologist. Domestic issues should not be handled by the police or pigs. They are too stupid and bullies to make peace in a community. They make things worst and ruin lives. Communities need their community forces that has more fire power then the police ti put them in check if they commit crimes against that community. We need the same especially on the federal level. That’s why every community should have a militia comprised of community members living in that community. That’s how you stop this police state and tyrrany from state and federal governments.

  • Christopher Potas

    how do you know the police are lying? Their lips are moving

    • JonEdHil

      How can you tell when your home’s been burglarized by a cop? Your trash cans are empty and your dog’s been raped! (or shot)

  • DanSimpson

    Goddamn those low life motherfuckers. Fuck the goddamn pigs. All they can do is lie. If that were my pup, those sonsofbitches would be dead, 1 x 1, I would get my revenge. All cops are is gutless, chickenshit cowards. Fucking scumbag pieces of shit. Goddamn every fucking one of you no good sonsofbitches pigs. I hope you all choke to death and die.

    • gerbilcrusader

      I agree! The local chula vista police in california, the FBI and US marshalls ruinned my life over love letters to a then girlfriend who was cheating with the chula vista cop into FEDERAL threatening over the post office CHARGES and even forced me to leave the state after coercing my lawyer into doing a plea for a crime they committed against me and my family. I swore back in 1997 til present, they will never raid me and deny my freedom of speech again. I WILL KILL any cop who tries to harm, arrest and attack my family, friends and myself. We live under tyrrany under this police state made by the liberal facist running our state and federal government. TIME to fight back against cops and the crooked courts!

      • Rachine S Vernon

        Dude chill. I know our system is fucked up, but dude chill. You are asking for trouble posting crap like that. If you need to vent man see a counselor or maybe a therapist. Violence begats violence. Don’t make yourself out to be worse than the people you are mad at.

        • PigChoker

          no that sounds pretty reasonable. cops ruin lives. any time I’ve heard of someone I know calling the cops for help they end up getting abused, humiliated, and disrespected. Once they have their hands on your family member it may be the last time you see them.

          • earndoggy

            I agree,it’s time to fight back by any means necessary,including deadly force.

  • Carrying hick

    If a pig did that to my dog, I’d just go to there house and wait till they let there dog out and shoot there’s. Paybacks a bitch. It charged me.

    • Tabitha73

      ignorant fool! You’d take revenge on a poor dog because of its owner? Your no better than these cop scumbags!

    • Alessandra Pao

      that would be exactly the same error of the cop! can’t u see how miserable and unfair would it be? you would just make him and his dog suffer, while your aim should be to make him pay, possibly in a legal way, or you would pass on the wrong side and get in trouble because of a bad person. it makes no sense.

  • Alessandra Pao

    what can we do practically about this? I mean, there has to be something people can do apart from sharing the news and talking about it. have we got no power? for example, the dog was not in the street but inside the area of the house, so is the police allowed to go at someone’s house deliberately with no serious reason? people cannot take their dogs on a leash or at home all the time, dogs are supposed to spend time outside and bark, just like we go out and speak. and if the dog is not stray and close to his owner, there are even less reason to worry about.
    maybe they should allow just kind and respectful people to do the cop, not insecure and incompetent people.

    • gerbilcrusader

      Read my comments! I am a cold war veteran, asian minority US citizen, christian and current army wounded warrior. Read my comments and remember what they did innocent people in Ruby Ridge and WACO in 1993 and countless others the media CENSORS. The police or DHS are obama’s army of facists. It started in 1993 under Janet Reno/Clinton. We have facists running the courts and government. I honor people who die fighting back the police and courts. The media demonizes them but the truth is the real criminals are cops, prosecutors and judges. DO NOT trust any of them. These people are deceitful, arrogant and power hungry. They are just like muslims trying to control how you live and look down on you!

      • Kris

        Sir, you obviously need psychological assistance. Please see a therapist as soon as possible. Your hate speech is out of control.

        • Me

          It’s their influence that says that words like his are psychotic. Theory or not, the evidence that this is far too common is enough to be concerned. To believe it and then discover it to be false is a far safer bet than to deny it and find yourself or said dear on the receiving end.

        • earndoggy

          Don’t be ridiculous,he’s right.

    • Rachine S Vernon

      Yes there is something we can all do. It is called all people of every background and race standing up together and demanding change. If any of you know what positive reinforcement is, then you will realize that this is the cause of many of the problems with law enforcement. Every time they do something wrong and are not held accountable for their actions, they push the envelope even further because they know that the “law” is on their side just about no matter what. Shot and unarmed person, DA says its ok, it was justified even if in reality it wasn’t. Beat and unarmed man to death, its ok he resisted arrest. Then such behaviors are positively reinforced so the behaviors continue. Many of the things we see with law enforcement is because the system always give the officer the benefit of the doubt and so dose most of the public.

    • JonEdHil

      1.) Educate your own children. They, in turn will talk to their friends, who (hopefully) will talk to their parents. NEVER underestimate the impact the truth has on a child.
      2.) Write letters to your mayor, police chief, sheriff, senator, governor, etc. AND newspaper. Be respectable but firm: “WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR IN OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL. They are here to serve and protect US, not the other way around.”
      3.) Share these stories and videos with your friends on social media sites. It’s one of the best ways to get the message out quickly.
      4.) Stay out of trouble yourself. A crusader with a clean criminal record is far more attractive than a convicted felon (sadly, I speak from experience).
      Finally, as a Christian, I believe in a final judgement that will in fact sort it all out. Nobody gets out of this world alive, and then you WILL be held accountable for your actions. These cops MIGHT escape the judgement of man, but they will not escape God’s. “It is appointed unto man once to die; after that, the judgement.” The Book of Isaiah alone mentions a form of the word “justice” at least once for every 66 chapters, so it is important to him. Not trying to preach, just puttin’ it out there. PEACE!!!

      • Alessandra Pao

        you helped a lot with your comment. i don’t believe in god, but for the rest i find myself in agreement with your vision.

        • JonEdHil

          Thank you as well. You are very kind.
          Take care!

  • Tom Manzitti

    Times when it is okay to shoot a “Peace” Officer…SELF DEFENSE of SELF…FAMILY…LOVED ONES…ALWAYS!!!

  • tom

    blame the owner ,not the dog or the cops

    • Tabitha73

      really? this may be true had the dog done something wrong—and it appears this is not the case!

    • gerbilcrusader

      You should be killed like the pigs! You support nazism scumbag!

    • zonmoy

      so what did the dog do to deserve getting shot.

  • tom

    so if little billy walking to school got bit then the parents would look to sue as always

    • bob

      what does little Billy getting bit by a dog have to do whith a persons dog getting slaughtered in a residential yard for barking

  • Josie

    Why cops act like they have the power to take lives of helpless animals is beyond me. They are pure cowards when it comes to animals. There should be training and limits for these type of situations! Worse part is its their word against witnesses. Shame. ANY dog will protect its home and family! These cops come surround the area like it was the White House under attack or something! Be MEN and do the right thing instead of trigger happy fools! Shame on the higher system for accepting this injustice!

  • auntv

    Cops should be shot for terrorizing and torturing a scared puppy in such a horrendous manner. You are seriously going to try and tell be a full grown man, never a group of armed men can not calm and quiet a pup. For shame, what you do if a baby was crying uncontrollably? Hit it with a taser?

  • Sam

    Meh… It’s a pit bull. All of them should be shot.

    • bob

      you are a real piece of shit I would love to meet you in person are you anywhere in Ohio buddy

    • Garnette

      No.. the behavior of any dog is the responsibility of it’s owner and with socialization and training pits are as friendly and loving as any other dog. So when rotts were the common dog they were the “bad” breed and when dobermans were common they were the “bad” dog. People always jump on the ignorance bandwagon because it’s easier than doing any research on the subject.

    • Alessandra Pao

      then people should say about you: “meh… it’s a guy. all of them should be shot.” do u find it fair?? yours is a ridiculous kind of specism. u should just stop thinking with your prejudice-filled brain.

  • Scobie

    And the police create another group of people who hate them.

  • Guest

    How can you tell a cop has burglarized your home? Your trash cans are empty and your dog’s been raped!

  • Spinne

    That’s what the cops are being taught first thing, lie, deny and have their victims prove that they are lying.

  • Garnette

    This is how cop haters are born. I really don’t understand why they do stuff like this.

  • mr

    This is a sad story. … im from this town. .. when this came out it was a huge local story… i dont believe there was ever any discipline for the officers. … people still protest at council meetings. ..