Fleeing a Stalker in Uniform: The Sherri Watson Story

William Grigg | Pro Libertate

GENOLA — Chad Black professes to be terrified by Sherri Watson, his neighbor in Genola, Utah. A June 2011 stalking petition filed by Black claims that he considers the 48-year-old mother to be a threat and observes that “Sheriff deputies advised me to avoid” Mrs. Watson “at all costs.”

A resident of Santaquin, Utah, issues a warning about the local police.

A resident of Santaquin, Utah, issues a warning about the local police.

Why, then, did this supposedly intimidated man park in directly in front of the driveway to the Watson family’s home on March 29 of this year, after repeatedly driving slowly past their property?

If he has been ordered – for his “protection” – to avoid any potential contact with Mrs. Watson, why does Black make a point of driving past her home practically every day?

Black’s house is about a third of a mile from Watson’s home, and it is located right next to an access road leading to the highway he uses to go to work.

Black’s visits to the Watson home are not incidental occurrences; each of them is a deliberate act intended to taunt and intimidate a woman who neither harmed nor threatened him in any way.

Chad Black is employed as a police officer by the city of Orem, Utah.

He is also a reserve officer with theSantaquin Police Department, which has a contract to provide “services” for Genola.

For about five years, Black – with the aid of his comrades in the Santaquin PD – has waged a campaign of harassment, intimidation, and violence against Sherri Watson and her family.

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The abuse suffered by the Watson family became so acute that former Genola Mayor Danny Throckmorton threatened to cancel his city’s contract with the Santaquin PD.

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