Florida Cop Convicted For Sexual Battery Of Young Woman While On Duty

Michael Heise | FilmingCops.com

Justice is being served on a former Lake County, Florida Deputy, after being found guilty by a jury on charges of sexual battery.

Matthew Donnelly faces at least a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison and could end up getting more then that, possibly even life, for a new years day incident in 2014 in which he raped a 26 year old woman.

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The story goes that she and her boyfriend had been out partying for new years eve, and were on their way home.

At some point, the woman passed out and became totally unresponsive because she had been drinking earlier, prompting her boyfriend to pull over at a pawn shop to attempt to help her.

When she wouldn’t respond to him, he flagged down the first police car that he saw for help.

That is where things become very, very twisted.

Asking one of our “servants” for help would go on to change both of their lives forever for the worse.

Officer Donnelly put the boyfriend in cuffs, and then put him in the back of his squad car, telling the man that he was under arrest for driving under the influence.

He then went to the passenger side of the man’s vehicle.

The woman awoke to Donelly standing at the window.

Donelly then used his power as a police officer to scare the woman into submission, telling her that they would both be going to jail unless she allowed him to have his way with her, and she keep quiet about it.

He didn’t want any trouble with the department or his wife.

He then went to his car, turned off his dash cam, which stayed black for 22 minutes, got his flash light and showned it on her ordered to expose herself.

Then he reached into the car and began groping her and saying “you’re so fucking sexy”.

The woman was stunned, on the stand she recalled “He just was talking to me, looked down at my crotch and told me I was fucking sexy. I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t know what to feel. I just did what he wanted me to do” and “There was no sexual innuendo that I ever made to make him think him it was OK to do that”.

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He then used his hand to sexually assault her, causing her an injury to her cervix.

The boyfriend was in the back of the cruiser right nearby, but couldn’t see anything. Donnelly then had them contact family members to come and pick them up.

He was later fired for turning the dash board camera off for 22 minutes. The woman’s DNA was later found both on Donnelly’s steering wheel and gear shift, corroborating her story.

Watch the video below:

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  • Hasanda


  • Stuffinpup

    This takes “scumbag” to an entirely new level. Only 10 years? How about 10 lifetimes?

  • Bronxboy47

    President Obama, where are these people’s amber alert?

    • Erika Domnick

      Way to stay on point. Like President Obama handles sexual assault cases. An Amber Alert is for missing children. Where is there a missing child, in this story? Take your Obama agenda somewhere relevant, would ya?

      • David Bannin

        actually Obama is starting an Amber
        Alert for Police the bill was just passed

        • Bronxboy47

          Thank you.

      • CrownedKing623

        Ooohhh snap… u dont know what u talkin bout… take ur “capt. save obama “agenda somewhere else… Politicians are power hungry wankers…

      • Bronxboy47

        You need to keep up with the news. The president just passed an amber alert bill for attacks on police. Yes, I know, that seems outrageous considering what the police have been up to lately. But there you have it.

  • Max

    His “cop employment record” is TOTALLY irrelevant now. A [soon to be] convicted sexual predator & Rapist. Negates ANYALL “good” he may have done over his 11 yrs as a Public Servant. This POS deserves nothing less than to be FIRED (not “deferred retirement”), prosecuted and given the MAXIMUM prison time allowed by law, loss of all pay & benefits and register as a sex offender. His DNA needs to be checked against ALL open Rape, Sex Abuse, Child Molestation, Murders, etc. He has done this before, he took his time, 22 minutes….22, must have experience doing this. Calmly turns off dash cam, was asked for assistance but turned to his old ‘habits’ being a sexual predator.
    ANY Judge or prosecutor that attempts to mitigate, minimize, “justify” or otherwise excuse this sex offendercriminal with a badge needs to tried alongside him as an accomplice after the fact. Someones ass needs to be fired for releasing him while awaiting trial. Nothing less than the Maximum sentence available for MATTHEW DONNELLY…..and if it were my wife…..he’d never want to leave prison while I’m alive. I’d also pay inmates to do the same to him while he’s in prison as well…..but that’s just how I feel about it….And…and, WHY TF is he out of jail?!? Any other person (not in Public Service) would have been denied bail and held in the interests of public safety. Why is he not being held??

    • Yolo

      A cop employment record is totally relevant in prison.

      • Marc

        I wonder how other inmates treat cops who’ve gone bad and end up there.

    • Bad Cop Watcher

      Here is a guy who follows the case closely. check it out https://www.facebook.com/chase.crime

  • nikababy26

    Lock this thug up and throw away the key.

  • Jonathan Wint

    Way to calm and collected . No way this was his Only Victim.

    • TrialWatcher

      Not only that, He actually laughed in many of his answers during the trial. Not a ha ha laugh. But a chuckle of sorts. You could tell you were watching a “Real time Rapist” speak right in front of you. It’s was so sickening to listen to. I agree JW this can’t be his only victim. Hope judge Nacke doesn’t go lite on him during the sentencing. I will also say that we as the tax paying pubic should make DAM SURE his pension is not intact. We should be completely outraged is he is still able to collect after being found GUILTY. If anyone confirms it’s gone please advise us here.

  • Kim Bak

    What about the judge, she let it go on SHE’s knows this is wrong.

  • Tim Cranston

    Thank You for convicting this piece of trash.

  • Another #WTFFlorida moment ~ why am I not surprised … but really, 10 to life is an appropriate punishment …

  • Kevin Worthy

    I really, really, really hope this POS gets sentenced 10 to life, and gets put in general population in the meanest, most dangerous prison possible, and I hope he gets assigned the slipperiest of soaps!

  • ruth ferguson

    Pity could be in order for what’s going to happen to him in prison.

  • Jorge Suarez

    i want this guy to pass by me and my boys well show em a real good time, splattin his dna all over the concrete. and if any of his fucking family has a problem with that pm me, we can meet up. We don’t like rapist where im from.

  • Tj Timberlake

    He won’t be so tough in prison

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