Fort Wayne Police Department Deputy Chief Involved in Fight With Minor

John Gonzales, the minor’s dad, came out and yelled that he is a Parkview Hospital police officer and to get off his son. Westfield then yelled back that he was a police officer for the city and got off of the 17-year-old.

Westfield told the Allen County police who were called to the scene that he was behind the teens’ vehicle until they pulled into the driveway on Millenium Crossing. When he slowed down to pass the house, he said the teens were yelling at him, “why did you cut me off.” He stopped and got out of his SUV. Westfield said Lowe was “aggressively in his face” and he put his arm straight out, making contact with Lowe. At that point, Westfield said the 17-year-old punched him in the face and they started fighting.

The officer observed Westfield’s cheek appeared to be “slightly swollen” and the 17-year-old had a bloody nose and some scratches on his face and back of his head. The county officer said in the report that he did not smell alcohol on Westfield, as the 17-year-old had stated.

Tamecca Chapman, who was in Westfield’s vehicle with him, told the police at the scene a similar account to Westfield’s story.

Because both sides said the other one started the fight, the county officer referred the case to the prosecutor. The Allen County Prosecutor’s Office said it received the complaint on Wednesday night and it is being investigated. No charges have been filed as of Friday morning.


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