Georgia Police Violently Beat Teenager For Refusing to Give His Name

Georgia – Supporters gathered outside Cameron Brockington’s home chanting, “Justice for Cam.”

Inside, the Wheeler County teenager claimed he was the victim of police brutality.

He said it started after Wheeler County Sheriff Randy Rigdon stopped him as he was walking home Monday night.

“He asked for my name,” said Brockington. “But I ain’t give it to him because I ain’t do nothing wrong.”

Brockington said he began to walk away, and soon after, three other officers arrived.

The teen claims those three beat him while taking him into custody.

“Once they had me in the handcuffs, [they] beat my head on the road,” he said. “I was just scared.”

According to Brockington, officers hit him repeatedly.

On Thursday, Special Agent-in-Charge Scott Whitley said the GBI is investigating the officers’ use of force.

We asked the sheriff and his chief deputy if they’d like to talk on camera. They declined, citing the GBI’s ongoing investigation. However, they did provide us with a written statement.

In it, Sheriff Rigdon said that Brockington smelled of marijuana and alcohol when he was stopped, and fled when he was asked to stay put. The sheriff added that the teen “fought” the officers.

Brockington admitted to walking away and says he did have alcohol and a small amount of marijuana with him. The teen said he hadn’t smoked it yet, but had consumed some of the alcohol.

However, he said he never fought the officers.

“The farthest I got was my hands and my knees,” said Brockington. “That’s when I was getting kneed in the side.”

Sheriff Rigdon also wrote that EMS personnel on the scene decided that Brockington did not need medical treatment. However, the next morning, he went to a Vidalia hospital and received stitches and staples for his injuries.

Brockington said he wouldn’t have been injured if he wasn’t black.

“If I was a white 16-year-old, it wouldn’t have went down like that,” said Brockington.

Sheriff Rigdon says Brockington faces four counts of obstruction of an officer and one for drug possession.

Brockington’s family is asking for the officers and the sheriff to be removed from their jobs.

The GBI’s investigation began Thursday. When it’s complete, evidence will be given to district attorney Tim Vaughn, who will decide how to proceed with the case.


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