Girl Dumped on Street from Moving Squad Car after Cop Sexually Assaults Her: Lawsuit

She was about to graduate with a business degree, but ended up with brain injuries, a broken jaw, and losing all of her teeth after being sexually assaulted and dumped on the street from a moving police car, according to reports.

She was about to graduate with a business degree, but ended up with brain injuries, a broken jaw, and losing all of her teeth after being sexually assaulted and dumped on the street from a moving police car, according to reports.

LOS ANGELES —  A graphic video has surfaced showing a woman lying in blood on the pavement with her skirt lifted up after she was ejected from a moving police car.

The woman reports that an officer sexually assaulted her inside of the vehicle while she was handcuffed.

It began when Kim Nguyen, 27, was out with her friends having drinks.

She says that as they were waiting for a taxi to get home, LAPD officers rolled up and began asking questions.

Shortly thereafter, they arrested Kim for being “intoxicated” — despite the fact that she was about to get into a taxi to go home.

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Her two male friends were left behind, as the arresting officers took Kim away and forced her into their squad car alone.

The friends asked the police where Kim was being taken, but the police would not tell them a specific location, according to reports.

Kim reports that she was handcuffed and restrained in the back of the car, and one of the officers remained in the backseat with her while the other drove.

The officer in the backseat started forcefully groping her body and pulling her skirt up, according to her deposition.

The officer was grabbing in between her thighs and forcing her legs open, fondling her chest and grabbing her ear to yank her closer to him, she reported.

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Footage shows the squad car accelerating through a green light, and moments later Kim is seen sprawled on the pavement bleeding — her blue skirt can be seen hiked up above her buttocks and bunched around her stomach as if it had been gripped.


She was severely injured when she impacted the pavement.

She fell into a coma and spent two weeks in the hospital, suffering from a broken jaw and brain injuries. She also lost all of her teeth.

A lone officer happened to turn and follow the officers whose car Kim was ejected from, and saw Kim on the pavement.

The footage shows all of them come to a stop moments later.

According to the story that the police gave paramedics, they “heard the door open” after stopping at a red light, and Kim “fell out.” 

But they didn’t know that a surveillance camera from a local building captured the footage.

Contrary to their story, the footage shows them accelerating down the street through a green light moments before Kim was ejected.

“The video shows that the statement that the police officers gave the paramedics is an unabashed, unequivocal lie,” says Kim’s lawyer, Arnoldo Casillas.

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Kim adds that she could not have opened the door herself, because she was handcuffed.

The officers were identified as David Shin and Jin Oh in a report from the LA Times.

At the time of that report, Kim had not gone public about the sexual assault.  She has now done that and is suing the LAPD.

The LAPD did not comment on the litigation, when asked by KCAL 9.

One commenter noted after reviewing the footage, “Abduction and rape by the LAPD is pretty rampant, especially in areas like this. Everybody knows exactly what happened to this poor young lady.”




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  • jim

    We need more chris dorners in LA. Fuck the LAPD. Dorner was a saint fighting tyranny.

    • Dan

      As disgusting as it is what these corrupt cops allegedly did to this poor girl, it’s just as disgusting that you call Dorner, who MURDERED multiple innocent people for no reason, a saint. Moral Relativism at its finest.

      • Jess

        How do you know there was no reason? They made damn sure he’d never get to present his side of that case, didn’t they?

      • niggerfaggot

        Quit acting as if life is so precious. The LAPD is a notoriously racist and corrupt organization. Dorner took a stand, he paid the price. I guarantee that every person that he killed was guilty of more than what he did to them.

        I mean shit, the LAPD shot two women cause they thought it was Chris Dorner, a man

        • Lewis

          Thank you, niggerfaggot, for your profound wisdom. Please tell me more.

          • Guest

            I could tell you about your mother and her white trash background.

        • Federico Gialone

          Yeah we can tell how high your IQ is just buy your name

          • Hypnic Jerk

            “‘buy’ your name” ??

        • Mark Stegel

          So let me get this straight, the daughter of a police captain and her fiancé had it coming? And the two women were shot at. The cops hit their truck but missed them. I know because it happened in my neighborhood. Dorner may have had a legitimate beef but what he did was take revenge against people who had never harmed him. It was cold-blooded murder.

      • John Lemon

        Chris Dorner was leaking information about LAPD corruption and they assassinated him.

      • Marais Baudet

        Uninformed idiot with 0 facts. You believed your television didn’t you?

      • Charlie Lance

        Amazing some people have not educated themselves enough to see that maybe the people he killed were either not so innocent OR MAYBE HE DIDNT KILL THEM.

    • Ben Dover


      • AROD

        I agree with you statement that it is people with a certain shitty personality that tend to join law enforcement. I myself know some people that are now trying to become LEOs and they have some horrible personality traits. Kind of like feelings of superiority mostly

    • kmc

      I’m thinking more Eric Frein s

    • joe bleaux

      Chris Dorner incident was a hoax.

    • Bobby

      You are a moron. Dorner was a psychopath.

      • Aram S. Katz

        Psychotic, not psychopath. Two different things.

    • Jesus

      We all need to grow a pair like Chris Dorner, the job belongs to all of us.

  • Old_Jinx

    When someone sues the LAPD, doesn’t it come out of the taxpayers’ pockets? Where do those funds come from?

    • this is true, and something we must change . we need to change state law to require police to actually ‘serve and protect’ … and to pay out every dollar of lawsuits lost or settled . each officer and every person covering for or otherwise enabling them should have these funds taken directly from them ’til they have nothing left

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        the chief, Mayer, and any, and all cops involved, directly, or to falsify evidence, and/or reports, harassment of witnesses, etc. ALL named in suit. when the judgment is made, the city’s/county’s insurance will pay the plaintiff immediately, so they can get on with their lives, and all the above offenders have their wages attached, leaving them ONLY a take home pay, equal to minimum wage for 25 hours a week!!! if they decide not to pay by quitting their job, put them in prison immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Klaatu Prime

      The simplest way of ending these lawsuits is to have all settlements come out of the police retirement budgets.

      • RescuemefromObummer

        We would have to do away with unions for public service, which would be a good thing. Your plan is great. The other cops would be all over the bad ones like flies on shit. HA!!!

        • naw . we’d only have to do away with unions for public servants who have the right to use a weapon or incarcerate people in the commission of their job

      • 1American2

        Oh yea, they would put a quick stop to all crap that they commit and yes that is the way to get it done, and some prison time, real prison time would really put a stop to it.,all settlements come out of the police retirement budgets.

      • Ben Dover

        AMEN…… And the second easiest way to slow down these lawsuits is to STOP HIRING PEOPLE THAT REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT TO BE COPS…. They are DANGEROUS people.

    • Sue Belgeri Eaton

      I personally would sue them personally. That way and hopefully they will be convicted

    • jdens

      It doesn’t matter. It is her right to file charges against the officers. They deserve to be sued so the officers can be held accountable (need to be terminated immediately and go to prison).

    • Rich liberals

    • James Latham

      The police departments are covered by insurance. Rates can go up. That’s what the problem is. The money needs to come from the police retirement fund and then we will see how many continue to act like terrorist thugs.

  • Patrick Keogan

    She was asking for it.

    • Al Bollinger

      Youre a sick man Patrick. Seek help immediately……..

      • Zlord

        Maybe Patrick gets his kicks off rape, there are a lot of sick bastards out there you know…Wonder how he would feel if it was his daughter? This was someone’s daughter…Maybe his daughter is asking for it too, karma is a bitch!!

        • Why

          “This was someone’s daughter”
          First of all, what the hell? This is someone. She is a person. She deserves to be treated better than this even if she is completely alone in the world.
          Second, “was”? Is she no longer someone’s daughter?

          • Patrick Keogan

            She was asking for it.

          • topaz5322

            well when this happens to one of your family members, remember your response. Plus, maybe if men were raped more often than women, they wouldn’t think like you. Your comment is heartless.

          • Patrick Keogan

            She was asking for it.

          • topaz5322

            okay, obviously, you are an attention seeker, that needs some sort of communication as you are neglected, so you don’t care if its negative or positive. Bottom line, this world is full of sick, deranged people, we cannot rid ourselves of all of them, but I can start with you and deny you the gratification of any further attention grabbing posts. If you are just being sarcastic, I would suggest, with something this sensitive, you re think your posts. If you really feel this way, I can only hope you change your way of thinking because sowing and reaping (aka Karma) is not very nice…expect yours.

          • Patrick Keogan

            TL;DR she was asking for it.

          • Patrick Keogan

            she was still asking for it

          • Patrick Keogan

            Asking for it, she was.

          • Patrick Keogan

            Still asking for it.

          • Daniel Hunt

            What department do you work for, Officer scrotum?

          • Gary Williams Jr.


          • force tobe rectoned with

            some one needs to do this to your mother she deserves it for giving birth to the biggest moron on earth you are ignorant and may God never allow you to have children or nieces or a sister maybe you need tot be abused and raped opps forgot men don’t like like raping or molesting… but that’s where you come in a product of it……

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            guys like him have to rape because no woman would want him with his little dick, probably can’t get it up anyway

    • sidharta

      u r a bleeping idiot

    • jesse s

      your mom I was asking for Patrick. since it looks like you’re used to this happened to your mom.

    • Al_Dove

      Hey, Patrick, there’s a cop job for sick folks like you.

    • RescuemefromObummer

      R U the mouse-dick that was fellating the cop in the corner of the video?

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      what a punk

    • Party every day panda style

      Trolling Patrick because you’re a retard?

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    It’s about time law enforcement got as organized as organized crime.

  • Guest

    I don’t see the cops speeding away, and why would they dump her on a busy street like this, no ones that stupid even the cops

    • On3

      You are correct. It was reported and the cops came. This information is incorrect and just putting blames on cops. Most likely has bad experience with cops. It is on the video. Comments above are idiots who judge people without knowing what really happened. Seriously!

    • Majikhat

      I’d say you were spot on except she was handcuffed, the cop’s written account doesn’t match the video and she is suing them with details of sexual assault. Read the words written in the story next time instead of jumping to the pretty video and making juvenile conclusions.

    • Majikhat
    • Jefferson

      Cop cars doors dont just open up from the inside. There is no way she jumped out on her own.

    • prayforbetter

      she got dumped, and then they noticed the other squad car that just turned behind them, so they stopped

  • Betro

    Did anyone notice that the cop standing beside this poor girl laying conscious in the street after this awful ordeal has NO compassion towards her! She may as well be a dead body laying there. If this is any kind of indication of where our police force is at, then America we are in trouble! Power corrupts, and this is power corruption at it’s best and on the lowest level which makes it the most dangerous! GOD helps us <3 Please choose to act on your right to vote!

    • Alicia

      umm have you ever taken a first aid course? you do NOT move a head, neck, back injury victim unless they are in IMMEDIATE danger where they are.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        well I have, he could’ve checked vitals, covered her up to prevent shock, applied pressure to wounds, or maybe i’m just being crazy, NOT RAPE HER AND SHOVE HER OUT OF THE PIGGY CAR!!

        • Lewis

          As am EMT, I can attest that there are several things that can be done. That being said, if he did not have the proper equipment to do these things and wished to preserve the crime scene, it might make sense for him to just stand nearby. Assuming, of course, that he was not the piece of shit that had just raped her.

          • Hadara S.

            I’m an EMT as well, and I was shocked most of all by the fact that he did not render aid. Let’s say, for the sake of hope and all that is sane in this world, that the officer was not the one who had raped her. You and I both know, he could have been making sure that her airway was clear, that her neck was stabilized and that she knew someone was there to help her, even if she was only semi-conscious. You don’t need any equipment for any of those actions. You just need a brain in your fuckin head and some compassion!!!

          • MoBetter2

            Exactly, Hadara! If the officer was reluctant to render medical aid, ill-trained, or un-trained, or for whatever reason, at least he could have done was attempt to comfort her, to show some compassion, any compassion for a fellow human being injured in the middle of the street. He could have covered her with something, kneeled down beside her, held her hand, told her help was on the way and she was going to be O.K., anything to show more interest than you would give to a rat run over in the street. This is why citizens are so irate at today’s law enforcement officers – they lack empathy, sympathy, humanity, and their actions betray their disregard and disinterest in the welfare of anyone other than themselves. They will pay a dear price for this one day, guaranteed!

          • Hadara S.

            I think it’s really important, though, to make a clear distinction between the good cops and the bad cops, and between those who are deserving of punishment and those who aren’t. The two cops sitting in their sector car in Brooklyn, who were ambushed and slaughtered, were not doing anything that called for such a bloodbath. The cop who attacked and killed Eric Garner on Staten Island absolutely needed to be indicted and prosecuted for his gross misuse of police force and for manslaughter, and he wasn’t, and that was a colossal shame on the NYPD. But one should never say that it is open season on cops and start exacting revenge. We, as citizens of this country, do have a right to expect that crimes by cops be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and all of us have been let down, even if some are too racist or stupid to know it. We have a right to expect that cops will elevate themselves to a level of fairness and compassion that is befitting any human being. Even more so, as they should be the example to the rest of us. That’s why I found this cop who was just standing around examining his navel lint while this girl was lying bleeding on the ground so incredibly appalling. Was he that jaded that the sight of a defenseless and terribly injured and violated woman did not move him? Is his behavior endemic of his department? There should be consequences for him, as well, on several levels. When I look at him, and at what those cops allegedly did, I say to myself, what has become of my country?

          • Christopher Hintz

            What good cops? I bet several of the others officers know who raped her and did nothing but keep the secret for them.

          • James Latham

            Seems to be open season on citizens? It’s not just murders it’s beating people half to death filing false reports and convicting innocent people. I will never ever trust a terrorist thug in blue. Do you ever see the thugs in blue stop another cop when they are being abusive? There is no such thing as a good cop. These terrorist thugs have the code of blue they follow.

      • James Latham

        I was a corpsman in the US Nay during the Vietnam war and this cops attitude was disgraceful. He should not move her but like someone else said they could of covered her up and checked her vitals or even held her hand for support. The cops all just walked around like there was nobody there. DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR.

    • ninammam

      They are a Criminal organization in America today, that is the NWO police, Criminals in Uniform with a badge and a weapon!!!

  • tarantulus

    Why are we not executing these pricks?

    • Lewis

      Because the prison system is a better hell for them. Once they are convicted, they will probably be raped to death.

      • John Lemon

        I doubt they’ll get prison time, most likely a paid vacation.

  • Rebecca Thompson Peters

    Why are they not doing psychological exams on police candidates and periodically when they are on the force? If so who in the hell is doing them!!!!!!

    • we are … they are checked to be certain they have low iq, are obedient, and high propensity for sadistic violence

  • dd

    I hope the pigs involved die a horrible death! Why should I stop for crooks with badges

  • Alexander Vucelic

    Police department leadership better get ahead of this culture of depravity. Americans are waking up and will hold leadership accountable. Layoffs, budget cuts, and hard time are coming

  • jimmy jones

    This may have also been a racial attack as the surnames (Shin and Oh) of the officers are Korean ethnicity. Koreans are known as to think lowly of South east Asian ethnicity (then again, they think they are superior to everyone) and the surname of the victim is Vietnamese. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was the case.

  • Mathieu Hubin

    Show me a good cop and I’ll show you a cop that is waiting to be fired for trying to stop a bad cop. If a cop doesn’t actively rape, murder, or assault anyone but stands by and allows another to do so, newsflash THAT IS NOT A GOOD COP!

  • 1American2

    Oh yea, they would put a quick stop to all crap that they commit and yes that is the way to get it done, and some prison time, real prison time would really put a stop to it.,all settlements come out of the police retirement budgets, and there pensions.

  • 1American2

    Oh yea, if it would cost them personally, they would put a quick stop to all crap that they commit and yes that is the way to get it done, and some prison time, real prison time would really put a stop to it., if all settlements come out of the police retirement budgets, and their pensions.

  • I was under the impression that you had to be let out of a cop car since it doesn’t open from the inside at the back seat?

  • Walt Karma

    …How much worse is this going to get? Law enforcement is out of control and they are doing nothing to change. Every day there is a new horrific story about police abusing citizens, killing them and getting away with it…..

  • Phoboskibbity M’Goo

    that cop should get executed in the streets for all to see…

  • Chris Mcneil

    Give pigs wings

  • Ben Dover


  • Terry Shaw


  • carlos

    So what happened to the swine pigs?

  • Drakenfly

    Name the cop and put a reward out for his death…cops do that all the time with civilians…

  • Harry

    TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute,
    ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State,
    Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any
    rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or
    laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned
    not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts
    committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use,
    attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire,
    shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;
    and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if
    such acts include kidnaping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse,
    or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall
    be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or
    both, or may be sentenced to death.

  • Matt Garrison

    we must follow this. If they are not arrested we must kill them

  • Forrest Carlton Lackey

    It’s like they want to create anti cop vigilantes. They’re just gonna hurt themselves in the long run. I used to like cops. Fortunately the ones around MTSU seem…ok.

    • time is short

      you said…..It’s like they want to create anti cop vigilantes. They’re just gonna hurt themselves in the long run. I used to like cops. Fortunately the ones around MTSU seem..

      You are so correct. Obama is going to call martial law so he can remain president forever. As soon as people revolt in several places at the same time in the US, obama will have the right to call for martial law.

  • John Lemon

    This is what Chris Dorner was warning us about before they offed him, RIP Christopher Jordan Dorner and I hope this girl can live with the physical and mental trauma. ACAB

  • Sex Kitten Party

    What is going on with these officers now? Are they on paid leave or are they still working? Fucking pigs…I hope they’re gutted like fish

  • nolickspittles

    It’s getting to the point that people are going to start shooting police to get justice if WE THE PEOPLE don’t start doing something to end this abuse

  • laura

    This is fucken sick and they act like its okay to just hurt people because they know theyll get away with it not for long they are human too and they will have to die and face their maker just like anyone else I hope this lady makes a full recovery!!!!

  • wildman

    when AMERICA get tired of the tin star thugs action we will take to the streets to take back our once great country- these tin star thugs will be left cowering in the shadows much like the pussies they really are- LOCKED N LOADED N WAITING—fuk you pigs in blue

  • solze

    psychopaths and sociopaths with aggression issues !!!!!!!! Life hands you lemons , join the force and abuse everything you can without impunity !!!!!!! Then create culture to nurture this evil energy and make these people seem normal/human . A CURSE HAS BEEN PLACED ON THESE PEOPLE & IN DUE TIME , their debt to the otherside will be paid in FULL . Everything connected to them will be no more as this is the price for their continued injustices . They made their choice , LETS ALL BE ROBOTS , LOOK THE SAME SHAVE THE SAME , TALK THE SAME , ETC ETC ETC . ALL ROBOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FTW

  • Woodstuck

    POLICE = Professionally Organized Liars In Criminal Escapades (period). I went looking for ANY good cops – Could not find ANY.

  • brad

    same mentality as all cops, to prove my statement the police will try and protect these other cowards! watch n see…

  • Nana


  • None

    those guys she was with should have had the taxi they got into follow those cops who took her.

  • Betty Anne Emery Rubendall

    Perception is so strange. Contrary to other commenters, I thought the LEO standing over the woman looked protective. Odd how our own experiences color what we see. The other two are circling the woman and the LEO…he seems to not want to lose sight of either one. There are plenty of good people who become LEOs. I wonder how they deal with it once they realize what kind of gang they’ve joined.

  • HiredKiller

    No matter what, cops will always be the stupid ones in this world. This world is to corrupt that each and everyone one of them abuse power. If they want power, bring it, I’ll kill every last one. I don’t care what it takes. They only know how to hide behind a gun cause they think they so badass and have more power over the citizens.

  • Keith Mattia

    I dont see cuffs on her while laying on the pavement. However she still couldnt have juoed out because the back door of a police cruiser is locked with the cops being the only ones capable of opening it.

  • art gomez

    F T P

  • Jon Wms

    Filming Cops is a good thing…Some of these films show beyond doubt abuse! And, when these cases are acquitted we need to appeal with PUBLIC OUTCRY that will refuse to accept anything less then a fair prosecution! All the cursing and stupid bullshit becomes part of their defense when you act like ass-holes because you are demonstrating the very excuse the Cops use as their defense. This is a serious problem so treat it like one! Wisdom & patience will solve this matter, so grow up and use it…!!!

  • Lucinda Guerra

    and yet LA wants to protect illegals, to protect them for the gov. LAPD must be paid for by the gov. corrupt as well the money tree gov of california wants the sancuary money to keep feeding the state and him and all his corruptness, than take care of the true people of california

  • Ian Shannon-Garvey

    Hello police officer reading this. I HOPE YOU DIE TODAY