Grandmother’s Skull Fractured by Cop, Cop Claims She Caused Herself to Fracture Her Own Skull for “Disobeying”



PHOENIX — A 56-old-woman was left with a fractured skull after a police officer got into an argument with her over a lottery ticket, according to reports.

Martha Winkler states that the officer used excessive violence against her that ultimately led to her skull being fractured.

Officer Jason Gillespie, of course, claims that Martha caused herself to have a fractured skull because she wasn’t following orders.

The incident began when Martha was picking up lottery tickets from a convenience store in Phoenix.

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Martha says that the cashier made a mistake on her purchase, and the two got into a dispute when she did not pay.

Martha believed that the cashier was actually scamming her, and possibly other customers, by charging them for things they weren’t purchasing.

Due to this concern, she called the police to report the cashier.

When Officer Gillespie arrived, he was already angry, according to reports.

Officer Gillespie went into the store for about two minutes, then came back outside and suddenly grabbed Martha, the report states.

He “twisted her body around and jerked her arms behind her back. She thought her forearms were going to snap. Martha felt herself being pushed forward,” her lawsuit notice states.

“It was totally unprovoked,” said Martha.

The next thing she knew, she woke up in the hospital with a blackened eye, two nasal fractures, and a fractured skull.

Her attorneys noted that the location of the fractures suggest that she was punched two different times in the face.

But Officer Gillespie basically says that she did it to herself.

His report accuses her of “trespassing,” even though, according to Martha’s report, she was never asked to leave the store.

Officer Gillespie claims that he grabbed Martha’s wrist to arrest her, but she pulled away and forced him to adjust as she twisted her own body.

Then, he claims, Martha “lost her balance” and “fell in the parking lot” which caused her face to be struck by the asphalt.

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“I’ve got a woman who is a 5 foot 6, 125- to 140-pound grandmother,” said Tim Casey, Martha’s attorney.

“Even if you assume trespassing, and even if you assume resisting, how in the heck could that level of force be reasonable and appropriate?” he asked.

That’s a question that jurors will be answering should the lawsuit continue to court without a settlement. Martha is asking for $625 in compensation for the violence and to cover her medical expenses.

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  • James Michael

    625$ for aggravated assault and battery and kidnapping under the color of law, for a clerk stealing from her? She is sweet…

  • jim

    why is it you never see a drug dealer beat to crap? that marathon bomber looks fine too
    but J-walkers always get beat-up

    • Stewart Brandon

      You only beat up the weak and/or passive people… They’re more likely to just take it without defending themselves. Try that with a real criminal and they might fight back/kill you.

      • Sophie Cat

        Cops also are in the habit of going two or three or four against ONE. Cops will never fight with you one-on-one, man-to-man, hand-to-hand. If they don’t have the upper hand, they’ll GET the upper hand, either using a weapon or getting their buddies to jump on you (while you’re handcuffed, no less).
        Cops can be some of the WORST SCUM.
        There are some good cops, sure.
        But those good cops usually “wash out” after a few years.
        My friend’s son became a cop – he was gone inside only ONE YEAR.
        He said after what he saw while on-duty, that he would never be able to hang with those psychopaths, he said they were either stone alcoholics or they were on drugs, beat their wives and kids and stole from dead people. He said they would always laugh about “who drew the long straw” for working a bad accident, because it gave them the opportunity to empty the deceased’s wallet before anyone could see it had money in it.
        Ever wonder what happens to the belongings of accident victims?
        Well if it’s cold hard cash, it goes into the cops’ pockets!

    • Brian Schrock

      The other bomber, his brother was killed “in a shoot-out” with police. Another guy they were questioning in that case died in FBI custody under cloudy circumstances.

      • Sophie Cat

        It was a friend of the brother of the bomber. And two FBI shit heads went over there, harassed the guy IN HIS OWN APARTMENT for HOURS ON END and when he tried to get them to leave, they shot him. And then tried to say that the guy “committed suicide” right in front of them. And of course nothing ever happened to those fuckheads, either.

  • dagobarbz

    $625??? I’d be asking for that in millions.

    • Brian Schrock

      The tv report said $625,000.

  • Will Johnston

    must be a misprint. $625 wouldn’t pay for the attorney’s consult

  • Russell Smith

    $625 THOUSAND, gang!

  • Chris Utley Liccardi

    That damn cop should have been charged with assault and battery! This was an illegal arrest with uncalled for and unnecessary violence that resulted in serious injuries. The lawsuit should come AFTER his criminal trial.

  • Fran Miller

    This cop is pyscho and needs to be fired before he kills someone. Nasty bastard.

  • Darcy Faegre

    $625,000 according to the video.

  • Treefrog

    EVERY day I read about BAD cops. It is just getting to be too much!

  • MadTom

    And it goes on and on and on.

    Why do the police keep getting away with this? Why isn’t that cop behind PRISON BARS?


      He has the right to do whatever he pleases if you don’t know the rules.

      • Sovereign Mary

        ANARCHY – No the police do not have the right to do whatever they please. When they arrive on a scene they are supposed to try to dampen down and calm a scenario and not be the cause of escalation and having it rise to a case of brutality and physical harm.

        • peck2

          If you shoot the cop before he shoots you, there will be no brutality.

  • MadTom

    Hey, Denver people, this cop’s name is Jason Gillespie. Keep a lookout for him. He is armed and dangerous.

    • Guest

      A denver cop just shot and killed a 16 year old girl. From what I’ve read, they thuggish and have been sued multiple times, millions the taxpayer must pay.

    • Heisenberg

      Unfortunately, he couldn’t get [email protected]#holes like you…….

      • MadTom

        Asses like you should be taken out and shot.

      • MadTom

        You are a cheap, boot-licking FASCIST.

        Probably a thug cop too.

  • Marianne Sandy

    A person calls the police and they get beat up or arrested. How many times have we heard that story?

  • desertspeaks

    Must be another one of those good cops that people keep insisting exist..

  • DavidL

    What a big man this cop is. Does he steal candy from kids on Halloween too?

  • Ryan McManus

    I’d kill that mother fucker if that was my mom

  • Some Guy

    Officer Gillespie needs to be disabused of his mistaken belief that anyone owes him a duty of obedience. Kick that asshole off the police force, and make him PERSONALLY pay whatever damages his victim wins in court.

  • Carol Batten

    I hope her attorney will talk her into seeking more than $625.00.

  • Sophie Cat
  • Privacy Please

    Get rid of all the police unions. That’s why these cops are above the law. Unions protect thugs.

  • Rick Carufel

    The police clearly display a classic sociopathic rationale that believes the victim is to blame in all instances. Every cops in America needs to have a psychiatric evaluation now and every six months thereafter.

  • Rogoraeck

    Boy ! Oh Boy ! You can’t fault Israeli training of US Police !

  • walcon

    No video from the store?
    I wasn’t there, so I can’t say one way or the other. Some women can get violent and some cops the same.
    But a good cop can control a situation without a need for violence in most cases.

  • Shelby Hughes

    The Communist Cops of this now communist country have ruined this once great Constitutional republic. They know that they serve an unconstitutional, Satanic, EVIL system, yet they serve willingly. If Godly, Constitutional men EVER take America back, then Politicians, Judges and ALL communist cops will suffer a TRAITOR’S fate. Lamppost, Tree, Hemp rope!


    Youtube: “Know your constitution ~ Carl Miller”.

    You are not who you think you are.

  • Sovereign Mary

    The police do not have the right to do whatever they please. When they
    arrive on a scene they are supposed to try to dampen down and calm a
    situation and not themselves be the cause of its escalation and having
    it rise to a case of brutality and physical harm.

  • AtomicMetroid

    This cop is obviously protecting the scheming business. Make the link as to why and you will have your answer; What do the cop and business owners have in common?

  • Uncle_Meat

    $625! WTF! How about $625,000! This crap will continue and only get worse. It won’t stop until these punks with badges start feeling the heat and turn up with their heads caved in or flat out dead.

  • Defiant


  • jollyroger

    Another pigs that needs to be removed from society.

  • MadTom

    Maybe we need a LARGE prison reserved for criminal cops from around the country. You know, a place “just for them” where they’ll be safe from the “criminals” who don’t have police uniforms.

    I’m tired of cops who cover for each other’s crimes and unethical DA’s who play footsie with criminal cops.

  • Afshin Nejat

    Do police WANT to be collectively ostracized? Yes, to initiate the “final solution” by means of state of emergency nationwide, etc. Just do the decent thing and put away beasts like this. Nope, like a stubborn and stupid fool, the world’s “authorities” are thumbing their noses at reason and decency, to say nothing of morality. Hence, they have been observed and judged, just as they do those of us who see them for what they are. But their fates are metaphysically sealed for the worse.

  • jo blow

    If a cop says suck my dick. You better suck. You have no rights. Cops lie, can get away with murder and never have to show for trial.

  • jo blow

    I was arrested by the off-duty bitch, Annette Jacobs, acting as a security guard for the JC Lincoln hospital. She had to cover for the Negligent Nurses who killed my father. His oxygen and blood supply was not connected after his surgery. I found him in a state of shock, the bitch beat the hell out of me for refusing to leave his bedside and threw me in jail. I was told never to return, 3 days later my dad was dead.

  • jo blow

    The Stupid Ass Attorney’s I hired, Both convinced me, after I paid them good money, that no one can beat a cop. I was already depressed after losing my father and since I had such Great Support from Nobody I gave up. I will never trust another cop. I will never call another cop and I will never Help another Cop. Uncle Ronnie, Chief Sargent of Homicide, that includes you. COPS SUCK. I HAVE LOST ALL RESPECT FOR ASSHOLE COPS. It’s illegal to care for your family.

  • $625? $625,000 maybe

  • dxsmopuim

    No one in America is safe or free so long as one single pig cop lives and breathes. Happy Halloween everyone !

  • michael92064

    no surveillance video at a convenience store?

  • NikolaiG

    Classic abuser rationalization; someone should check on the wellbeing of this cop’s wife.