Video: Grieving Family Hooked With $1M Medical Bill After Cops Throw Grenade at Baby, Govt Refuses to Help



Just when you thought the police state couldn’t possibly sink lower, they go and do something like this.

A child who will forever be scarred after cops threw a flash-bang grenade at him is evidently being victim-shamed as well now.

Yes, the defense used by the cops is now that the baby was “fully liable” for the fact that they threw a grenade in the crib.

It is a profound failure to accept personal responsibility, and a testament to the fact that the modern institution of State-monopolized policing is full of individuals who think they can do no wrong.

William Grigg of Pro Libertate reports as follows:

The act of sleeping in a room about to be breached by a SWAT team constituted “criminal” conduct on the part of the infant. At the very least, the infant was fully liable for the nearly fatal injuries inflicted on him when Habersham County Sheriff’s Deputy Charles Long blindly heaved a flash-bang grenade – a “destructive device,” as described by the ATF, that when detonated burns at 2,000-3,500 degrees Fahrenheit – into the crib.

Merely by being in that room, Bou-Bou had assumed the risk of coming under attack by a SWAT team. By impeding the trajectory of that grenade, rather than fleeing from his crib, Bou-Bou failed to “avoid the consequences” of that attack.

In any case, Bou-Bou, along with his parents and his siblings, are fully and exclusively to blame for the injuries that nearly killed the child and left the family with more than one million dollars in medical bills. The SWAT team that invaded the home in Cornelia, Georgia on the basis of a bogus anonymous tip that a $50 drug transaction had occurred there is legally blameless.

This is the defense presented by Haberham County Sheriff Joey Terrell and his comrades in their reply to a federal lawsuit filed last February on behalf of Bou-Bou Phonesavanh and his family.

H/T The Daily Sheeple

Continue reading below for the full report of what they did to this poor child.

WARNING: The imagery you are about to see below is graphic. Discretion is strongly advised. 

GEORGIA — The government has refused to compensate grieving parents whose 18-month-old infant was burned alive when a team of SWAT officers threw a flash bang grenade directly into the baby’s playpen.

The incident occurred on the morning of May 28, as parents Alecia and Bounkham Phonesavanh and their three children were sleeping.

Their baby, nicknamed “Bou Bou Jr.” was in his playpen sound asleep.

That’s when the Habersham County Sheriff’s officer performed a SWAT no-knock raid on their home, busting their door open with a battering ram.

The officers claimed that the a nephew in the family was “suspected of selling drugs for $50” to a police informant.

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The nephew was actually not even living in the home, and the family hadn’t seen him in months.

No drugs or weapons were found during the raid.

Yet that didn’t stop the officers from busting into the house with assault rifles and terrorizing the family to the point of throwing a grenade at their infant.

Bou Bou was in his playpen as officers tried to open the door.

Because of the way Bou Bou’s playpen was positioned near the door, officers believed that “resistance” was blocking them from getting inside.

They then pulled out a flash bang grenade, and threw it into the opening in the door, down directly into Bou Bou’s playpen.

The grenade exploded at Bou Bou’s head, leaving the pillows and blankets in the playpen soaked in blood and blackened with burns.

Bou Bou’s face and body were scorched as he screamed in agony.

In an interview with ABC News, medical personnel in the hospital’s burn treatment center said that the grenade blast had “torn down” Bou Bou’s chest wall, stripping it off all the way down to the muscle tissue, and “it tore his face down to bone, down to his teeth.”


The mother, horrified after seeing officers throw a grenade at her child, asked officers what happened to her baby? She was being restrained and the officers would not let her go to her baby.

The officers lied to her, according to reports, saying “your son is fine.”

The truth was, Bou Bou’s skin was literally torn apart and melted by their grenade.

Bou Bou entered a coma and did not come out for more than an entire month.

He has permanent burn scarring on his face and his chest is disfigured, as the police grenade blew off one of his nipples.

To be blown up by police at such a young age, it is unimaginable what kind of psychological trauma the child will suffer as he grows up.

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Extremely traumatic events like this can permanently destroy once healthy neural connections in the brain, leading to a life of pain, confusion, depression, and addiction.

Now, Bou Bou’s family is faced with $1 million in medical bills, and they don’t have the means to pay it.

The Habersham County government said it would be “against the law” to compensate the family for their loss, and has so far refused to give any financial aid to the grieving parents.

The family may spend the rest of their lives in poverty.

“Before they did this to us, we didn’t owe anybody anything,” said the mother.

“And now after all this, they have completely financially crippled us,” she continued.

The officers who performed the raid were, of course, not indicted by a grand jury — a situation that has become all too familiar in the US.

Watch the video below:

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  • Cromwell

    America’s finest storm troopers in action. I am still trying to understand why sheriff Terrell asked for people to pray for the officers involved. I don’t imagine any of them even gave a crap, I’m not even sure if they ever apolagized. As far as I am concerned the above picture should hang in the office until every one of the officers involved are gone from the department. When I constantly am reminded of stories like this I am less concerned about the stories out of NY recently and their braying union head.

    • SamuelTConti

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    • EdwardAMartinez

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  • Sgt. Killgood

    This asshole is a lying sac of crap who needs to be fired . He thinks it’s funny you see him laugh at his mistakes . This man needs to be investigated , he sounds like a doper . Can a person like this be trusted .

    • P Feezee

      Fired?!?! needs to spend at least a decade in prison.

      • Mathieu Hubin

        Nah. He needs to spend eternity in hell.

        • Chitowngal08

          He will. I don’t think God looks kindly on people like him.

  • baruchzed

    Where is the ACLU?? Sue the crap out of the cops, their commanders, the town, everyone even a little involved.

    • Lee Nelson

      Go after their pensions and make all judgments non-bankruptable. Get CPS involved for child abuse and ACLU for depriving that child of his health for the rest of his life. There are a lot of good cops around however these pigs are not any of them.

      • Brian O’Connell

        Cut off the police unions. Everyone on the right loves to go after union “thugs” for wanting better pay, but not the real thugs.

      • Reader

        CPS only cares if they can blame a parent or family member.

  • Ladyirish317

    Sue the living hell out of these bastards!

  • Ann

    Nobody would care if the officers involved got a taste of their own medicine.

    • Blizbor

      Police’s groupies would scream about terrorism and talk about “wartime”.

      • Resinveins

        Looking forward to that particular war.

        • Brian O’Connell

          Eeeeexcept what’ll happen is the cops will cry “Oh noes, we don’t have enough guns!”, and the Pentagon will say “Hey, lookie here, some more Iraq war surplus!”. Didn’t anyone pay attention to how this escalated in the 90s?

          • Mathieu Hubin

            We outnumber them more than 100 to one… Many of us are veterans. Many enlisted soldiers have already said they would not fire on American citizens. This is a war they cannot win. Don’t let the lame stream media propaganda fool you. They are a tiny dot compared to we, the people.

  • Kyle

    In the old days, the police would take some time to assess the situation and actually make INTELLIGENT and precise moves. They were cool headed and most held the value of ALL human lives.

    The American public allowed the government to start a WAR on drugs. WAR has casualties and ‘collateral damage’ and no value of human life on the side of the enemy.. Today, you are now that ENEMY, the streets are the battlefield, and cops are the soldiers. Like soldiers, they go apes— into enemy territory (your house) leaving carnage death and destruction in their wake. Like the mindset of a soldier, they brag about their kills and love what they do.

    Today’s police are not PEACE OFFICERS given duty to uphold/enforce the law during peace time, but military soldiers trained to annhilate the enemy (of which new training puts average Americans in that category)

    • Lee Nelson

      But this is the Obama way.

      • Resinveins

        You’re a fucking idiot.

      • P Feezee

        the Obama way?!?!? are you fucking retarded? This is the Ronald Raygun and right wing fascist way. Obama talks shit about terrorist cops and then righties start calling him anti-American.

      • Chitowngal08

        Get a life, dude. This is the way we allowed them to be. All of us. It has nothing to do with politics, it has everything to do with apathy.

      • Tamra Louviere

        You’re a complete fucking moron. This has zero to do with Obombya… STFU and GFY

    • Rrivera77

      Totally agree, but as a MARINE some do still value human life.

      • Brian O’Connell

        You know, after seeing every military op on the US public for 45 years. There was a joke around when Bush Jr was president, everyone is yelling “Fascist! Fascist!”, then a cop goes to one of them and says “You know why you aren’t in a fascist society? You’re still alive.”, multiple MULTIPLE jokes along the same line.

        That doesn’t change the fact that if they had orders, most of these fucks would have zero resistance against killing everyone. They burned down Philadelphia. They burned down Waco. They gunned down protesters at Kent State. They built concentration camps in Germany, America, the USSR, North Korea, all in that “We’re fighting for life!” mentality. And that’s just in the last 60 years.

        When will the human species ever get a clue.

  • Blizbor

    What happened to civil suits?
    Can they sue the government or they don’t have a chance of winning?

    • Peculiar Musings

      They settled out of court for $964,000, which would have included an agreement not to sue. The alterative would have been a potentially long and costly legal procedure against the police department, possibly taking years, with an uncertain outcome. The judge might award more money, much award less, but there is also a small but non-zero risk the judge/jury might find a technicality and throw the whole case out.

  • Blizbor

    This shit happens all over the world.
    2 years ago in Poland SWAT team raided an apartment looking for known felon.
    Unfortunately, they mix the floor and raided the apartment of some doctor.
    They knocked to the door and people living in the apartment wouldn’t open the door wide after seeing 4 men in ski masks (of course they didn’t identify themselves).
    So they kicked the door down, grenade was thrown and the doctor and his girlfriend beaten even on the ground.
    Apartment was destroyed, doctor ended up with broken arm and the girlfriend lost some of her wonderful teeth.
    Here’s a video:,3/skopali-lokatorow-wybili-zeby-policja-dwa-razy-pomylila-pietra,204316.html

    And the felon, hearing some commotion downstairs, came down and gave himself up to the SWAT team.

    Of course police refused to pay or take the responsibility for the action, stating that the raid for “justified and done properly, they just counted the floors wrong”.
    They was aiming for the third floor and you got to admit, they could’ve hurt their heads with the counting.

  • Nina Bartoletta

    What rotten evil evil bastards, to do this to an innocent baby! There is no excuse on earth for this cruelty, they should have nightmares for the rest of their days alive. Unbelievable.

  • phuck the money

    If that was my baby , the last thing i would need to worry about would be hospital bills !! Lets just say anyone involved in such an unspeakable act on a child of mine , would only be left alive to suffer ……

  • christbearerusa
  • Fishnbud Goes


  • edicius4

    Now if you think cops should die and you say it, its a go directly to jail offense…do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

  • Quintus Cornish

    Reform of drug laws, body camera’s and special prosecutors that don’t have such close ties to the police could make a big difference. Just being mad is not enough to make a difference we need to push for pragmatic reforms to try and stop these types of things from happening.

  • elbows in assholes

    Legalize, end the horrific and wasteful war on drugs and all the bad ideas that came with it will (hopefully) go away

    The real motivation is rarely ‘to uphold and enforce the law’, especially in drug cases, it’s what assets the PD can seize, especially is these little podunk shit counties where no one is looking.

    Things need to change. Once we can make police liable for their actions ,like all the rest of us are, to the point of incarceration or more importantly (to them) revocation of pensions and family benefits, two things will happen. One, the thugs who only ever joined the force to oppress and terrorize will take the bully stand and leave because it won’t be any fun anymore if they know they can have their ass handed to them for doing the very things they swore to keep us from doing and two, people who joined the force to do the right thing and be what a police officer is supposed to be will be able to regain the public trust and police the community with the help of the citizens instead of the militarized ‘us against them’ mentality so prevalent in todays police departments.


  • Padge Vounder

    Beyond the horror visited on this family, the practice of no-knock raids based on some anonymous tips is or should be a violation of constitutional rights. For a supposed $50 drug deal? This is out of control. Did not one of those warpigs or the judge who issued the warrant think to themselves “Maybe we’re wrong, and we should check things out first before we bust in with guns and grenades?”

  • Komer West

    She told them her baby was in the room and they did this. What was the infant armed with a loaded diaper. Is there no shame left in this country.

    • Chitowngal08

      I don’t have babies anymore but if this happened to them, there would be a gun with their name on it. Right now, if those POS ever hurt my baby, Bells, they would also have a gun with their name on it. I can imagine the anger and vengeance I would feel here. I know the Lord said, Vengeance is mine but some people don’t deserve to live.Sorry Jesus, some people need to be beat up before you exact your vengeance.

  • Syn

    How are they not responsible when the tip was bogus & the nephew didn’t even live there. If it wasn’t the resident of a suspect, SWAT or not, they had no valid legal reason to be inside of that dwelling.
    Once inside, the SWAT became a ” terrorist threat ” to that family because the family had not committed any crime. To blindly throw anything that causes injury, unintentionally or not, is in the very least aggravated assault but in this instance, it was attempted murdered because they knew that the object’s ability to burn hot.
    Some police are getting away with actual war crimes, since they’ve to be in a War on Drugs and this all stemmed from an alleged $50 drug transaction.
    The family needs to find an attorney with a keen sense of the judicial system to force the police department to pay for this child’s present & future medical care, pain & suffering and just the overall bad judgment that they used in this instance. Really, everyone that has assault, maiming & instances of loved ones being killed by the police should get together and file a class action lawsuit against police departments nationwide. Maybe that would be the final kick to revamp all of the departments and weed out bad cops sooner.

  • Heaven Northrop

    So because the infant failed to flea it is responsible for its injuries. Wow I wonder if a child abuser can now use this as a defence.

  • Paul Waldeck

    These cops should be burned alive. My soliaice comes in knowing they will burn in hell.

  • Tj Timberlake

    This makes me sick to my stomach , I can’t believe they not only feel they did nothing wrong BUT they blame the BABY !!! OMFG , Really a 19 month old baby sleeping in his crib at 3am is the criminal in this case ??? This poor family are ruined for life in debt over a million dollars they will NEVER be able to pay. So they will NEVER be able to own ANYTHING FOR LIFE !!!

    • Chitowngal08

      I hope they file bankruptcy and tell the cops to f off. And then sue them. Or us, I guess. Those cops should be jailed. Which I am paying for as well. Oh, hell, just shoot the SOBs. I can’t afford these people anymore and since they don’t care about anyone else, Lord help me, why the f should I care about them.

  • Chitowngal08

    This child will be maimed for life, ridiculed, ostracized and for what? What the cops thought was a $ 50 drug deal going down. Really. Go to Wall Street you fucks. You will find many deals going down that are a whole lot bigger. They already stole my money. I hope this family sues the cops for many millions. And after that, I hope this little one can just get along because I suspect he will be in a need.God Speed child.

  • Steven

    This story is rather dated. It’s also just patently sensationalist and wrong.

    A settlement was reached last month for about $964,000.

    • Reader

      A ‘settlement’ was not reached. The family was told exactly what they were going to accept as compensation no matter what the evidence or their complaint was, and the amount was less than the already accrued medical bills with future bills still to come.

      • Steven

        According to the Atlanta-Journal Constition article linked to above, a structured settlement was in fact reached last month, the terms of which are detailed in the article.

        If you don’t believe the AJC’s reporting on this case, that’s fine. Others can draw their own conclusions from it.

        • Reader

          Based on other articles regarding it, where the so-called ‘settlement’ was not reached through reasoned agreement or any other normal process by which a legal settlement is reached. They were just told basically ‘This is what we are paying, it is all we are paying, and we don’t care that it is less than the medical costs you have already realized for this incident. You shouldn’t have gotten yourself raided if you didn’t want to face these risks.’

          No matter what you want to call it, that is not a settlement.

          • Steven

            I see. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, as of April 22, a structured settlement was reached. According to you and “other articles” you haven’t cited, it’s not really a settlement because it was not a “reasoned agreement” reached through a “normal process,” whatever those things are to you or the authors of “other articles.”

            If you can link to any articles that gave you this insight into the circumstances surrounding the settlement reported by the AJC, I appreciate that. Because as closely as I have been following this case I have no idea what you’re talking about. I get the impression that neither do you.

  • Stephen Bellinger

    Now I have heard EVERYHING… the baby was at fault!

  • Reinhold Von Kirschmann

    They cops and the corrupt judge should have a flash bang throw at them or their kids then see how they react

  • DeusEx Machina

    Fucking pigs

  • Jeffrey Oviatt

    and this is why when ever my 1 yo is by our door playing I move her because you never know when the police might wrongly kick down the door and smash anyone near it.

  • Jeffrey Oviatt

    I am more afraid of the police then the homeless on skidrow

  • dxsmopuim

    This will not end so long as a single pig in America lives and breathes. Happy Halloween everyone !

  • John Chabak

    Some balls need to be cut off!!! And placed in a jar with a badge.