Heart-Wrenching Video Shows Cops Strangling Pet Dog to Death to “Save on Paperwork”

cops kill dog

Image via Counter Current News

Heart-wrenching raw video footage has surfaced online showing police officers literally torturing a helpless dog to death by the use of strangulation.

The officers can be seen approaching the dog and engaging in the attack, even though the dog clearly was not aggressive.

At one point in the video the officers are seen dragging the dog by its neck, using a long metal pole which was tied around the dog’s throat.

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By pulling on the device, the noose tightened around the dog’s throat, until the dog was choked.

Even as the dog had clearly been choked to death, the officers continued dragging its limp body in the street.

They are then seen carelessly throwing the dog’s corpse into their police vehicle like a wet dish rag.

Disturbingly, the cops strangled the dog to death in an attempt to “save the paperwork,” according to a report by Counter Current News.

The police had seen the dog multiple times while they were patrolling the neighborhood, and just decided they would mutilate it since the animal “didn’t appear to have an owner,” according to reports.

Evidently it would be too much hassle for the officers to take the dog to the local animal shelter, fill out paperwork, and find a new owner for the dog.

Making matters worse, they appeared to be killing the animal for sick personal gratification, as laughter can be heard throughout the video.

A witness can be heard pleading with the police, “Don’t kill him, he’s a living being!”

But the cops ignored the plea and insisted on slaying the animal.

A local resident, Jocelin Batista, filmed the police.

“They were saying they didn’t want to have to fill paperwork,” said Jocelin.

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“First, they got the dog to come near them by throwing it food.”

“Then they looped a rope around its neck,” he continued.

“They were then able to use the rope to strangle the dog, and you could see its head turning red.”

“I was a bit surprised the police officers would kill a dog like that and if been anybody else I might have said something, but what can I do?”

“This is subhuman. This is what the police do. Is this a solution? They want to make this place better by mistreating animals?”

The incident occurred as horrified locals watched in San Nicolas de los Garza, Mexico. It is not often that we report on police brutality outside of the United States, but this is a reminder that the institution of policing is a global epidemic. All governments use police forces to control and strike fear into the populations they manage — it is not just the US government.

The actual moment of the dog being strangled as its face turned red was so graphic and disturbing, that it has been cropped from the video to avoid causing undue emotional pain to sensitive viewers.

Still, we must warn you, the video you’re about to see is extremely disturbing.

Watch video below:


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