Horses Being Shot and Killed — Investigation Suggests Shooter is Cop



LIVINGSTON COUNTY — What kind of person would go out and start shooting innocent horses?

That’s the question many have been asking, after WHEC Rochester reported on a tragic incident in which two horses were gunned down.

One horse died from the gunfire. Another horse barely survived and still has a bullet lodged in his shoulder.

“We’ve had horses all our lives. They’re just like your kids and that’s how you feel. You’ve lost one of your family. That’s how my wife feels,” says Tom Maggio, the owner of the horses.

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One of the men involved in the shooting turns out to be an employee of the Ontario County Sheriff’s Department, according to reports.

The men claim that they were “hunting coyotes,” but that fails to explain why two horses were shot in two separate locations.

“How do you mistake a horse for a coyote?” asks Maggio.

Some might suspect that the cop may have been shooting the animals for fun, but the investigation is still underway.

The shooters have been fined a mere $200 each.

Of course, no amount of money can bring back these beautiful, peaceful creatures.

Christian Smith, one of the men involved in the shooting, is a law enforcement officer, according to reports.

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“The Ontario County Office of Sheriff is now conducting a separate internal investigation relative to the off-duty conduct of this employee,” said Sheriff Povero.

Officer Smith has not been fired and is still on duty while the “internal investigation” proceeds.

“You know, it was swept under the carpet — too much doesn’t add up,” said Maggio.

“Something needs to be changed. It really, really does. Because this time it’s a horse, next time it might be one of us,” he added.

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  • Get over it

    filthy pig

    • Sandra Bell

      Pigs are ever so much more innocent than cops like these.

  • Elisabeth Dunagan

    Stinking cop knew he’d get a $200 thrill kill.

  • Damein Phillips

    It’s time to get these psychos off the planet!!

  • John Straite

    If a cop can not tell the difference between a coyote and a horse he has no business being a cop. Internal police investigations are a joke

    • Cindy Bishop

      I’m not surprised they said what the officers said as they always claim that the ball point pen in the suspects hand looked like an AK-47 w/ laser sight

    • MikeParent

      And no business having a gun.
      Maybe he will make other mistakes/ sarcasm

  • Jim Couch

    The story is a little misleading Christian H. Smith of the Ontario County Office of Sheriff is a Jailer not a police officer

    Christian H. Smith, 48, of Phelps, and Glenn R. Gosson, 47, of Fairport were supposedly hunting coyotes. They were licensed and had permission to hunt on the land. They claim that they shot the horses by accident but the horses were shot at different locations on the property so it looks pretty intentional to me.

    Smith is a corrections lieutenant at the Ontario County Jail. (20 years)

    County Sheriff Phil Povero did not respond to an email asking if Smith would be disciplined by the sheriff’s office over the matter.

    Since both hunters caused property damage while hunting, both will lose their hunting privileges for three years and have been ordered to pay restitution for the horses to include the value of the horse, burial fee and veterinarian bills. In addition, each hunter will pay a $200 penalty to the state. The Consent Orders were signed on Feb. 12 and 15.

    This was not a jailable offence so they were not arrested only ticketed so there isn’t a mug shot to be found or it would be posted. If anyone has a picture I would like to share it.

    • David Markham

      Sounds like both Smith and Gosson should have their guns confiscated for Life.
      Anyone who is proven to have acted recklessly with a firearm for killing any animal except for what they were licensed to hunt should lose the privilege. Yes it’s no longer a right to own a firearm after you break the law.
      Jail is too easy for these criminals… and a $200 / fine shows just how sick society is to put such a minor
      penalty for killing a beloved pet.

      • Cindy Bishop

        exactly! and what if the officers shot a human? can they make that same claim?

        • Michael Giza

          They make excuses for that all the time.

      • WhiteEagle

        I agree, and you have to wonder about the sanity of someone who would shoot the animals of the person that gave them permission to hunt on their land. Is this like the police who will antagonize a familys dog by actinig aggressively towards it or the family members…then shoot same dog when it responds in kind.

    • LawrenceNeal


    • Tom Goffnett

      Nice work!

  • martymarsh

    Well one would have to believe if you don’t know what you are shooting, you really shouldn’t have a gun, liars.

  • Realist

    It’s hard owning horses these days. I’ve had people throw rocks at them…set off explosions, fireworks, etc…and it’s dangerous to try to ride in this sort of environment. And all because I made a certain complaint. AND NO, I will NOT stop speaking about it either. Horses are very vulnerable and this incident should be made a criminal case.

    • Michael Giza

      It is criminal. A criminal act needs to have damage to a person or property. Damage to prooerty has occured.

  • Tony Petrowsky

    They have no business with any guns

    • Ben Dover


  • debramn51 .

    cruelty to animals is arrestable, arrest them

  • Wayne Peeples

    Internal Police Investigation:
    “We investigated ourselves and found that we did nothing wrong.”

    • Cindy Bishop

      exactly right….the way police are investigated has to change…I bet they hide their crimes from the FBI

  • tuffhorse

    There is a huge standard when it comes to hunter safety and even in a LEO capacity – “KNOW YOUR TARGET” if you aren’t certain of your target or the backdrop either for that matter you have no business firing the weapon. It was reckless endangerment at the least and definitely cruelty to animals – ALL are punishable offenses. I could go on but as is already stated the only real punishment is to the owners and their animals.

  • Ben Dover

    COPS FANTASIZE ABOUT SHOOTING AT LIVE TARGETS INSTEAD OF PAPER ONES. It’s the ultimate power “rush” for the psychos, cowards and bullies that are attracted to policing. DON’T THINK FOR A MOMENT that there aren’t murders and “unsolved crimes” that have been committed at the hands of a cop when nobody’s watching.

  • Cindy Bishop

    When the police or any law enforcer does something like this…a polygraph test should be used on the officer ( Question…Did you really think that horse was a coyote? ) and then fire him and charge him/her when they fail…..Make it a new law so it will scare the crap out of 750,000+ officers.

  • Patrick Borush

    CO’s are some sick people.. They are 95% of the time more dangerous the the people they are guarding in them prisons… They are over weight, lazy,plainly just stupid some are literally mentally challenged and almost all of them are ticking time bombs on the edge of exploding. These “men” (and the women CO’s arent any better sometimes worse) belong prison alright, but behind the bars or sedated in some kinda institution away from the public for everyone’s safety, not payed to guard them… You think the police are going crazy go spend some time around these unstable C.O. nut jobs….

  • Cindy Bishop

    Internal affairs is just that ! they like to have affairs without having to do any work! I have had dealing with them in regard to corrupt cops and their interest level is zero! They even took my complaint verbally so they didn’t have to put it in writing…thus it doesn’t exist! I have to make all complaints in writing from now on!

  • Jock Doubleday

    I guess there really is no law, anymore – I mean, U.S. cops have ceased to recognize the law. What should citizens do?

  • James Hartzog

    “We have concluded through a internal special investigation that the police office acted within his rights as a officer and no wrong doing was involved”. Move along.

  • Guest

    When they go and shoot the cop they can say they were hunting coyote.

  • Jeremiah Dysart

    Cruelty to animals is the surest sign of the sociopath,

  • pan nat

    Horse, coyote, human, they are all the same to a psychopath.
    He will get a two hundred dollar bonus at the end of the year.

  • Real Justice

    Arse holes protecting other arse holes, smells like pig shit to me…………

  • kraigrichard

    wheres the petition to sign? don’t these horse owners know how social media works? one of their neighbors should help them if they dont

  • chris9465

    This all you’ll get back from their investigation

  • WhiteEagle

    How in the world can anyone mistake an appolusa (pardon the spelling) for a coyote. Their hunting liscenses should be pulled.

  • crazytrain2

    They were hunting coyotes for fun. They like to kill animals, so this is not such a big leap. Not law enforcement, though.