“I Don’t Give a S**t About Your Wedding!” — Officer Interrupts Couple’s Wedding Activity Over Permit: Report



CARBON COUNTY, PA — A deeply upsetting report has been provided on Facebook from a citizen who says she and her family were harassed and berated by an officer on her wedding day.

The couple was just married and they were taking photos amidst the beautiful scenery at Lake Mauch Chunk, a place that was special to them because of previous trips there.

They never expected that a large officer would approach them and begin interrogating them over a permit.

The officer then chased the couple out of the state park after humiliating them, according to the report.

The full encounter was described on Facebook as follows:

This past Saturday, 8/8/15, this officer was verbally abusive and greatly over applied his power as he mistreated my husband and I on our wedding day. Married for no more than 15 minutes, we headed to Lake Mauch Chunk straight from St. John’s Lutheran Church (on North St.) so that we can take our wedding photos where we spend our family camping trips. From NY, we invited 150 of our closest family and friends to tour the beautiful town of Jim Thorpe and celebrate our marriage with us. I did not feel safe asking this officer for his name, I am very glad that one of my groomsmen had the presence of mind to snap this picture of his face.

He berated my new husband in front of me and my two young daughters, humiliated my father in law for sharing that he is a retired police officer, and chased us out of this state park where we have so many fond memories of our family vacations.

He told us he did not give a sh!$ that is was our wedding day, and he told us to “leave before it gets worse for you.” When we asked why, he expressed that we needed a permit for our limo to drive us into the park. At the time I was unaware that one was needed (I’m still unsure if this is true), but I did beg the officer to please let my limo driver leave us there for 10 minutes while he drives away so that we can at least have a wedding photo of our wedding day at this beautiful place that was so meaningful to us. He snickered as if it gave him pleasure before he scowled at us “No!” and smiled. He stated that it was because my father in law is a retired cop from Nassau County and that he “hates NY”.

I can’t stop thinking of how he (almost) ruined our wedding day. I felt so helpless and I still do. Someone in your community needs to know how abusive this man is. I have never met anyone so heartless and with such ice inside his heart.

I need this to be heard by the people of PA

Another user commented on the report, identifying himself as a former officer who used to work with the officer described above. The user wrote:

“[The officer’s] name is Scott Christman and he is an ego manic, , and the biggest in the world…I worked with him and I know what he has said to people and what a prick he has been..you have no clue…”

And another user who described himself as a former deputy seemed to corroborate the kind of character this officer has, writing:

“[This officer] is the reason I resigned my position as a deputy Fish & Boat commission officer in Carbon County!!…”

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  • samoanpunch .

    What cowards working with a piece of garbage like that and not doing something about it. Imagine how many people he”s victimized over the years for not bowing down to him. How could anyone working side by side with him not do something about it?

    • Ian Battles

      A good cop who doesn’t stop a bad cop is not a good cop.

      • traveler25

        There are no good cops, well there is one, who told off 2 other cops not to bother someone popping fireworks on the 4th of July, God bless that 1 cop.

      • Courtney Anderson

        All that is required for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing.

    • EliWebber

      Have seen a Quote before that reads , I thought one time why doesn’t someone do something , then i realised i am someone ..

  • Mike

    Someone needs to teach this POS egomaniac cop a lesson. It sounds like even his own kind don’t like him, maybe they can arrange a drive by shooting and shoot the hell out of his car, or set him up for something really embarrassing, as he deserves to be repaid!

    • EliWebber

      How about firing him, and make it so the only job he can get far from dealing with people, is digging a ditch. with lots of supervision ..

  • So What

    Cops are our servants, not our masters. Evil cops who bully their masters around belong on the end of ropes

    • No man are you crazy masses of morons believe cops are heroes and our masters….you need to relax people willing to lick their corrupt and arrogant asses…Corruption and arrogance will prevail from top to bottom crooks in suits aka law makers/politicians and criminals in uniforms aka pigs

    • Ian Battles

      “Put wings on pigs”

      • So What

        I see nothing wrong with it. In fact, I laugh when they die and are granted demon wings

      • Travis Worthington


      • Harold Dowdy

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      • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

        My penis your real God !!!

        =D~~~ white fkkks = failure toilet babies

    • John Rooney

      I agree with your statement, and even know that’s how it should be however, the Law doesn’t concur. From legislative edicts to Supreme Court decisions Police are afford huge latitude in enforcing the Law. Police can lie, about almost anything. Police have lied about the whereabouts and well being of citizens to family and press, charges, and even about how the Law can be applied, all upheld by the courts as acceptable. Police can confiscate property and money with absolutely no evidence what so ever. Police have no legal obligation help anyone. Police have let victims of crimes, as well as suspects, bleed to death without rendering any assistance save for calling for EMT’s. All upheld in court. Police can arrest anyone and hold them for 48 hours before even charging them and simply let them go without ever doing so. And even when the public and courts are so outraged by Police conduct that municipalities have to pay damages to victims, the Law protects the Police from criminal charges. So, while what this Cop did to those newlyweds was awful and ridiculous, it wasn’t illegal. He can claim the safety of himself, the newlyweds, or others as cause. It’s all at his discretion, right there on the scene. Before the notion and law that states a Police Officers life comes before those he is supposedly sworn to protect changes, their conduct never will.

      • JAM

        Well said, John!

      • Rothbardian Slip

        You’re right. Cops are our masters not our servants….at least for now.

    • OldCowboy 2


  • Sorry to hear of your harrassement at the hands of an idiot. Did you lodge a complaint against this man with authorities. Do you really require a license to drive a limo in to the park. If it is true did he give you a citation or a ticket. It is heart breaking to see citizens so afraid of the police they can’t even ask basic questions like, why am I being detained, Am I free to leave, why did you stop me, how long is this going to take, you may not search my vehicle or person without sufficient cause, You can not enter my home without a search warrant. I have seen their look and mannerism they feel like God, in their interactioin with the public, answer my questions, you can’t ask any, I already know everything, so you shutup, I am not listening. When it appears they may have made a mistake they won’t admit it, and instead make up something else so they can go home thinking “I am so damn wonderful, I can hardly believe it.”

    • magormissabib

      I agree, They need to get to the bottom of it and file a complaint. Why would you need a permit to get a ride into a park.

  • magormissabib

    Yeah, Get to the bottom of it. It does not seem right that you need a permit!

  • Mathieu Hubin

    They have no respect for anything anymore. It seems like every day, cops are competing to see who can be the biggest douche bag. This will continue until people start making them pay on the spot with a severe ass beating or even a nice case of lead poisoning.

  • Joeky

    Its those damned Park Rangers and the wierd training they are getting or something because I had a similar experience at Natural Bridge in Kentucky… I grew up in that area and visited almost weekly at some points in my childhood and thus growing up and getting in a relationship with someone I wanted to take them there and show them a part of my childhood. We had made several trips back to the park and never had issue even as adults until one day… I always saw people walking their dogs there at the park and up through the trails and as kids we lived close to there and used to turn our dogs loose up the mountains and use dog whistles to gather them up when we were ready to leave or sometimes just wait for them to get home since we didnt live far from there and never had any issue. On this particular day in my adult life, while visiting the park with my girlfriend I brought a little Chorky that was a rescued animal and very close with me, it was tramatized by previous owners and I keep it with me at all times now. Anyway the whole trip up the mountain folks were loving on the little (not even a pound) dog including park staff and taking pictures with it and everything… We get to the top and walk a couple trails and take a couple pics and on the way back this Park Ranger that wieghed about 400 pounds comes lumbering up practically shoving people out of the way and starts poking his finger in my chest yelling “what do you think your doing on MY RESORT!” Im confused at this point but I cant even get a word in edge ways, he’s screaming that if he wanted to push it he could make what I did a felony (not sure what he meant by that or how he could do it) and that in the states eyes my little dog was just as dangerous as a pitbull or a rot weiler and I was in big trouble. He then marched us off the mountain and over to the lift and while standing in line he starts asking me about my tatoos (one in particular that was a hammer and sickle I got when I was 18) and running me down based on my tats and wanted to know my political beliefs and I was trying to avoid a fine or jail time so I was trying to be nice while he kept telling me that if I didnt cooperate I would go to jail and my dog could be put to sleep!!! My girlfriend was furious with the guy and wanted to say somthing but I kept just giving her a look of “please dont, I just want to get through this.” He then asked me if I was from Ky and I said yes and he said, “well you damned sure dont sound like it.” While on the way down the mountain on the lift he literally almost fell out of the bucket seat behind us screaming at a guy to put his cigerette out or he would be on his way back up the mountain to get THAT guy like the “idiots” in front of him… Yes thats what was said… Im still setting here getting angry as i write this and it was two years ago when it happened. At the bottom of the mountain he stops us as he gets some kind of call on the radio like 1-28 or something like that and he says some things to the dispatcher and then he turns to us and says we need to get in our cars and get out of his park and that we were lucky that we were from KY because they “like” to give fines to people out of state and that he is going to follow us out and if he ever saw us there again with a dog we would BOTH go to jail and he would see to it that animal control put the ABANDONED animal to sleep. I left so angry that I have not went back to the park since even though I grew up there and have tons of great memories, this ONE incident ruined it for me. I left a complaint on the page for Natural Bridge but never heard anything from them and I never saw any rules against bringing pets to the park. I read complaints about the guy from other people on a website that was dedicated to rating state resorts too. Im just not going to go back there anymore.

    • Colonel Angus

      FYI…This was NOT a Mauch Chunk Lake Park Ranger. Those guys are friendly as all hell. This guy is a Fish and Boat / Waterways Safety Officer employed by the state.

  • Ashley
  • Justin
  • Leland Whitehouse

    It’s hard to talk with PIGs they only respond by saying Oink. I hope this idiot cop is fired.

  • Marc Wilson

    Seems legit.

  • Judd Zimmermann

    Sad for me….I lived in this town (Jim Thorpe) for the past 8 years. Mauch Chunk Lake is such a beautiful, and large area. He’s not a town cop. He’s probably part of the park rangers or fish/game. In my time here I have never heard of such lunacy. I’ve been in that park after hours drinking and smoking bud, the cops show up and don’t do a damn thing. Maybe this guy had a bad day. Should have congratulated the newlyweds, explained the town/area to them, explained some simple rules to them ,and taken some pics with them. Now he just put a sour taste in the mouth of these 150 people, and everyone on FB reading this. What an asshole. We depend on tourists to make our livings.

  • SHT

    I’m pretty sure this is the guy. Get him internet!

    Scott J. Christman

    Waterways Conservation Officer

    Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

    1601 Elmerton Avenue P.O. Box 67000

    Harrisburg , Pennsylvania 17106

    This bureau is under the jurisdiction of the south central PA PD

    Telephone: (717) 486-7087
    (does not appear to have a FB page)

    • Christopher TheCharmer Tillis

      Get his home address and dox this disgrace to the badge!

  • Anubis

    If the footage was filmed on smart phone make report also go to the general media. File an Civil Suit against the Officer involved, The go after the Parks Department as well. And people wonder why ppl in usa are suit happy because they hire idiots.

  • Michael Fuson

    they should file a lawsuit against him

  • billpayor

    Not a cop, Parks and Rec or Fish and Game.

  • billpayor

    Now did they file a formal complaint to Fish and Boat (?) or just post on Facebook. Without a formal complaint filed EVERY time, nothing will change.

  • billpayor

    The couple was just married and they were taking photos amidst the
    beautiful scenery at Lake Mauch Chunk, a place that was special to them
    because of previous trips there.

    Not a cop – parks and rec employee

    Parks and Recreation

    Providing recreational opportunities for County residents and outdoor
    enthusiasts abroad. The County parks system consists of the Mauch Chunk
    lake park and encompasses 2820 acres of forestland and waterways. The
    Parks Department works towards conserving park natural areas for current
    and future recreational use. Recreational use of park areas includes
    biking, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, picnicking, swimming, and
    cross-country skiing. The Parks Department operates year round with
    annual visitation exceeding 150,000.

  • Denton Young

    Blue-shirted thug should be fired immediately. Better yet, fired at with a bazooka.

  • Thomas Kritzer

    Seriously, you would rather ruin your wedding and get a minor meme than give the cop the bribe (call it a tax) he is asking for?

  • Ian C

    This is why I smile when cops die. Make no mistake about it, a permit is a tax. They just call it something different.

  • Anthony Quatroni

    I would have knocked him out, threw his unconscious body in the water, and drove the car into the lake. PROBLEM SOLVED!

  • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

    White fkkks!!! Failures!!!


  • Kevin P. Inman

    Does anyone know what “state park” this allegedly was?
    The only Mauch Chunk Lake Park that shows up on a search is a Carbon County Park.


    permit!!! Some jackoff ok’s your existence! AMERIKA! This country has devolved so far out of touch with life, it’s un repairable! Ver are yur paperz swine!

  • Yohan Luechtefeld

    What a douchebag