“I’ll Smack That Ass!” – 49-Yr-Old Cop Sends Lewd Social Media Messages to Underage Girl, Stalks Her: Reports

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NORTH TEXAS — Disturbing reports have surfaced indicating that a North Texas Police Chief may used social media to stalk an underrage girl and send her sexually explicit messages.

Police Chief Kevin Coffey is 49-yrs-old.

The girl was only 14-yrs-old when he began making lewd comments on her body, reports say.

The police chief is said to have observed her posts on social media to determine her location.

On one occasion, he confronted her in person and began placing his hand on her body and “flipping” her hair around, according to an affidavit.

He would make comments on the young girl’s body parts such as “nice boobs” and “…your ass is getting bigger,” reports state.

At one point, the cop even tried to entice her by offering to let her look at official police records and even operate the weapons in his police car, according to the affidavit.

He would get on Facebook and send her raunch messages, such as “I’ll cuff u and put u on the hood again and smack that ass lol,” according to investigators.

The girl came forward and reported his “pervy” behavior in detail. Her parents are shocked and outraged.

The girl has also said that she was not the only under age girl who Coffey is in contact with, and that he’s been contacting at least five other young girls.

Coffey has been granted paid leave.

The girl’s family says they now fear retaliation from the police for coming forward.

According to court documents, the cop’s conduct includes suspicions of “official oppression, misuse of official information, online solicitation of a minor, stalking, and harassment.”

Coffey describes himself on his Twitter account as a “single Dad and police officer from New York now living in Texas.”

Many people perceived him as a “good cop” since he had won multiple awards for his “police work” during his career.

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  • Stephen Bellinger

    And as a police officer, a chief , no one inside the department questioned his actions? Because it is hard to believe that with him speaking to this girl, and five others that no one, within his department knew.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      just goes to prove that as long as they are in good standing with “the club” they’ll get away with it. he must’ve pissed someone off

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    • Steve

      Scum floats to the top right before your eyes

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    another upstanding cop

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