“I’m Gonna F*cking Shoot You! You’re Gonna be F*cking Dead!” Cop Executes American Citizen Who Owned a Firearm

jerame shooting2

BRIDGETOWN — A disturbing raw video captured by a dash cam has surfaced online showing police pull out their guns and opening fire on a citizen for owning a firearm.

The footage shows Jerame Reid being shot multiple times and executed on the street as he had his hands raised in the air.

The video has caused a wave of protests and outrage at police.

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The incident began when Bridgetown police officers pulled over Jerame for a traffic violation, accusing him of “running a stop sign.”

Jerame was a passenger in the car. Both Jerame and the driver of the car can be seen on the video cooperating with police instructions.

Officer Days is heard asking to see the registration and the drivers license.

When the glove compartment was opened to retrieve the paperwork, Officer Days noticed that there was a firearm in the compartment, but it was not pulled out.

It is legal for Americans to own firearms and neither the driver nor Jerame expressed any malicious or threatening behavior in the video.

Officer Days, upon seeing the firearm, immediately pulls out his gun and aims at Jerame, screaming “Don’t you fucking move! Show me your hands!”

At that point the video shows Jerame and the driver lifting their hands in the air as instructed and trying to explain something to the officers, perhaps that they were registered gun-owners.

“I’m going to fucking shoot you! You’re going to be fucking dead,” screamed Officer Days

Officer Days can be seen springing back and forth on his toes as if he were eager to pull the trigger.

The video then seems to show Officer Days pulling the gun out of the glove compartment, ensuring that the gun could not be reached for.

Jerame can be seen with his hands raised in the air exiting the vehicle, at which point both officers fired nearly a dozen rounds into Jerame, executing him instantly.

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Both officers have been placed on paid leave.

The department is conducting an internal investigation into the shooting to determine whether they were justified.

What do you think of this incident? Do you think police should execute Americans for owning firearms, or did the officer have to shoot Jerame because he feared for his life? Give us your opinion after the video:

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  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    execute the thug with a badge

  • Scott Leger

    fucking cowards,

    • Michael Cannon

      Fucking psychopathic scum is what they are. Makes it really hard to feel any sympathy for dead law enforcement.

  • Forrest Carlton Lackey

    Are you paying attention, my fellow Americans? You seem to worship cops. Hey, back in the day, I did too. But this isn’t even a police state. It’s a foreign invasion through a police state. And these guys don’t like you having guns. You think you can sweet talk them into letting you keep your guns? Huh? Wake up, republicans and conservatives. I’m not a liberal, I lean towards you but you have GOT to wake up and put your old prejudices aside for just a damn moment and see not everyone who hates the police state is a muslim, an anarchist, a ghetto thug, or a liberal.

    • Forrest Carlton Lackey

      And for the record, if you’re tired of people always making it about a white cop doing something fucked up to a black guy, I am too. So are some black people. But this is a black cop killing a black man. So apparently it’s not racism as much as it is allegiance to an entity that is not the American people.

      • DrCintli

        Why isn’t racism. It’s the color of the victim that is important. As a rule, cops of all colors are taught to dehumanize people of color. So the color of the cop is not the most important factor… in this or other cases…

        • Bruce Call

          Hey dip shit racism is a prejudice against another race. . cops are taught to be in control of a situation at all times. .
          “as a rule” ? Shut up!

          • Anne-Marie Mazur

            Bruce, you are a dipshit. I’ll explain it in short sentences. Women who slut shame other women are participating in perpetuating gender bias. They are actively participating against their own self-interest. Plenty of women vote Republitard against all women’s self-interests. Sexism, like racism, would not exist without many groups (including the one discriminated against) active participation. Racism doesn’t have a clause that says who participates in it. It is discrimination toward a particular group. Black cops do all sorts of racist things to members of their own race. Some of the people who ran concentration camps were the ethnicities that were being murdered. They did it to save their own asses. Any questions? Good. Then you shut up.


            I do believe you have been watching way too much MSNBC, while you drank kool-aide you paid for with your food stamps

          • The new American majority

            Yeah you’re “SICK” alright…
            Obviously You’ve been watching fake ass Fox/fixed non-news. Because if u were to watch REAL news where the network doesn’t get caught RED HANDED in their LIES and making up $#!+, then u would KNOW that the CBO has long track data on foodstamp reciepiants and guess who which race of people are the MAJORITY of foodstamps reciepiants??!!
            ~ Caucasian/WHITE people ~
            The absolute largest group of foodstamp lovers are white!
            Now having said all that…. U are an IDIOT for always on your knees for #KLANCOPS, #KILLERCOPS, #MURDEROUSCOPS, #CHILDKILLERCOPS.

          • Jefry Eblen

            http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2013/07/12/the-politics-and-demographics-of-food-stamp-recipients/ you are an idiot! Im not trying to be racist against any color on here that uses food stamps…… but do a google search before you post some stupid shit like this moron

          • The new American majority

            If u get off your lazy ass and stop watching Fox fake news and go to the CDC website u will see that white folks are on foodstamps far more than any other race u idiot!

          • David McQuain

            lol stop being on snaps isn’t shameful and most people who have it arnt lazy

          • Lisa A Sato

            Are you really this ignorant or are you teasing us? Blacks=12% of the population? whites =60%. Therefore, more blacks than whites are on food stamps by population. You are trying to use false date to prove your point. You are entitled to your own opinion but you are not entitled to your own facts.

          • jaye

            Which debunks the dumb ass fact white ppl say, “More white people are killed by cops than blacks!”.

          • Lisa A Sato

            No it doesn’t debunk any other statistic. One does not depend on the other. Take a class on statistics and get back to me.

          • chill_mc

            Oh that class where the first thing you are taught is that statistics can be used to both prove and disprove the same subject?

          • The new American majority

            Class on statistics??!! hmmm?
            Statistics are only as good and as ACCURATE as the person tracking whatever the target is…. And ANYONE with 1/4 of a brain knows that numbers can quite easily be manipulated by any moron who submits them….. And your point is??!!


            Stupid niggers. Always taking one finger out of your ass and the other out your mom’s and coming up with the wrong answer

          • Black Prince

            You have to answer to God. Hope your thoughts change before you die.

          • DISQUS

            your right,good answer

          • The new American majority



            You are correct, there are many highly educated black Americans. You do not appear to be one of them.

          • The new American majority

            The mere fact that u are able to have this idiotic discussion with me shows u that I can match my intellectual capacity to yours when I’m drunk out of my mind or half asleep! If u would like to challenge this “Uneducated ‘black’ man” to an online in forum debate or Intelligence Quotient show down any site any time….. I’d be delighted to oblige and humiliate u publically! This “uneducated black man should be pretty easily defeated by such an “educated” white woman such yourself right Ma’am?! sickofthelapdogmedia?!!

          • Liz O’neill

            the pure fact that you have allowed this conversation to deteriorate into insults and name calling, is exactly why cops will continue to get away with murdering citizens on a daily basis. wake up and smell what your shovelling, its not about race, its not about food stamps, its about the murder of your fellow citizens. grow up for fk sake.

          • Tim Garrett

            How about learn to spell.

          • Shomari Rice

            Your all wrong

          • chill_mc

            You’re fucking retarded. By POPULATION (all the inhabitants of a particular town, area, or country) there are more whites than blacks on food stamps.

          • The new American majority

            This is true…. there are far more white folks on foodstamps than are any other race. The data is there from the CDC….

          • chill_mc

            Although, at the current rate that blacks accept entitlements, if they’re population was the same as whites, they’d be taking WAY more. In a word, disproportionately.

          • Numbersdontlie

            Lol… Lisa i do Believe YOU have that backwards. Whites being 70%+ of the population, they have more in sheer numbers then any ethnic group on just about any subject, good or bad. Rich, rape, pedifile, business owners, murder, you name it. However Blacks have a higher percentage on food stamps then their white brotheren with in their group. To make it easier to under stand. 1000 people. 700 are white, 120 black. At 50%, 60 blacks would be on food stamps. At just 10% 70 whites would be on food stamps. So in short, blacks on welfare is more taxing on the black community socially, and whites on welfare are more taxing in the country economically.

          • The new American majority

            *** LIAR LIAR ***

            When the United States Department of Agriculture released their latest report on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (SNAP) their numbers were astonishing. SNAP, better known as Food Stamps, benefited an average of 46.6 million per month.

            President Ronald Reagan wanted you to believe three things about food stamp recipients. According to him, people on food stamps were lazy, illiterate and worst of all……….Black.

            However, the average person on food stamps is not lazy, illiterate, or even Black. According to the data, 37.6% of food stamps were being allotted to White non-Hispanics. African Americans were allotted 23.6% of SNAP benefits. http://www.fns.usda.gov/sites/default/files/2012Characteristics.pdf.

            In fact, contrary to popular perception, Whites, not Blacks have continually made up the greatest percentage of recipients.

            I know this is a hard pill for many people to swallow since we have been constantly told that Blacks are the leeches of society. So, following that logic, they must make up the greatest percentage of all subsidies. But wait you say, Blacks still take more than their fair share of these “handouts”. After all, Blacks make up only 13.1 percent of the population, right? Yet, Blacks comprise nearly twice that percentage of SNAP recipients. True. But, I would counter that with this fact: The largest percentage of the unemployed in this country is Black people at 15.8%. http://www.dol.gov/_Sec/media/reports/blacklaborforce/. Whites make up 77% of the population while their unemployment rate stands at 7.9%. Yet, they still make up 37.6% of food stamp recipients.

            For the record, I fully support the SNAP program because are people who are suffering and need the extra hand up. Lately, however the SNAP program has been the target of those who say this program is a handout not a handup. Unbelievably the same Republicans who support cooperate handouts, refuse to support SNAP. “Seventy-five percent of SNAP households included a child, an elderly person, or a disabled person, and these households received 82 percent of all benefits.”

            According to a November 2012 report, 40% of SNAP recipients live in a household that receives earnings and are still at or below the poverty line. In addition, of the total number of SNAP recipients, 45% are children, 9% are elderly and 10% are disabled adults. There is no mention of what percentage is represented by “Welfare Queens”.

            Whatever happened to the illusive “Welfare Queen”? We spent years looking for Reagan’s stereotypical “Welfare Queen”, only to discover that she never existed. She was part of a political strategy, the Southern Strategy. The Republicans were able to successfully weave fear of interracial marriage, gun ownership and welfare into wedge issues.

            Many Blacks also began to accept that the “Welfare Queen” truly existed, and that they, or people they knew, fit the description. But that couldn’t have been further from the truth. http://jezebel.com/reagans-welfare-queen-was-a-real-person-and-her-stor-1486653666.

            But Black America has owned the “Old Welfare Queen”. However few Blacks understand that the “New Welfare Queen” bears a remarkable resemblance to “The Old Welfare Queen”. She is uneducated, single and white.

          • The new American majority

            Obviously u didn’t go to school!
            How in hell can 12% of ANYTHING do more than 60% of ANYTHING if both groups are actively doing the exact SAME thing (Living and eating), crime, drugs… U name it!

          • Tom Lowe

            On a PER CAPITA BASIS, blacks use food stamps at a much higher rate than whites do.

            On the other hand, blacks are discriminated against in the workplace and thereby hindered in life by a lot of white people.

          • The new American majority

            President Ronald Reagan wanted you to believe three things about food stamp recipients. According to him, people on food stamps were lazy, illiterate and worst of all……….Black.

            However, the average person on food stamps is not lazy, illiterate, or even Black. According to the data, 37.6% of food stamps were being allotted to White non-Hispanics. African Americans were allotted 23.6% of SNAP benefits. http://www.fns.usda.gov/sites/default/files/2012Characteristics.pdf.

            In fact, contrary to popular perception, Whites, not Blacks have continually made up the greatest percentage of recipients.

            I know this is a hard pill for many people to swallow since we have been constantly told that Blacks are the leeches of society. So, following that logic, they must make up the greatest percentage of all subsidies. But wait you say, Blacks still take more than their fair share of these “handouts”. After all, Blacks make up only 13.1 percent of the population, right? Yet, Blacks comprise nearly twice that percentage of SNAP recipients. True. But, I would counter that with this fact: The largest percentage of the unemployed in this country is Black people at 15.8%. http://www.dol.gov/_Sec/media/reports/blacklaborforce/. Whites make up 77% of the population while their unemployment rate stands at 7.9%. Yet, they still make up 37.6% of food stamp recipients.

            For the record, I fully support the SNAP program because are people who are suffering and need the extra hand up. Lately, however the SNAP program has been the target of those who say this program is a handout not a handup. Unbelievably the same Republicans who support cooperate handouts, refuse to support SNAP. “Seventy-five percent of SNAP households included a child, an elderly person, or a disabled person, and these households received 82 percent of all benefits.”

            According to a November 2012 report, 40% of SNAP recipients live in a household that receives earnings and are still at or below the poverty line. In addition, of the total number of SNAP recipients, 45% are children, 9% are elderly and 10% are disabled adults. There is no mention of what percentage is represented by “Welfare Queens”.

            Whatever happened to the illusive “Welfare Queen”? We spent years looking for Reagan’s stereotypical “Welfare Queen”, only to discover that she never existed. She was part of a political strategy, the Southern Strategy. The Republicans were able to successfully weave fear of interracial marriage, gun ownership and welfare into wedge issues.

            Many Blacks also began to accept that the “Welfare Queen” truly existed, and that they, or people they knew, fit the description. But that couldn’t have been further from the truth. http://jezebel.com/reagans-welfare-queen-was-a-real-person-and-her-stor-1486653666.

            But Black America has owned the “Old Welfare Queen”. However few Blacks understand that the “New Welfare Queen” bears a remarkable resemblance to “The Old Welfare Queen”. She is uneducated, single and white.

          • The new American majority


          • Dannie KanDallas Foster

            1st of all dumb bitch, whites are from 72-75% of the 325 million U.S. Population, at the low end that would b 234 MILLION, 243+ Million the high end; and they account for 80% of all folk on PUBLIC AIDE, until the 60’s they accounted for 98% from the 1930’s when FDR instituted all the public safety net programs now considered as welfare, when Black folk like MYSELF engaged in the modern day civil rights movement that began when Harry Truman desegregated the US Military, this became a glaringly obvious discriminatory system and by 1961 black folk began to be allowed to access public aide programs but ONLY, even to this very day, IF THE MALE was removed from the household and a black female placed as head, who was denied to have a male even take regular meals, let alone reside in the household lest they be TERMINATED unless the male was IDENTIFIED and charged with SUPPORT whether he was the father of any of the children or not, or even a legal husband of the female…in FACT there were cadre of welfare case workers who’s only job was to randomly and unannounced arrive at the homes of these females to search for evidence that these restrictions on male companionship was being adhered to, when that became POLITICALLY INCORRECT BY 1963, the department of Housing and Urban Development was created to build so called PROJECTS that were government owned to warehouse black families with black females as heads of the households so that these workers could continue this atrocious racism under color of law, and it is now days revamped to include the SECTION 8 Program so that now they can again do this shit in a HOME that is NOT GOVERNMENT OWNED as they did to begin with….HOW IO KNOW is I WAS BORN TO BIRTH 9/11/49 and grew up even by white standards SOLID MIDDLE CLASS in TWO working middle class parents households before and during the advent of this shit….next of the remaining 25-28% of our population Black folk account for about HALF of those at 12-13% of the total, same amount of the welfare and public aide rolls they account for, and that is by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT’S OWN STATISTICS…the way u have been engendered to believe otherwise is that when welfare recipients are depicted in the media the lions share of those portrayed are BLACK FOLK and MINORITY ETHNICITIES…to this very day a WHITE MALE can apply for and receive welfare as head of the household even if he is neither the legal husband of the female or the biological father of any of the children, to cover this fact were coined two terms to make the distinction among the children of white females and black females….the latter are discouraged from using the last name of the Father for the child and they are thereby deemed ILLEGITIMATE(as in ILLEGAL FOR HER TO HAVE) while such a white child is deemed to be a STEP-CHILD)…..so u can miss us all with ur racist BULLSHIT SPIEL as if Black folk are the bulk of welfare roles, the only members of the rolls of a lessor degree than Black folk are the rest of the minority ethnicities who are among the welfare rolls…FACT…also WHITE FOLK account for more than 86% of ALL CRIME against themselves as well as nearly 50% of that vs the remaining 23-25% of the population and that does not even account for those crimes committed against any ethnicity by POLICE, the criminals among whom are not considered or counted as criminals and thereby their crimes are not counted as CRIMES…FINALLY, MINORITY POLICE are indoctrinated and institutionalized to treat their fellows of the civilian population the way that WHITES are allowed to and as well to support and cover for their fellow white officers as well as partake in their racist practices, otherwise they do not get to keep the job, and while they are on the job they are ostracized OUT, so that their fellows in the community as well as the rest of the police are AGAINST THEM, again, FEDERAL STATISTICAL FACTS, not supposition, and facts that since the passage of the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT of 1984(a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT) must be by law a matter of PUBLIC RECORD ACCESS, as in any citizen must be able to access the information thru their PUBLIC LIBRARY…so that if u do not KNOW THIS INFORMATION it is only because u do not care to since it defeats ur racist ass perceptions and stereotypes…FYI there are, and growing by as many as 200 thousand A DAY, 7.56 BILLION FOLK on planet Earth….1.2 Billion, 16% are considered white, 1.8 Billion, 24%, are considered RED-Yellow less than considered white, the remaining 4.5+ Billion are BLACK-BROWN and all are by white folk considered BLACK…as THE HUMAN RACE we have been the dominant life species on the planet for 65.5 MILLION YEARS, RED TO ALBINO WHITE FOLK have only been here for 40% of that time, 26 MILLION YEARS, as well that is the amount of time that all OTHER PRIMATES OUTSIDE of HUMAN BEINGS HAVE BEEN HERE…THE REASON we as HUMAN BEINGS are called PRIMATES is because we are THE PRIME MATES OF ALL LIFE MATES ever on the planet, its why we DOMINATE and RULE THE PLANET, as well ALL LIFE EVER ON THIS PLANET has the exact same DNA, its called CARBON, the only thing that ever changes is the GENETIC STRUCTURE THAT is based on the DNA…of primates there are a NUMBER RACES, ONLY ONE however is HUMAN, of those exists only two GENETIC STRUCTURES, one is dominant, the other is recessive in the face of the dominated being introduced, the dominant produces folk Black to Brown, the recessive those of all other skin color hues, as in Those of other skin color hues are MUTATIONS OF, not an involvement over the base…IE: but for Black to brown folk, there would BE NO OTHER COLOR FOLK, or any other PRIMATE FOR THAT MATTER and the so called WHITE FOLK are the last stage of MUTATION before that of the so called LESSER PRIMATES, the only of us paler than that are those considered ALBINO, which is the extreme of the mutation before that of the remainder of the primates and even among those HUMANS, like all others 60% of these are of the DOMINANT GNOMIC STRUCTURE, exhibited in all but skin color if the male parent is BLACK and all but that and sometimes HAIR TEXTURE if the female parent is of the dominant…as in THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE OF HUMAN BEINGS, none of whom are superior or inferior to any other as a state of being a HUMAN BEING, and if u claim to be most endowed of the CREATOR, u best be BLACK, since endowed of means how much u LOOK LIKE that which u claim to be endowed of and the CREATOR whether by scripture or science u believe is BLACK, besides, how much one as a state of being a HUMAN BEING is like unto our CREATOR of COMMON is a matter of CHARACTER of the actions they do and or say to do, NOT THE COLOR OF UR SKIN…and if u round here tryna profess that among the ONE HUMAN RACE exists MORE THAN ONE, u my baby, whatever ur skin color are a RACIST since the word refers to any damn fool who believes that there is more than one race of HUMAN BEINGS, since the only premise on which to base such an IGNORANT ASSumption is to follow if u can that the RACE U CONSIDER YOU OF is superior to all the others u claim that there are…unfortunately for the likes of YOU, even WHITE FOLK by a MAJORITY have come to be tired of ur racist bullshit…I hold two Bachelor and a Master of applied science degrees from 3 different UNIVERSITIES, one state the other two FEDERAL, all 3 of which are and always have been predominantly WHITE attended, as in 14 years of COLLEGE and it is from those and the 14 years of PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION that i learned the FACTS I HERE PRESENT, as in, if they are lies, WHITE FOLK TOLD EM, cocksuckers like u just hate that folk of color LIKE ME, actually LEARNED THE FACTS vs accepted ur innuendo as fact so as to perpetuate ur racist views…fuqc outta here, BTW as well, MORE WHITE FOLK BUY KOOL AIDE than do black folk, more white folk also eat watermelon and fried chicken than do other ethnicities as well in AMERICA, its always been the case too….


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          • Jamila Baker

            That’s all you got? Sounds like you ejaculated…

          • Shomari Rice

            The last time I checked black people don’t run the country so how can we fuck something up if we don’t run shit

          • Wayne G

            I’m a “white” male American…fuck you you piece of shit cock sucker! I’ll give you my address and you can come over so I can beat the racist shit out of you. You aren’t a human you are a fuck….no other name for you. You and others like you are the reason the world is so messed up! I’m sure you’re too much of a scared punk to show who you are but I’ll show you who I am. Weak ass fucking punk!

          • chill_mc

            I’ll bet the women in your family crave the black cock.

          • Shut the fuck up

            dude get over it…black people are more skilled than your race lol. Yeah, you don’t like the truth do you. Now calm down young man.

          • The99PercentFTP

            Damn, they need to add you name in the definition of Ignorance.

          • The new American majority

            You INBRED HILLBILLIES seem to think that throwing the word “nigger” around or directing it at black people should somehow “hurt” our feelings or sparks some type of bullshit loathing for ourselves…. LMAO!!
            ~ Say nigger a million times and see if ONE black person who reads it start to cry ~
            Now if your fat coward ass left your momma’s basement and put down the Cheetos and say it to the face of a man like me….. U would get your ass kicked to sleep! But if ther’s not a 5-10 on one… U weak ass MFs are too f^kn scared to open your bitch ass mouths…. ESPECIALLY when your weak asses don’t have your guns with u…. I think u should run outside right now and fine a comparable black man and call him a nigger to his face!!
            *** BE SURE U DON’T SEEK OUT THE OLD, SICK. WEAK, FEMALE, CHILDREN, AND HOMELESS for your target like u KKK inbreeds ALWAYS do!!
            Pick on a MF like [ME] *** PLEASE ***

          • Bruce Call

            Hey dip shit! Try per capita! Caucasion covers almost every Hispanic and Asian out there. If its not black its caucasion. And blacks are what 14% of Americans! So of the 14% what percent is on welfare? Typical liberal slight of hand! Twisted truth!

          • Thomas Mason

            You forgot to mention rapist cops because there are cases where they have raped many women ive read some pretty disturbing shit about the man in the uniform it was sick what he did those filthy fucking dirty pigs they deserve the worse punishment for what they did. I think we should throw the rapist cops in prison then they can get bubbas fat dick up their ass and see what rape is like

          • Mech Chick

            Hispanics, Asians, and other non-black ethnicities are classified by that data as whites. So honestly, the data is in error to begin with!

          • The new American majority

            Hispanics, Asians, and all other “non-black” people being classified as “whites” is SO DAMNED moronic that I can’t control my laughter!!
            How about u go ask each and every one of the races of people do [THEY] consider themselves “white”….. When they finish laughing at your dumb ass we want to have the honors of the grand finale!! roflmao…


            Poor little baby, you seem to be filled with so much self hate. Where did I mention race? That was you but your anger at the food stamp comment shows my comment to be true. Do yourself a favor. STOP watching msLSD and expose yourself to MULTIPLE news sources. As for your hate for the TEA party it shows your very LOW level of education. You hate a diverse group of people who want smaller government and less taxes.. Unless of course you are one of those people that believe the government is more capable than you are of deciding how to live your life.

          • Satan’s Taint

            Don’t be an ignorant, hateful c u n t your entire life.

          • Sharon Newkirk

            That language and name calling is way over the limit and does nothing to further your opinion

          • Matt Dowsett

            Anne-Marie Mazur is just angry that someone out there is actually drinking Kool-aid and using her food stamps to do it. Long live all you food stamp purchasers. Texans aren’t known for being long on brains and they show it with every post they leave online. All cops are suspected followers of the execution squads their departments have become until proven otherwise.

          • The new American majority

            ~ Indeed it is YOU who watches too much Foxed/fixed/faux news sugar…. Oh…. and WHITE people use foodstamps MORE than ANY other race! And that’s by sheer numbers…..
            The facts don’t lie, and the truth hurts IDIOTS…
            #Congressionalbudgetoffice #teabaggerlies

          • ken

            The real issue: no one is going to do shit about any of this

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          • Joel

            Ok. Perhaps the only dipshit here is Beth McLean.

          • Kenny Winters

            One day the American people will finally snap, it has happened in the past it’s in our text books, as the saying goes history repeats itself.

          • Raoul Duke

            No, I’m sure they buried him. Another suicide by cop.

          • plenty of us are doing plenty . of course having your actual help would do wonders

          • DaveM48

            Amen to that. This will begin to stop on the day that the potential victims start shooting before their killers have the chance to do so.

          • Tom Lowe

            It will boil over.

          • Johnny wunny

            Yep, they called house niggas…or “Uncle Tom’s “


            And your probably a dumb nigger mad at the fact that cops stop you from having your evil little nigger fun.

          • Charles Tate Jr.
          • beerstocker

            The most racist people are libetards and demorats so the one that should shut up is you. This was two bad cops that executed a human being and they should be tried for murder. I don’t care what color he was he did not deserve to be shoot like that.

          • gary popkin

            To evaluate whether Democrats or Republicans are more respectful of women’s rights, consider how Mitt Romney (R) and the Bushes (R) treat their women, and how Bill Clinton (D) and Ted Kennedy (D) treat theirs. For those not old enough to remember, Ted Kennedy killed his pregnant girlfriend. His penalty was he had his presidential-bid license taken away.

          • Arnold Layne

            Ann – The Republitard’s as you so progressively put it have been fighting for womens rights since 1872. Women finally gained the right to vote after the Republicans gained control of the Congress in 1919. Without the Republicans blacks would still be slaves and women would still be chained to the kitchen.

          • The99PercentFTP

            Because things don’t change over time.

          • chill_mc

            All sluts should be shamed, regardless of gender.

          • felixinmontana

            This is what makes sound minds believe that liberalism is a mental disorder, everything you said was spot on, nearly indisputable. Yet, in the middle of that you suggest that voting for democrats is in your self interest. Learn the political spectrum. If you want freedom you ought to understand that it will never come from government. The Republicans are no freedom jockeys, but the further right you go from left the more freedom from oppression you lean towards. Get some therapy for your hate problems.

          • Rose Meyer

            They need to begin to be able to control themselves.

          • Dances With Wolves

            Hey Dipshit. Check your definition of RACISM. It is NOT PREJUDICE, that is something different. And it does not matter if it is a DIFFERENT RACE, or your OWN RACE. Read a Book!

          • Bruce Call


          • Bill Fritz

            And if you don’t let the little BULLYS have their way well, they’ll just shoot you and remove all opposition.

          • John Dix

            Racism is not prejudice against ANOTHER race. It’s against any race even your own? There are plenty of blacks prejudice against other blacks for having lighter or darker skin. So, before you call someone a dipshit, or tell them to shut up you should make sure you know what you are talking about.

          • James De Baere

            No one was in Control of this situation… the fucking murderer(cop) claimed that the man pulled the same gun that you can see him (cop) take out of the glove compartment and drop it on the ground by the front wheel. The fact is this cop just wanted to kill someone and was waiting for an opportunity to murder someone.
            First disarm the person than drop gun where person may drop it upon exiting the vehicle clam that person pulled that same gun you that you took away and (planted) claim he pulled it on you after you MURDER that person.

          • Samie Turner

            12 times! man please.

        • ken

          Oh shut up man. Race is not the issue here.

          • middleman 121

            Yes it is.

        • Bill Fritz

          It’s not that they are taught to dehumanize people of color, that has nothing to do with it. What they are taught is to dehumanize everybody that is not a “Have”

        • Forrest Carlton Lackey

          It’s not that I’m denying the racism aspect of it, it’s just that when people see the part of it that is about racism, they get caught up on it to the point they don’t pay attention to other aspects of it. Then, it’s all about black vs. white. There’s an aspect of it, and as sad and true as it is, people have a tendency to care about that, then ONLY care about that and come up with no solutions. Just reverse hate and reverse racism. Hey, I want revenge as much as the next guy. Just because I’m mostly right doesn’t mean I’ve had everything handed to me. People don’t have the maturity to think around racism to actually come up with a solution to mitigate it. Yeah, you can focus on the racism aspect. But it’s not the whole picture. It’s not that black and white (ba dum tshhh).

        • Tom Lowe

          “cops of all colors are taught to dehumanize people of color”

          That is total bullshit.

      • Eddie Ash

        very well put .

      • Truth 4 the Masses

        Its still racism. Just because the white man uses a brother to kill a brother doesn’t make it any less racist. That black cop or any white cops aren’t going into white neighborhoods executing unarmed white males.

        • eric nulph

          actually no. racism is by definition: where one individual, race, or group of people claims to be more superior to another. examples: KKK or Nazis. please explain the “racism.” and go.

          but it is a messed up situation. cops totally out of line.


          Cops wouldn’t kill niggers if they didn’t exsist. It’s YOUR fault America looks this bad. The Japanese think we are a low class race because we ” let wild monkeys run free and destroy things” so shut your evia little nigger ass up. Take it straight to the butt homie, cause Satan’s gonna stuff you deep when you die

          • Truth 4 the Masses

            Just like a coward white boy. A racist username but hide your face. Typical

          • Truth 4 the Masses

            The Japanese thinks the US is low class because this country allows white men to rape kids at will. U can’t rape kids, watch porn & drop bombs on schools & hospitals and be the standard for humanity. Raping kids alone puts all whites/Europeans beneath all races.

          • Bruce Call

            And your info, your source that contradicts the many laws against sexual assaults . your full of shit! Al sharpton wanna be! Baiter!

          • i bet your jezus is so proud of you …

        • Bruce Call

          Really? They are! The problem isn’t a race thing its about excessive force ! Its about policing police. Its insane to say this is a black thing!

          • you might wanna look into the statistics . yes, police are now killing poor and mentally ill white people … but all stats show that police harass, beat, illegally abduct, plant evidence, falsely imprison, and kill mostly black people

      • middleman 121

        Sorry Forrest, had it been two white men no one woyld having d died.


          Shut the fuck up you stupid evil little nigger. God and I got big plans for that asshole of yours. Gonna fuck you worse than my ancestors did yours on the farm nigger bitch. Thats what we called your nana.

          • middleman 121

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          • Thomas Mason

            Let me take a guess you are just some internet troll looking to piss all the users off in the comment section even your name says it.

      • Juan Mancha

        We don’t know if it’s a black or white passenger……I know it’s a negro cop killing possibly a white person, but I bet they are not going to burn the town down. If it had been a white cop killing a black person, half of the town would be burning up by now………..just saying

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        gang mentality, that’s what this is. and going even further, the police have been taken over by pure, unadulterated evil….it’s just that simple. and they will continue getting away with these atrocities, in other words WAR CRIMES, as long as Americans are silent. and no amount of protesting, marching with paper signs, and using slogans that mean absolutely nothing. how many protests have taken place over the last few years with regard to police corruption/brutality? has a single cop been put in prison where he/she belongs?……NO, not one. once again I’ll say it. they are “fighting a war on drugs, and a war on terrorism”. well there’s rules for “war”, and when those rules are violated, those in charge are tried for war crimes. so why has there not been a single case of them being charged, and convicted of these atrocities, either here in the formerly “greatest country on earth”, or in the international u.n. war crimes tribunal?


          Your a nigger so your point is invalid. You represent pure unadulterated evil. Your a NIGGER you are EVIL down to your nigger toes so shut the fuck up and get ready to get stuffed deep by Satan’s cock you faggot fucking bitch made nigger

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            um ya. well first of all I’m white. secondly, you represent everything that’s wrong with this country. you can’t speak without using slang, and profanity. I’m sure there’s a trailer park somewhere that you’d fit right in with.

          • Thomas Mason

            Gary im considering it a possibility that he might be an internet troll acting racist just to get others mad.

      • eric nulph

        looks like rev. al will be opting out of this one. no white men killing black guys

      • Werewolf

        But that narrative doesn’t make money for negros who race bait.

    • Sgt. Killgood

      People are getting murdered in other countries and our government is there fighting for the defenseless they say . Yet they don’t look at what is happening here at home . I hear every congressmen every senator every body in Government talk about what a fine job the police are doing . They will not listen to the people who voted them into office .

      • CryptoCoin420

        Then we must VOTE them OUT!

        • Juan Mancha

          Start with your president

        • kat

          We are dealing with a foreign corporation that is running this country and we the people are being brought in as enemies of the state. When they take the oath they remove their citizenship. They are not following their own laws and you can’t bring law or constitution into the court rooms. People needs to get back to the actual laws on the books and not all this fake stuff they are trying to make us believe. It’s all crap.

      • Mitch Me

        A LOT more Americans are killed by cops than “radical” Islamic terror groups

      • Kat Hoth

        It’s because the cops are the tools of the corpocracy that our country has become. Brown or poor, you are the enemy.
        Also, you aren’t getting the brightest, check out this link:

      • Forrest Carlton Lackey

        Sad state of affairs, isn’t it?

    • Tracy Hellene Butler

      Maybe first try overcoming the party system brainwash.

    • u4ea

      In this situation, it was probably more that these cops didn’t like this guy owning a gun, since he had served 13 years for fucking shooting at police officers.

    • PAB

      Again it seens like officer told him 15 times dont move dont reach.. and he did so he was warned…

    • Forrest isa btch

      You talk to much. Shut the fuck up!

  • Cromwell

    I have absolutely no problem understanding why people are killing cops.
    What the f/ck is wrong with them?
    Go and visit Policeone or Policemag or any other for cop by cop sites,
    if you want to truly find just how little these monsters care about you and me.

  • RC Kola

    question why did they all turn off there mikes…………what were they hiding this time

    • Donald Bly

      I was wondering the same…. after the mikes were off what did they discuss… the coverup? Or was it a legit shooting… turning the mikes off makes it suspicious

      • juanaguilar

        I disagree. 12 rounds in a guy whose gun they’d already taken… that made it suspicious.

    • Rose Meyer

      Exactly! Every cop there should be charged with obstruction of justice at minimal.

    • Savanah

      Thank you! I was quite curious about that too. – Probably because Days was saying “he pulled a gun on me”. Reid never touched the gun. It was in the glove box when the driver reached over & opened it. The officer took it just over a minute into the video. Reid’s hands sure appear to be empty when he got out….

  • Soldier

    People won’t cry Racism over this. Something makes me think the Cop was in the right because the Cop was black and so was the Victim. So that guy must have been doing something weird in the car that made the Cop react so aggressively. He kept saying stop reaching for something and he ignored the Officers Warning. The Cop in this case deserves the benefit of the doubt. I’m just glad he wasn’t white other all you racist losers would be making this white vs black again. Cop deserves the benefit of the Doubt. We can’t see what he is seeing from his point of view. Another reason why body cams are a good idea.

    • Cromwell

      Why does the cop deserve the benefit of the doubt?

      • Thaddeaus

        he deserves the benefit of the doubt because he executed a man on video? we can all clearly see this is murder outright. he was trying to coax his partner into opening fire first by saying he was reaching for something. i could see both sets of hands in the air. they opened his door for him to get out and shot him in the back of the head when he did. so go fuck yourself soldier.

    • J.d. Bond

      It’s obvious you have never had a scared cop pull his gun on you. take the guns away from them they cannot use them safely

    • Adam

      its not about race in this case some are some aren’t I can never bet 100% sure but what was clear in the video is the demeanor of the cop and the fact that the guy did what the cop wanted and still got shot. It is now Us against Them mentality. And YES body cams are a great idea, but they still need to be disarmed and have paid vacation (I mean “Leave”) not given when they kill/shoot someone.

    • Tajeed Yoshibro Adams

      What kind of fucking retard are you “soldier”? What kind of proof does your dumb ass need to see that this is fucked up and wrong, regardless of skin color. Both of their hands were up, so these cops that you’re trying to defend and justify, had no rhyme or reason to take this dude’s life away from him. And the fact that you’re throwing in skin color to justify this shit makes you just as worse as these racist people you catch yourself complaining about. Go take a dick in your ass and get your life and morality straight

    • barloot

      The guy’s hands were in clear sight of the dashcam! What the fuck is in doubt? A man with both hands in the air is shot in the head and you’re so brainwashed that you can’t even let you’re self believe what your eyes show you?

    • Bruce Call

      He didn’t shot him in the car! He shot him hands in the air after he got out! Please! Cops yell to put your hands up even when they are. Its to disorient the suspect.

    • Kat Hoth

      Are you serious? The cops are in a state of war and we are the enemy.


      Also, did you know you can be too smart to be a cop? How sad is that, we want dumb people running around with guns and the authority to kill you with impunity.


    • Frank Murphy

      the cop deserves the death penalty just like the institution of the police.

  • MIKE

    time for bad cop s to be taken off streets he[[ with fop bad we the people

  • melissa campbell

    trigger happy mother fucker…needs to not be a cop, and needs to go to jail for murder.

  • Von Der Burg Davius

    Sigh…no love for the opposition.

  • Simon Dylan Wright

    he got out the car with his hands up ‘after’ he had been told “im gonna shoot you, youll be dead” clearly this cop wanted to shoot someone that night ?

    • Rene Britt

      They told them put you hands up and then said don’t move? so how is he gonna put his hands up but cant move?

  • Tom Minch

    Given the benefit of any doubt, why shoot him so many times? The cop acted like he was on amphetamines…..

  • martymarsh

    Maybe they will run in to some clowns that think just as much of their life, we can always hope.

  • Mike

    I’m not defending the cops at all..but whoever wrote this article should really try n not exaggerate. There was only about a half dozen rounds fired and the cop on the left only fired one shot..as opposed to both officers firing a dozen rounds like the article states.

  • Will

    I wonder if the gun was legal and he had a permit or if he even needed one.Not that thats a excuse to murder someone but people will make it seem like it was om if the owner didnt have a permit.

  • Russell Best

    Where is Bridgetown? When did this occur? Many states only allow weapons carry in the trunk and not in a passenger area. Some even require the weapon to locked in a portable safe.

    • Russell Best

      I’m not defending the cop..he was wrong here and should be prosecuted, but the victims may have broken a few laws.

  • fedup

    Standing there, the cop shot him. I would have second guessed it if he was still in the car but no matter what, no cop should say “im gonna fucking shoot you, you’re fucking dead” are u kidding me?! Isnt this why the tazers were introduced to the system?? And no.. this was not fucking racism like the ignorant believe.

  • Brian Scott Switzer

    If the owner of the car was a C.C.W. holder the first words out of his mouth should have been to identify himself as one.

    • Bruce Call

      Brian when being pulled over blurting out “I have a gun” is not smart or necessary. When they ran his plate it show up as a licenced holder .

      • Kat Hoth

        Especially if they are brown.

      • scott

        Law and rule of being pulled over with a CCW turn dome light on, apply hands to ceiling, SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH UNTILL THE COP REACHES THE DOOR, then announce you have a CCW license….And your current location of the firearm…Damn do any of you even own a firearm or have optained a CCW PERMIT

        • scott

          Sorry didnt mean to cuss on your reply just wanted to comment on it lol

          • Zachary Ahl

            And no handguns can be carried within a vehicle nor on a person in the State of NJ… I am not taking any side on the matter but if I saw a convicted felon who has fired at cops in the past, with a gun in glovebox… you better bvelieve I am protecting my safety… this all is sensationalized by this website and their facts are even correct within their story. Wish jrounalism was actually that anymore… ZERO EFFORT was made by the author to even get any facts about the case correct… perhaps starting with the city’s name spelling… it is BRIDGETON… smh…

          • Montely Wilson

            So, the guy is a felon? How do you know that?

          • PartsguyWI

            Reid served about 12 years for shooting at NJSP in the mid 90’s.

          • Zachary Ahl

            “Reid has a criminal history. In 1994, Reid was sentenced to 15 years in prison for shooting at three New Jersey State Police troopers. He was a teenager at the time and police had come to his house with a warrant regarding a stolen gun. He ran, and exchanged gunfire with police, according to previous reports.
            Reid was also arrested this summer on charges of obstruction, resisting arrest, possession of narcotics and failure to appear in Millville Municipal Court. Authorities said Days was one of the arresting officers at the time. ” – NJ.com http://www.nj.com/cumberland/index.ssf/2015/01/millville_man_shot_killed_by_bridgeton_police_what_we_know_what_we_dont_know.html

          • Zachary Ahl

            I am not saying he deserved to be shot… I am saying all the facts need to be taken into account before any judgment should be made. I am not a fan of the system and I think it a wretched thing that keeps individuals tied in with a bad rap one’s whole life but, there is a difference between violent and non-violent crimes and if he were arrested in the past for not shooting at police officers, I am sure the cops would have reacted differently. This is a tragic situation but this “news source” is biased and does not even bother verifying facts. Which is unfair to the readers. Again, I am not saying the cop was just and sorry for having you infer that but is upsetting to see this all happening in a town that has had a large problem with violent crimes already and NO attention has ever been brought to it by any outsiders and no proactive measures have been taken into place to address the issue before something like this tragically happened.

          • Rene Britt

            He wasn’t pointing at the cops, matter of fact he had nothing in his hands, he did had his hands up.. what happen to the dam 2nd amendment? where you have the RIGHT to carry firearms? you have rights you know.

        • dane

          Only in some states is it law. Announcing you have a gun is autoescalation in many cases.

        • Bruce Call

          Scott I’ve carried over 30 years. I live in the liberal capital of the NE . Massachusetts. I served in the air force fresh out of high school and I’m a patriot through and through ! I will never give up my civil rights excpecialy to a civil servant that thinks he’s above the law! Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law! Ring a bell? The officer can not assume guilt! Or wrong doing! It says the owner was licensed as well but that at the time is irrelevant ! Because there was no threat made or reason to suspect! I’ve been pulled over on numourous occasions carying or to the range and I’ve been fortunate enough to never run into a cop like that. That man feared for his life. He wanted to get away from the gun! That cop looked like he was on crack! Guns are legal and people are innocent and then theres people like you who won’t stand your ground! You are submissive! A cop should never treat an innocent person with disrespect. People no fear cops because the justify killing by feeling threatened even in the absence of a threat.. I’m friends with numourous cops and I tell you its the younger generation that makes me nervous!

          • The new American majority

            U better be nervous!!
            It won’t be long before the generation u speak of start “STANDING THIER GROUND”, and defending themselves at ALL COST against #KLANCOPS, #KILLERCOPS, #MURDEROUSCOPS, #CHILDKILLERCOPS….
            U f^KN copsucker!!


            You honestly are one of THE dumbesdumbest niggers out there. I say it twice like yall do. Either yall do it cause you be smoking crack or you niggers are so dumb you think it’s like praying.
            “Oh please oh please let us evil little niggers ruin America and all life on the planet.”
            the erica people should have raped your nanas and shot them all in the head and dropped them in another countries water. Not OUR water shit we need that. Mush mouth fucking nigger scum. Cops aren’t the problem. NIGGERS ARE THE PRONE WAKE UP AMERICAN KILL EM OR KICK EM OUT

          • Your an idiot

            Hey ” no niggles allowe” your a joke let me get your address dog. I will come say high to you. Dont be scared you got a big mouth on here, let’s see you vomit some.more of the ignorant shit out of your mouth in person. People like you is what ruins humanity and the fact that you weren’t killed at birth is a tragedy. Now go fuck your sister dad or mom or what ever family flavor for the day you fucking hillbilly.

      • Sam

        That’s why you say “I have a carry license, sir.” Never say “I have a gun.”

        Tell him you have a license then ask him what he would have you do.

        • Bruce Call

          Sam my method if my guns aren’t visible already (hunter) is to give my LTC with my drivers license keeping my hands on the wheel. The expressions vary. Some thank you and others act nervous but they all show a different respect ! That’s what’s troubling to me about this case! That cop was wired. That wasn’t just adrenaline. This cop was a veteran cop.

          • The new American majority

            ~And plenty of copsuckers who LOVE them~

  • Brian Blackden

    Gun taken out of car by officer, and then officer tells everyone to turn off mics? The things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmm.

  • stacell72

    That’s probably Bridgetown’s Department procedure sarcasm …Either the DA or Grand Jury will whimp out and won’t indict.

  • felixinmontana

    at the end of the vid you can hear the cop lying, “He pulled a gun on me, he pulled a gun on me” The another cop interrupts him to instruct everyone to turn off their recording devices. They lei to each other of cover for each other. No accountability even when the dude is lying dead at their feet.

  • Sgt. Killgood

    Did you hear the other cop , yelling he moved , he moved , he was lying so his partner would shoot . A well planned murder .

  • Rusty Shakelford

    All animals are equal, some are more equal then others.

  • Nico

    While I am all about not letting Police infringe on our rights, we also need to point out when it is the persons fault for not following the law. The law states that you should tell the officer you have a firearm in your car before handing him your license or registration. If these guys had done that, there would not have been an overreaction by the officers. In order to win the fight against the abuse of our rights, we also need to understand what the officers go through.

    • Mauricio Mayorga

      since when do honest mistakes warrant the death penalty? stop making excuses for murderers and cowards.

    • Rusty Shakelford

      What law says that? In my state, your vehicle is an extension of your home. Its none of their business what I ahve in my car. Go lick some cops boots. You are the reason they get away with this.

      • It depends on the state. Some require you to inform the officer of weapon possession. Now, there is a right and a wrong way to do this. If at any time you use the word gun, you’ve fucked up. The best way is to simply hand your carry permit to the officer along with your license and registration. Failing that, you should say “I carry,” or “I have a firearm”. Not all states give police weapons permit info through the license plate numbers, and if the cop finds a gun on your person and you haven’t told him you have it, getting shot is a likelihood. In this case, the weapon being in glove compartment wasn’t bothering anyone, and there’s no law saying these men couldn’t have it. What was he reaching for? The officer was telling him to get out of the vehicle. He was probably reaching for his seat-belt.

        • Rusty Shakelford

          The state I live in has no licensing for firearms. It’s open carry and since your vehicle is considered an extension of your home, you are simply possessing a firearm in your house. Cops here know that, and pretty much everyone here is armed. I feel darn safe going to the store, as I generally see 10-15% of the customers open carrying. I usually don’t because it’s a pain in the butt. What’s in my vehicle is another story.

        • Jordan Lamb

          Yeah, actually there are laws banning felons from firearm possession in NJ. It would be the states burden to prove it was his (reid’s) gun. Secondly, you can’t drive around with a gun in the glove compartment, again, state law.

          • Jordan Lamb

            2C:39-2. Presumptions
            a. Possession of firearms, weapons, destructive devices, silencers, or explosives in a vehicle. When a firearm, weapon, destructive device, silencer, or explosive described in this chapter is found in a vehicle, it is presumed to be in the possession of the occupant if there is but one. If there is more than one occupant in the vehicle, it shall be presumed to be in the possession of all, except under the following circumstances:

            (1) When it is found upon the person of one of the occupants, it shall be presumed to be in the possession of that occupant alone;

            (2) When the vehicle is not a stolen one and the weapon or other instrument is found out of view in a glove compartment, trunk or other enclosed customary depository, it shall be presumed to be in the possession of the occupant or occupants who own or have authority to operate the vehicle; and

            (3) When the vehicle is a taxicab and a weapon or other instrument is found in the passenger’s portion of the vehicle, it shall be presumed to be in the possession of all the passengers, if there are any, and if not, in the possession of the driver.

            b. Licenses and permits. When the legality of a person’s conduct under this chapter depends on his possession of a license or permit or on his having registered with or given notice to a particular person or agency, it shall be presumed that he does not possess such a license or permit or has not registered or given the required notice, until he establishes the contrary.

            L.1978, c. 95, s. 2C:39-2, eff. Sept. 1, 1979. Amended by L.1979, c. 179, s. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1979.

    • kevinl4000

      Please cite the code section. It’s not true for every State.

    • Bruce Call

      Show me this law!!! When they’ run your plate it tells them you are licensed. And regardless the officer would have needed a threat to use deadly force. Simply having a gun is not a threat or it would be open season on millions of licensed gun owners! Common sense goes a long way. The police don’t tend to police themselves they protect each other right or wrong.

  • Ann

    Looks like they did everything the cop told them to but they should have said ahead of time there was a gun in the box. Cops were way the freak wrong though to react this way. That dude had his hands up.

    • Shawna Higley

      Think the pigs are getting far out of control. Just because they wear uniforms and badges and carry guns they think they are Gods and above the law. I say “Fuck you! You are nothing but cowards!”

  • Wayne Downey

    For this reason I will never, and have never registered, any of my firearms. in Fl they check on their computers to see if you own a gun before they even get out of their car! Call me a criminal if you like, but I wont be shot by an idiot with a badge and gun without me getting off the first shots.

  • Flaviu Cre Tiu

    it’s kind of strange, he wasn’t raising his hands right, don’t know why, hands were on the chest when exiting car…strange.

  • Marvin Gilbert

    Gun in glove box and wouldn’t cooperate! People there are bad incidents where the cop is wrong, but there are incidents where thugs are trying not to go to jail and they will shoot if they can. They got caught and should have cooperated.

    The whole purpose behind this was to say that here is a black cop killing a black guy, SO, IT (COPS SHOOTING BLACKS) MUST NOT BE RACISM!!! Crap.

    I love Truth!

    • Michael Cannon

      Seriously? Did you really read the article? The dead mans gun had already been grabbed by one of the cops. The man was cooperating as much as possible given contradictory orders: “Don’t you fucking move! Show me your hands!” You love truth? The truth is those cops shot and killed an unarmed man who had his empty hands in the air.

  • unknown

    First let me just say I hate cops but lets break this one down… Gun safety is in the place of the gun owner and no one else. Keeping your gun next to your insurance and registration is just retarded on your part and asking for this kind of SH*T to happen.. Now I bet you a million $ had he placed the gun else where he’d still be alive. Am I justifying the cops actions hell no but a little common sense goes a long way people.

  • CitizenVet

    One thing that should be corrected in this article is the statement “It is legal for Americans to own firearms…” inferring that the deceased had a legal right to the firearm. As reported in other coverage, the deceased was a convicted felon (I believe he served 13 years for shooting at cops as a juvenile, but not sure) and the cop who was talking to him knew who he was. Personally, I think the cops overreacted (as usual) and should be charged with manslaughter. However, it does no good for the cause when stories are misrepresented or ginned up for the faithful.

    • What’s your point? They were cooperating. The police had possession and control of the gun. How do you even know he’s convicted felon? You don’t until the information is released, and until it is, you don’t just get to assume that he is, and once we know, that still doesn’t justify murder. Last I checked possession of anything was not punishable by death.

      • CitizenVet

        Read my post again. I agree with you. However, I was merely saying that when there are inferences included in the story to gin up the outrage- especially in a story that doesn’t need anything added to supply outrage- that are misleading or untrue then it hurts the cause more than helps. Trust me, nobody has lead the charge against police abuse and lack of accountability more than I (for years!), but when things are included in stories like this that turn out to be misleading (and unnecessary) it provides ammunition for those who wish to defend the police no matter what. As to how do I know he was a convicted felon, it was in other coverage on this story. Hence why I stated above, “As reported in other coverage, the deceased was a convicted felon…”

  • Harry

    TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242

    Whoever, under color of any law, statute,
    ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State,
    Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any
    rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or
    laws of the United States, … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned
    not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts
    committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use,
    attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire,
    shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both;
    and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if
    such acts include kidnaping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse,
    or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall
    be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or
    both, or may be sentenced to death.


  • James Hepler

    The question isn’t whether the police are afraid for their lives, the question is whether or not it is reasonable to be afraid for their lives. Simply absolving them because they were afraid is too low a bar to set for people whose job description includes carrying a gun.

  • Moccoman

    why did he get out of the car?
    didnt comply with officers orders and just stick his hands out the window? why get out of the car!
    still no reason to shoot him!

  • Rock Johnson

    He clearly killed got himself shot


    EZ Recipe for not getting killed by cops!

    1 brain (adult)
    2 ears

    Prep time:
    None needed

    Step one: get pulled over
    Step two: forget to mention you have a firearm in the vehicle
    Step three: listen to the cop when he tells you “not to fucking move” and “let me see your hands” or “don’t reach for anything”
    Step four: season to taste.

    Makes ONE complete lifetime.

    Disclaimer: you’re all fucktards if you’re mad at the cop. Watch again disphits. Tell me more about how you’d react to a stranger with a gun that they keep reaching for.

  • Ken Cooper

    I think the Cop decided to kill someone because they had a gun that wasn’t in their hand. If you did the same to the Cop, for the same reason, you wouldn’t get a paid vacation.

  • Paul Waldeck

    That was an execution.He was trying to get out of the car to defuse the situation.If you can not be near anything they can;t say you are reaching for something

    • Mike

      Yea, let’s just let a man who just had a gun pop up in front of him call the shots. Let him diffuse it, I mean, they told the cop that there was a gun in the car before all of this, right? lol It seems as if it could have been handled better and the cop seemed wrong, but spare the “execution” bullshit. He was a felon, he couldn’t have a gun, and if he could, he didn’t tell the officers, which is required when licensed to carry concealed when pulled over.

  • Renshaw

    I’m all about giving both sides the benefit of the doubt. Here is where I have questions:
    (Benefit of the doubt for the Cop)
    1.) Why wouldn’t the passenger put his hands out of the window, like the driver?
    2.) Why is the passenger moving so much?
    3.) Why would you jump out of the car like that when an officer is giving you a command?

    (Benefit of the doubt for the passenger)
    1.) Why would you threaten the passenger with saying, “I’ll fucking kill you”?
    2.) Was your mic turned off?
    3.) Why was the cop so riled up, when his partner contained the driver so easily?

    We need to look at both sides of this, without any prejudice for either. Whether you hate cops, or defiant suspects. When I watch the video, I don’t/can’t see anything wrong the Cop did, (Except possibly over using his sidearm) but then again, this is exactly why all cops need to wear body cameras. Going off of evidence, I would say that the police officer acted accordingly. I cannot quite see what the passenger is doing, he seems to be moving a lot in the car despite a weapon trained on him, he jumps out of the car after numerous commands to not move and there is a gun in that glovebox whether it is registered or not.
    Given all of those factors I can see, my reasonable (only) conclusion I can come up with as an unbiased, american citizen, is that the cop was in the right. I’m very confident that I will get a lot of backlash from this but, there’s no way an intelligent, unbiased person could conclude something different. Not all cops are bad, just like not all people who are pulled over are criminals. Flip that coin though, there are bad cops out there, along with bad people who have been shot by police. This prime example clearly shows two things:
    1.) All cops need to wear body cameras at all times; and if they are not turned on during encounters, the must be held 100% accountable if a complaint is filed.
    2.) Do whatever the cop tells you to fucking do, if you are ever in a situation where the cop and you are in a life threatening situation.

    • Mike

      1.) Why wouldn’t the passenger put his hands out of the window, like the driver?
      It looks like the cop was pretty damn close to that window, with his gun out. Could have “reached for it” it looked like he was putting them up in the car, but not as clearly as the driver. The cop that had the gun on the driver was much further away then the other cop.

      2.) Why is the passenger moving so much?
      It is easy to say “why didn’t he do or say this or that” do you hear the tone of those cops? My heart was pounding just watching the video, I am sure he was freaking out. Two guns at you, and another gun (that wasn’t his) popped up right in front of him.

      3.) Why would you jump out of the car like that when an officer is giving you a command?
      Why would the officer want him to STAY in the car when he just saw that there was a gun in arms reach?

  • Guest

    I heard four shots fired and the guy was not “executed” he walked away under his own power. I am NOT condoning the actions of these police or any police for that matter, FTP!! but seriously stop exaggerating shit.

  • Rollis…

    That Was Cold Blooded Murder!!!! If u were in fear u should have told him to get out with hands up or then u would shoot..Im sure that cop was corrupted and he was making a hit for someone!!! and at the end they turn the sound off!! Following Protocol….

  • yourname

    When a cop has a gun pointed at you. You put your hands on the ceiling and keep them there. I’m not saying dude needed to be shot I’m saying cops are trigger happy. So listen to them.

  • Von

    That’s messed up, there has to be a God.

  • Von

    That was clearly murder and those who support these officers for this are false witnesses and may you burn with them on judgement day, God willing. This is definitely a sign of judgement day and they may get away with it now, but The Almighty willing, will let the victim drag this murderer by the forelock before Him on Judgement day.

  • Zachary Ahl

    You didn’t include he was in jail for shooting at police for several years… cannot carry a concealed (or any) firearms around with you in NJ as per state law… and this is complete biased content. Way to promote the schism that is not needed within our country! DO YOUR RESEARCH and it is spelled BRIDGETON, idiots.

  • Montely Wilson

    This is exactly why I place my license with my registration and proof of insurance in a drive side visor clip when I enter my vehicle. Nothing gets opened, and my hands are always in plain sight.

  • Barrett

    Partisan bullshit much? This dude was an ex-con who had spent 13 years in prison for SHOOTING AT POLICE OFFICERS. He wasn’t some random innocent civilian who happened to own a gun.

    “Records show Days was involved in Reid’s arrest last year on charges of
    drug possession and obstruction. Reid also spent about 13 years in
    prison for shooting at New Jersey State Police troopers when he was a


  • Mahmood Pooyanfar

    The dude that exited the car was a fucking dumbass…. however, the fucking pigs coulda used a taser 1st. They just kill the 1st chance they get for an excuse.

  • Tim Deboe

    What I don’t think officer’s get is they are usually the one’s who escalate the situation is with there tone of voice an choice of words. What I think that officer should had done because you cannot tell if the guy was try to reach for the gun is he should have put his gun to that man’s head and said im going to open your door slowly keep your hands interlaced behind your head if you even try to reach for anything your dead I think that would be a much better way to control the situation !!!!!!!

    • Mike

      I was thinking that. Why would the cop want him to stay in the car if he just saw a gun in arms reach. Hands up and get out. That is what he was probably trying to do. Those cops had me having anxiety just watching the video, I can only imagine in person. It looked like he was trying to get out and away from that gun that wasn’t his.

  • Mike

    Well, lets say that they were legal gun owners. In most states, you have to tell a police officer that you are licensed to conceal, and that you have a weapon if, and when pulled over. Not only that, but before opening the glove box, why not say “there is a gun in there”?Because I doubt they were legally able to own a firearm, either way.

    This is what doesn’t make sense to me. It looks like the struggle is brought on by the cop. The guy is trying to get out, but the officer keeps telling him “no you’re not” (about getting out). Why would the cop want him to STAY in the car after seeing that there was a gun in arms reach? It almost seems like the guy wanted out and away but the officer didn’t see it that way. Everyone says, just do what they say, and in this situation, if it were me and I didn’t tell the cop I was armed, then he saw a weapon. I’d comply because it was my mistake. But it probably isn’t that easy. Those cops got extremely agitated quickly bringing the stress levels sky high for all involved. The dud was probably freaking out because they had guns pointed at them and he noticed that a gun (that wasn’t his) appeared in front of him, in front of the police.

    • PartsguyWI

      As a convicted felon, the deceased could neither legally own nor possess firearms.

      • Mike

        I know, but did the cop know he was a felon? Granted, you have to tell the police (at least in Ohio) if you are armed and licensed.

        • Jordan Lamb

          Most likely the cop knew him ( Days calls him by name in the video at the 1:34 mark). Chances are in a small town like Bridgeton, these cops knew exactly who was in the vehicle and who that vehicle was owned/frequently driven by. This guy served his time for shooting at cops in the past, and with that was almost certainly known by local law enforcement.

        • PartsguyWI

          oh, Days knew who he was. Drug arrest last summer.

  • Laura W

    Just another example of an
    innocent person being murdered by a cop who thinks he is god ! And
    cops wonder why they are being ambushed and no one seems to care. Their
    actions of murdering people and pets have desensitized people including kids.
    Their actions are creating a future of police haters and it is the very fault
    of the police…

  • Laura W

    • Here’s something for the policemen and

    politicians to consider before writing their future…

    Mr. Policeman, a little food for

    thought…for every dog that is or was murdered by a policeman you have left or

    will leave behind a trail of children with PTSD, some may not even realize it

    for days, weeks, months or even years. You are singled handedly and sub-

    consciously removing all trust in law enforcement they may have had and taught

    them all about murder. You are not killing a murderer, robber, etc….but instead

    you are killing a companion, a friend, someone they love. Don’t be surprised if

    one day all of this comes back to haunt you and the only one to blame will be


    Every time a child watches a video or

    hears of a policeman shooting / killing

    or dragging someone’s pet off or talks about a policeman shooting / killing or

    dragging someone’s pet off, which with today’s
    technology will be every minute

    of every day, another child will develop PTSD.

    This is your legacy for the children of our

    future. —- And when a child experiences a

    event, which is what you are providing a lot of, it
    will often follow them

    throughout life. Obviously policeman
    shooting/killing and dragging dogs off to

    their deaths is a practice of brutality that has been
    going on for some time

    and it is only because of today’s technology /
    social media that it has been

    brought out in the open and exposed it

    to the masses.


    World is watching and speaking …and I hope these
    policeman stop and think about

    the consequences of their actions and change their
    practices before they create

    a society of children with little to no regard for
    life….they are affecting

    their own children as well and are probably not
    even aware of it. The children

    are watching not only the policeman but any and
    everyone involved including the

    politicians allowing this barbaric practice…


    when your child or any child asks you why that
    policeman is killing peoples

    dogs/pets/family members….give them the police
    department, mayor, governor and

    anyone else involved phone number and tell them to
    ask that person….They are

    the ones murdering these dogs/pets/family members
    let them explain it to the

    children they are affecting…..

    Continue taking pictures and videos for

    posting so the world can see. Also provide a list
    of Names with email

    addresses physical addresses and

    phone numbers to Police

    department heads, government

    offices and anyone else you can think

    of, so people of the world can have a

    medium to voice their opinions/feelings on what is
    being done there and so they can SHARE…SHARE…SHARE… These agencies need to

    be and will be bombarded with calls,

    emails and letters

    from around the world… then maybe they will rethink
    what they are

    planning to do….who knows maybe and

    Hopefully “ANONYMOUS” will pick up on
    this and assist in our

    fight. Their motto is “JUSTICE IS COMING’…

    ask the police dept. in Hawthorne California..

    . …..your actions serve only to further

    desensitize the minds of the people and our
    children regarding law


    Get any and every bit of information you can about

    cop to include pictures of him, place of employment
    with phone numbers and

    email addresses and anything significant. Then post
    it and

    SHARE—-SHARE—-SHARE for the World to

    see. This will also give the world a venue to
    respond and voice their opinion

    on that cops murderous action. No one likes their
    dirty laundry exposed,

    especially to the world

  • Laura W

    It never ceases to amaze me how police departments are always
    saying how they don’t understand why people aren’t more sympathetic when a
    police officer is injured or killed. Well it is their fault. Social media has
    exposed their brutality towards people and their pets on a daily basis and with
    everyone armed with a camera they will continue to be exposed. Their own
    actions have desensitized people to what happens to them—-and for those who
    aren’t yet desensitized it is just a matter of time. Police openly break the
    law without consequences daily as evidenced by all the available video online
    and they wonder why they are not given any respect. You have to give it to get

    A policeman used to be someone you could look up to and go to for help but not
    anymore. Now people tend to take care of themselves rather than call the police
    due to their lack of trust in the police. I have known some very good policemen
    in the past but can’t say too much about now. I keep seeing the words “Police
    State” used to describe people’s respective police department which doesn’t
    bode to well for policemen. Again you have to give respect to get it…….

  • Brandon Jackson

    Dear white people
    This serves you right for giving the cops un questionable power and never questioning them…It seems you people never care about police brutality until it affects you.

    • Jordan Lamb

      Dude, why pull the race card?

      It’s better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt. Peace.

      • Brandon Jackson

        Cut the “why pull the race card” bullshit argument. I m not going to pretend that racism is not a problem because it makes limp dicks like you uncomfortable. I wouldn’t have to talk about race if you were not so damn hypocritical and two faced about police shooting when it comes to the race of the victim of the police shooting. So sit down and shut your fucking mouth.

  • dbltapp

    So how did this all resolve?

  • Phasung Baccam

    We need combat against police killing citizens the more they going to killings us arm yourself

  • NewLife

    The unfortunate fact is that we have far too many cops
    patrolling our streets who lack the fortitude to control and manage their own
    fears. At the slightest threat their
    caution escalates into fear then panic then terror. The cowardly cop is the one who does all the shooting and
    bullying to mask his own insecurities. They are weak minded and easily
    provoked. We need to stop hiring cops
    who have a multitude of insecurities.

  • Micah Hurd

    Right at the end you hear an officer say ‘Turn it off’, then there’s no more talking. Wonder what they had to talk about that they didn’t want recorded?

  • Reubicon

    If you trust the AP, their article said he had already done 13 years for ADW/shooting at state troopers and as a felon would not be allowed to possess a gun. It also said the police knew the men’s identity and criminal records from other recent arrests. AND he had the gun in his hand when he was shot…

  • Scott Giblin

    The officers should be removed from scociety

  • Guest

    well as usual not the whole story is being told here this guy had spent many years in prison for firing a gun a cops. Which makes it illegal for him to be around a firearm he was also told not to move but decided to get out of the car and disregard direct orders of 2 officers holding guns on him. He was obviously a dumbass that wont make that or any other mistake again.

  • Brian Donahue

    well as usual not the whole story is not being told here this guy had spent many years in prison for firing a gun a cops. Which makes it illegal for him to be around a firearm he was also told not to move but decided to get out of the car and disregard direct orders of 2 officers holding guns on him. He was obviously a dumbass that wont make that or any other mistake again.

  • Brian Donahue

    well as usual the whole story is not being told here this guy had spent many years in prison for firing a gun a cops. Which makes it illegal for him to be around a firearm he was also told not to move but decided to get out of the car and disregard direct orders of 2 officers holding guns on him. He was obviously a dumbass that wont make that or any other mistake again.

    • Tom

      And as per usual you don’t have the full story either.

  • Tom

    Time to disarm all police departments. They are a terrified bunch of misfits. If the passenger wanted to shoot the cop the other cop would have shot the driver. These people are not built for this. They are every bit as bad as school teachers. You see the school teachers suspending children for making a finger gun (pointing their finger)? Kids getting kicked out because their poptart was bitten into the shape of a pistol? YES! How about cops arresting a child for putting gum under their desk? A pistol in the glove compartment? EXACTLY WHERE I WOULD HAVE IT if I wanted to shoot a cop. Especially if they were standing over top of me with a big bright flashlight. Could cops be anymore intrusive? They do everything to men that pisses men off. They put the light in your face and when you say, “Get that out of my face” that means you are violent.

    They are all misfits.

    We need to abolish the police departments, forget disarming them, abolish them all.

  • Me

    The man that was shot, Jerame Reid who previously served 13 years for shooting at three state troopers, would not comply with the officers orders. The officer knew who he was as he had arrested Jerome the year before for drug offences. The officer repeatedly told the man not to move and yet Jerame opened the door and got out of the car. Hands up or not, he is a man previously convicted of trying to kill police! It would be enough to make me jumpy.
    I don’t know if the shooting was justified or not, I wasn’t there, but I certainly would like to have all the facts before making a judgment.
    You don’t think the officer knowing that this guy had already served time for trying to kill other officers is relevant information? I guess not. It seems to me from reading the comments most people on here (including the publisher) just hate cops so much, truth doesn’t matter.

    • Tom

      The man shot at State Troopers when he was a teenager. He spent 13 years in prison for shooting AT State Troopers when he was a teenager. I notice he didn’t shoot anyone, he only shot AT cops. What did he shoot at cops? Was it a pellet gun, a BB gun, a sling shot, a bow and arrow or was it a gun that was planted because he was sleeping with one of the troopers wives?

      Obstruction and Drug charges last year < So what and SO WHAT! Did he hurt anyone? NO! But more importantly – when a man has done his time, he has done his time. In the United States your right to bear arms can not be infringed upon. PERIOD! It really isn't up for debate – you have to amend the U.S. Constitution to change that fact. Every man who isn't in prison should be armed – he or she has a right to self preservation just like anyone else. THEY DID Their time. If you don't like that – then don't let them out of prison or kill them. Don't let people out and then tell them they aren't human.

      • Me

        Tom, by your reasoning, once rapists and child molesters have served their time they have the right to be free without restrictions. Let’s let convicted child molesters become Boy Scout leaders, kindergarten teachers. Why not? They did their time.
        As a woman, if I know a man is a convicted rapist, and he’s coming toward me, despite my repeatedly asking him to stay back, I’m going to act to defend myself. I’m not going to wait to see wether he’s actually going to try and rape me before I defend myself. He has a history that I’m aware of and I’m not going to take that chance. If the man however complies with my instructions to stay away, then no one gets hurt.

  • Cliff

    While not justifying the shooting, the guy that was shot had a criminal history wherein he opened fire on police. Oddly enough, one of the cops that he shot at was the one who killed him here.

    I would also like to point out that the cops are holding their guns sideways. Why? That’s not how you hold a gun, that’s how fake thugs hold their guns. Also, using threats and vulgar language is not how that situation was supposed to be handled.

    • Tom

      “Reid, 36, spent about 13 years in prison for shooting at three state
      troopers when he was a teenager. And Days knew who he was; Days was
      among the arresting officers last year when Reid was charged with
      several crimes, including drug possession and obstruction.”

      He wasn’t one of the three state troopers.

      • Cliff

        Oh, then that officer was just a dick.

  • shawn

    I think that you are idiots if what you wrote is what you saw in the video, surely you are braindead.You can tell in the video, the cop said “no youre not, no youre not, don’t do it, don’t you fucking move, of you reach for something you’re going to be dead, don’t do it, you’re gonna be fucking dead”. and you can clearly see the guy struggling to get to something or trying to force the door open, since it seemed the cop was trying to hold it closed, maybe until backup arrived . Then the kid gets out and his hands go straight out at the officer and he was squared up, facing the officer directly, seems like he was pointing something. His hands go up as the first shot rang out as he instinctively tried to protect himself. Maybe too early to tell but I’m willing to be the guy had a handgun on his person, and he had a record for shooting at cops… which they may or may not have known at the time. Everyone is so quick to vilify these guys, it’s gonna cause all cops to second guess themselves, then they get killed because they hesitate. I watched this video about 20 times in a row, maybe everyone should do that before they comment anymore about how he executed a felon… or I mean an unarmed man.

  • shawn

    Also, in New Jersey, you can only get a ccw if you are law enforcenment, or have a bail bonds, armored car, etc job and only while you are actively employed. Not something I agree with. If there was a gun in the car that’s mandatory 5 years first offense. If you are a known felon with a history of shooting at cops… that probably 20 years . I’ll put my money on the cop was drawn on after he repeatedly warned the guy. He told him not to move, why would he jump out of the car like that? He obviously made a threatening move .

  • Mr.Gee Marino

    The only they are going to Investigate is what kind of excuse they can come up with…

  • Cat Trahan


  • Chuck Fasst

    I continue to notice the appalling profanity these insulting pigs use. And how they must unload their weapons on citizens. As if they were in mortal combat and “Feared for their life.” By the book. What is this book? Your goddamned bible and are you a religious zealot or something. This is America you stupid fukkers we need to concentrate on the terrorists – not you stupid azzholes! 🙁

  • Rene Britt

    First of all why did they pulled him over? he didn’t run no stop sign my ass, two he keeps saying that put your hands up and they saying don’t move? wth? then the third one i am sorry to say, we live in america, if NJ is one of the 50 states in america then he has all rights to own a firearm or carry one.

    • Rene Britt

      He didn’t point the gun at the officer? the officer wasn’t anywhere being threaded i hope the judge see this really clear and fire this ass.

  • 1. Multiple warning not to move.

    We aren’t seeing inside the car. I am left wanting way more information than the video alone provides. Perhaps the driver’s versions will eventually come out?

    2. Implications of legal gun ownership.

    I am a rigorous defendant of the individual right of self defense, including the right to keep and bear arms. At the same time, we are not in that society where rules and regulations over how one stores a gun have been struck down. Here, as it seems, there was a gun stored in the glove box. Depending on state laws, the implication that there was nothing inappropriate about the gun being in the car may or may not be correct. Obviously, that doesn’t justify shooting the victim. It just leaves me wondering what information is lacking about the story.

    3. Implications of legitimate concealed carry.

    Ditto #2 above, was the owner of the weapon, or the shooting victim, a CCW permittee?

    4. Officer demeanor.

    Something goes quite wrong in the video. The officer is perfectly amicable in his initial contact with the occupants of the car. No invective. Polite. Etc. Then, suddenly, all hell breaks loose. What happened? See #1 above.

    5. Racism?

    How do you respond when folks say everything is racism?

    For me, once everything is “something” (insert “racist,” “sexist,” etc), then everything is really just “nothing.” If objecting to taxation of your income is “racist,” (after all, you really just object to money going to welfare programs for “the less fortunate,” and we all know how “the less fortunate” is just a code phrase for “black”), if objecting to legalized abortion is “sexist,” (after all, you can’t possibly be objecting that abortion ends an existing human life, you really just use that as excuse to enslave women), then the English language has simply become a first class mechanism to manufacture excuses for complaint, failure and anger.

    This cop appears to be black. The victim is black. Therefore “it must be racism.”

    Hmmmmm. Walking through the local parking lot outside Target, I saw a black woman smack her child on the bottom and deliver some sharp words of rebuke. I’m a dad. Been one for years. It made me wince when it happened. What I did not know is that the woman was a racist. After all, she directed her anger and violence at a very young black male.

    Mighty thin in the reasoning department. Though I totally understand the value of such statements as evacuators of reason, I don’t bow to them.

    5. Concluding thoughts.

    You can survive an encounter with a cop. I hate that such care is required for citizens in ordinary policing situations. Here is a simple guide to surviving:

    Do not answer cop questions, other than to state that you do not answer questions and are asserting your right to be represented by counsel for any questioning.

    Do not move, except as and how instructed by the officer. Movement is often used as a later justification for police actions, including such famous statements as, “I noticed the driver making a furtive movement as I approached the vehicle.” That kind of remark allows its auditors to understand why a police officer suddenly leaps to high alert. If you’re driving a car, put your hands on the steering wheel and leav ethem there. If the officer asks for ID, ask for permission to get it. Explain its location on your person or in the vehicle so that the officer understands the need for movement. If you are a legal owner of a weapon and the weapon is on your person or lawfully stored in the vehicle, and the request for ID requires you to open a glovebox, or console, in which such a weapon is stored, DO NOT NOT NOT NOT OPEN SUCH A STORAGE LOCATION. Instead, state the circumstance and follow officer’s instructions.

    I’d rather see unarmed cops.

    While cops are armed, I’d rather see fewer dead citizens.

    To produce fewer dead citizens, we need citizens to understand just how fraught with danger every encounter with a cop can be, and comport themselves in a manner best designed to offer the hope of survival.

  • not sure

    Um, What I was was a non compliant individual, exiting the car from the passenger side and raising his hands as if holding a firearm. Don’t get me wrong, I HATE how police yell and “Take Control” of a situation and you “must Comply”. But if this guy just listened to what the cop was saying, if he said, “yes officer there is a gun in the glove box” and kept his hands where the officer can see them, don’t you think the outcome would have been different? I do not believe anyone has to die, but every time I see these incidents, the person who lost their life does something that should not have been doing.

    • not sure

      damn it… cant go back and edit… What I SAW was….

  • corey1090

    cops used to be honored back in the day because they were putting their lives at risk and was to serve and protect our people and now they no longer serve and protect the people but protect their own kind.you got TV shows of cops now days calling them selves Blue Bloods but in my book they are breaking their own laws and they all to be served and punished under the Patriot Act or Rico. who are these normal cops that are normal people think that they are above the law you used to be respected because you was putting your lives on the line!. now they will kill a man or woman or children without even a doubt or putting a second thought into their actions to protect their own selves whatever happen until their swear in laws that they will serve and protect are people by putting their own lives at risk but they no longer do that these days so I have lost a most all respect for most law enforcement!.. people it’s time to wake up they all should be charged for the RICO Act that is exactly what they are they are a gang of higher power and they abused their power they can murder innocent people and walk away scot free maybe worst case scenario put on a paid leave are you kidding me!. people in United States we are still somewhat of a free country it is time to stand up before it is too late times are coming to an end of our freedom!. don’t let the thousands of our American soldiers blood shed go away in vainthey give their lives for our freedom People of the United States if we all sit back and do nothing then we will lose our freedom and everything will be in vain where was the respect the Americans used to have for one another where is our love for our brothers and sisters of our ones sweet country?.

  • jrobinson08

    The carry and conceal law that was passed is an excuse for the police to shoot first and ask questions later. Now it seems like anytime a someone is observed with a firearm by police it is handled automatically like a threat to the officer or if someone is reaching for anything it can now be assumed that it is a firearm also. It seems to me the law gives officers the right to use unnecessary force.

  • dzachary

    Let’s try to use a little common sense too. Here’s a story for ya. I have my indiana state carry permit, but do not have a firearm in my vehicle. I was pulled over one night for speeding. When the officer checked my records he saw that I have a permit, which was probably a caution flag for him. When he gave me back my license the first thing he asked was “do you have a firearm in you vehicle?” I replied no. What he suggested for future traffic stops is to inform the officer that I have a permit but no firearm (in my case). He said that the officer will appreciate that you are informing them that they are safe.

    With that said. In this case I wonder if they informed the officer that they were (assuming legally) carrying a firearm in their vehicle. Yes you may legally have the rights to carry the firearm (depending on the state) but you also have the ability to increase the safety for yourself and the officer by simply informing them that you legally have a firearm in your glove box and offer them to take it out for their safety. Most likely that action would get you out the initial traffic violation by showing that you are considering their safety. Makes me wonder a.)if they did inform the officer and b.)if they would have, would it have changed the outcome of this situation.

  • Eric Mora

    “…turn it off, everybody should be off.” They know it was an illegitimate shoot. Now they are trying to come up with a valid reason.

  • John Busciglio

    ok, is there a version of this does’t have the curse words cut out? It’s sounds like the cop knows who this guy it. It sounds like the guy says he is gonna get out and lay on the ground. Why was the glove box opened in the first place?

  • trebor561

    How to get away with MURDER!!!!!!!

  • American

    I’m ready to stand up who’s with me

  • Ahaz

    Unfortunately, this officer will not face any retribution. It was clear to me that this officer could not and did not control his emotions, even after removing the firearm from the car. Another classic “I feared for my life” scenario.

  • MrRight

    if a cop has a gun pointed at me and tells me don’t get out I’m not going to get out. That moron did he deserved to get shot the stupid idiot.

  • kat

    a firearm is a sawed off shot gun, fully automatic with silencer. That is the definition of a firearm. We have a right to our guns under the DICK Act. It can’t not be infringed upon. You also have the right to travel and not be pulled over unless, recklious driving, Injury or damage. These are their laws that they don’t follow. It’s all a scam on us.

  • Joe Cain

    This headline and article are the biggest bunch of bullshit i have ever read. Whoever the writer is seriously needs to do some investigative work before publishing such crap. “For owning a gun”, “perhaps trying to tell the cop they are legally registared” what a load of crap. The passenger who was shot is a convicted felon who spend 13 years in prison for, SHOOTIN AT COPS. Anyone who believes this crap and supports this website need to pull your heads out your rear ends.

  • cop haten guest

    Whenever cops do fucked things, usually the department number is left on the page, wheres the department phone number for this NWO neo nazi cop department? Call them that we will not tolerate ruthless murdering cops, after this I do not think its good to bitch and protest, lets strategically react, not emotionally… why don’t we flood their phone line with calls saying were gonna shoot em back second amendment or not, treat others the way you wanna be treated motherfucker , whatever happened to that?!?! Talk to cops in a language only they understand, through A GUN, SHOOT EM BACK!!!! See what they do not when theres enuff of us, stop being a chicken shit in these comments, why are some of you bitching about food stamps? What does that have to do with this murdering cop? No wonder were getting deeper into being enslaved by the gov is BEACUSE YOU PEOPLE ARE TOO QUICK TO ARGUE WITH ONE ANOTHER INSTEAD OF MAKING REAL PROGRESS NO WONDER THIS COUNTRY IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


    HERE IS THE PHONE # +18564510033

  • Guest

    Wow, that was fast. Of course you delete any comment that doesnt support your narrative

  • Mike

    Well the facts in this article are completely wrong. Watch the video and you can clearly see that his hands are not up and he also exits the vehicle with his hands in front of him moving towards the police. Now let’s dig a little deeper, the police knew this man by name because he had a history of run ins with the law including firearms charges and he served a prison sentence for firing a gun at police. Now let’s address the gun laws in NJ, it is illegal in the state of NJ to transport a gun assembled. The magazine, gun and ammo are to be transported separate and in an area not accessible to the occupants or in a locked container or safe. A gun in the glove box is in fact not legal in NJ. If he was lawfully transporting a legal firearm in the correct manner then one of the first things you do is inform the officers that there is a firearm in the vehicle and tell them it’s location. Everybody is entitled to their opinion but please get your facts straight before post something like this. This is just irresponsible reporting and is not based on facts, the town name isn’t even spelled correctly in the article

  • Raoul Duke

    I don’t see how you cats are going to bring about any real change when you cry about this and other ‘suicide by cop’ cases….

  • Howard Treesong

    There seemed to be entirely too little in the way of de-escalation of the situation. The cop could have said: I see a fire arm in the glove compartment. Close the glove compartment now, without taking anything out of it. Then exit the vehicle and put your hands where I can see them.

    This was not a life-or-death situation. There was room to resolve this issue if the cop had wanted to do that. F this, F that, I’m going to shoot you, you’re going to be dead… what are they feeding these people?

  • Anon Anon

    Cold-blooded cowardly Murder!

  • nickjames1369

    Regardless of what any of u say this is wrong.fucked up any way u look at it,he murdered that guy and is going to get away with it because hes a fucking cop.its a fucked up world we live in these days.and i wont be surprised when majority of the population starts revolting against law enforcement in a more heinous way.

  • GetREAL

    I like how everyone immediately assumes racism. Is racism still alive? yes it is. Are some cops racist? Sure. But, watch the video and listen to what the officer instructs the man to do. He says “show me your hands” after he sees a gun in the glove box, then you hear “he’s reaching, he’s reaching”. When the cop finally takes the gun away and gets the door open, you hear him say “don’t move” but you see the victim get out of the car at which point the officer shoots him. So I have come to conclude that the passenger who was shot was either deaf, doesn’t speak English, or is really really dumb.
    For those of you who think this is an act of racism, let’s do a little thing I like to call “thinking things through”. First, lets put ourselves in the police officers shoes. If you were the officer and you approached a car you just pulled over for a traffic violation but then see a gun in the glove box, how would you react? If you weren’t a complete moron, you would immediately be concerned and extremely alert. For those of you who may think the cop was overreacting, it is important to keep in mind that guns kill people and you do not know the mental state/intentions of the people you are pulling over. Now, keep the image of the gun in the glove box in your head and now I want you to imagine telling that person to show you their hands. Oh wait but they aren’t listening to you. Instead, you see them reaching for something. Now what do you do? What would be your thought process at this point? What would you do if somebody had a gun near them, was not following your instructions, and reaching for places within a car that you aren’t at all familiar with or have no clue of what could be stored inside of it? I’m thinking at this point you would be EXTREMELY cautious and feel a bit threatened no matter what race the passenger is inside the car. So moving a bit forward, you are able to grab the gun and get the car door open to apprehend the passenger but you first instruct the passenger not to move. But, once again the passenger decides not to listen to you and exits the car with his hands being lifted up as he is exiting. Now this situation is a bit tricky. What would you do at this point? Keep in mind that during this entire time this person was not listening to your instructions, you saw a gun and are not sure if there could be more, and this person was reaching in places you told him not to reach. My point is that I highly doubt race played a roll in this shooting. If anything, it was a poor judgement call in a threatening situation.

    Now let’s think about being the passenger (not the driver who obviously knows how to listen). You are a passenger in a car that was just pulled over. As the cop is approaching the vehicle, you would most likely be like anyone else in that situation and either wonder why the police are pulling you over or contemplate admitting to breaking the law or tell a lie about why you broke the law. So, the cop then walks up to your window and you roll it down. You then ask him why he pulled you over and he tells you why. The officer then asks for the drivers information to which the driver seems cooperate and tries to find. The driver opens the glove box while looking for his information and the officer sees a gun which then the office draws his weapon and asks to see your hands. Now lets again stop and think about this situation. What would you do in this situation? Clearly the driver knew what to do. He followed the officers instructions and showed him his hands. Wouldn’t it make since to follow suit? Why would you even consider not showing your hands when the officer has a gun pointed at you? What kind of an idiot are you? Also, would you expect anything less from a cop who just saw that you had a gun in the car? I wouldn’t. Instead I would be scared shitless and try to listen to every instruction the cop gave since he is threatening to shoot me if I don’t. Wouldn’t you? Why would you even consider otherwise? Would you really be thinking to yourself “he only pulled his gun because I am black and not because he saw a gun in the car”?

    In these types of situations people need to listen to the police and let them sort everything out. The passenger would have left that situation with his life if he only listened to the officers instructions.

  • Lisa A Sato

    This is not the full video. It goes from the shooting to a half dozen cops walking around in less than 10 seconds. Where is the full video?

  • AS1124


  • Sharon Newkirk

    The driver complied with the request and he is still alive. To me the passenger appeared to not comply with the officers request. If it was me I would have told the officer that I had a gun in the glove compartment and my license was also. I would have then followed his orders. This person appeared to argue with the officer. In this day and age it is stupid to argue with a officer even if you are correct. Go to the station and get it straighten out and be alive.

  • chevy

    Negros and white Thuggish Terrorist lacking intelligence quotient cops at their finest!!!

  • sirill

    Jerame owed officer Days money.

  • randy brown

    execution plain and simple, why did they all move off camera?

  • Shane Walter Pond

    WOW.. really?? If i was a cop i would calmly said, gents i need you to take your hands and place them out the window right away and make no sudden movements… i am aware there is a gun in the car and lets figure this out safely… After all owning and having a gun is not agaisnt the law… this officer EXPLODED this situation and it was not needed… Did they also turn off audio? i swore i heard turn it off an all audio went silent…

  • Levias

    Paid leave? Holy fuck. Revolution incoming people. Cops better decide which side they want to be on. Fence sitters get killed as much as those on the wrong side of the people.

  • Bigmau

    These officers are completely justified.

  • Mae West

    There was no need to shoot the cop had the gun already…u clearly see him take the gun u can see it..really

  • prodigy

    two cops execute this man who is providing no threat and amaerica (that means you fucks ) is more interested in the color of his skin …….. stop crying because the cops are shooting your people your not going to stop them untill its your son or daugher in the coffin and then you will stand alone because its only your son and the rest of America is only going to care about the color of his shoes stop your crying did any of you call the station and find out what they did to deal with the issue did you give your opinion to there supervisor did you make any attempt to do anything other than bitch and get excited cause you got to watch some one get murdered as a 29 year old stoner i felt the need to do more after watching this video than the rest of the people posting on this thread combined (thats disappointing america just sayin)

  • Rudy R. Villarreal

    Incidents like this is why there is such a trending abhorrence towards law enforcement. I’m sure it’s a difficult job and not very financially rewarding considering the daily risks involved, but we as Americans have constitutional rights that I stand by daily and refuse to give up…

    Power to The people! !!

  • Jesse Burson

    It’s time to start fighting back. Soon the police will overtake america and this country will be on lockdown. There are no more freedoms. The constitution is being nullified. The President is an impostor. Courts are unjust. The entire system is corrupt. USA will no longer be united. This is what we face. Our children face. No future outside of tyranny.

  • Guest

    People say he was gunned down for simply owning a handgun and that he was complying the whole time. I guess the definition of the word “complying” is different where I come from. I guess prohibited possessor also has a different meaning where I come from.

  • A viewer

    Of course written by a cop hater filled with rage

    You see the difference between guy who listened to the cop and the guy who didn’t?

    Cop said: “show me your hands”

    *Driver:* shows his hands
    *Passenger:* hands are somewhat seen

    Cop said: “Don’t you ______ move”

    *Diver* – does not move and hands remain in sight outside of the car

    – 20 seconds the hands were not consistently in sight/outside of the
    car and he seems like he was doing/hiding something in the car.

    the cop said not to move (lost how many time he said it) when cop
    opened the door, he get right out of the car when you supposed to wait
    till they instruct you so.

    As a result: Driver lives and Passenger Dies

    fact:* Under FOPA, notwithstanding any state or local law, a person is
    entitled to transport a firearm from any place where he or she may
    lawfully possess and carry such firearm to any other place where he or
    she may lawfully possess and carry it, *if* the firearm is unloaded and
    locked out of reach*. In vehicles without a trunk, the unloaded firearm
    must be in a *locked container other than the glove compartment or
    console*. Ammunition that is either locked out of reach in the trunk or
    in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console is
    also covered.

    But go ahead, rage on

  • 3% R US

    “Reid, 36, had spent about 13 years in prison for shooting at New Jersey
    State Police troopers when he was a teenager. He was also arrested last
    year on charges including drug possession and obstruction; Days was one
    of the arresting officers then.”
    This was a revenge killing by Days. It couldn’t be more obvious.

  • Bill Fritz

    You know Shakespeare may have gotten it just a little bit off. It’s not the lawyers that we should kill first. One more thing IF YOU’RE NOT OUTRAGED, YOU’RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!!!

    • Brian Hudson

      “It’s not the lawyers that we should kill first.” Seriously, Major Fritz? Don’t you have a security clearance to maintain? Your extremely online Liberal party activism, suggesting ‘we’ need to kill a group of people, brings into question many things. Just saying. You sound like a bully with bigoted negative views towards entire groups of people….

  • Bill Fritz

    Just one more thought. Although I’m a Vet and proud of it. I am and have been also a Hippie, War is never the best or even the right way to handle your problems. But when faced with a cowardly BULLY then the only thing to do is see to it that BULLY nor his friends are ever able to retaliate, PERIOD.EXCLAMATION POINT!!

    • Brian Hudson

      I wonder if the “Chief” of the Joint Chiefs of Staff knows of your strong political advocacy online presence? But, hey, since you’re a “Branch Chief” – then, well, I guess you’re in charge of the Pentagon, yes? From your myriad other online personalities (they’re quite easy to hunt down), you appear to be a bully in your own right – just so long as you get your way, no? From your various posts, you are an arrogant bully…watch yourself with such strong words as, “PERIOD.EXCLAMATION POINT!!” Major, watch yourself.

  • Marvin Gilbert

    The Cops who harass me all the time will tell you, that I’m Not Cop Worshiper. I’ve seen the video and it appears the cop saw a gun in the glove box and grabbed it and he kept telling the guy Don’t Fucking Move and the guy kept making false moves by Moving His Hands and Pushing The Door Open (???). Why did he push the cop back and step out the fucking car??? I DON’T KNOW, but in the FUCKED UP Drug War, if you are not a problem for the cops, then don’t be a fucking problem. The Drug War is doing enough damage to all of us. The cop kept telling the guy not to move and “I guess ” he intended to run because of the illegal gun. Bad, bad move!

    The cop was cool, just trying to warn them after they ran a dam stop sign. In fact, the other cop only came up after his partner alerted on the gun. Watch again. It didn’t start out as anything but a damn traffic stop.

    This DOES NOT JUSTIFY POLICE USE UNWARRANTED VIOLENCE AGAINST UNARMED AND NON-THREATENING CITIZENS. That’s when WE should be angry and on their asses, when they have been brainwashed into hating and willing to kill innocent people without thought, not when someone REFUSES TO LISTEN! Race does not appear to be an issue here, but maybe in your head and heart, things aren’t so good either.

  • David Dickerson

    Hey you guys! we are All, {well we should be) , t on the same team here. us, against the cops. there was no racism here. Just another murder. and why were the radios turned off twards the end?

  • David Dickerson

    At what point do we say and dictate to the state that we have had enough police beat down and thuggery, and demand change and reform?

  • David Pierce

    When you arm soldiers and charge them with protecting citizens, the citizens are overrun.

  • Ellie_Light

    100% chance the police will determine this was a justified murder. After all they are investigating themselves.

  • concerned citizen

    You are all missing the big picture. Its not black against white. Its us against them. Govmnt controlled media hype this shit up to stir up contentions amongst the people to distract from the REAL agenda they don’t want you to focus on. They have you all riled up about niggers and crackers, all the while they are taking your constitutional rights away one at a time. And YOU don’t even realize it because youre to fucking worried about this color or that color. Its called the kansas city shuffle. You look over here while they fuck you in the ass over there. And guess what people, they don’t give a fuck about what color your ASSHOLE is! Do you all know that the patriot act that has been inacted by our goverment allows them to lock you up if they deem you to be a threat to national security. Lock you up indefinitely with NO FORMAL CHARGES EVER BEINIG FILED, NO LAWYER, NO TRIAL, NO JUDGE, NOT EVEN A FUCKING PHONE CALL. All of wich are supossed to be YOUR rights as an American citizen under the constitution. Here’s another fun fact for you. All you people screaming about racist police, police brutality, all you guns rights activist, anyone speaking out against govmnt, state OR federal, are now being labled “domestic terrorists”. Guess what that makes you…….that’s right, a threat to national security. And because of that you can now be jailed in one of these nice little fema camps they have built all over the country. This shit that the media spews has two objectives. Keep you blinded to the real threat and to stirr up civil unrest. People are going to get violent in their protests which is going to bring marshall law which is going to allow them to take even more of your rights. When people FINALLY realize they no longer have any freedoms and start turning on the people who are really responsible for this mess (government) Then they will convientley be labled a domestic terrorist thereby a threat to national security. Then you will be sent to slaughter. Wake up people. Its not me against you. Its us against them.

  • AlkaliEarthMetal

    Police need to be disarmed, period. Make it mandatory for all citizens who qualify to own firearms and let us protect ourselves. Police kill more people than they save. The majority of police falsify evidence and ruin innocent lives. Make police carry only non-lethal weapons and then the real heroic people will become police officers. No more cowards with guns shooting to kill at the first sign of any danger. I smile every time I read about a dead cop because that means several civilians likely won’t be killed or framed.

  • Rodney king

    You people all miss the point, there seems to be a systemic problem in law enforcement. Where as cops fear for there safety, yet feel they must be obeyed. If they had proper training they would know to retreat. From a negative situation until it could be resolved, with positive results. In most of these shootings it all stems from police being unwilling to adapt to situations and resorting to violence. With out retraining them to understand that running a stop sign is not a murder able offense.even if your scared. This will not change. America is armed police are armed when it gets to the point where people fear for there lives every time they are pulled over bad things will happen. Only escalating the danger and violence on both sides.

  • Lex

    I refuse to watch an execution. I watched the Antonio Martin one and Tamir Rice and I can’t watch anymore :l I couldnt make it through the kelly thomas(?) one. :/ Im not going to do it. This is sad. I’m sure the police will bring up something from his past in order to justify his death but it’s whatever. :l

  • Chris Stevenson

    When the cops have guns pointed at you and tell you not to move, and you then get up and move toward said officer, that is a clear threat. The cops have no way of knowing if you are armed, only that you are not complying with a simple order to not move and that you are closing ground. Cops overstep their bounds all the time, but this is not the case here. The cop was just protecting himself from an unknown situation that was quickly escalating into a potentially life threatening encounter.

  • adam

    this is scary… how long are we going to let cops murder people? Makes me sick… and frankly, afraid for me and my daughter’s life.. that’s not the ways we are supposed to feel when we see or hear of cops.. We are supposed to feel safe and protected. *feeling bullied*

  • Roger Edwards

    am I the only one who notices they turn off their body microphones at the request of another officer. Seems shady as hell to me.

  • rat

    that man did not have to die. his arms were raised when the shooting began.. the cop also didn’t need to fire his weapon so many times… ..

    button-cams, america… the cops need them worn at all times. put some of these tax dollars to use for everyone…

  • MatthewSherrard

    What a shit ending? Who is writing this? “Do you think police should execute Americans for owning firearms…?” Pretty clearly no one reading is going to answer that with a yes. So why the fuck ask it? “Bad training”, “rushing to assumptions”, etc. might be the cause but “I want to execute a gun owner” was not going through their minds.

    We have a problem with law enforcement forgetting their duty is to serve the public not look out for themselves. Shit like THAT little quip don’t help convince people who are on the fence.

  • Mech Chik

    Bullcrap. First: Cops like citizens to have guns so they can defend their houses against burglary and assaults. It makes the cop’s job easier… the criminal is waiting on them when they arrive! Ha ha
    I lived in TX for a few years & that was the consensus there – also a lot less crime against citizens than where I live now where laws are stricter.
    Second: cops and ALL government employees are required to go thru training as a minimum: racial sensitivity, juvenile sensitivity, Americans with Disabilities Act training, and sexual harassment training. Even the smallest city governments are gettting these now.
    I am a skeptic with just about everything. I understand that cops at the end of the day, are people, and also citizens. They’d like to have a gun to defend their homes, too. They’re low paid and not the “elite” upperclass like everyone seems to paint them. (I never did understand that). Anywho, as a skeptic, I refuse to watch edited videos, so I like this one because it is from stop-to-finish. Great job, FilmingCops! After I watched the entire thing twice, I looked for several things: professionalism, initial reason for the stop, clear communication, knee-jerk reactions or lack thereof, police actions, passenger/driver/vehicle actions, & clear commands to the citizens in the car. Lets put this in perspective for a moment, strip the “cop” label & just go by the situation itself.
    1-Driver and passenger are stopped, one man approaches, greets them, says why he stopped them, then politely requests the driver’s license. (ok so far.)
    2-Second person approaches, first person shouts to see hands, clearly states there is a gun in the glove box, clearly states to keep hands in view, and the driver complies, but you cannot see the passenger’s hands. At one point you can see the passenger’s left hand but that is it. (you can see both driver’s hands from the clear back window).
    3-First person that approached begins shouting and using expletives (unprofessional but I’m not sure what language I would have used), he is also leaning against the door and you see the passenger moving against the door. It appears the man in the blue shirt is struggling to keep the passenger in the vehicle, while yelling at him to not move, not reach for *anything* and telling him the gravity of his situation (you’ll be dead, I’ll shoot, etc, etc).
    4-The blue shirted person pushes off the door, still yelling at the man, but he exits the vehicle, stepping quickly toward the blue shirted man, and ignoring all comments, curses, and commands.
    I would have to say after all this… I find no fault under law. Of course, the cursing and choice of words was unprofessional, but hardly law-breaking. The partner, however, needs some lessons in crossfire since he was in the way almost the entire time. It also appears he popped off a shot at the passenger as he stepped toward the man calling commands. This could have resulted in the driver being hit, his partner begin hit, etc, just overall a bad decision.
    **So what idiot tries to force their way out of a car, tries to reach for a gun, refuses to keep their hands in sight, and even takes steps aggressively toward a cop who has their gun drawn, yelling at them to stop? The driver is black, but was told to get on the ground, he complied, & he was unharmed. So we can’t say this was a racial event. We CAN say, holy crap that guy took all of that before he took any action against that passenger. I can’t say I would be as patient, but I’m not this guy & I usually have family with me I would worry about.

    Further, how in the world do you even justify the logic behind this: the so called “elite” employs a force to do their bidding (i.e. a take over/invasion), gives them power, but low pay & benefits. based on this, they are supposed to be happy little lap dogs. Since when has that ever happened with Americans?? Never. Oh, and to further this point, you want people who support your capitalism way of life, so that means they have to like it too… so how would they be “yes men” if they like capitalism but they are forced to live like socialists on set salaries (low ones), and government controlled benefits? Not even an idiot would be ok with jumping up and saying, “Heil!”

  • Buck Gilchrist

    I like how when the Seargent arrives on scene you can hear (@ 4:45) an offocer telling everyone to turn off audio recordings so they can discuss the cover-up.

  • Beverly Brown

    Too much covering up. I heard the cop saying turn the sound off. He didn’t even give the man a chance to say anything he just started shooting the man. If he feared for his life, he should be working elsewhere. I have a lot of respect for cops, but here lately it’s real questionable.

  • Jeff Ranger

    Clearly they over reacted. Cops have become cowardly these days. Then hide behind policies and legal protection when they screw up. Another lawsuit for sure.

  • Ned Sabater

    “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire. It is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” – George Washington ///// The police were put in place by the elites of every country in the world to control and subjugate the working class of all races. The U.S. is no exception. “Every generation needs a revolution.” – Thomas Jefferson ///// One is long overdue. Unfortunately, the American sheeple are not yet that hungry and fed up. Perhaps in the next generation. In the mean time, we’ll just have to suck it up. Darker days ahead for US indeed.

  • Scot Wells

    He fucked up when he tried to get out of the car after he was told not to move.

  • Butch Taylor

    This is proof that pet coon niggers are just as dangerous as K9’s and lunatic white robots in blue.

  • Troy Guffey

    First-degree murder. The cops SAID he was going to do it, he did.

  • Ran-rex

    the messages you’re trying to get through of the cops being bad would work better if your website weren’t so bias.

  • Staffan Näs

    The person owned a gun, he didn’t obey instructions when faced with two officers with drawn guns. Why did he try to get out of the vehicle when the officer clearerly said “no you are not” several times and “don’t move”? Stupid. I understand police shootings are sometimes very unjustified, but this is not one of those cases. The person pushed his way out of his vehicle against police orders.

  • Anthony Jahnig

    did you hear them say turn their recorders off!?!?!? Everybody should be off if they’re gonna discuss what really happened!!!!

  • Werewolf

    Cops are worthless fuckign cunts.

  • J Peters

    It’s impossible to say what the officer who shot him saw, but dude was clearly not following his instructions not to move so the fact he was exhibiting some degree of resistance is kinda implied… Too bad dude didn’t have a body cam ALL cops should be required to have them in this day and age.

  • Daniel W. McCullar

    This is what happens when cowards, mentally unstable or just plain stupid people are given lawful authority to use state sanctioned force against the masses! They should both be tried federally for “Deprivation of Rights While Under Color of Law” and face the death penalty. It is time we start holding officers to the highest of standards, extensive and rigorous training and standards!

  • The cop was right

    The cop was in the right. He told the guy not to move, the guy said he was getting out, the cop told him no, he did anyway approaching with speed towards the cop, he had it coming.

  • mike

    Clearly all those cops especially the shooter on the right side of the car are paranoid and delusional. Shooter should be in prison. No excuses for breaking the law. Murder is murder. White cop on left side with both suspects hands in clear view should have been yelling cease fire.

  • William Henry

    The whole purpose of police “investigations” is to find legal loophole’s to claim the officers acted legally. When they can’t find enough loophole’s, they go for the usual excuses that the officer was in fear for his/her life, that they felt someone was reaching, that their commands, no matter how poorly worded, were somehow not followed. Having your hands up, on video, means nothing to prosecutors. Their job is to make certain no cop goes to prison for any reason whatsoever. And the investigations always take a year or more so the coverage in the media has had time to die down. That’s why you often hear things like, “This incident took place in 2014..” leaving you wondering why it takes four years to prosecute a cop, but only an afternoon for citizens. They try to throw the case, knowing if they lose it won’t be appealed, so the cop can get off. It only makes it slightly harder for the prosecutor, when the cop is caught on video, to throw the case. Which is why the government is always allowed to say that the video alone doesn’t capture everything, even when it captures everything. And a compliant media will always remind you that cops are dedicated, selfless heroes, while any person killed by them will be portrayed as negatively as possible including mentioning any and all previous run-ins with the law to push guilt onto the victim and away from the cops… to create doubt.