“I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry!” – Police Leave Autistic Boy Bloodied After Gruesome Beating



A local media outlet believes the citizens of Kodiak, Alaska deserve to know more about a police encounter, which left an autistic man bloodied and bruised.

The authorities are determined not to reveal the details and have even denied a Freedom of Information Act request, seeking the release of public documents relating to the incident.

So the Kodiak Public Broadcasting Corporation has decided to file a lawsuit against the city.

The matter relates to an unfortunate incident that took place two months ago.
Nick Pletnikoff has lived on Steller Avenue most of his life.

On September 16, at about 5 PM that night, the severely autistic man walked down the street to check his mailbox, something that he does as part of his routine – it is one of the very few chores that he can manage unsupervised.

Around the same time police were responding to a 911 request.

The caller had stated someone was attempting to pinch an item from a car parked along Steller Avenue.

At some point, three cops spotted Pletnikoff.

Moments later his mother, Judy, found the 28-year-old lying on the ground surrounded by policemen.

No one knows what happened between the cops and Pletnikoff.

All that we can go by is what the officers told Judy.

Her disabled child lay in handcuffs, bleeding and bruised in front of her as the men in uniform pepper sprayed him at point blank.

Judy pleaded to know what her son’s offence was, she had to request at least four times before one of the officers told her that he had refused to answer their questions. It was as though she could not believe her ears.

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  • Rex

    “… before one of the officers told her that he had refused to answer their questions.”

    So, basically, they were torturing him for information.

  • Kim Serrahn

    And I’m suppose to be afraid of Syrian refugees???????????

    • Pierre Montsion

      Thank you Kim for that comment.
      Did you know in the USA, you have 9 times better chance of being killed by police than a terrorist.
      And who’s statistic is that…why its your very own State Department.
      Your government from A to Z is a fraud. The world is slowly waking up to see that, as well as the American citizenry. thank God

      • Joe_Buddha

        And, that terrorist is far more likely to be a white Christian male than a jihadi.

      • Richard Stewart

        America citizens waking up to it….No Pierre…around 1/3 of the nation is dimwits…

  • CLO


  • Rusty Shakelford

    Let us use Police Logic….Hey cops, if you have nothing to hide, why won’t you release the information? Because you are sanitizing the documents so you can lie, and cover for your gestapo agent? Maybe?

  • grim3per

    cops say they acted professionally……what does that say about their profession?