Leaked Video Shows Cops Executing Innocent Man

The officers then appear to continue suffocating Aguilar and ensuring that he would bleed to death to “finish the job.”

This may have been done to be certain Aguilar would not be alive to testify against them.

The cops then put in their reports that Aguilar “shot them.”

They apparently had no idea that they were being filmed the whole time.

This video shows what actually happened.

We must warn you, what you are about to see is a human being actually being executed. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Watch the video below:

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Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse. The aim isn’t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets.

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  • Hans Gunn

    Okay, I’ll play the other side. I don’t care why they stopped him. No “planted” gun. He totally resisted. But Damn! The Police don’t look very competent. There’s two people on his back and they can’t control him. You shoot him for that? Can’t wait to see what the lawyers make out of this.

    • Robby Richards

      He was going to be executed, he was terrified of course he resisted. I never thought cops planted guns on people. Seeing this only adds to my paranoia and distrust of police. I just hope I never have an escalated altercation with a police officer. There is no way I could comply and not resist after all the abuse I’ve seen. My heart aches for our crumbling society.

      • arthurdtaylors

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      • danjuangarza

        Some police carry a “throwdown.” Some police refer to it as a “ham sandwich.” Yes, America. Police will plants guns and or drugs on you to pad their arrest resume.

    • jackpiner


    • Helena ツ

      Like I just said – and yeah, maybe I’m playing the devils advocate – but where is the BLOOD? Where is the splatter? How on earth can this man, after being shot multiple times at close range, be able to continue to TALK? No screaming. No crying. No…. reaction? I seriously call bull****!

      • Scott Pilgrim

        Are you retarded?

        • Helena ツ

          I could pose the same question to you. Police are issued 9mm hand guns. These are known as man killers. When shot at close range, the exit wounds are very large. Where is the blood? All three and the car should be covered. And no reaction from the individual(s) filming.

          • Chris Rickard

            Blood doesn’t splatter in the way that hollywood shows you.

          • Padge Vounder

            You’ve been watching too many movies Helena. go over to Bestgore and watch some videos of people being shot. It doesn’t work like you think it does

          • Kano Libral

            Are you a bloodthirsty idiot?

          • Capitol Growers

            I think he is right…you may be retarted. Go see someone about that. The guy is DEAD. His family is without him. His baby girl will never come home and rpoudly show ger dad what she drew in school. I dont even know this guy and I have tears in my eys just yping this. YOU are the problem. This sint some intelectual debate. THIS IS A aperson. A person with family and ALL of them are effected forever. I AM effected forever by this!

          • Helena ツ

            Ha! I’m retarded!!! Take a look in the mirror. You preach humanity. You preach understanding. You preach and preach and preach… but then at the first chance you have – attack someones intelligence and character. And it’s “affected” not “effected” / perhaps run a grammar check before hitting “send” when attacking someones intelligence. Just sayin’

          • Capitol Growers

            Lol…couldnt comment on any of the substance in my reply tho could ya? 😉

          • Christopher Coulter

            no the police bullet are hollow point they explode on entering the body they do not exit the body that is done to stop the chance of a bullet going through and hitting an innocent person

      • Deidre Bland

        So, why is he dead? Let’s not forget the prankster cop who was also shot

    • You zi 9mm

      Frauds like a white fkkk nigger terrorist stalking me for depopulation and pinky polio losers can pathetically play pvssy virgins prehospital!!!

      • Zed Clampet

        You should probably seek a brain transplant.

    • Deidre Bland

      That’s not why he shot him. If so, why did he shoot himself then lie?

  • wiley789

    Seems simple to me, there should be a residue test done on the victims hands, see if he has any gunshot residue. if he has not, then he didnt fire a weapon, so the cops go to jail for murder

    • Mark

      The f^ggott cops should be publicly executed!

      • Capitol Growers

        We need humanity my friend. I understand how you feel but will that help? Is it what you want that cops family seeing for the rest of their life on the internet? Ones humanity should stand regardless of ones opposition and their actions. Its love not hate we need. Its understanding and thought not revenge that we need. Dont get me wrong…I understand. But otherwise where does it end?

  • Gawain

    Police Terrorism.

    • jackpiner


      • rubyrcunningam

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    • Padge Vounder

      police are worse than terrorists

      • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

        Police (white fkkk pig nigger babies) are the terrorists!!!

    • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

      White fkkk pig njgger baby and toilet slave monkey terrorism!!!

  • Alicia Byington

    These cops just killed this man on the spot like wtf I hope and pray they get everything coming to them. Weak ass mofos

  • Helena ツ

    Maybe I’m blind… but I definitely don’t see the blood multiple bullet wounds would cause… A little bit of blood on the cops hands; but if this kid was just shot four (or was it five?) times… there would be splatter and he wouldn’t be talking. I’m calling bull****

    • Cheers

      Maybe – but the cop was most likely wearing a vest so there wouldn’t be any blood from him. From the victim, who knows however it has been reported elsewhere the story is legit: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/king-cops-killed-noel-aguilar-face-murder-charge-article-1.2474083

    • Cliff

      If you watched the video, you can see a red blood stain just above the officer’s belt where he was shot and red blood stain around the upper left back of the guy on the ground. The most likely shot him in the lung and with the other officer on top of him like that, he eventually choked to death on his own blood that was filling up his lungs.

    • Chris Rickard

      Again, blood doesn’t splatter in the way that hollywood shows you.

      • YomammaaBigHo

        Hey…I found you here….and I’m spreading the word to those who might not be CB trolls.
        Cop Block blocked me because i kept throwing flags at all THEIR agitator trolls. Must have pissed them off.
        Tried changing my name a little, but STILL blocked at CB.
        If you’re not one of CB Trolls and administrators yourself……BEWARE.
        CB fills it’s posting section with pro-cop instigating Trolls, and then BLOCKS you if you get pissed of enough to flags the shit out of their trolls……..causing them to have to siphon through all thoe flagged posts.
        Spread the word…..that site is NOT what it appears. It is run by either cops or trolls….or both.

  • ML

    Get your facts straight people and quite believing everything that is posted online or some clip from a cell phone. http://www.desertsun.com/story/news/crime_courts/2015/09/30/coachella-hit-and-run-noel-aguilar/73080892/

    • Cheers

      ML, I agree – its always worth double checking the validity of a story but in this case maybe you should heed your own advice. Maybe by looking a little closer at the names you might notice something.

      • Capitol Growers

        Exactly. And who CARES what this guy did or what his history is. He was still contained and THEN shot in the back.

    • KC

      Yes. Noah vs Noel. Noel is from Long Beach. Noah,who is NOT dead, is from Coachella.

  • Marc Jones

    Watching this Disgusts me, That in America, The so called land of the free and the home of the brave that this can continue to go on… Police officers seem to be allowed to Murder the very citizens they have taken an oath to protect and serve…. When is the ordinary person going to fight back and start shooting back at these MURDERING police… and eye for and eye.. ! Dont stand for it, Protect yourselves and fight back.. Shoot back ! …… My thoughts after watching these videos and theres a lot of them, Are that there arnt any good Police in the USA anymore… They ‘Hide’ behind a Badge, Thats supported by a corrupt regime that allows police to MURDER citizens in broad daylight while being watched… Doesnt this say that ‘ No matter what they do there untouchable ‘ … America, The land of the Persecuted and the home of the MURDERING police officer !….. I’m just glad i dont live in a Police state such as the USA !

    • Louis Stephen Carrozzi

      We do shoot back. Two cops were shot dead in their car in New York. A guy shot up a police station in Pheonix. 4 officers were shot dead in a coffee shop in my home state of Washington. The USA is the new Nazi Germany, but unlike that country which gave up all it’s guns, we just set a record for buying the most guns on a black Friday. You want to know why were aren’t in a full blown revolt? Because all of us are trying to steer our country back in the right direction. We haven’t given up yet. Not yet!

  • danceathon

    what happened with this case

  • Mark Choi

    As bad as the behaviour in this video is, the, to be frank, IDIOTIC claim by the author that “the MEDIA IS TRYING TO HIDE IT!” is beyond asinine, it’s counterproductive, and feeds into moronic conspiracy theories that cheapen the message the author is trying to convey, to the point that it greatly detracts from the message itself.

    This is not a debatable point. A simple Google search will provide anyone with link after link to this story by the media, both mainstream and otherwise.
    Filming cops needs to check their pretensions at the door.

  • yolanda

    These bastards are killing people and getting away with it. I’m in tears right now I can’t believe what I just watched!!!! Fuckin animals!!!!!! Then they call the citizens animals and thugs when they are the thugs.

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  • Geof Kirby

    Shouldn’t these simians be returned to hospital to complete their frontal lobotomies before being sent back to the zoo.

  • Zed Clampet

    The article gets the facts wrong, but the cops should still face charges. Nevertheless, a better attempt at fact checking would be nice. The victim actually got off his bike and ran from the police and was, in fact, carrying a gun. Even the victim’s family agrees with this.

    • Capitol Growers

      Stilll…he was contained and THEN shot. The rest doesnt matter to me becasue at the point of containment its a new story imho.

  • Why is the video so over edited. Is the beginning missing?

  • Capitol Growers

    Cops have a tough job and videos can be makde to seema certain way. So its important that we get rid of the bad and keep the good. They arent ALL bad. But THIS IS UNCONSCIONABLE! I dont care about ANY of this cideo EXCEPT the fact that in the end this man was contained and THEN they shot him…in the back! Doesnt matter if he had an uzi in his belt he was contained and this is agravated, intentional, revenge, murder by two police officers. Notice they had NO concern for his health after they shot him! MOST GOOD cops if they have to use potentially deadly force would of course do so when absolutly necessary but then IMMEDIATLY show concern for the life that may be passing. Becasue its done in defense or civil defense not anger. THIS is clearly just a pissed off hurt cop taking it out on the guy! THIS IS THE JOB you signed up for. If you dont like it then do something else. Your job is to PROTECT AND SERVE not take revenge, push your own moral agenda, and kill INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY people of this country!

  • T. Kelly

    These Killer White Cops need to be ‘Put To Death’ for MURDER!

  • Irfan Khan

    These cops were there to kill him. That was their only objective.

  • Sarah

    Wow the cop pulls a pick out and keeps stabbing him let me know where in any hand book they teach you to stab and shoot. Clearly you need a rehaul of your team.

  • Eric Brown

    Not to worry im sure both officer where put on payed leave. The police investigated themselves and found both officer followed guidelines and where put back on the street to protect and serve the hell out of their community

  • Christopher Coulter

    At the very least there should be charges laid on all those cops that failed to revive the victim where was the ambulance service ?

  • Ingrid Salazar

    I surely Hope that Victoria Restrepo who facilitated this on Facebook forwarded to the police….Nobody should be treated this way…

  • kealii8

    Cop shot his partner then the partner shot the suspect three times in the back while on the ground then the cop smothers the suspect until he dies. Pretty dam convenient don’t you think

  • Marquiz C Parker

    i hate gang members, they aint never got shit to do but fuck with you

  • Dik Hedlund

    FUCK THE POLICE! Brain-dead, lying, murdering police with weapons — their day will come!

  • Godspell

    Police are a gang of criminals , just look up the definition of gang. Just think if nobody filmed this , that poor man would be thought of as a criminal to his whole family and friends . Cops don’t prevent crime , they create it.