[VIDEO] Louisiana Cop Threatens To Fight Teenage Suspect! “Want Me To Take These Handcuffs Off And See What You Really About?”


A Louisiana cop has been caught on tape threatening to fight a teenage suspect. The police officer is heard telling the suspect “Want Me To Take These Handcuffs Off And See What You Really About?” while the other offices at the scene intimidate the person taping the incident.

Thanks to World Star Hiphop for the video

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  • captainsgirl

    I would hold my head in shame, if those were my sons, husbands or grandsons. They are bullies and they should never be policemen. If I was their boss they’d be fired, as soon as I saw this tape.

  • badman400

    So no one thinks the loud mouth, foul mouth punk making threats needs a big ole ass whoopin? He didn’t want to do anything when the cop took the cuffs off though did he? He was all filthy, disgusting mouth, no action. I almost wish he would have taken a swing so the cop could have given him what his parents obviously never did! It might’ve saved his worthless hide someday in his short future.

    • Marty

      You should just go let a police officer dunk his DICK in your ass you copscker.

  • Tracey Williams

    they let lil dude rile them up like that….. lmao, what a pc of pussys….these subhumans are not fit to be wearing guns…..