Man Arrested and Sentenced to 6 Months in Jail for Having Windmill on His Property


Orono, MN – For more than a year, we have been following the story of a Minnesota man, Jay Nygard, who is routinely risking jail time because he refuses to remove a wind turbine from his property.


This is all that remains of his property. Image via The Free Thought Project

Nygard has been in and out of court over the years, and despite a short-lived victory in October, he was recently back in front of a judge facing a contempt of court charge for refusing a court order to remove the turbines from his property.

He did eventually remove the turbines, leaving only the cement bases because removing them would cause structural damage to their house.

This was not good enough for the local government, who ignored the advice of three different engineers and demanded that they remove the bases, despite the risk of damaging the home.

This is all that remains of the windmill on Nygard’s property, a concrete footing, in the ground.

On Friday, Nygard was arrested and, according to his son, has been given six months in prison for refusing to remove the base.

According to Kahler Nygard, Jay’s son, his father even attempted to make peace with the county and compromise on a number of different issues, but they ignored his appeals.

“The choices for my dad were to potentially destroy our foundation in the house or go to jail, he even offered an olive branch saying he would add an easement to the deed saying when the house is demolished the pad must be removed, but that was ignored also,” Kahler said in an exclusive interview with The Free Thought Project.

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  • Chuck Schwinger

    His troubles started when he failed to pull construction permits… have to remember , this was a zoned residential community….It’s not like it was on a farm or ranch….the neighbors were kinda ok with it until he got it up and running and they realized how loud it actually was….

    • lodi45

      Do you know the neighbors personally have you seen the turbine? Or are you talking out of your ass about the noise. Because I have seen and heard them on windy days and they emit no sound, the old models that look like them do, but they have been around for along time and don’t produce as much energy as these new ones.

      • Chuck Schwinger

        I read other accounts of this same story…..there were noise complaints…..I rarely rely on one single account of a story….3, 4 , 5 sources allows me to sift thru bias….

  • I have the same problem, 23 years ago I witnessed a state cop’s kid make a dope deal and the punk followed me home to “kick my ass”. This punk immediately found out that I had a permit to carry. The cops tried to arrest me but knew this would go no where as you just don’t follow someone to their house, and cry because you can’t inflict damage to the person. Ever since this, the state cops have been on my ass like flies on shit. And 4 years ago, a dirty cop decided he was going to keep arresting me and fabricate evidence for every one. But because I lost my battle with the corrupt county, Ive created a web site to expose how this corruption works.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      that is a common story. I know of at least one cop in my town, his relatives are KNOWN DEALERS AND GANG BANGERS! he’s been a cop for more then 20 years. also, there used to be a restaurant that I drank coffee at. there was a table in the back room, that was reserved permanently. no one was allowed to sit there, or anywhere near it. every morning prosecuting attorneys, so called “defense attorneys”, sometimes cop royalty (Capt.) would gather there. they were deciding the fate of people ILLEGALLY. I’ve heard on several occasions, where the d.a. would say, ” I’ll give him 2 years”. then the rat bastard “defense” would say, “well I think he should do more time then that. how about 5 years?” it does not matter what state, or town you go to. if there’s a population of more then a few thousand, IT IS CORRUPT

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