Man Speeds to Hospital for Asthma Attack, Police Stop Him and Won’t Let Him Go — He Dies

Casey leaves behind his wife and children.

Casey leaves behind his wife and children.

CHIPPEWA FALLS — A disturbing raw video has surfaced online showing police pull over a desperate man in need of medical assistance and causing his death over a “traffic violation.”

The footage comes from a police dashcam video. On November 30, Casey Kressin was pulled over for “speeding” and “failing to stop” at a traffic light.

It turns out that Casey was having an asthma attack and was rushing to a nearby hospital.

“He’s having an asthma attack! He’s going to die if we don’t get him to the hospital!” said the driver, Leah Hryniewicki.

Instead of escorting him to the hospital so that his life could be saved, police detained him for nearly 10 minutes.

Casey can be seen kneeling on the pavement.

“Help please,” Casey said, pleading for his life.

“Can’t we just go? I would have made it there by now!” the driver said to the officer.

But the officer, being a typical low-IQ authoritarian statist, would still not let them go. Even though the hospital was just two miles away.

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The officer called for an ambulance, which took nearly 6 minutes to arrive.

The officer himself then refused to administer medical aid as Casey laid dying on the ground, stating that he would have to wait for the ambulance, which would have “oxygen” for him.

Had it not been for the cop, they would have been at the hospital already.

The cop continued detaining them by force, as Casey’s life was slipping through the cracks.

The ambulance finally arrived, and another 2 and 1/2 minutes passed for medical personnel to strap Casey in the ambulance. The cop finally allowed them to leave.

Unfortunately, it was too late. Casey was pronounced dead at the hospital, thanks to the callous and mindless actions of police.

Watch video below – Warning: Viewer Discretion Advised

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  • Derek Williams

    I guess it was more important to this police officer to maintain control rather than save this man’s life. No empathy whatsoever. None.

    • Tambra Galid

      The SCOTUS has ruled that the cops have only one duty and that is to enforce law. They don’t have to care about the lives of people they take through acts of omission or commission.

      • Alexandros Agelastos

        Just so you know, Scotus (σκότος) in Greek means DARKNESS. I know it’s the supreme court in short but still… Bull’s eye.

        • Leslie

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        • Tambra Galid

          No, I didn’t know that was the Greek word for darkness. It’s fitting though and you made me laugh.

        • ScottLayne

          Incorrect. scotos means darkness. What difference does a vowel make? hat hit hot hut.

      • sherio

        If it causes someone’s death its a crime.

        • LyndaSPlasencia

          <-I'm making

          This ­­­is what I do->,,


        • LawMom3

          There is absolutely no way to say whether this contributed to the guy’s death or not. It’s very unfortunate, but people with severe asthma do die sometimes even when they are brought to the hospital in a hurry.

      • XD-2050

        1. What happened to “to serve and protect”? How did they serve and protect this citizen?
        2. As Sherio pointed out, they could’ve done something to save this man life and they didn’t. That’s like watching a child fall into the pool and deciding not to jump in, saying something like: “Well, his parents should watch him, where are his parents, it is not up to me to safeguard somebody else’s child.” Failing to preserve life when possible is a crime.

        • JamieHaman

          We have a lot of that second one going on here in the States, over the homeless, the poor, food stamps, pregnant women, the lack of education, well, that list goes on.
          It’s been way less productive, but apparently more “controversial” to blame victims, and none of it leads to real or practical solutions.

        • iquanyin

          that’s just the LAPD motto.

        • Richard_Pietrasz

          You just forgot the next two words: “fellow cops”.

      • Guest

        They could’ve simply put him in the police cruiser and driven him to the hospital themselves. How difficult was that?

        • RioSam

          Because if he died in their custody, the officers would have been held responsible…… This wasn’t liken to an episode of “Blue Bloods” it’s more like the way things are for real….not make believe..

          • Kevin F. Casey

            As he was being “detained” he WAS IN THEIR CUSTODY.

        • James L walker

          Wrong. They would be responsible if anything would have happened to him and the city would have been sued for millions. Come on, get educated to some degree before you post B.S.

      • simhedges

        Isn’t there a law against manslaughter?

        • waxx

          Laws generally don’t apply to police, as you may have seen in various cases in the past few years.

      • templepearson

        More specifically, the SCOTUS ruled that police have no duty to protect private individuals.

        • secret societies

          well then they need to be removed and replaced by those who are bound to the safety of the american people plain and simple.

        • Kevin F. Casey

          Once court may say one thing Another Court can say another. There have been multiple times a later SCOTUS has reversed a prior SCOTUS’s Ruling. Dread Scott IIRC is one such reversal.

      • Tom Lowe

        The cop is guilty of negligent homicide, period.

        • donsammons

          BLACK HEART MURDER .. The result was completely foreseeable and his actions were bent on accepting the result regardless. He was DIRECTLY responsible for killing that young man, and had a depraved indifference as to whether or not the man died. THAT IS MURDER. … UNFORTUNATELY COPS ARE ALMOST NEVER HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR INTENTIONAL BAD ACTS NO MATTER HOW HEINOUS — THERE IS ALWAYS A LAZY PROSECUTOR AND JUDGE TO RUN INTERFERENCE FOR THEM. AND LIKE CONGRESS, THERE ISN’T A DAMNED THING WE CAN DO ABOUT IT — AND THEY KNOW WE CAN’T.

      • Tony Velez

        yes, shows the SCOTUS scum mentality to rule a life is not important to save during a legal situation, SCOTUS are NOT for the people, they work for the evil elite bankers

      • StreetJustice

        Citation needed Supreme Court has never ruled that law enforcement was above the law or that saving someone’s life was it more important than a traffic ticket you’re going to need to provide Citation for that claim buddy

        • RioSam

          He’s right. It was in 2005. It doesn’t have to do with a traffic ticket or “whatever’ … they are not obligated to keep a person from dying..

    • Clayborn lewis

      That’s exactly what it is a control issue they could have followed that man to the hospital and saved his life but most cops if they have an IQ over 75 they can’t be police officers there are a bunch of dumb fucks

      • Clayborn lewis

        I called nine-one-one because I was having a heart attack cops got here to my house first the cop decided to search my house when he saw my motorcycle patch hanging on the back of a chair while I was laying there having a heart attack he says you need to come down mr. Lewis you’re not having a heart attack if you were you wouldn’t be able to talk I don’t know where he got his medical degree from but two seconds after he said that the ambulance driver hit me with the paddles 3 times to save my freaking life because my heart stopped Dum Dum suckers think they know everything I heard him telling that guy on the side of the road it’s going to be okay you’re going to be all right where did he get his medical degree the guy died before he got the hospital stupid fuckers

  • John

    This is a story I can actually relate to…I have asthma and to watch this video and see how the officer handled it I am honestly worried that something like this might happen to me one day

    • dean poston

      It’s not a officer it’s a maggot

      • NotTalkingOutOfMyAss

        It’s important to not dehumanize people whose actions are inhumane. He is not what his job title is. He is not an officer. He is a person who is employed as a police officer. This person made a conscious decision to use the threat of deadly force to watch a man suffocate to death. He needs to be held accountable.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      sooner or later it probably will. these criminals are out of control

    • theladymagic

      As an asthmatic myself, I have the same fear.

    • Ryan

      Just keep driving on my man. Just keep driving.

    • Robert Timsah

      Whatever you do, don’t stop for cops. Let them follow you to the E.R. Make them shoot you going into the E.R.

      • iquanyin

        no. they might shoot you. you have to use instinct to survive. not formulas.

  • Concerned Citizen

    He just didnt care. WTF was that about. How can you keep saying someone who is having an asthma attack to “chilax”. DOES HE NOT FUCKING KNOW WHAT ASTHMA IS?

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      they don’t care. cops are just another gang of criminals….period

      • AshenTech

        naa man, i have known criminals, and outside the wealthy ones, they all have more heart and compassion then cops on average do….

  • MizK

    I must have watched a different video – while I am saddened that there was loss of life in this instance, the officers spoke gently and calmly to the man and his wife/girlfriend. It aspirated they were trying to help. The EMS for there relatively quickly and got right on it, and when the man stopped breathing they quickly shut the doors and focused on trying to save him. Perhaps they need to require medical training for our police now? That would be the only way they could have possibly known that asthma can be a life threatening condition. May the family have peace and the officers involved get an education and a heart.

    • Kim Bak

      how freaking low is your IQ? common knowledge of what asthma is would be enough to understand that the guy needed medical attention. If a cop doesn’t know that asthma is a breathing condition then he is not smart enough to be a cop.

      • matt

        I have asthma, and I am not sure that I would have done things differently. If they asked for help I would have called the Ambulance. In this case there are a lot of details missing is this video, I am curious how far they were from the Hospital if I were 20 minutes away, I would have opted for the EMT, cause I wouldn’t have made it.

        • Bendy Bentley

          2 miles from hospital.

        • Faithkills

          If you would have watched a man dying due to your actions, then you are the perfect low IQ sociopath that cops are recruiting these days.

          Now there’s a lot of competition for the only job that lets you assault and murder innocent people with impunity, so the pay isn’t going to be that high, but you can always extort payment from productive members of society to compensate.

      • RioSam

        But don’t you wonder why the people didn’t call the ambulance when the attack first started as opposed to getting in a car and attempting to drive fast to a hospital. I just don’t understand why they handled it the way they did..

    • dean poston


      • woah now! assholes serve a very important function and this Criminal On Patrol is just junk food excrement

    • pjones2293

      Boy stupid people are all around us. If a man can’t breath who gives a damn if he’s being spoken to gently and calmly….what the hell does that have to do with getting much needed medical assistance especially if the hospital was less than 2 miles away. smh

      • AshenTech

        have money had he had the money to call an ambulance and not endup in debt for a decade….or appeared to be anything but a poor sod, they wouldnt have dont this for fear of his lawyers..

        really, im learning more and more that if you have ANY medical condition that could cause you problems in public, your probably better off avoiding pubic because, cops dont care, they just want to beat hell out of/abuse the public and get paid for it..after all their job is to generate revenue by enforcing the laws, not to protect and serve as so many foods believe

    • wildman

      I’m guessing with your apparently low IQ and 2nd grade intelligence level that your wife is a cop and leads you thru every step of your daily life

    • RandyBoBandy

      That’s a bit of a catch 22.. you suggest that maybe cops should have medical training in order to know that not being able to breathe can cause death. The field of medicine is a noble profession requiring intelligence. That trait alone immediately disqualifies anyone from the parasitic profession of law enforcement. Besides, anyone with medical training could certainly find a job that pays better and actually benefits society.

    • intheknow

      I agree, the people should of called an ambulance instead of trying to drive to the hospital themselves in a life threatening emergency.

      • Cyber_Donkey

        They were 2 miles away from the hospital when they called the ambulance, and it still took 6 minutes to get there, and they still dragged their feet for 2 more minutes getting him into the ambulance until he actually STOPPED BREATHING. What good would it have done?

    • galaxyeater

      you can clearly hear it in the officer’s tone he didn’t give a rats ass about the dying man

  • RandyBoBandy

    Someone who lives in the area should post the officer’s name, address and every personal detail available. He conciously took an innocent man’s life. He should be charged with manslaughter at the very least. He won’t be, so let him live in fear for the rest of his life knowing there are millions of people out there who know his crime and where he lives.

    • wildman

      great comment


      No sir. He should be charged with MURDER. He knowingly kept a CHILD from medical care which was necessary for him to live. Its not even against the law to break the speed limit (within reason) if it is an emergency and you are driving someone to the hospital. The father should not even have stopped, he should have just kept driving until he got to the hospital and dealt with it then. I would say to put this cop to death in the most horrible, drawn out and painful method possible (just like the one he inflicted on this child), but death would be too good for him. Id rather see him live his entire life being used as a cum dumpster for the nastiest criminals we have. There are no words that could possibly describe the disgustingly indifference to life shown by this person who is supposed to be “protecting and serving.” Someone with nothing to lose needs to end this guy.

      • mary

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        • guest

          Are you kidding. Someone died due to the police and here you are advertising. Do you not have any morals!!

          • Robobob

            You’re “talking” to a computer algorithm.

        • Bib76

          Sod off!

      • guest


      • Michelle Facchini

        Agreed. Suffocating from an asthma attack is terrifying. He should be charged with murder. Or a rope around his neck so tight that he can still breathe but barely.

  • Carsell Dotson

    This prick says just take deep breaths….during an asthma attack your tax dollars at work folks

  • The Truth

    I would of NEVER STOPPED..When will ppl realize u can’t trust these ego gassed power hungry scumbags… He just cost a man his life..Burn his fucking house to the ground

    • RandyBoBandy

      The little pigs will literally chase you into the emergency room just to arrest you, all while being sure to disrupt medical attention. It’s happened before.

      • Thomas Alan

        Not only that but the Police will fight with ambulance personnel, if the personnel are told what to do by an officer and they don’t comply.

        • Gary Williams Jr.

          and firemen too, or old guys feeding the homeless. or killing a homeless guy for camping in the kings forrest

          • Guest

            Yes, I wish I could take part in some of the demonstrations i.e. die ins they are having now but having no car, not possible.

      • Gary Williams Jr.

        yup, there was a woman in labor, and the pigs tackled her, hit her, then arrested her! things have gotten so bad that cops simply can NOT be trusted!!

    • Leo Bekker

      HAVE never stopped, NOT ‘of’

      • Redwan

        piss off pedantic twat

    • iquanyin

      but he could be shot

  • Kita Boo

    This is so f’d up on every level!

  • David L Grabill

    the cop should be charged with deliberate manslaughter for failing to provide medical asistance

    • _byron_

      “Deliberate manslaughter” is called murder. But yes, murder fits.

  • Regina Sellers


  • fr0wn town

    #anonymous Dox this cop

  • Niki King

    I live in the area and tho I don’t know the people involved personally, I do know that they were within a couple miles to the hospital. He could have escorted them to the hospital or given them a ride in less time that it took to wait for an ambulance. Also note that it’s winter, I don’t have asthma but breathing can be challenging enough in very cold weather (which if memory serves me correctly, it was quite cold that night) without adding an asthma attack to it, the very cold snowy ground he was sitting on and the stress of the police being there. Here is the local story:

  • BubbaAnne

    do a civil wrongful death lawsuit on the officer

  • Mark Schmidt

    I saw a part of this clip earlier today. That cop should be in prison right now. There is NO WAY IN HELL he should have any authority or access to weapons. Murderer.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      or access to FREEDOM!

  • Medic

    I used to be an EMT. Seems EMS is moving slow here. Take him in FAST. At least put O2 on him. ABC’s Airway Bleeding Circulation. AIRWAY IS FIRST

  • Unbelievable the people on here making excuses for the cops actions. He was two minutes away when pulled over. The cop could have put him in the cruiser and taken him himself but the bottom line is he didnt want to be bothered. If he calls the ambulance he doesn’t have to do any paperwork.

  • Alan Williams

    This cop was criminally negligent with his duties. He could have taken both individuals directly to the hospital in his squad car. I think he should be charged with criminal negligence….but at a very minimum….wrongful death.

  • mimi

    I would have kept going! Prayers to the family. Charge the cop with manslaughter!

  • John Oliver

    Tickets = revenue, which was probably the only thing on that idiot’s mind.

    • Heartbroken in USA

      They DO have a quota!

  • Bendy Bentley

    Heartless and/or stupid pig caused this. I hope it haunts him, but I guess it wont.

  • Semper Gumby

    So many stupid people writing comments. The cop didn’t intentionally take this man’s life. The female driver shouldn’t of stopped, but she did. Then she didn’t communicate very well, she screeched in a high pitch, irritating voice that came across as intelligent and emotional. I wouldn’t of given her much credit either. I definitely wouldn’t listen to or follow her judgement. If you truly believe that this cop is evil and intentionally took this man’s life, you are an idiot with an agenda.

  • Renee Bennett

    Looks like i watched a different clip as well, Call me an ass hole all you want but clearly it is winter, they blew through some lights and stop signs and were speeding. now on any other given day that would be the first thing that said oooh i need to pull these people and find out what is going on, for all the officer knew it was nutty people doing bad shit. now on a second look, seems to me he did exactly the right thing in asking for an ambo, he spoke calmly to the family because becoming more upset will make the symptoms worse. safety first folks, allowing these people to continue speeding down what looks like icy roads sounds like a stupid idea to me whether in a cop car or a regular car. get them in the ambo that has lights, sirens, can go a wee bit faster and also has oxygen and meds on board.. sure they were a little slow getting him into it but i dont see a few seconds being the determining factor. the family should have called the ambo from the get go and had this handled instead of potentially claiming lives on the roads them selves. sorry for their loss, but i think the officer did right in the circumstances and i back him up. this coming from a person who’s own father was in law enforcement for decades.

    • VittokoX

      Are you an Idiot or something?

      • The Stig

        Please use critical criticism to defend your point, as right now, the only idiot is you.

      • Renee Bennett

        are you a douche bag?

        • Heartbroken in USA

          Renee, just go look in a mirror … you will find one there.

    • Toosdai

      Do understand what it’s like having an asthma attack that bad? It’s like slowly suffocating to death. EVERYONE knows that. That officer shouldn’t have even waited on the damn ambulance. Once he realized how bad the man’s condition was he should have drivin him to the hospital himself and then dealt with the speeding ticket AT THE HOSPITAL. If he had done that this mad would still be alive taking care of his wife and child. But instead, because of this officers idiotic decision, a little child has to grow up without a father.

      • The Stig

        Not everyone. I didn’t know it, a ton of teenage kids don’t know it. You probably don’t know that Russia is not just Asia, and that Europe is not a country.
        If you were a cop, you’d probably do a better job in this situation, but not in any other one and you would watch people die in front of you, then have a ton of people blame you for not doing the right thing in all those situations.

        As you can also tell, this officer didn’t know how severe and what happens when you have such Asthma, as all he was asking was the inhaler, that’s all he could think of at this moment.

        • paul

          the sad thing is she said I don’t know where his inhailer oh here it is I would think that would be in hand and I would like to know why they waited so cant blame some one for acting just as dumb as you but I agree I would have driven him to the hospital and called an ambulance and met them in route and or I would have not stopped but got on my cell phone and called 911 to let the police no what my emergency was there are so many things that could have been done to prevent this mans death I think all blame should start at home

          • shrugatlas

            Inhaler was no longer working…as far as “all blame should start at home”…BOO HISS on you….;)

      • Renee Bennett

        there was no ticket given at all.

        • Heartbroken in USA

          OH how thoughtful!!!

    • caughy

      I have to agree with you. It was unlikely the vehicle would have even made it to the hospital with the weather conditions and the rate of speed they were travelling. The cop was professional and not abusive to the people. It is a hyperbole to think tha outcome could have been different. The EMS arrived quickly. Why did the people not have his inhaler which could have saved him? Score: Anarchist 0 – Police 1.

      • nothing

        Weather conditions? The cop easily went twice their speed to catch up (in a rear wheel drive car no less) and had no issues. You really don’t think they could have made it 2 miles!? The cop was condescending, dismissive and unhelpful and EMS most certainly didn’t arrive quickly given that again, the hospital was 2 MILES AWAY. Even at the speed limit of 45 that’s roughly 3 minutes which would put them at the ER’s door halfway through this video… You’re either a troll, a cop or a moron – either way get a fucking clue.

        • useless eater

          “Yes but, police are trained to drive at those speeds”

      • Joshua Katz

        If you listen carefully, the wife says that he’s been using it all day and has run out. So, first, that explains why he didn’t have it, and second, it also shows that using it wouldn’t have helped. He had reached a point where the next step in the treatment protocol would be SQ epi, followed rather quickly (if it didn’t work) by RSI. At least, that’s my thought as someone who was trained to be extremely airway aggressive.

        However, I see no reason the car couldn’t have made it 3 miles to the hospital. How fast was the cop going to catch him? Besides which – 10 years ago, when common sense still existed, the cop would have put the guy in his car and driven to the hospital. That would have been the best call her. EMS did not arrive quickly – they probably arrived as quickly as they could, but that was 6 minutes. He was 3 minutes from the hospital. Three minutes prior to EMS arrival he was in a condition where SQ epi probably would have worked – and if not, he’d have been in a hospital when his airway closed. I don’t know if that was a paramedic rig or not, or if they had surgical airways as a standing order or not – but I do know that asthma critical is one situation where I’d rather have an ER doc standing over me than a paramedic.

    • useless eater

      They wouldn’t have made it coz she was endangering the lives of ALLL the other drivers on that section of road?

      • God+Satan=me

        Yea there was so many drivers right people here are idiots had it been a cop off duty they would have let him pass

      • Heartbroken in USA

        Well useless eater we will NEVER know, will we? By the way … great name for
        you ……

        • useless eater

          I think we do have a pretty damn good idea, Genius. NOWHERE on the police video is there ANY indication at all that there was even anything that could be construed as a close call.

    • Heartbroken in USA

      Gee Renee … perhaps you should go have an asthma attack …. then we could watch you die a terrible death while some cop practiced safety first and spoke softly so as not to aggravate symptoms! Or perhaps your stupidity comes from being raised by a cop!

  • Celia Ána Rosendahl

    i’ve had to drive my 8 year old brother to the hospital for spontaneous asthma dangers, and i would never have stopped. this makes me even more positive that i would have pedaled to the metal and let myself be shot before stopping getting him to safety.

    • iquanyin

      then two dead…

  • Thomas Alan

    Officer IQ, -100.

  • The Stig

    Cops are not at fault. She was speeding and breaking traffic laws.
    Yes it was an emergency and it makes sense to go fast, but while you do that, you are not only increasing the risk of an accident happening to yourself, you are also doing so to anyone around, even if there was no one currently present.
    Cop is not a psychic and didn’t know that it was an emergency.
    The two passengers have exited a vehicle to try to let the cop know what was happpening, but the guy with asthma started to take his clothes off, he even took his pants off, cop can’t just go and tell at the person to put his clothes on and get back in the car considering that now, he knows that there is an emergency. He did call an ambulance as soon as he found out.
    Asthma guy now had to make slow and steady moves and should have lied down when a cop asked him to, as that would have helped him to breathe using least amount of energy.
    Yes they would have made it if they didn’t stop, but they would have made it as well if they drove the speed limit or slightly above.
    The passengers were panicking, the main reason why someone ever dies. Stay calm and proceed with caution, don’t stress yourself and your body as that will always make things worse, as it has.

    For all we know, if the cop didn’t pull them over, both of these people would have been dead already due to a potential accident from speeding on a probably icy road.

    • al duncan

      you’re an idiot

      • The Stig

        Says the guy who has nothing else to say.

        • useless eater

          You’re an idiot because you’re “..sure, if any of us were a cop in the same situation with a protocol to follow, we would have done exactly the same thing.” –When there is ample evidence all up and down this thread that people would NOT follow, what you’re claiming, is protocol.

          • The Stig

            Well then, why don’t you go and become a cop and change the world, become the best one there is. Mr. Because.

          • useless eater

            Because there are no “good” cops, Stig. Cops who won’t go along with the program, and turn a blind eye to the wrong doing and corruption of other cops, don’t last on a police force.

            Remember Frank Serpico?
            Remember Cecily McMillan?
            Remember the Florida cop (Donna Jane Watts) who was hounded by virtually every cop in the state, and eventually driven off the police force, for ticketing an off duty Miami cop for driving 120mph?
            Remember Darren Wilson murdering Mike Brown?
            Remember NYPD choking to death Eric Garner?
            Remember Fullerton police beating Kelly Thomas to death?
            Remember Albuquerque police murdering James Boyd?
            Remember Officer Eric Gelhaus murdering 13yr old Andy Lopez?

            And we have this incident, where the Chippewa Falls PD says its officer acted absolutely appropriately

          • The Stig

            You are growing up with a wrong mindset, thinking that guys who are here to protect us are bad guys and thugs are the good guys.

            Yes, people die, but not every time you meet a cop you die. Accidents happen. And yes, there are good cops.

          • useless eater

            I’m 63, Stig. I LEARNED this mindset from my dealings with police.

          • Cyber_Donkey

            Neither are the good guys. There are very few, if any, good guys anymore.

          • Heartbroken in USA

            Mike Brown was not innocent.

          • useless eater

            He was unarmed and he was surrendering. MULTIPLE witnesses testified his arms were raised. Whether you THINK he may have been guilty of a robbery – that robbery was never proven (because he is now dead). And, in fact, was not even significant enough for the store owner to report. The 911 call was made by a fuckwit customer from their cellphone. — Thanks for being a vigilante though, and being SO concerned with the property that belonged to a person who, themselves, was so UNconcerned that they couldn’t even be bothered to report this alleged “crime”.

          • Heartbroken in USA

            The autopsy proved his arms were not raised in a surrender position. There were also multiple eye witnesses that Brown charged the cop, after breaking his orbit bone in a hand to hand confrontation in the door of the car, and was in a head down position as Brown ran toward him. I do not favor cops … I was married to one and I know what goes on behind the scenes … but truth is a short commodity these days and should be protected. You were correct on all the other examples.

          • useless eater

            There was ONE (so called) “eyewitness” who claimed Mike Brown charged at Wilson. It was the person known to the grand jury as “Witness #10”. And he changed his story twice. Nor did the latest autopsy prove ANYTHING, one way or the other, about whether Mike Brown’s arms were raised. She simply posited that Mike’s wounds might have been caused if his hands weren’t raised. Though she was completely unable to offer a consistent explanation of HOW that might be possible.

            She simply made the bald assertion that the 4 wounds to Mike’s right arm and hand could have been caused if the body were at a different angle with respect to Officer Wilson —- AFTER saying that Mike was charging HEAD-ON at Wilson.

          • Heartbroken in USA

            You were correct on all other examples .. not on Brown!

          • shrugatlas

            Heartbroken in USA….
            how fricking stupid are YOU? Are YOU a cop? Try and Google something before you start spouting your undying support for the dirtbag examples of
            “Police” we’re talking about here. Google Cyril Wecht–he is one of
            the most famous ME’s in the WORLD and in an interview he said there were wounds in Mike Brown’s arm’s from the back(the shot he “felt” that made him turn and face Wilson as told by Dorian Johnson–unlike YOU, someone who was actually there) and one from the front WITH
            HIS HANDS RAISED! The remaining shots show Mike Brown stumbling forward as that
            POS Wilson keeps shooting. It’s called ANGLES lil heartbroken, and they
            can be measured and tracked. Lastly, they have an AUDIO recording of the
            MURDER. It totally contradicts Wilson’s Grand Jury testimony of the pattern of
            the 10 shots he shot and the time HE CLAIMS it took for him
            to discharge his weapon into this charging “Hulk Hogan”–Wilson’s words, no one
            else’s. Have YOU read the Testimony of the Grand Jury?
            I HAVE….
            Wilson claimed Mike Brown was rushing him and seemed to get madder as he shot–the more he shot him the madder he looked and the faster he charged. Wilson said this occurred about 35
            ft apart. in just seconds! Yea…it took “seconds,” the AUDIO SHOWS IT TOOK 7 SECONDS!!! 6 SHOTS, about a 3 second pause and then 4 more shots–for the shot pattern to complete. Wilson said Brown looked ANGRY AND WAS ATTACKING HIM THE ENTIRE TIME! Go out and measure it–it’s about 11 yards. I’m certain even YOU could run 11 yards if YOU
            were all angry and out to kill this poor lil fraidy cop like Wilson claimed
            Brown was in LESS THAN SEVEN SECONDS!
            This was an EXECUTION for pissing off this sawed off lil bit of a
            punk with a Badge and gun. Less than 90 SECONDS from contact to DEAD!!
            How’d YOU like that “encounter?”
            Quit being and idiot and buying this crap. Here’s another one for your Thin
            Blue Line Bleeding Heart–A 30 yr old–that’s right, Black man–Looking at 5
            years jail time for “trying to grab a cops gun” and “resisting arrest”
            Lucky for him they found the SECOND DASH CAM VIDEO–on it you get to hear how cops REALLY
            operate. One on them is screaming “stop trying to grab my gun!” while
            this guy has his HANDS UP! He’s even seatbelted and seated in his car while the
            cop is yelling this crap! Sound Familiar!?
            Now 2 Cops are going on trial because the video shows they LIED!!!


            Let’s see you Kumbayah what these despicable pigs did like you’ve done with Wilson.
            Broken Orbit!? REALLY?! Moto Cross Rider JIM MCNEIL–Google that , too.
            LOOK—I get it. You WANT to believe cops are good. You SAW Mike Brown “Steal” cigars. He must have been stupid enough to just decide “I’m gonna get this pigs gun and kill him for effin wid me” just like he pushed the store clerk, right?
            You gotta LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE! Wilson murdered that kid because he was having
            a bad day or he hates blacks or whatever—but the evidence is that he killed this
            kid unnecessarily and the Prosecutor LIED tot the Grand Jury to keep them from Indicting
            him. And now this murdering prick gets a MILLION DOLLARS and get’s to go have a baby? If you think that’s justice you need to move to Russia where, for them, it is….;)

          • Heartbroken in USA

            Good grief … you are going to pop a gut!

          • shrugatlas

            Firstly, the CAPS are not intended to be screaming, and I am not “popping a gut!”–they are for EMPHASIS. These boards leave much to be desired in that vein. Secondly, let’s discuss how maybe if the “nice, calm talking cop” in this man’s case had “popped a gut” he would not be DEAD! All this “civilized” talk when URGENCY is the order of the day is the tactic of the Sycophant. Where is your INCREDULITY? How would you be reacting if that was YOUR WIFE/HUSBAND he so calmly, LITERALLY, TALKED TO DEATH?!? I’d bet you’d be TRULY HEARTBROKEN and suing the ass off this cop and his Department. I mean…C’MON…

            Thirdly, that’s certainly not a rebuttal or a consideration of the EVIDENCE I gave you for Darren Wilson. Interesting how when the PROOF doesn’t suit your wish for reality, or the conclusion you have become locked into, you become almost monosyllabic as if it’s “pithy.” It ain’t–it’s ducking the evidence and the proof that these cops are out of control. I, too, had cops in my Family and know “what goes on behind the scenes.” It is why I am so earnest in my discourse. I KNOW you were one of those who leaped on to that bogus “Broken Orbit” pic that wasn’t even of Wilson–as I said above, it was PROVEN TO BE Motocross rider Jim Mcneil. Well, 2 DAYS AGO YOU SAID THIS–“There were also multiple eye witnesses that Brown charged the cop, after BREAKING HIS ORBIT BONE (emphasis mine) in a hand to hand confrontation in the door of the car, and was in a head down position as Brown ran toward him. I do not favor cops … I was married to one and I know what goes on behind the scenes … BUT TRUTH IS A SHORT COMMODITY THESE DAYS AND SHOULD BE PROTECTED. (emphasis mine) You were correct on all the other examples.” Do you remember THAT? TRUTH IS A SHORT COMMODITY–And, apparently, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE YOU TRUTH– YOU HAVE IGNORED IT. You lose all standing in discourse IF, as you have, you choose to IGNORE THE EVIDENCE…. WHY are you not vetting this yourself? Since you claim to be a lover of TRUTH, why aren’t you trying to PROTECT THE TRUTH RIGHT NOW?!? Why are you not, right now, Googling your lil ass off–listening to the AUDIO of the shooting. Know who vetted that? The same company that does audio for shootings for the FBI! Why are you not Googling Cyril Wecht and his expert explanation of the WOUND TRACKS which corroborate Dorian Johnson’s version of events? A SEEKER OF TRUTH does not become distracted by the PROPAGANDA of Faux “News” and the LIES of KILLER COP. When NEW EVIDENCE overwhelms old lies, a seeker of truth keeps digging…why are you not digging?

            I can only ID 2 witnesses who supported Darren Wilson’s story–Witness #10 and Witness #40. The Smoking Gun has totally DESTROYED this woman’s testimony. She LIED. Wilson LIED. DA Mcculloch LIED.

            YOU said…”BUT TRUTH IS A SHORT COMMODITY THESE DAYS AND SHOULD BE PROTECTED.” If you truly believe that you need to get to Googling. I sincerely hope that you will and that you will give me your thoughts on here when you have investigated more deeply.

            I am truly Heartbroken by the events of this year, as well, and I am passionate that WE must have more TRANSPARENCY AND TRUTH. If not…God help US….;)


          • Heartbroken in USA

            I don’t think you have read any other comment I have made on these pages. You misjudge my emotional input.

          • shrugatlas

            C’mon, now Heartbreaker…I have read most all of them. I even quoted you. But, OK…let’s forget you “emotional” input. How about your “intellectual” input? You seemed to agree, It seems, that in the other shootings or attempted shootings the cops were in the wrong, didn’t you? Let me cut-n-paste for you: “I was married to one and I know what goes on behind the scenes … BUT TRUTH IS A SHORT COMMODITY THESE DAYS AND SHOULD BE PROTECTED. (emphasis mine) You were correct on all the other examples.” AND “You were correct on all other examples .. not on Brown!” Remember that? You still believe in the “broken orbit?” Do you still believe that to be Truth? It seems so. Why won’t you respond to the POINTS OF EVIDENCE? That’s all I’m asking…I really want to understand how anyone can hold on to the lies put out by Faux “news” and others who blindly assume Wilson to be telling the truth with SO MUCH EVIDENCE which CONTRADICTS his claims. The AUDIO OF THE SHOOTING totally contradicts his story. He claims he fired 5 shots then 2 then 1 kill shot. T I have his story he told after the shooting. Have you seen it? The Audio resoundingly disproves this as it has a volley of 6 shots, a 3 second pause, and then 4 shots for the kill. I have a number of links to contradictory evidence if you really believe Truth should be protected. Do you still believe that?

          • Heartbroken in USA

            You are becoming redundant and boring Shrugatlas, good night and good bye.

          • shrugatlas

            How sad to find you are a coward who believes themselves to be pithy,who won’t look at evidence. You spout your supposed knowledge and profess your belief “Truth should be protected” until someone exposes our disingenuity, ignorance and inconsistency. This “truth” reveals itself to be nothing more than your prejudice, close-mindedness and desperate need for
            acknowledgement. When challenged you flee from the light of actual Truth, exposing your cowardice, like a cockroach flees incandescence in the middle of the night .
            You are worse than my Freshman students when it comes to trying to cobble together a cogent thought, much less support one. The perfunctory arrogance with which you proclaim
            your certain knowledge of the truth quickly demurs when exposed to actual,
            tangible, verifiable truth. Now I suspect you of being a racist as well. This saddens me.
            Intellects like you always amaze me–you act like you want to have an “argument,” in the academic sense, but then you have no ability to engage in discourse in more than feints and parries and the redundant regurgitation of the reality you absorb from those who control your tiny, feckless mind.
            In closing let me say this—in my opinion, the evidence is overwhelming that Wilson lied, Freguson PD engaged in a cover-up and Mcculloch and Alizadeh misled the Grand Jury.
            At the very least a Trial is called for to determine if there is enough evidence to
            convict Officer Wilson of anything. That is supposedly the American way. I leave you with a single link to perhaps crack into the darkness of your oh-so-closed-mind in the sincere hope you may simply look and see if you can embrace the possibility that the world you see–what you so earnestly believe is real–may just be, though more nefarious and more sinister, nothing more than the man behind the curtain like in the Wizard of Oz—all smoke and mirrors! Good night,
            Here’s your link:

          • Heartbroken in USA

            How sad you just love to listen to yourself rattle on!

          • shrugatlas

            You’re STILL here, o’ Protector of Truth? You have now descended into Trollville and you are no longer necessary to this discussion. Please excuse yourself back to that shiny, tiny Faux screen and play with those who exist on a level you can comprehend. 😉

          • useless eater

            Wilson’s (so called) “broken orbital socket” was a hoax perpetrated by his LYING supporters. Those pics were really of a now deceased motocross rider. The real pics of Darren Wilson’s “injuries” barely show a trace of redness to the right side of his face.


          • Sanctus Stercore

            Old post. But what the hell. Mike Brown, was a ghetto thug.
            The officer was merciful. If it was me, Mike Brown would have died by death from flamethrower. Ditto for the now “good” ghetto thug, Tray on Martin. Stop virtue darling, and get a clue. Half of the other ghetto thugs are glad Mike Brown is out of the equation.

    • Toosdai

      Why couldn’t the officer drive them to the hospital himself?? They would’ve made it there before the ambulance got there and givin him a slightly better chance of surviving. This cop absolutely did NOT do the right thing. Police have drivin people to the hospital or escorted them to the hospital plenty of times. Why not this time? Because the cop was an idiot..

      • The Stig

        You have a valid point. The cop probably should have tried to do that. However, he did call the ambulance already and trying to get the guy to put his clothes back on and get back in the car would probably take up just as much time as the time it took ambulance to get there.

        Secondly, we don’t really know if the service would have been any quicker if they arrived at the hospital, as they still have to get all the information, gather the staff, locate a room, etc, etc. With ambulance, you are already in the room, with staff, while having the info gathered.

        I wouldn’t call a cop an idiot as he didn’t do anything wrong. He had a split second to make a decision, he chose to do the basic decision. He saw there was an emergency, he saw that the guy was not critically injured, at least it appeared that way, and so he decided to instantly call an ambulance.

        I’m sure, if any of us were a cop in the same situation with a protocol to follow, we would have done exactly the same thing. Though, I do understand that if we were regular citizens without protocols and laws to follow, we would have simply followed them to the hospital.

        This is an unfortunate situation, and there could be a perfect way where the guy would survive, but under such conditions it is difficult to be perfect.

        You wouldn’t expect a baby to know how to run when he is being attacked by a bear. It’s not all that simple, even though it may seem that way in the video as we know all the information needed before we even started to watch it.

        • Brandon

          Yup your right, its not the cops fault. Its the ladies fault for stopping the car and letting the cop delay her.

          If she really wanted to save his life, she would of risked jail time to get him to the ER.

          All that cop was is an obstical in their way.

          Cops are only good at stopping laws from being broken, shooting perpetrators, using whatever force nessecary to make you Obey.

        • Joshua Katz

          10 years ago the cop would have just thrown him into the car without question. The issue is how our critical thinking has declined as a society.

          And, for the record, if a patient comes into the ER in critical condition, and we know they have asthma and have used their inhaler multiple times already, we don’t stand around waiting for a room assignment and asking questions. The cop has a radio and his dispatcher can notify the ER as to what is coming in. We’re looking at a difference of 3 minutes to definitive care – and this is one of those few cases where that’s significant.

      • AshenTech

        your right, letting somebody die, is fine, as long as its a cop doing it and hes speaking to the person calmly and kindly…. no biddie, not like his life had any value anyway……if it did he would have had insurance or cash to pay for an ambulance ride…[email protected]_ZPTgtej22u:disqus is very correct, anybody who has a medical problem and cant afford the ambulance ride should just die as a cop watches…

    • Heartbroken in USA

      You can’t breathe with asthma when you are “lied down” (to quote you.)
      I can say only, after reading your comment, yours are the most stupid so far. You are the prize winner for shit for brains up to this point. Congratulations!

      • EMT Jeff

        You are correct in that the correct position for an individual with difficulty breathing is to be upright. This could be standing, probably bracing his hands on his knees (you all know the “exhausted/winded” pose), or sitting (preferably in a chair) with the torso vertical or slightly leaned forward. Placing someone in a prone/supine position would be extremely hazardous to their health. Luckily the officer didn’t *force* the guy to lay down when he refused (that was horrible advice on the officer’s part, but then again they’re cops, not medical professionals).

        However, you are being a huge jerk about it. I sincerely hope that you don’t regularly treat people this way.

        • Heartbroken in USA

          Well Jeff … did you read the comment to which I replied?

    • Cyber_Donkey

      Bend over, and take off your pants so the police can protect and serve you.

  • Scott Weiser

    So here are the problems I see, and as a paramedic there are a few and enough to go around. 1st and foremost this woman and or the boyfriend should have called 911 first and knowing that his asthma has hospitalized him in the past they should of called for an ambulance a couple hours prior to this when they realized his inhaler wasn’t working. Second: the type of inhaler this man was using is prescribed as an emergency inhaler only and usually say something along the lines that if bronchial dilation cannot be achieved within a short period of time to call 911. Third this woman decided that she could get her boyfriend to the hospital faster and safer and without in route treatment then an ambulance and with their daughter in the car. Now while this does appear to be in a rural area where response times can be quite a bit longer then the large metropolitan area I used to work (I had to stop working due to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis) it still would have been safer all the way around for h Eric to call 911 for EMS. Now what I do see is this officer trying to get this man to slow his breathing down and trying to her to calm down and not to agitate her boyfriend which can aggravate the asthma attack (although it does appear to be quite dire)! Now the problems I see with the officers response while not being contributory to his death there are some things he could have done to intervene. First: most police units now carry a small oxygen tank with appropriate oxygen masks ( while this wouldn’t have stopped the asthma attack it would have supplied the patient with more oxygen which is what he is not getting due to the attack). Second: most units also carry jump bags (bags with basic life support equipment) e.g. oral airways, bag valve masks and in this case the so most important epinephrine pen. Again this would not have permanently reversed the attack it most assuredly would been a stop gap until EMS arrived on scene. Third: upon seeing how distressed this patient was the officer could called for what is called a teared response ( put patient in the backseat and told dispatch to have EMS meet at a specific place to transfer care to medic crew) while not common most rural area do have this as an S.O.P (standard operations procedure), from the sounds of it however due to how close they were to the ER the smartest thing this officer could have done was to put him in the backseat and drove him to the ER. Now for the EMS crew depending on what their designation was (basic, specialist or advanced (paramedic)) there’s a a whole slew of things the could have done but again that would depend on transport time and skill level of the responding unit. Reality is and I’m sorry to say it or lay blame on her especially with her loss but she should not have been driving him, how would she feel if she had, had an accident that involved her child and another vehicle? I can guarantee that she would have been held responsible for any injuries or deaths. Most emergency responders are given emergency response driving courses. These however are only my opinions and I’m sure other people will differ. One thing we are all taught in drivers ed though is never drive someone to the ER it’s an emergency, that’s what EMS is for.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      oh I understand! you are a douche bag blaming the VICTIM while you suck the….ass of these c#cksuckers!

    • Heartbroken in USA

      You have no idea how fast an asthma attack can happen, do you??

    • Joshua Katz

      Surely your years on the streets taught you that the non-medically trained person is not always going to recognize the gravity immediately. You are right about one thing, though – in rural areas where you might have a volunteer service, with people coming to the barn from home, etc., calling an ambulance can frequently take much longer than driving to the hospital – in any event, people sometimes make panicked decisions. In my area, calling 911 at least gets a flycar in a predictable, fast way – but not most areas. Where I grew up, the only service was an ALS capable volunteer FD with no duty crews. Either an ALS provider showed up, or not.

      Anyway, though, the biggest issue I have with your suggestion is expected a police officer, who likely has no medical training or maybe a first responder, maybe even EMT – to know that IM/SQ epi can be used for asthma. Yes, it’s where I’d go as soon as someone tells me “I’ve been using my inhaler and it’s not working” if they look like crap and can’t speak more than a word at a time (if they were more stable I’d try a duoneb because their inhaler could be expired), but I’m not a cop with minimal training. You realize that most people are taught epi-pen=anaphylaxis only, right? It’s not that he was going to consider it and say “but it’s outside protocol,” it’s that without the understanding you have of A/P, no one is going to think to give an epi-pen to an asthmatic.

  • Gary Williams Jr.

    I’ve got a good idea for this douche bag cop….lets park one of “their” mraps, or one of their other military war vehicles on his chest, and tell him “just take some deep breaths”

  • Kody Crum

    Yet this won’t have any media coverage because he’s not black.

  • carlos

    Fire the Bas-Turd cop and sue the police dept big time. Cops without common sense are a dime a dozen out there.

  • Kim Serrahn

    F**KING COP have you been drinking what a question …………… They let him die.

  • Paul Waldeck

    This cop is obviously an idiot. I never would have stopped. In the old days when police served the public they would have escorted them to the hospital first and foremost

  • Scott Weiser

    E.g.. Gary Williams: you must be some f_ckstain pile of carp who has an IQ smaller then his shoe size! Obviously you didn’t read everything I stated. There’s enough blame to go round to everyone! She shouldn’t have put him into the car and started the trip, as I mentioned emergency services are trained to drive in high speed evasive driving and if you think driving a car at high speed try doing it with van that’s been extended and heightened. If the responding unit was a medic unit there’s everything on that unit that’s at the hospital. Could the officer or officers done more!? Absolutely, depending on what’s available to him in his car. Now if it turns out that any of the officers were trained as medics then they’ve screwed the pooch due to a failure to act. Video shows it’s winter, so it’s cold with questionable road conditions, winter conditions are are the more reason she should have called 911 due to that extreme cold can trigger what is called “status asthmatics” (not to be confused with status epileptic)!! Now obviously your some born in a barn raised in a cave never had a higher education mommies boy who has no idea of the intricacies of an emergency response so turn off your pc and go play with your GI Joe dolls.

    • useless eater

      …or the cop could have simply followed or escorted them to the hospital. As you point out, emergency personnel are trained for emergencies, we poor dumb civilians might not be thinking clearly in a crisis. We might now we can’t afford an ambulance ride, as well. We might even load a loved one in the car and assume NO ONE could be so brain-dead-fucking-stupid as to hinder someone on the way to a HOSPITAL. …no one but you and an equally brain-dead fucking cop.

  • wildman

    hope every cop involved in this mans death gets to watch everyone and everything they love die a pain filled death right before their eyes and you cop lovers that don’t like this post just remember the dead man was someone’s loved one also

  • Justice Seeker

    Protect and serve asshole, you fail.

  • Shane Plummer

    idk on this one I think he did what he could do..cops aren’t ems….

    • useless eater

      You have the IQ of a cop.

  • mtbmesa

    Looked like they were performing CPR on him when they opened the rear door the final time. Cops just can’t understand the spirit of the law. Always have to go by the letter of the law. I do hope someone takes up this cause and represents her in court for a lawsuit

  • Leo Bekker

    The ONLY good cop is a DEAD cop.

  • Billie

    He has never had an asthma attack, because no matter how many times people tell you to breathe, you cannot take air in. No way you can breathe. Sad that officers are not trained to recognize this.

  • AS1124


  • Luke Cloud

    “Just calm down and relax…you’re going to be alright…we’re helping ya”….what pieces of shit.

  • Michael Fuson

    now you cop lovers say the cops was justified. how dare someone speed to save someones life.

  • DB

    Perhaps the reason they didn’t call an ambulance was because they didn’t have insurance. An ambulance can cost over $1,000 and I know from firsthand experience of not having insurance, an ambulance is a luxury you can’t afford if you don’t have insurance. The policeman should have either escorted them to the hospital or driven him (them) to the hospital himself.

    • mdmguyon .

      I’ve been told that my insurance doesn’t cover ambulance rides.

  • Gerald M Carney

    to the cops trolling the tread this is why we don’t like the police. Dumb. Dumb Dumb. another person dying while in police custody. Dumb stupid dumb stupid stupid he a doctor and everything. I just noticed its two dumb fucking cops I hate cop. #ican’tbreath #ican’tbreath

  • Tambra Galid

    This is such a far cry from the policing of the seventies. We lived in the country and my sister cut her hand open to the bone. We couldn’t get the bleeding stopped and my mom knew that she needed to see a doctor ASAP. She bound her hand in towels and they rushed to the hospital doing at least eighty or ninety mph with the car’s blinkers on. A cop stopped them and saw the situation. Without hesitation, he told her to follow him and he escorted her to the hospital.

    The cops these days could learn a lot about compassion from their elders.

    • malaika06

      That was my first thought. Why not escorted the folks to the hospital?

  • Edward The Great

    The cop is “Under Investigation”. We all know how that bullshit is gonna end. “Our investigation has found that the officer acted within policy and has been cleared of any wrong doing.”

    “We investigated ourselves, and we found ourselves clear of any wrong doing.”

    It’s bullshit.

  • Relating a similar, but different event in my life, we called 911, and informed them what we were doing, what car we were in, why we were doing it…..Surely, both sides could have handled it differently, but my biggest question is; Why did they stop for the cop in the first place? Two miles? Get to hospital then deal with the police….IMHO

  • Difster

    The mistake they made was bothering to stop for the cops. They should have just continued to the hospital and worried about the ticket or whatever later. There are exemptions in the law for exigent circumstances.

  • guest

    I hope the cops involved get the sack and are charged with murder. They have the power to follow someone to the hospital in an emergency. Instead they chose to waste time by keeping them on the side of the road. I would have just kept driving and dealt with the consequences later!

  • Joshua Katz

    I’m no defender of the police. I expected to watch this and get really angry, but what I saw was bureaucratic stupidity, which I despise, but not malice. It’s blind rule-following “when you encounter a sick person, you call an ambulance.” 10 years ago, back in the era of common sense, they would have put him in the car and driven the 3 miles. They should have done that. But the comments about manslaughter, or even murder, are way overblown. This is stupidity and following protocol, not malice.

    • Heartbroken in USA

      Joshua what would you want someone to tell your family when you are dead by stupidity after a police officer tries to follow protocol at your expense? Oh it was bureaucratic stupidity, or he was only blindly following the rules because he had to? I wonder if your wife and children, looking at the rest of their lives without you, would be so forgiving as to say … oh the police were only following the rules. We don’t mind, don’t charge them with manslaughter, it was a mistake.
      Joshua, dead is forever.

      • Joshua Katz

        I don’t know where to begin with your comment. I don’t approve of following protocol over doing what’s right – I think it’s a moral atrocity. I just don’t think it’s a legal offense. Not every bad thing has a legal remedy. I also don’t think this cop was thinking (based on watching the video) “the right thing to do is to take him to the hospital, but I’m not going to because of rules.” Rather, I think he’s been in a rule-based environment for so long that better ideas didn’t occur to him. My wife and children might very well want someone charged with manslaughter if I died this way – but their desires wouldn’t make the actions illegal either. Emotion is not a good basis for law.

        Don’t try to paint me as some knee-jerk defender of the police. I’m the furthest thing from it. I also despise the bureaucratic mess we’ve made, and the bureaucratic mindset that comes with it. I just don’t think seeking criminal charges against one person is the solution. You have to fix the broken system – and this cop had no evil intent, which is a prerequisite for prosecution. Contrast that to the Eric Garner case, where the cop absolutely should have been indicted.

        • Heartbroken in USA

          Alright Joshua … and then what happens when this unsuspecting cop does this same thing again to someone else? How do you teach someone to behave in a given situation? For how many people should the cop be allowed to facilitate death before he decides the protocol taught may not be the best way to handle a life and death judgement call? Would you like to volunteer one of YOUR loved ones to let the cop practice?

          • Joshua Katz

            The answer is 0, obviously. But putting him in jail won’t end the practice. The whole point is that he isn’t some unique outlier – this is the police force we’ve got. I suggest wholesale abolition of the whole thing, followed by rebuilding from the ground up. He did not behave differently from 99.9% of cops, and what he did wasn’t criminal in the individual case.

            You keep trying to go for the emotional response, even though I’ve addressed it. I get it – I understand the idea of wanting justice and vengeance. That doesn’t mean that vengeance makes for good law. No, I would rather not have my family die of asthma attacks – with or without police involvement – but I’d also rather not have my family live in a society where law is based on bad principles. We can eliminate instances like this by reforming the police – prosecuting this guy wouldn’t end this behavior, nor would it make any legal sense.

          • Heartbroken in USA

            I am sure it is very hard for someone, who has lost a husband to police negligence, to not be emotional. You make perfect sense in the rest of your observation and solution. Unfortunately the “thugingization” of ALL the policing organizations in this country has been going on for longer than O has been in Kingship. This is the plan of the Elite and dates back many hundreds of years. O is just the most recent piece to the NWO puzzle and has been groomed for all his life for this moment in time. Remember the Russians were bragging about him in 92 and, as I understand it, the Mossad has been in charge of the destruction of our judicial system (at lease the physical manifestation) for a long time.
            I think when you refer to a complete reset of the legal system you probably would times your expectations by 1000 in order to just restore us to the original (which was a good 250 years ago.) I find it difficult to awaken just friends and family. I am afraid I have little hope.

          • Joshua Katz

            I don’t know if you misunderstood me or not, but I typed ‘zero’ as in, zero deaths would be good, not O as in Obama. In any case, I certainly agree that this is systemic issue, not an Obama issue, although I tend to look more to spontaneous order than to conspiracy to explain it.

            As for hope, here’s how I look at it. I don’t know whether optimism or pessimism is the ‘true’ answer, and, in a sense, there is no true answer because the future isn’t determined. What I do know is that being an optimist and believing I can change the system is the only thing that keeps me trying, and I certainly cannot succeed without trying, so I choose optimism. I hope to prove myself right. It’s why I remain active, why I started a business based on freedom-concepts, and why I ran for office twice (and won once.) It’s why I serve on my party’s national board and travel, at expenses larger than I can reasonably afford, to candidate training, conventions, and board meetings across the country. I may be wrong, it may be hopeless, but what is the benefit to me of believing that?

          • Heartbroken in USA

            I commend you. I was a tireless patriot too and I am glad there are people like you that never give up. I can’t completely give up but I am wondering if anything, short of revolution (which I think the citizens would loose) is really going to make a dent. I fear the good guys have waited too long to make a definite change and not just an agreement, which will allow evil the upper hand in the long run. It is like water, the path of least resistance, and this is unfortunately the nature of people.
            Here Joshua, tell me how to deal with this ….

          • Joshua Katz

            Like I said, I don’t know if you’re right or wrong about our chances. I just know that, in the lack of evidence, I’m happier believing that I can succeed. Mockingjay.

  • Guest

    Ok, so….waitaminute.

    The cop plain as day saw that he couldn’t breath, yet did absolutely nothing to help him. The ambulance was called and minutes later, they were able to leave. The man died later.

    His death could have been avoided had he been let go to get the medical care he needed. Asthma is something you don’t mess around with, as I have had it since I was 10 years old and know all too well how bad it is and can get.

    I’m sorry but regardless of the traffic violations, the cop is to blame for that man’s death. Had he just simply let them go, he might still be alive right now.

    I realize they have a job to do, but wow, isn’t there a line to be drawn regarding duty and common sense compassion for people who are clearly suffering?

  • Leah Johnson

    Ok, so….waitaminute.

    The cop plain as day saw that he couldn’t breath, yet did absolutely nothing to help him. The ambulance was called and later, they were able to leave. The man died at the hospital, the very place they were rushing to get to because of his asthma attack.

    His death could have been avoided had they been let go to get the medical care he needed and had he done that, he might still be alive right now. Asthma is something you don’t mess around with, as I have had it since I was 10 years old and know all too well how bad it is and can get. I remember when I was out on the street having an asthma attack, the cop asked me only a few questions about my health and actually took me in his car to the hospital. I don’t know his name or remember his face, but that was very kind of him to do that.

    I’m sorry but regardless of the traffic violations, the cop is to blame for that man’s death. I realize that as a policeman, he has a job to do but wow, isn’t there a time when in spite of duty, he has to have common sense compassion for people who are clearly suffering in such a way that obviously endangers their lives?


  • Stefon Scott Loch

    Welcome to the new law enforcement / police state aka DumbAsses with badges .

  • James Jackson

    I hate story’s like this

  • Hec

    Unless police abuse situations start to be investigated by a special independent prosecutor office on a federal level, and the criteria to qualify police persons become more strict and include psychological evaluation, we will keep seeing these failed human beings in charge of law enforcement in the US…

  • Dave

    The police officer followed protocol instead of doing the right thing and not escorting them, but driving them to the hospital. If I were driving, I would’ve called 911 and told them to lead, follow or get out of the way.

  • dbltapp

    So where’s the rest of the story? Was there local media coverage. Did the PD issue any sort of statement? This is shoddy reporting.

  • guest


  • Get the story straight

    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t – 20 years ago this officer would have put this guy in his car and taken him to the hospital himself or maybe even escorted her to the hospital BUT due to “I wrecked my car and my husband died because that police officer allowed me to continue to drive to the hospital even though he knew that I was upset” or “my husband died because that police officer tried to take him to the hospital instead of waiting for an ambulance” neither is allowed in most states if not all anymore. This officer was not strong arming any one, just the opposite – he was doing his job – did you talk to this officer before posting this? If you had, judging by the compassion that he was showing, he more than likely would have told you that he wanted to do more but was not allowed to – so tired of people twisting things just because of their own personal shortcomings…

    • Heartbroken in USA

      Bottom line … the man dies for lack of breath. Who was holding him from getting to the hospital. You can talk all day about all the imaginary things that could have happened .. THEY DID NOT! The only thing that DID happen was the cop stopped the man from getting help! THAT is what happened … everything is hypothetical.

  • Jay Yeich

    Just one more thing: this pig is directly responsible for this man’s death. I wonder if he’ll face felony manslaughter charges. If it was a normal citizen responsible, they’d go to prison. This cop needs to face consequences, but he won’t.

  • Cromwell

    Not only should the officers involved be fired for gross incompetance and deriliction of duty, Wendy Stelter needs to be removed from the gene pool if she feels Cletus and Burrill made the right call. I spent a fair bit of time on the Chippewa Falls Police Facebook page, I wrote a very negative comment that represented my feelings and thoughts exactly. After getting about 25 likes inside of 30 minutes the comment was deleted, so I posted it again, it was deleted. I did this about 6-7 times until I was no longer able to post, my point being if 10% of the effort expended deleting my truthful yet derogatory comments had been offered to a dying man he may still be alive. The officers comments “just keep breathing buddy” is like telling someone in the middle of a famine to simply put on some weight. What part of I CAN’T BREATHE is it that law enforcement can’t quite comprehend. I have only the most basic of emergency training, but making sure the person can breathe is number one.

  • JonEdHil

    “Just relax, ok?” What a piece of garbage!

  • Vin

    All police vehicles should have a medical kit that includes an asthma pump. They have money to invest cameras for their vest’s but they don’t have money to purchase an asthma pump that could potentially save a life. Something is wrong with this system!

    • Joshua Katz

      I agree, but it wouldn’t have helped this guy if he’s already taken multiple doses of albuterol.

  • markheinlein

    clear case of negligence and wrongful death . he can be civilly

  • Gerry

    the guy was white so what do you want to bet there won’t be any outrage over this one.

  • Carl Thompson

    A plastic bag taped over the cop’s head would be a fitting way for him to go.

  • 12345 probably one of these pigs but thats all the info I can find i dont know which one

  • caring for all

    He already had went to long without oxygen.Asthma is nothing to play with.This cop just didnt use his head not even a little.Im so sorry for Casey and now the kids is without a father.SAD SAD SAD.

  • Johnson

    An inhaler wouldn’t help at this point. The inhaled albuterol wouldn’t have reached far enough down into his lungs. A nebulizer treatment would have provided much more albuterol than an inhaler would have provided. He would have received oxygen assistance. The cops should have known that, and done whatever they could to save this man’s life. They didn’t. The condescending attitude of the cops is almost as offensive as their refusal to allow the man treatment.

  • guest

    The police would not only be guilty of gross negligence but manslaughter as well by the definition of the law.

  • Laura Phares-Wilson

    She should have just rammed the cops nose into his brain with one punch !

  • Vincenzo Roberto

    Murder. Had this been my son, this officer would pray for death.

  • Mike7106


  • Soldier

    The Police aren’t held accountable for their actions.

  • Random Guy

    He relieved medical attention about 8 or so minutes after being pulled. 2 miles from hospital, medical attention would not administered any quicker. Potentially longer. Seems everyone is quick to sensationalize everything these day.

  • wildman

    heres hoping the cops involved with this get to watch everyone and everything they love die right before his eyes, and you cop lovin idiots that don’t agree you need to remember this cop watched someone’s loved one die =an eye for an eye

  • waxx

    America, these are your “heroes” Calling all cops and troops heroes insults those who actually are heroic – the soldier who runs into the line of fire to protect his division, the police officer who works tirelessly to find a missing child – by placing them alongside the cops who shoot unarmed teenagers who have their hands in the air, or the soldier who rapes his subordinate.

  • muttkat1 .

    I wouldn’t of stopped if I was that close to the hospital. I would of stuck out the window and said follow me.

  • Melissa3202

    Sickening!! Absolutely fu***** sickening!! That policy officer deserves to suffer like that patient did and be charged with murder! No empathy whatsoever! Do these officers not have a single brain cell in their head?!?!? Ugh words can’t describe what I feel for these poor innocent victims.

  • BSparks

    Or, she was speeding and hysterical, she could have crashed and killed someone. I think calling the ambulance was the right move. Since the guy died, someone should be looking into why it took the ambulance so long to get 2 miles away to save this guy.

  • iquanyin

    that was hard to watch. my god.

  • intheknow

    While I really feel bad for what happened and the officer was clearly wrong also, why didn’t they call an ambulance to begin with. Racing to the hospital in a medical emergency is not only endangering yourself, but other drivers. I am not trying to be hateful or support the officer, just stating some common sense.

  • intheknow

    Ok, I watched this video. This guy with a known medical condition, did not keep up with his prescription, they waited until he was having a serious medical issue to do anything. Instead of calling an ambulance from home, where he would of been given immediate medical attention, they decide to get in the car and speed to the hospital. So this cop, who is trying to do his job is being called pig, monster etc.. I did not see him behave in any manner that would deserve this treatment. Why is everyone so eager and willing to vilify the police in this instance when the people were clearly at fault. Speeding to the hospital and then waiting for medical attention would of taken the same amount of time, perhaps even longer and he probably would of died anyhow. The only callous and mindless behavior I saw here was with the people who decided to take matters into their own hands and attempt to drive to the hospital.

  • John Ash

    This is awful. Though, I have to question the sanity of pulling over for cops if someone’s life is on the line.

  • John Oliver

    I can’t Breathe!

  • Kennethpytn

    Before it is all over White America will Be very sorry that it did not not listen to Black America’s claims about cops. Indeed, when they are tired of beating and killing Blacks, rest assured that they will kill brown, yellow, red, etc. Eventually it will be the turn of White citizens to be killed. So long Casey!

  • guest

    This is so heartbreaking to family and friends of casey. Please help us raise money for a headstone and for his two daugthers! Any little will help! :)”og.shares”%5D&action_ref_map=%5B”fb_g_my_t”%5D

  • Lexie

    I bet you they dont; give a fuck that this man died. They still sleep well at night, I wish they would burn in hell but whatever.

  • templepearson

    Most LEOs I have met are good guys and honestly want to help others. There are obviously some exceptions, this Chippewa cop being one. How did this man pass the psych profile exam at the police academy?

  • Thomas Petrie

    Yes, Derek is right: The officer was more concerned about protocol than saving this man’s life. Amazingly callous. I know not what more anyone can say. Very sad this man’s life was lost. I’m sorry for the family.

  • xCellarxDoorx


  • David P Mayton

    “To secure life, liberty and property”… er, uh.

  • Megan46

    How in the hell this policeman can’t ascertain this is a crisis situation! He should be fired.

  • Jayson Butera

    I am sorry but I would not have let them leave either. I do think the officer could have done more to get EMS to the location faster however letting them leave with the women upset as she was would have done nothing but cause more issues. No one caused this persons death other than his own stupidity. If you already know you have issues and respiratory problems always get bad in the winter why the fuck would you wait till its that bad. Why did he not have his inhale? She even says he has been doing updrafts all night already. Hello! DING DING DING! You might be having a problem call 911. This attack was nothing new to him he has had them before or he would not have been on that medication. Whats sad is that people that really need help never call until its to late. They seem to be so scared for how long they will have to stay in the hospital or how much will the bill be. I worked EMS for 12 years and have seen this all to many times. They could have done a lot for them if they would have just called 911! I am sorry but pointing the finger at the cop is 100% BS. Yes he could have got on the radio and made sure EMS was on the way as fast as possible but in the end he did not cause the mans anymore than I did sitting here at home. Letting them leave would have done nothing more than put everyone else on the road at risk!

  • crazytrain2

    Solution: drive his ass to the hospital quickly with lights and siren. I have pulled people over for speeding and running red lights, and they claim they were on their way to the hospital for some emergency. I have either escorted them, driven them myself, or let them go. I then wait on the one road to the hospital and on two occasions, I have witnessed the same car coming back from the hospital a few minutes later. So I pulled them over again, and called them on their bullshit. I even escorted one girl that said she was going into labor to the hospital, and for her right into the er right away, and I knew she wasn’t lying, so I hope she enjoyed her medical bill.

    But to me, letting someone “get one over on me” or get away with some minor traffic offense would bother me way less than prolonging someone that may be in need of medical assistance.

  • na

    what were the officers names.

  • NotBatMan

    The cop should be charged with homicide.

  • Nick65

    cops are not your friends. this is not mayberry.

  • Haarp Enterprise

    She shouldn’t have stopped.

  • HeBlessesMe

    I hate that people are judging the cops without LISTENING. The cops are clearly trying to help. Also the woman with the young man CLEARLY says th young man had been taking his nebulizer treatments SINCE YESTERDAY and they weren’t working. WHY IN HELL did they wait so long? As an asthmatic I would have been going to the hospital YESTERDAY when the first treatment did not work. The police did their job. They got an ambulance. The friend is who caused his death- waiting too long to get him attention. You don’t wait with an asthmatic.

  • Yusuf Ilker Karaaslan

    I can not believe these retards ! This bastard in uniform must be held for involuntary man slaughter !

  • Robert Feddersen

    wow, so where is the actual proof that he past away and also if that cop did not stop them, whos to say they would not get in an accident killing them plus the daughter they had in the car and anyone else involved. could have lost more then just him that day!.

  • Randall Pop Long

    some people are only hired from the neck down….brains are not a requirement

  • JudeThree

    cop deserves the chair for murder.

  • LawMom3

    Sure, it turned out the cop made the wrong decision in calling for an ambulance instead of simply dumping the guy in his car and driving him, but the way the story is presented he is just being a callous asshole. He made the wrong call and showed very little imagination, but it’s unfair to portray it as a case of him being uncaring about the man’s situation. He simply didn’t understand how serious the issue was.

  • James L walker

    I do not believe that the man died. I think someone said he did just to try and make the cop look bad. So, he should have let them drive like crazy to get him help and maybe kill the kid in the backseat or others. Come on people are we grown ups or what.? Show me facts that say he died.

  • Mr_Scorpio

    Hence the evidence that the police aren’t obligated to save anyone’s life.