Man Who Killed 3 Cops SPEAKS OUT – His Video Hasn’t Been Deleted (Yet)

Three police officers were killed in Baton Rouge, nearly a week after seven were killed in Dallas.

Here is what we know so far about the shooter in Baton Rouge, named Gavin Long, based on preliminary reports:

1. He was a black man celebrating his 29th birthday in Baton Rouge, a city that has experienced much tension between its people and its police force.

2. Gavin was awarded placement on the Dean’s List for his excellent grades as a university student.

3. Gavin was a Marine who achieved the rank of sergeant, deployed to Iraq.

4. He uploaded multiple youtube videos, at least one of which explained his views on police brutality.

Below is one of his videos, still circulating as of the time of this report but expected to be taken down soon.


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  • Jimmy

    brave guy,

    • Karin Morgan

      <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be754p:….,..

      • Ruby Browning Vice

        Is that job a crisis actor for the government false flag events?

  • James Leftlane Cook III

    Stupid moron,!! he talks about being smart….when really he’s fucking stupid!!!

    • Nate Henry

      how is he stupid please explain your position upon which why you believe he lacks cognitive reasoning?

      • Toby-Wan Dawson

        JLC the turd is simply brain dead and part of the problem.

        • Christopher Cosper

          then im guessing you have no answer for his question…i think the cops who have been murdering blacks lately are just as dumb….he served his country and made deans list…sounds smart to me…..i think he let his emotions get to him that was the problem…..JLC MURDER IS MURDER DUMB ASS…..

      • James Leftlane Cook III

        He’s a cop murderer straight up!! Why in the fuck would u be dumb enough to even ask that question! I don’t care for what reason he had …u don’t kill someone to make a statement!

        • Patrick Julien

          You sound so much more wise than he is. What about how the cops act everyday with people (specially black people)? You see no problem when a cop use lethal force…how they always “fear for their lives”? There’s no good cop when they don’t speak against bad cops…they are all in the same boat.

          • James Leftlane Cook III

            It still doesn’t give him right to be judge and jury,nor does he have the right to kill a human especially one who did nothing to him.. period!!!!

          • you mean he has no right to act like a police officer?

          • James Leftlane Cook III

            98% of cops are good there’s bad apples in every aspect of life but because of 2%… 98 % don’t need to be killed or this shit put on them!!! Thats the problem with today’s people you fuckers don’t care about anyone or anything unless some one else’s does it cause you don’t have the balls to do it…..

          • philly

            there are no good cops, as long as they stand silently by and watch their cohorts commit crimes and abuses unjustly—-without saying anything about it—they too are just as guilty as the bad cops—no difference as they protect the wrong doers

          • Vickie

            You have your figures around the wrong way… And even if there is 2% of the blue-gang who are perceived as ‘good’… not one of them are ‘good’ wgr4434121qbecause they ignore their compadres crimes and because their chosen career as enforcers for the elite logically places them as enemies of the people…

          • Marcius Ham

            No…Your logic is soured for you to assume there’s bad apples in every aspect of life. What does that even mean? Aspects define features and details of everyday life, not bad apples in bunches. Obviously you’re confused and bewildered by your own tired rhetoric. Perhaps I can be of some assistance…the saying is “one bad apple spoils the bunch.” Orchard farmers elimnate the bad apples before they have a chance to spoil the whole bunch. This also insures a healthy prosperous crop of consistently good fruit. How bout them apples…?

          • Rick

            …. the number one cause of death to a black male under 25 is another black male… black people are killing each other and not a word is spoken but when a white cop kills a black person whether it be justified or not justified.. all hell breaks loose… I do not agree with all cop murders I personally feel like alton sterling absolutely did not deserve to be shot that night in Louisiana… although the guy up north did deserve what he got and it wasn’t even a white cop that killed him it was an Asian cop…. I’m in no way a racist and it’s important that I put that out there but that being said… all police are not responsible for the actions of few… waco Texas 170 of my people (bikers) were ambushed by police 9 dead and over 20 injured and 170 arrested on bullshit charges… fuck those cops man but not all cops are responsible for that…. respect human life and live and let live… black people aren’t a victim of circumstance man they need to knock the chip off their shoulder… anyone can be successful my buddy Nathan is a black dude and he is a very successful person in his life and his career he respects me and I respect him… it’s called peace on earth man… like I said alot of cops get away with straight up murder so if that’s what’s pissing you off then go get the ones who got you man not all the rest of em

          • philly

            What fckn right did cops have a right to be judge, jury and executioner of unarmed people—-? Oh—it’s ok for them but not ok for karma to bite therm in the ass—what right do they have to kill people? YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW

        • apparently then you dont pay attention to what your government is doing in your name overseas. we are killing men, women and children every day to make “statements” of our resolve to keep killing men, women and children as long as there is a profit to be made.

          • James Leftlane Cook III

            Yrs I do I hate it as much as anyone elses but I’m not going to kill innocent people to prove a point.i bet if he killed one of your family you wouldn’t be supporting him

          • kenpachi55

            actually money and oil was the lie they knew that we would think we figured out. truth is trying to start a real war. we are building THEM bases and bringing angry people here to have all people that understand freedom killed off to create a world of dumb slaves

        • Joey Gutierrez

          That doesn’t make him stupid.

          • James Leftlane Cook III

            Your right it makes him a moron!

        • JaysenSpeek

          In no way do I condone killing of any kind, especially police.. That being said,the police murders this past year have been atrocious (in the US), I am (as a non mentally challenged individual) not at all surprised an armed population is starting to (what they perceive as) fight back. killing someone most certainly makes a statement, just as Osama.

        • Oshasha Treshashu

          History is full of people like him who brought change….there is no change without violence

          • James Leftlane Cook III

            Well when the next one kills one of your family members or maybe your child if u have one I want u to say what u said at that time…

          • Oshasha Treshashu

            I understand this….I’m just saying that change will not come without violence

          • Oshasha Treshashu

            Blood sweat n tears

      • Eric Spence

        Simple. He is right but hes a racist. 4 times as many white men are shot by cops. We dont see it on the news. So the fact that he believes the media BS about race issues while trying to say we should question what we believe makes him stupid. What he did was murder. He very well could have killed the only cop that wouldnt have shot him.
        He is just a pawn of a larger game than he can comprehend.
        The enemy isnt the cops it is the law. Which means it is the government.
        So while he is wasting bullets murdering innocent cops 2 dingbats are winning control of the government.
        Fighting the cops is like killing a criminals child as punishment.

        We need to change the way our government is running things and the rest will fall in order. But people like this guy are just the thing to keep the people blind to the real problem

        • Poop

          Wrong. Please adjust numbers for population size.

    • Nate Henry

      there are many veterans who agree on the perception of police becoming tyrants, just like the SS in Nazi Germany.

      • Andrew Pongracz

        Nazi Germany were made by the Rothschilds and the Oppenheimers. Just like the US. So its not a coincidence.

    • dave

      from the article: “Gavin was awarded placement on the Dean’s List for his excellent grades as a university student.”

      • James Leftlane Cook III

        So was John Wayne Gacy

        • dave

          So? Point is that you called him stupid. He most clearly was not stupid.

          • James Leftlane Cook III

            Yeah he was stupid because he got sucked in buy the government whether you like it or not this is been pushed so much on killing cops lately this is on the government’s agenda this is how Marshall offense they will be implemented it’s because of guys like this idiot going out and killing cops killing government officials so on so forth you want to praise him all you’re doing is bringing hvoc to your own life later on

          • dave

            Your ignorant opinion notwithstanding, you stated that the man was stupid. He clearly was an intelligent person, unlike yourself. I did not “praise” the man, I simply pointed out to you that he is not stupid. Wow are you ignorant.

          • James Leftlane Cook III

            The only ignorant one in here is you due to your lack of intelligence you would rather see a innocent cop die In Praise of person for it. Then admit that you only care about one person yourself and not the lives of others or families of others that have been hurt by this action of this man

          • dave

            Amazing, you don’t understand the meaning of the word “ignorant”. You cannot even write a coherent sentence. What is wrong with you?

          • James Leftlane Cook III

            Whatever dude you going to believe what you want to believe that you’re going to kiss this man’s ass for doing something you don’t have the balls to do

          • dave

            Facts are pesky things. And who’s ass do you claim I’m kissing, dumbass? And you are claiming I don’t have the balls to kill cops?!? I have no desire to kill anyone.

            Wow, are you one ignorant fool.

      • Karen Posey

        You can definitely tell this guy is nuts

  • Nate Henry

    hhoorraahh brother

  • 42tribes

    When BLM recommended law changes against race soldier-cops and went after racist Democrats they were demonized. The olive branch was given and the criminal justice system called it racist and broke it.

  • Up N’ Atom

    100%… 100%… thinks Huh? “who was Gandhi? ‘dat motherfuc’er ain’t did nuthin'”

  • Ass – Hole

    This video has nothing to do with him killing police or his plans to do it… The clickbait was very misleading…. you can find inspirational videos with black people saying we need to stand up and work to fight oppression, but then he went a killed a good black family man officer? His message is lost when goes out does exactly what he claims to stand against… just rampant stupid killing that solves nothing

  • jjjeannieee

    Way to spread the hate and violence though…cause thats the answer smh… You can kill all the cops…still wont come close to the black on black murders and violent crimes. check the statistics. Cops killed more white ppl than black ppl and even less hispanics. not saying there isnt a problem but this crap here is pointless. Get JESUS.

    • Christopher Cosper

      it wont come close to white on white murder or other categories whites dominate like rape, pedophilia, serial killing or white collar crimes…but lets just pick and choose what you like…. thats what you all are good at anyway…..being stupid should be considered a disease…you know what they say COMMON SENSE IS REALLY NOT THAT COMMON

    • that is true but they killed 2.5 times more black men based one percentage of population than whites. Do the math.

      • Poop

        Wrong. Please adjust that for population size.

  • Chess Gross

    Man as a black man I know things are fucked up but this
    guy was a stupid young man nothing he said made any sense you can change nothing in the grave

  • Beatrix Muircastle

    he killed 3 people it doesn’t matter why or what they were they were people. they were fathers.
    you don’t change the system slaughtering innocents. you do it by educating and flooding the local and state governments with good people. volunteer, research, run for office anything change it from the ground up. don’t fucking use a gun use a vote.

    • King E

      Try telling that to the police.. They kill more innocents than ANYONE else!

      • Beatrix Muircastle

        I’m well aware of that. I can be against police abuse/brutality/murder and still care when innocent cops are murdered too. no one should be fucking killed. we need to end this.

  • Oshasha Treshashu

    He’s right

  • nonshopper

    He’s so smart he’s dead.

  • Eric Shepherd

    complete bullshit!!! what a dult!!

  • dave

    This man was in serious need of emotional and psychological counseling.

  • Brendon Buttigieg

    what a dumbass.. enjoy rotting in jail

  • Forrest Carlton Lackey

    Considering that the police are portraying themselves as enemies of the people, even going so far as to target veterans and secretly confiscate weapons, and they’re many many rapes of women and children and working alongside the drug cartels, I can only imagine as a veteran myself that they would see this as an invading army. The veteran’s instincts would kick in to be loyal to the people and the constitution. Not the feds or cops. So even though he was ultimately wrong, his argument is valid, and for 4 seconds if you would just stop protecting cops blindly you might see why people are so afraid.
    PS the police state is brutal to good cops, too. In a police state, the police suffer. They are set up to be hated by the populace, and to get shot in no knock warrentless raids at 2 am in the morning. When you dress like an invading army, prepare to get treated like one. I say this as a warning so the police and their masters will repent of this and save their own fucking lives.
    The good police have been harassed, beaten, fired, or wound up dead for exposing this. You reap what you sow. Man, if there was ever a time for an invading army to invade through the police force, now is the perfect time. Racial tensions, a resurgence of authoritarianism, the same people who gave ISIS and Cartels weapons are just forking it over to cops after gutting it from the military, who is valiantly chasing the wild goose that are the terrorists our lovely politicians and Israeli and Saudi allies funded.
    In other words, police apologists….we rebelled against Britain for less than this. This is the standing army and out of control government your founding fathers warned you about, stop being a little cuckhold about it. And fuck Israel. They helped train them to be this way. My guess is Israel’s about to show it’s true colors to the American people, and want to keep getting money from us. So this is a preemptive strike against a potential rebellion.

  • Cliff

    Thanks for that guy, now cops in Baton Rouge are on high alert and out for blood. I was having a decent conversation with a security guard at a place down here where I was dropping off a truck, and the moment I disagreed with his political point of view, he threatened to call the cops on me and report the truck as stolen. And we all know how that would have ended.

  • David Flores

    my hero!

  • Dave Spring

    How many of the people here calling this guy stupid ever got as far as the Dean’s List for their grades at uni?

    How many?

    • Michael Terrapin

      Just cause someone is book smart doesn’t mean they have commonsense.

    • James Leftlane Cook III

      I graduated 2 nd in my entire school also what says he wasn’t placed on his Dean’s list for favorites?

  • Bill Gts

    This is what we call

    but still no one got to pay for other peoples mistakes
    And thats when the domino shit hapens

    AFTER 12 shots i think there is something wrong with that cop
    And cops should not work more than 10 years because with the time they lose their emotions

  • Perez Okezuonu

    Just look at that picture. If this is not the meanest form of brutality, I know nothing then.
    Pure demonism!

  • Candice

    hahhaa you are not African…hahah your a crappy American…spreading hate and segregation. there is only racist bullies who think this is cool or right and justified. you are only about the money and power clearly your about killing all white people. Only a fraction of people think as you do. freedom of speech didn’t mean to stand out and spread hate. it didn’t mean to cause war. it didn’t mean to separate the world. it is men that make this drama and cause the pain because all you alphas want recognition for having big balls. you talking shit. your a racist and God will punish you and your power hungry balls.

    • Poop

      You are a fucking moron and probably have aids.

  • James Leftlane Cook III

    It’s horrible how many people actually support this cop murder y’all should be ashamed of yourselves I’ll be laughing but you need a cop and there ain’t one around because your family is getting assaulted murdered All the Above because of some Muslim or some illegal immigrant!!!!! Just wow

    • Poop

      Nice casual racism.

  • Dan

    Peaceful protest worked for India 😛 Our oppressors know how to put down violent revolutions they have been doing it for centuries, to have a successful revolution we need to do it peacefully because violence is there game and they know how to win it!