Man With Disassembled Toy Gun With Orange Cap Shot in the Head by Cop

YAKIMA — A man has been shot in the head and killed by a police officer while sitting in his car with a disassembled toy gun.

It was a toy airsoft gun with a bright orange cap and it was separated into different pieces, according to reports.

The man was peaceful and was simply on his way to get his fiance’s car washed.

His death has deeply saddened his family and community.

He leaves behind his relatives, his fiance, and his 4 month old baby son.

He leaves behind his relatives, his fiance, and his 4 month old baby son.

“At night I can’t sleep,” said his fiance. “I mean, I wake up at 3 am.”

The man leaves behind his relatives, his fiance, and his 4 month old baby son.

The police claim that the officer who pulled the trigger thought that the car was “suspicious.”

But no reason is given as to why it was “suspicious” and Rocendo Arias, the 23-yr-old victim, had no criminal felony records.

“Anybody’s husband could be at the car wash cleaning the car for their wife,” said his fiance in a report by KimaTV.

“You know, he had to go to work at five. And, just because he’s sitting in his car, it’s ‘suspicious’ … at a 24-hour car wash?” She asked.

Yakima Police say that officer Casey Gilette was watching Rocendo for over an hour.

After an hour, officer Gilette secretly approached the car and simply opened the door without announcing himself, according to reports.

He then gunned down Rocendo, shooting him four times, once to the head — executing the young man immediately.

Was this yet another case of a frightened, trigger-happy officer who was spying on a peaceful American and hoping to take down an evil “terrorist”?

He was shot four times, including once to the head, while at a 24 hour carwash.

He was shot four times, including once to the head, while at a 24 hour carwash. Photo via Yakima Herald

Officer Gilette is scheduled to be interviewed later this week in his department as part of the “investigation.”

He has been given paid leave in the meantime.

He has been with the Department for 14 months, according to reports.

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The victim’s family says that the toy gun had been stuck under the car seat for weeks.

They think that Rocendo was simply cleaning his car before taking it through the car wash.


“He was a good man,” says Elena Reyes, his fiance’s sister. “He was the best man my sister could ever find.”

“They were going to get married, they were going to grow old together and now, he’s gone,” she said, devastated.

“Can you understand why the officer reacted the way he did?” asked Kima TV in an interview with Reyes.

”No, I don’t understand why he did,” said Reyes. “I just know that’s it’s wrong. I just know that there were other ways to handle it.”

The story comes on the back of another recent incident involving an officer who executed a child — the child was walking in a field with a toy gun that had transparent casing. The officer was able to keep his job, which sparked angry protests.

The fact remains: even if these victims did have real firearms, police would have no right to open fire on them for exercising the 2nd amendment.

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  • Christopher Seow

    It is time to start to hate police, those who love police love to get shot.

  • Mat

    What the shit is happening over there, everyday your cops are killing citizens for nothing and getting away with it? With so many guns in the hands of american citizens, why aren’t there more of these facist bully boys in costume dead?

    America is viewed as the most well armed, take no shit nation on this earth, why then do I keep reading about Americans being so subservient and weak.

    • Shenandoah Flowers

      Because we have been trained to treat these Cops as Hero’s. Every TV show with cops in it shows them breaking the law every day to arrest the bad guy, getting us used to cops being outside the laws we have to hold too.

    • D

      Because we are also largly selfish and unable to come together anymore. And if just ONE of us stand up to a cop anymore you’ll have 30 of them in seconds unloading on you. And even then, as you see, nothing happens. We’re well armed but it’s just meaningless if we’re to afraid to use it for fear of loosing what little rights we THINK we still have.

  • Arnt Johnsen

    The police seems to act as murderers in Govermental suits and service for them and no one else, they can obviously do what ever they want…

  • Jonathan

    trigger happy motherfucking piece of shit, die you fucking pig.

  • william

    “Based on the
    preliminary investigation, I absolutely stand behind the officer and his
    actions in the shooting that occurred,” Yakima Police Chief Dominic Rizzi told
    the Yakima

    That tells you everything you need to know about that PD.
    He stands behind a man who without a warrant entered a man’s car, a breach of this now dead
    man’s 4 amendment right and shot and killed a man holding a disassembled air
    soft gun without assessing weather or not there was even a real threat, without
    calling for back up, without identifying the man and without giving him a
    chance to place this so called threat down. And what do they have to say in
    there defense? It was dark, it was 3am in the morning. To me that is even more
    damming. If it was that dark and you could tell if there was a real gun or not,
    why did you nor retreat to your squad car and call for help? Out right murder
    and he stands behind this man. Thug murdering criminals, all of them. I hope
    they rot in hell. We got a bunch of want to be Billy bad a.. running around here
    with guns killing people at the drop of a hat. how many people have to die like
    this before we get these thugs out of law enforcement? Can you not see what they’re
    doing? Do you not see what they have become. They are a direct threat to our
    lives. Do you even have any idea how many times this has happened in the past 2
    years. Start putting these cops on death row and this will stop, don’t and they
    will keep right on killing us. A cop with a badge has become no more than a
    murderer with a get out of jail free card. A licenses to kill. Is this what you

  • John Richardson Meadows

    The rules is: You may kill, rape and brutalize anyone you wish to kill, brutalize and rape, as long as your victim is not of a family of equal or higher institutional rank. The police, are doing what those of higher institutional ranks are telling them to do and providing them the rewards of money and protection from prosecution and application of the capital punishment* that their crimes merit. The fact that they see no wrong in it all, indicates the conditions of their minds. People who do not understand the antisocial uneconomic wrong of killing, causing death and treating people as inferiors and lower classes, should not hold government positions.

    • Adam Brian

      Right overthrow your local government. If they are corrupt people may need to contemplate the fact. It’s really as simple as this.

  • Halvar Fonn Dretvik

    You’re not safe anywhere in the U.S anymore… Both the criminals and the lawmen are after you nowadays….