Man and Woman Were Together at Park, Cops Make Man Leave and Force Woman to Perform Sex Acts: Report


BATON ROUGE — Officers Bolden, Wheeler, and Jackson have all three been indicted for charges of abuse of power.

The abuse of power charges are in connection with a forced sexual act, according to reports.

It began when a man and a woman were sitting together in a car.

The two were parked at Old Hammond Park and hanging out with each other.

That’s when the officers pulled up in their police cruisers and approached the two, according to reports.

Officer Wheeler and Jackson made the male get out of the car.

He complied with their orders.

The two officers then took the male away, forcing him out of the park, sources say.

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They did this while Officer Bolden, who is 40 years old, stayed with the female.

Once the male was removed from the scene, Officer Bolden then forced the girl to perform sexual acts, according to reports.

Sgt. Mary Ann Godawa, a police spokeswoman, says that the two officers who took the male away, leaving the female alone with Officer Bolden, have both been placed on paid leave.

As for Officer Bolden, he has “resigned.” 

“There are always going to be bad apples in the group. My job as an administrator is to find those bad apples and serve them with the discipline and whatever law they may have broke,” said Baton Rouge Police Chief Carl Dabadie.

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A grand jury has decided to charge all three with abuse of power, rather than sexual battery.

“Based on our review of the law and compared to the facts, the abuse of office was the most proper charge,” said District Attorney Hillar Moore.

If the officers are convicted, they may receive up to five years in jail, with a one year minimum. Watch video below:

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  • SirTerrance Murphy

    “Bad apples in the group” you’re all rotten to the core and need to be shot . People have had enough soon there will be dead cops every where .

    • J_Temperance

      Way to take the high ground.

      • Scott Downey

        We are running out of room in the high ground. Too many sheep up there.

      • Tom Goffnett

        What is the high ground, in your opinion?

        • J_Temperance

          Tom, please go kill yourself. Thank you.

          • RonPaulKicksAss

            Seriously, that’s your answer to Tom’s question?
            Way to take the high ground. ROFL!

          • J_Temperance

            RPKA, please join Tom in killing yourself, ROFL.

          • Glenn Festog

            Never expect an answer from a troll that is useful or even content appropriate; the dampness in their mother’s basement makes them cranky.

          • J_Temperance

            Glenn, you know what it is – GFKYRS.

  • Joseph Kuykendall

    This is rape, they should be charged for rape. Not suspended with pay, not suspended without pay. Not fired, they should be imprisoned. I am seeing more and more stories of cops acting outrageous. More outrageous than most criminals. This is why people fear the police. What if that girl would have tried to defend herself and injured or killed (which they would have deserved) one of the police officers. She would have definitely been thrown under the jail. I am really sick and tired of corrupt police officers and I demand something be done about it.

    • Theron

      Not only is it rape but also since I can assume he was armed it is use of a firearm during the commision of a felony. First degree Rape, Kidnapping. Felony criminal assault while in possession of a firearm, these are all separate charges and there should be many more.

      • Eddie Zamora

        All this is so true are country has failed the people

      • BobTrent

        That’s “possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.” Mere possession of a dangerous weapon during the commission of a crime involving violence, threat of violence, or intimidation where a reasonable person would fear possible violence.
        This has been going on for the last 10,000+ years. Before police forces as we think of them were first organized, order was maintained by soldiers. Soldiers stationed among civilians have a longstanding reputation for robbing, bullying, raping and otherwise abusing the people they were assigned to protect.
        Why do you think the enmity of old-line Southerners has lasted so long? Because the damYankees took their slaves away? Yeah sure when only a small minority of Southerners owned even one slave? When many of the Southern people were recent immigrants who had nothing to do with slavery?

      • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

        White fkkk pig is really a nigger baby tOilet race and country of failure!!!


    • They should be in prison, but a grand jury, made up of cop worshipping citizen sheep, decided not to indict for that. And I’m sure the DA didn’t present a very convincing case for rape either.
      Things will never change as long as the citizenry puts cops on an ivory tower and the DA protects them.

      • Klokinator

        Dude I can’t wait to become a cop. Heck, let’s ALL become cops! Then the law won’t mean anything anymore and we can do wtf we want!

        • Eddie Zamora

          Thats right

      • BobTrent

        Why of course she gave the cop consent!

    • Tyler Sharp

      Then join me and the PEOPLE and rise

    • Kenneth Glen Smith

      How about rape AND ABUSE OF POWER??? WTF??? They have NO problem charging the average citizen with multiple crimes. This was rape AND abuse of power. Why no double charge when it is common practice on everyone else???

    • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys



  • So What

    Resigned??? MF’er needs to be placed on the end of a rope

    • Tothar

      Needs to be resigned to a hole in the ground.

  • Sean Buckley

    I like how he said “There’s ALWAYS bad apples in the group”. Little subconscious slip there.

  • Ann

    If a total stranger did this it would be sexual assault, false imprisonment, coercion, accessory to a felony, I mean I’m not an expert and that’s what comes to the top of my head. Paid leave? Why not charged, then let the DA investigate like regular folks.

  • IHateFatChicks

    This require significant street justice be meted out against all 3 of these despicable pigs.

  • 31Forever

    When was it decided on the “only one felony per person” rule?

    Charge these bastards with both the rape and the abuse of power.

    Also, wasn’t there some court somewhere advocating for either real or chemical castration? These pricks sound like ideal candidates for that.

  • Why Amewica

    This should be considered Rape. The officer should be a convicted sex offender for this.

  • This is not one bad cop, but three acting together. The two ‘officers’ who remain on the force are pleading “not guilty” but why did the other cop quit if there’s no guilt?

  • Heather

    I’m so tired of hearing about cops raping women then getting no more than a slap on the wrist. This is a sick injustice. There is no justice in the system.

  • Christian

    15 to life. Law Enforcement should receive double jepordary. Service men do.

  • Phasung Baccam

    It time stock up weapon

  • LawrenceNeal

    The gir’s family should beat them bloody, before they’re thrown in general population for 30 years.

  • 4t3fr2r

    Only in a corrupt bullshit government like this is “abuse of power” while wearing a gun taken so lightly. While the government continues to abuse citizens and hand out long term prison sentences for far lesser crimes, it’s own workers continue to walk around nearly untouchable. Cop drives drunk? Gets to go on home. Citizen drives drunk? Arrested, stripped search, antagonized, charged with more crimes.

    They will burn.

  • Damien Cross

    All these PIGS deserve to be Killed.

    Let’s get a price on their heads so someone can make the place just a little safer by taking the PIGS out of the gene pool.

    • nobody important

      How much do you have on it?

  • Tothar

    Uh didn’t they brake two laws, shouldn’t they be tried for both?

  • Anon

    They should have their genitals cut off.

  • The Watcher

    Your first mistake is calling them officers these men in uniform are not officers they are thugs! most from another country you better start dealing with them like thugs and get it out of your head calling them officers….because they are not. Don’t think this can’t happen to your wife or your daughter. Man up!

  • JP

    People with power, like Cops, should… if anything… have higher/stricter charges for such despicable acts! Has the woman gotten any help for the potential Trauma this has caused Her or her significant other?

  • Michael von Pallutz

    “abuse of power” is a very very convenient tool for busted cops,to get away with a minimum on damage to them ….that’s all , it is a charade to make the general population believe that those law enforcers getting punished just like any other person ,but they don’t …….

    • Lisa Shepherd

      Until the “good cops” step up, speak out and cross that “Thin Blue Line”, they’re no better than the alleged “good” Muslims that stand by and do nothing to stop the wackos within their own kind. To do nothing, then you choose to be painted with the same brush. Don’t like it? Speak UP!!! Speak OUT!!!

      ALL public servants, especially law enforcement, should be mandated to be bonded and insured, the policy paid for out of their OWN pockets. If no insurance company is willing to take on that gamble, than these “high risk” people will be unable to gain employment in these fields.

      If the bureaucracy chooses to hire them without such insurance, then at the time that these government
      employees abrogate the parameters of their position and are sued by their victims, the already overburdened taxpayer should NEVER be financially liable for their unlawful conduct and actions.

  • Lisa Shepherd

    “Administrative leave”, a.k.a. Paid Vacation. The one who raped her resigned. So fuck up (literally) on your job, get a paid vacation or merely quit your job. Where on god’s green earth is this considered JUSTICE?

  • Jean Laffite de Barataria

    Grand jury need to be lynched along wih these rapists hiding behind badges for giving them a licence to rape and only be charged with jaywalking! What kind of message does this send to every cop ogling your wife or daughter form their squad cars? Is this Slatilist Russia or Fascist Italy? Even Hitler and Saddam EXECUTED their own soldiers if they raped women! The MAFIA is FAR more decent than the tyrants who call themselves cops, and “our” government!…soon, vigilante justice will be the only option left to Americans, and the ones who think cop should have rape reduced to abuse of power need to be Ceaucescue’d!

    • Scott Downey

      Did I just see a woman killed for her husbands crimes?

    • smokymtnwudcarvr

      this should be sent to all in congress and the senate ,as a reminder of what can happen to wanna be dictators

  • Bendy Bentley

    Good that action was taken against these pigs, so that is something to be thankful for, at least. Not good that they escape being charged with what they actually did, which would mean they would have to register as sex offenders, so other potential victims could be warned. Cops like these suck, and those covering for them may suck worse, because it is in their power to rid innocent people of these thugs, yet they wont do it.

  • QbMaster

    The one officer should be charged with both crimes. The other two should be charged with abuse of power.

  • Nicholas Christian

    Fake….. Super fake its all to sell that key duh

    • nobody important

      So you didn’t bother with the news clip?

  • Kevin Murray

    They wouldnt have enough protection to save em. NOBODY would have heard about this story!

  • HammerHead

    I wonder how much of this is actually true. If it’s proven in a court of law and the officers are convicted by a jury of their peers, then they should be held accountable and face the maximum sentence. Something tells me that this is just a little over the realm of possibility though. All persons, whether an officer or average citizen, are innocent until proven guilty. Seems like a lot of people are jumping to conclusions here and convicting these guys before all the facts of the case are actually known.

  • Daniel Petersen

    If this was you or me the prosecutor would be painting us as despicable people hell bent on the destruction of society… If some cops do it they get a slap on the wrist and some paid leave…
    Protect and serve their own agendas.

  • RasMike Wilmeth Cmt

    One day they are gonna do this to the wrong family with a seal team or other special ops dad and the fury of hell will be unleashed.

  • JJ

    Disgusting. Since that’s white hooded officers are protected.. Again, She, the victim, should bring a civil suit against the dept and all 3 officers. Hoods don’t respect the law. Hit them in the pockets and they will mew something awful.

  • M. Cameron O’Dell

    Why do cops get charged with “the most proper charge” instead of the massive charge stacking that everyone else gets?

  • Truth and Justice

    How about a public hanging instead?

  • Obvious abuse of cop authority! This is going into my pinterest board of shame !

  • nobody important
  • Sherri Hollyfield

    Just a few yrs in jail???!!! She had a better chance getting justice on her own!

  • disqus_9fhZYKUgbw

    This is a SEX CRIME

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    I’m not sure calling a rapist, a “bad apple” is quite the adequate description.

  • Kevin Woodrow

    Cops need backseat love too, she can always brag to friends about her first 4 way. gotta be positive.

  • Walt Karma

    The prosecutor is simply smiling and gladly doing the same thing for the cops the girl was forced to do. No chance for the cops to have to register as sex offenders. Don’t think abuse of power conviction requires that.

  • Dee Muhammad

    the good ole judicial system, from prosecutor’s, judges, and that’s why cops get away with it.their not going to jail at all

  • ACAB

    What is the Boyfriend doing? Anything? What a coward, they rape his woman and he did nothing? The headlines would read 3 funerals if that was my wife.

  • Andre Leonard

    Nothing new here.. Pigs will be pigs. This time the pigs got caught which is rare.

  • John Miller

    Grand jury should ask itself “What would I charge them with if it were my daughter, wife , mother? ” ) Cops need the same rules as all of us

  • Marianne Sandy

    What kind of bullsht is this! These men cops raped that woman! Abuse of power? They are rapist and molestors!

  • Tyler London

    Abuse of power? They should be charged with rape.

  • Eddie Zamora

    Sexual assault WOW!!!!!
    I plead guilty for residential buglary because they wanted to give me 2 strikes with 7 years and i was fighting my case for a year and missed my family so i opted out even though i was innocent
    This has been happening for years
    Maybe the people should police their own state,

  • We can end the corruption if you endorse us.

    We, The Average People, are at war with the wealthiest 400 of the world. Can we help each other to end the corruption?

    We are a nation divided into thousands of directions / causes with the wealthiest 400 doing the dividing. As long as we stay splintered, we will never stop the corruption.

    Have a look at this video. “″ frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen>

    If you agree, join us. Let ALL Of Us, the average people, come together in this one vision “TO END THE CORRUPTION IN WASHINGTON DC”” and we will.

    Sincerely, CWS

  • JonathanandKaren Parris

    Just wondering how come they will put our faces out there how come they are not made 2 , when they do wrong. .Just wondering. .To me it’s wrong. …

  • Robert Balsavage

    practice sniping skills, get a cop from a distance,be able to get away before they relize where it came from.

  • David Desorcy

    makes me sick,pigs are never held responsible for anything they do

  • This behavior deserves vigilante justice. Those cops should be swinging from a tree by their necks with a rope.

  • SGillhoolley

    They should be charged with abuse of power AND sexual battery. Two crimes were committed with that one act.

    • SGillhoolley

      And they should serve their time in Gen Pop.

  • Rick Hiltz

    that cunt of a DA should be forced out of office and stripped of the ability to practice law as well

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    “Based on our review of the law and compared to the facts, the abuse of office was the most proper charge,”

    How about rape? That sounds more appropriate. Oh, and kidnapping, for the male. But, as administrator of the police, it’s your prerogative to get them the lesser charges, isn’t it?

  • Amennone Cero

    Google legal name fraud to learn precisely how to delete all cops and attorneys. It is illegal to use the legal name.

  • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys


  • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This is an old story, from 2014. Does anyone know the resolution of the rapists?

  • Pathetic sentencing for cops in the US. 5 years for rape and they probably won’t serve 1 day.