Mother Devastated as Cop Shoots Her Mentally Ill Child to Death for “Hiding in Closet”


Mike Heuer | Courthouse News Service

LAS VEGAS (CN) — Las Vegas Metro police had no reason to shoot a man to death as he hid in a closet in his mother’s house and raised his hands as he was ordered, his family claims in court.

A police video records officers shooting Abel Correa to death about one second after an officer says, “Get your hands up.”

His mother Maria Correa and her three surviving sons say police knew Abel suffered from mental health issues, had “never used violence toward police or another individual,” and had been placed on a mental health hold. They sued Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, and Metro police Officers Glenn Taylor and Eli Prunchak, on Aug. 4 in Federal Court.

Taylor and Prunchak shot 24-year-old Abel five times on the morning of Aug. 7, 2015, after a neighbor called the police to report that he had thrown a trailer ball-hitch through his front window.

A brother gave Taylor and Prunchak permission to search their home for Abel, who was hiding in a closet in the living room. His mother says Abel presented no threat to the officers, was not armed with a knife or gun, and had no means of escape from the closet where he was hiding.

Nonetheless, when “Prunchak ordered Abel to raise his arms, and when Abel Correa complies, defendants discharged their weapons at least five time, killing Abel Correa,” his mother says in the complaint.

Days after the shooting, Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said Abel Correa was armed with a wrench and a screwdriver and lunged at the officers. It was the seventh time Metro Police officers killed a person that year, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The family seeks punitive damages for wrongful death, excessive force, negligence, and violations of civil rights through customs, policies, procedures and training.

They are represented by Melvin Grimes, who was not immediately available by telephone Tuesday.

Metro Police do not comment on pending litigation.

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  • Don Unruh

    Never, ever call the cops for help assisting a mentally ill person. Time and time again (I can think if two mentally ill guys killed by Seattle cops and Bainbridge Island cops in the past 5 years) the only response they have to offer is to kill the patient.

    • Christinejgonzalez4

      <<fb. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il16r:….,……

    • Reverend Veritas

      I heard of an instance where a schizophrenic man was shot by police while he was strapped down in a hospital gurney when he was having an episode. He survived, sued and won.

      • Virginiajarellano3

        <<fb. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il369r:….,……

  • PatriotUSofA

    Why aren’t Taylor and Prunechak on trial for murder?

    • Objectless

      Hahaha, that doesn’t happen here in the United Police States… And even if they were to be indicted they surely wouldn’t be convicted.

    • Reverend Veritas

      Even if they got in trouble they’d resign and somehow magically be absolved of all guilt or responsibility.

  • 1blueadept2

    fucking hero’s my ass. I will never call the cops, ever again.

  • runnerin1

    The Cop was scared. This little bitch who claimed he wanted to be a Police officer was a scared little bitch.

    • Sylvia Woods

      Aint sh*t without them guns!

  • Rick Hiltz

    see its time to just start killing this fucking cops instead of engaging them with conversation so they can lie about what happened shoot the fuckers before they shoot you

    • Where’s the blow man?!!!

      Follow their ugly asses one night and just blast em

  • Six

    He didn’t even give him a chance to comply! Murder!

    • Sylvia Woods

      Trayvon Martin!

      • Difdi

        Martin wasn’t murdered. Almost all the evidence — and ALL of the physical evidence — clearly shows it was self-defense.

        • Basil Malik

          That’s not correct at all… all the evidence points to a psychopath stalking a teenager on the way home from going to the convenience store.
          The only reason you don’t see it that way is because it wasn’t your loved one being stalked and your coward little bigotry cultivated by your coward hateful parents and their parents before them.

          • Difdi

            Isn’t it funny how you have judged me solely on the basis of the skin color you imagine I have, spewed blind hatred for me on that basis — yet I am somehow the racist one of the two of us?

            As for Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, you certainly appear to have drank the kool-aid on this one. Instead of reading biased propaganda, perhaps you should read the actual trial transcripts? I have, and it’s pretty clear that the people who claim Martin was the victim are spinning things so hard, I’m surprised they haven’t reinvented the helicopter.

            Trayvon Martin got what he deserved — not because he was black but because when a person decides to commit murder, they waive an expectation they might have to remain safe themselves. A member of a neighborhood watch saw a young man acting suspiciously and did exactly as his duty demanded — he followed that man, observed him, and reported his actions to the police. When the police ordered the watchman to withdraw, he did so. At that moment, Trayvon Martin was SAFE. And then Trayvon Martin decided to leave that condition of safety and follow George Zimmerman.

            When Martin was killed, he was sitting on top of Zimmerman and leaning pver him — the wound angle and entry point would be impossible if he were in any other posture — and that fits with Zimmerman’s testimony that Martin was pinning him to the ground and attempting to slam his head into a concrete curb. That is not a defensive posture, that is an aggressive one.

            Zimmerman testified that he did not attempt to draw his COMPLETELY LEGAL gun until he felt his life was in danger. Up until that point, he had met Martin’s attack — and it was an attack, there is no such thing in US law as preemptive, aggressive self defense — as barehanded as Martin was. But then Martin discovered Zimmerman had a holstered pistol and attempted to grab it out of the holster. At that point Zimmerman rightfully feared for his life, drew his gun and defended himself. He didn’t spam bullets at Martin in an attempt to kill, he fired one shot and paused to see if the threat was ended. It was, so he did not fire a second shot.

            Trayvon Martin pursued George Zimmerman slme 300 feet from Martin’s residence to where Zimmerman had parked, attacked Zimmerman, and then attempted to kill Zimmerman. It’s a very clear cut case of self defense and that’s why the prosecutor did not charge Zimmerman with murder. It wasn’t until there was misplaced public outcry that the prosecutor — a position that is often a stepping stone to elected office — gave in. to the pressure and VIOLATED HIS OATH to bring charges against Zimmerman. The thing is, the resulting trial found out pretty much exactly the same thing the police investigation did, that Zimmerman acted in self defense.

            People like to proclaim that Martin was just a little boy, or that Zimmerman was bigger, or Zimmerman was a trained fighter. None of that is actually true. Martin was taller than Zimmerman, and they were within 12 pounds of weight of the other. While 17 is relatively young, it’s old enough to stand trial as an adult for murder at the prosecutor’s option. Martin was a semi-trained MMA fighter, Zimmerman was an out of shape older man who recently started taking exercise classes a couple weeks before.

            The outcry about Stand Your Ground laws was also a red herring in the matter, since Zimmerman’s defense didn’t involve them. Even in a state where the law mandates a duty to retreat, Zimmerman still would have been fully justified, since you cannot retreat when pinned to the ground by a larger, stronger, younger man.

          • Basil Malik

            You’re an anonymous coward who wasn’t there, and have no idea wtf actually happened.
            We do know if Zimmerman hadn’t stalked martin, Martin would not be on top of him fighting for his life.
            What I also know about your brand of ignorance and hate is that if Martin was a white teen you would have been screaming for his head.
            No need to reply… I don’t go back and forth any longer with anonymous coward mongers who celebrate the life of cowards….

          • Difdi

            And you are a closed minded bigot who pre-judges people based solely on imagined skin color.

            Ignorance and hate? The only ignorance and hate here are yours.

            I offered you reasoned truth and you screamed hatred back. Now you declare that I am somehow a coward, yet you are the one who is afraid to open your eyes.

            What are you so terrified of seeing? A mirror, perhaps?

          • Basil Malik

            You’re using transerene again. I said I prejudice on history and action. Bigots like you try so hard to transfer your hatred and ignorance on others, it’s really sad. Plus you lack the intellect to do it with any means of sophistication.
            When I say I hate you then you can call me hateful, but only one of us here is celebrating the death of a child.
            I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re a helpless cripple living vicariously thru your bigotry. Best case you have nothing meaningful to offer society so you mask your irrelevance in anonymous hate thinking it elevates your existance. It doesn’t. Your just a hapless hateful bum with a bum ideology, a bum intellect and an inability to recognize it.

          • Basil Malik

            One more thing.. As you poorly attempt to project your hate on me I challenge you to point ot one hateful thing I’ve said. Might be some money for meth in it for you.

          • Basil Malik

            Here’s something a small, simple minded bigot from a small universe who gets all his information from other small, simple minded bigots wouldn’t know. In the same way a coward bigot like yourself and every other hateful delusional white supremacist never attacks, beats, murders a victim(s) by themselves They only do it when there is a clear advantage, like having their target outnumbered. A black teen would never attack a grown man alone, especially in a neighborhood that isnt his. Just like grown white bigoted wanna be supremacists by themselves, a black teen by himself is afraid to attack by himself.

          • Where’s the blow man?!!!

            If Trayvon was walking The Fuck away!!!! How was that justified period?! I saw no threat if he was walking away! On his way home actually

          • Difdi

            If Trayvon Martin had been walking away when he was shot and killed, then the bullet would have entered his back more or less level and the shooting would have been a very clear-cut case of second degree murder.

            However, the wound that killed Trayvon was at a steep upward angle to the front of his torso, and he had powder burns on his clothes and skin. For that to happen as he walked away would be completely impossible unless he shot himself. But it’s exactly the sort of gunshot wound you’d expect to see if he were sitting atop his victim, pinning George Zimmerman to the ground.

            Trayvon Martin wasn’t shot while on his way home, even though he was acting like he was casing the houses in the neighborhood for a burglary. Trayvon Martin actually made it home completely safe and alive. But then he chose to chase George Zimmerman and attack the man.

            During the ensuing fight, Martin tried to kill Zimmerman and Zimmerman used his completely legal gun to fire one shot in completely legal self defense and that one shot killed Martin.

            That’s not opinion, that’s a fact. Martin died over three hundred feet away from his house after walking to it then leaving it again. When he died he was pinning Zimmerman to the ground under him.

          • Where’s the blow man?!!!

            Aye DilWeed gtf with that shit

          • Difdi

            The thing about the truth is it doesn’t stop being true just because you don’t want to believe it.

            Trayvon Martin tried to murder a man and was killed by his victim in self defense. Case closed.

          • Where’s the blow man?!!!

            Shut your stupid ass up you don’t even know WTF happened

          • Difdi

            Neither do you. You don’t have a clue what happened there that night, you just have an idea that you wish were true. I wasn’t there either, but unlike you, I do have facts backing my belief.

            I wasn’t there, but there were very well trained people who know how to do science to find out where people were when someone got shot, by looking at things like what angle the bullet hit at. They have no reason to lie, and in fact, they were under a lot of pressure from people like you to find something, anything, to prove Zimmerman did in fact murder Martin.

            Guess what? They couldn’t find anything like that. What they did find, was proof that Zimmerman was telling the truth about what happened. Martin tried to murder Zimmerman, tried to commit second degree murder because Martin was a violent, racist thug and saw a chance to get his hands bloody.

            Zimmerman decided he didn’t want to be murdered that night and used the minimum necessary force to do that. He only fired one shot because it only took one shot to end the threat to his life.

            The bullet hit Martin in the torso at an upward angle, leaving gun powder burns on Martin’s skin and clothes as well as on Zimmerman. None of that could have happened unless Zimmerman was flat on his back on the ground, with Martin sitting on top of him, pinning him to the ground, at the time Zimmerman fired. From the location of the blood from the fatal wound and the location of where Martin fell down at, it’s clear that Martin aggressively pursued Zimmerman — why is it obvious? Because Zimmerman’s phone metadata shows he was outside Martin’s house before the shooting, then walked back to his truck, over 300 feet from Martin’s house. Martin was safe at home, and if he had stayed there he would still be alive. Instead, he chased down Zimmerman and attacked Zimmerman at Zimmerman’s truck. It’s not self defense to chase someone and try to murder them.

            You’re desperate to believe Zimmerman was the attacker and Martin the victim, but it’s just not true no matter how much you scream. But I’m sure you’ll keep screaming, out of some crazy ass belief that being loud and stupid makes you right. Somehow.

          • Where’s the blow man?!!!

            You Fuck your mom you incest freak

          • Joseph Walden

            Your an idiot, it was a racist versus a child. The only reason George couldn’t win is because he wasn’t assaulting a woman, racial profiling is a crime and George is guilty as sin.

        • Sylvia Woods

          Sorry I meant Tamir Rice!! Apologies! ! Truly !!

          • Just saying

            The 12 year old playing in the park with a toy gun with an Orange tip, who never even pointed at them, this is why the training is supposed to be used, command, disarm, investigate not fire a kill shot for a child doing what kids do with a common toy still sold in stores, if they are so scary then they cannot protect and serve the people, only their thirst to kill and be protected by the courts.
            There’s no excuses, their murders.

          • Difdi

            Yeah, that’s a big difference there. Tamir Rice was murdered for playing with a toy — Trayvon Martin hunted an innocent man down and tried to commit murder but was killed in self defense by his victim.

          • Basil Malik

            Your the biggest anonymous idiot here. There is video of tray von minding his own business at a store stupid. There is a phone call to the police from Zimmerman saying he is following Martin. The same call where the dis patcher says “we don’t need you to follow him” the fact you can twist those realities around to suggest Martin stalked GZ to justify and celebrate the murder of a teen is indicative of the type of animal you are.

  • Harry Houston

    Polisis at it yet again