Mother of Two Killed in Her Car by Cop Who Wouldn’t Yield the Right-of-Way

RAY BROOK — A mother of two has died after a police officer who would not follow traffic laws smashed into her vehicle.

Jennifer Chauvin, 33, was driving with her two children in her vehicle.

It appeared to be a normal morning like any other.

Jennifer never expected that her life would end in just a few minutes.

As she pulled her vehicle up, Officer Joshua Jenkins, who was accelerating in his Police SUV, would not stop.

Officer Jenkins was supposed to obey traffic laws and yield the right-of-way to the mother.

Because he failed to yield, the Officer rammed his SUV into Jennifer and her children.

Jennifer was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her three-yr-old child Riley and her six-yr-old child Kaleb will never see their mother again.

Both children suffered injuries and have been hospitalized.

The fatal crash occurred in the morning in Ausable, Clinton County.

The children have been “transported to Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital,” according to a report by WPTZ News.

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Officer Joshua Jenkins “failed to yield the right of way,” according to investigators.


He was driving a New York State police SUV when he smashed into Jennifer’s smaller Ford Focus.

The police assured the public that the “accident remains under investigation.”

There is no word yet whether Officer Jenkins will be convicted for vehicular manslaughter, or whether he will keep his job, or whether he will receive paid time off. Further details will be provided as more information becomes available.

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Jennifer’s children miss their mother and are still being treated for injuries.

Watch the video below.

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  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    I detect yet another paid vacation and an “investigation”(wink, wink) by his buddies. The only good thug with a badge is a dead thug with a badge.

  • TheAlchemist86

    Yeah he has to administer first aid, or he realized oh boy I done messed up big. The police have already said he “failed to yield.” He is then directly responsible for this woman’s death. He needs to be held accountable for his actions just like the rest of us.

    • circlingthedrain

      Did he administer first aid or make sure she would make no statements?

  • plattsburgh ny

    most funny part about this story is it happened almost a week ago i believe.. and have not heard a single word about it in the news here since the day it happened.. these cops are investigating themselves its his own troop thats conducting the investigation.. likelyhood of him facing any charges is slim to none… its pathetic

    • David Richter

      “likelyhood of him facing any charges is slim to none” yea, and I just saw slim leave town….

  • JohannIvan

    I think I see a paid vacation in this officer’s future. You know.. to teach him a lesson about the “consequences” of acting unlawfully.

    • Eric Marquez

      he was out of vacation days..

    • TheAlchemist86

      Sometimes I wish my job worked this way. Hey I need paid time off, oh well I think I’ll just kill a customer.

  • Elisabeth Dunagan

    They will say she wasn’t wearing a seat belt so she caused her own death. Wait for it!

  • JonNy Begood

    he should be arrested for murder. tired of cops getting away with shit!!!!

  • bob

    another day…..another douchebag cop

  • upagainstthewall

    The title is rather misleading. To say that the officer “wouldn’t” yield the right of way is a far cry from failing to yield the right of way. I am not a cop hater. I hate injustice and corruption. This is not a case of corruption. This is a case of a human error. I am certain the officer is not at home dancing and experiencing joy over someone losing their life. I don’t believe he intentionally caused this accident. Speculations can be made, and his character can be torn apart. But what purpose does it serve? Is it really necessary to dehumanize him and make false assumptions?
    This was a car accident. Sometimes people lose their lives in car accidents. I believe officers carry auto insurance like the rest of us. So let the auto insurance settle with the family for the loss they endured.
    I understand this site is supposed to be informative and I do enjoy seeing corruption brought to our attention. However this is something that was not done out of malice… it was an accident. He failed to yield the right of way, and he admitted it. What more can we ask for? Would it make anyone feel better if they videotaped him crying about the loss of the little boys? Or are there other people out there that can understand that accidents do happen? They happen everyday.

    • Iamderricklogan

      Your killed your post by saying I’m a cop hater. Then turn around and defend the cop!!!!

      • jclee

        iamderricklogan, you better practice your reading skills. Upagainstthewall said “I AM” not a cop hater.” So no he did not kill his own post. You just displayed your inability to read a simple post, which tells me you are careless and will not take the time to get your facts straight.

      • Guest

        “I am not a cop hater.” I have a right to my own opinion just as you do yours. I am not a cop hater. Apparently you misread what I wrote. I hate injustice and corruption.

        • you love the cops…. You fake hate the police

        • Sharleen Targon

          You love cops because none of your loved ones have ever been affected by there BS. Perhaps your type is on the jury that lets these pigs get by with such behaviors!

          • May Gibson

            Get a load of this one everyone, Hates cops but goes to pro palestine events. What a raging nutcase.

          • Sharleen Targon

            Loving women and children is my job May Gibson. Not my problem you are a Zionist pig who is into small government

    • Josh

      Just keep making excuses. Negligence of law is not an accuse as a cop would say.
      Im sure the cop isnt crying and cant sleep either just another victim under his belt.

    • Miles Coleman

      That’s why it is called involuntary manslaughter……if the rest of us are charged with it, so should he….and like I said in my comment above….I almost promise you he was on his cell phone or using his computer……which is and should be against the law, for all of us…no just us everyday civilians…….if it turns out it was just an accident than I agree with your comment…….but even then, cops are supposed to have extensive driving skills and be much better drivers than the rest of us…….It goes to show that non of us are perfect and if that be the case…..cops should be banned from high speed pursuits if it turns out that all the training they have still leads to them being just as accident prone as the rest of us!

    • Sharleen Targon

      Yes human error as long as it was not one of your family or loved ones! Yes human error see how easy you get charges slapped on you for the same thing!

  • Strawman

    Reports of police misconduct continue to pile up and eventually society in general will come to the realization that the police, any police department, be it local, County, State, etc, should NOT be allowed to ‘investigate’ themselves. I will be shocked if this guy is actually held accountable. One good thing that may come out of this though, no matter what the police investigation turns up, this Trooper can and should be sued as an individual for wrongful death as it has already been determined that his actions were the direct cause of her death. Whether there are any criminal charges or not, he can be sued civilly. If he doesn’t end up in prison, would enjoy the thought that those children get a hefty chunk of his paycheck for the rest of their lives.

    • Miles Coleman

      Wont be from his paycheck if he is successfully sued….it will come from the tax payers of New York…and he will still be driving around killing more people even if that is the case……10 to 1 says he was talking on a cell phone, or typing on his tiny cop computer………

  • Chad Moore

    paid vacation as punishment for the cop then his buddies get to investigate him and find no wrong doing and he keeps his job is how this plays out most of the time

  • Iamderricklogan

    He’ll get away with it and they will find a way to blame her!

  • Arnt Johnsen

    He is a cop for gods sake, put him and his sorry ass i electric chair and fry the fucker. By being drunk and not following traffic rules that he is supposed to know and ending up killing a mother and injure her children, DEATH PENALTY is the only thing he should have.

    • doug_w

      Yep. An appointment with ol’ Sparky is just what this festering carbuncle needs. I’ll gladly flip the switch.

  • Jeff Hincks

    make this POS cop pay for the funeral & all medical costs

  • raythemixer

    Drag him into the street and shoot him in front of the public. This assholes undoubtedly cited people for doing the same thing. Cops MUST be held to a higher standard. If this animal is allowed to get away with this the entire department should be fired upon!

  • Christopher Smithy Smithsin

    Is there a website that tracks all charges that were never pressed against cops but should of been? Someone needs to start tracking that shit or compile the data.

  • forby

    you can tell by the way the authorities speak they are already trying to get the angle required for him to get off scott free.

  • carlos

    Police are out of control. When will We The People do something about it?

  • John’s Kawasaki

    they will blame her and her kids for driving there

  • Ray

    so all we have to do when we kill someone in an auto accident is render aid and we’re off the hook? Good deal if you ask me. I’m sure there will be charges filed opps just spit out my coffee listening to myself.

  • Zartan The Destroyer

    Paid vacation, transfer somewhere he can duck this.

  • Mancave Heywood

    But but’s only a few of these NAZI PIGS that are bad and abuse their power, right!!!

  • Elisa Montiel-Molina

    they kill people, investigate themselves, and get away with it; that’s why they stay assholes and stay unaccountable for their actions.

  • Gary Canterbury

    Fuck the police. Their prayers are with the children? How about prayers that cops will stop being assholes and stop killing innocent civilians?

    Badges don’t grant extra rights.

  • Charles Vella

    Unfortunately, the police will always feel it is their job to investigate their own people, and their conclusions will always reflect a bias towards the officer. A police officer can lie in court if he wants to and when it becomes his lie against your truth, his lie will always win. They can do anything they want now, and we must hope that there is some awareness and compassion on their side, but there usually isn’t. They become robots after a few years dealing with death and emotional crises, and tragedy begins to affect them less and less. I know without a doubt that this officer will be cleared of all wrong doing and be back on the job. What I don’t understand is how our military personnel come home to face a large possibility of suicide, but these cops are almost never suicidal.

  • Christopher Calvey

    Third story I heard about NY police. Government going to step in and re-evaluate the situation yet? At this rate, going back to having town Sheriffs might be better than this. X-men reference here – You may as well start calling the police Sentinels, and start calling civilians “mutants”. And you may as well call the President “Apocalypse”. This country is turning into a joke, don’t let it.

  • Mike L Hirschfield

    If that was me instead of the cop ! I would be in big trouble! And so should he! Plain and simple

  • fractalsphere

    Where’s the dash cam from his police vehicle?!

  • Dave Harvey

    Very poorly written article.
    It leaves many questions. “As she
    pulled her vehicle up”. Up to what? An intersection?
    A stop sign? Another vehicle? What? Did she come to a stop? Was she stopped when struck? Was the officer speeding? Did he have
    emergency lights on? Was her car struck
    from behind? From the side? If so, which side? What happened to the children? Again a very poorly written news article.

    • Cableguywired1

      I live around the corner from where this occurred and the cop was traveling toward a stop sign, he failed to stop at that stop sign and hit her car at full speed breaking this girls neck. There was such force that his big SUV spun around from the impact. He was a ten year veteran of the force and patrolled that area so he knew this road well.He was distracted by something to not even slow down at stop sign.The only tire marks are from impact not from slamming brakes in fact they were never applied. He needs to be held accountable like I would be. Not even a ticket!!!!!

  • Peshae

    The cops are doing way too much these days and Karma is going to come back and bite them in the a** . Whats is wrong with the cops and politicians these days? There are doing so much dirt and evil in this world. God is not please with what is going on and a lot of people who doing dirt need to get on their knees and beg for forgiveness because one of your family members can be taken away from them the same way they killed someone else’s family member.

  • Cozerbaby

    For one this article has so many mistakes in it! And I feel that everyone should just let it go and let’s see what happens the investigation is ongoing and no one said he is gunna get away with anything, I feel that whoever wrote this article that it should be deleted bc you didn’t get your facts straight!

  • keeseville n.y.

    I live on this road and there is Not a yield sign there, it is a STOP sign! He FAILED to STOP!


    I’m sick and tired of these guys getting away with murder on a daily basis

  • jack

    they will soon face the rage and anger of the public, then they shall wish they were in the right, mercy will not be swift for them

  • Sharleen Targon

    Trooper Jenkins will get by with this traffic accident like all the porkers do!

  • rick

    can you get an update on this? it seems to have been swept under the rug.

  • dxsmopuim

    Any civilian would immediately be imprisoned for a term of at least 10 years – it’s time these PIGS start receiving death sentences for their actions rather than PAID VACATIONS and PROMOTIONS !