Multiple Police Officers Shot and Executed in Ambushes

Erik De La Garza | Courthouse News Service

(CN) – A police officer writing a traffic ticket in San Antonio was executed inside his vehicle and another in St. Louis is recovering from being shot in the face, authorities said Monday.

The ambush-style shootings are the latest in a string of attacks on police officers and revived concerns over their safety, months after the July ambushes on police in Dallas and Baton Rouge.

San Antonio police on Monday continued to search for the suspect who fatally shot 50-year-old Benjamin Marconi, a 20-year veteran of the force, as he wrote a ticket in his squad car outside of the city’s police headquarters.

The suspect parked a black vehicle behind Marconi’s police cruiser late Sunday morning, walked over and fired two shots into the officer’s car, one striking him in the head, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said.

The gunman, believed to be a black man between 20 and 30 years old, then fled away in his vehicle. No arrests have been made but authorities have released images of the vehicle and a person they are now considering a suspect.

“We have pulled out all the stops, we have engaged our federal partners, our state partners and our local partners for the search for this individual,” McManus said at a news conference Monday. “The search has gone on since we started yesterday and it will not stop until this person is in custody.”

He added, “We consider this suspect to be extremely dangerous to both police and the public.”

McManus said he doesn’t believe there was any relationship between the gunman and the original driver who was pulled over. The driver was interviewed by homicide detectives and McManus said police will be conducting traffic stops in pairs until the suspect is apprehended.

The chief said he believes Marconi was targeted for being an officer.

San Antonio Crime Stoppers is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the identity of the suspect as the manhunt continued Monday.

Later on Sunday, a suspect was killed by police in St. Louis after he shot a 46-year-old police sergeant in the face. Authorities there said a driver pulled up next to the sergeant’s SUV at an intersection, opened fire through his window, and then sped away.

“What we believe is that individual was responsible for a series of crimes that have occurred in the last couple of days both here in St. Louis and St. Louis County,” Police Chief Sam Dotson said.

Dotson said the man, identified only as a black male about 19 years old, likely fired at the officer “out of concern that he would be recognized.”

The St. Louis sergeant was hospitalized in critical condition but is expected to survive.

An officer in Sanibel, Fla, was also injured when he was shot Sunday night as he sat in his patrol car. The suspect was taken into custody.

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  • Mike Rebel Carman

    About time!

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    Every time there’s one less thug with a badge, freedom, liberty and justice prevail.

  • judithica

    20 years on the force is a long time to build grudges.

  • Jumal Jones

    Next time you report on cop killers please refrain from mentioning what race the supect is on one shooting if your not going to mention the races of all suspects on all shootings, why? because you are making it seem like its only blacks killing cops and as we all know it isnt

  • MildJoe

    ‘Executed’ and ‘Recovering’ bad choice of words to put in the same sentence. Kind of confusing.

    Yes it’s a shame, but what do you really expect? One way or another cops are going to be held responsible for their wrongdoings. If it’s not going to change from the inside there will be an outside force. Not that these men deserved to be targeted or anything;but some cops are certainly bad cops, and more often than not for every bad cop there are at least a couple of other cops looking the other way or protecting each others backs.

    We’ve all seen what happens to the Good Cops that report Bad Cops. They get pushed out of the department, ostracized and intimidated. It’s called the “Fraternal” Order of Police for a reason. Half a dozen cops were indicted in my town for an illegal steroid racket. And I’ve personally had a cop blatantly lie on one of my police reports, not that I can prove it, me and him know the truth though.

    Regardless of police behavior the system is messed up, and they are essentially lackeys for a corrupt system. The drug war kills, and ruins more people’s lives than the actual drugs themselves. This country has an unhealthy obsession with criminalizing drug users. Our prisons are bursting at the seams with people who shouldn’t even be there. People go to jail, get criminal records, and have to pay ridiculous fines for smoking weed. Cops don’t really seem to have a problem with it because it just brings more money into their police department.

    Couple of years ago I was arrested with 3/10ths of a gram of marijuana. Just walking on the side walk and was stopped and searched for literally no reason. When they found the weed on me, one of them immediately took out his gun and pointed it at my face as the other began to hand cuff me. After court when all was said and done I had to pay $1,000 fine, and on criminal record, for what was roughly a $2 amount of weed. It’s basically highway robbery done by a legalized mafia. I honestly don’t know how anyone can be a cop, do that kind of stuff, and live with themselves.

    Like I said, I don’t endorse people killing cops, but it’s going to happen more often if the people in power don’t actually start punishing the bad ones. The system needs to be changed as well, End the Drug War, because I’d say, a bigger chunk of the public’s resentment of the police is their willingness to enforce such crony, extreme, and immoral laws. Especially nonviolent, victim-less crimes.

    Nowadays it seems like the police care less about our actual safety, and just want to find new ways to make money off us and fuel the private prison industry. If the system stays broken nothing is going to change, and will likely get worse. And cops need to realize this too, because their lives are at risk as well. I don’t want to see anyone die. But if you are willing to kill someone over drugs you better be prepared to die yourself. That’s mostly where the problem lies.

    • Christinepwillis

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  • Cliff

    Considering what the cops are doing up here in North Dakota, I’m gonna go ahead and so there’s more to come. The cops up here are getting paid off by the oil company to go out and assault peaceful protesters while former Blackwater members working for a private security company infiltrates the protests with weapons and start things on fire.