mum and son brutalized by police

Basically I just woke up on Sunday morning went down my stairs to two police car pulling up out side my house they rush though my front whilst im telling them they do not have.permission to enter the property then three police officers corner my sick mother in the corner ( found out later they turned the gas on on the cooker) I asked a. Pc munns warrant card number 1084 if he could come out the kitchen and tell me whats going on I was the would be arrested so I did they then got more aggressive with my mum this is when I came forward to try and calm everything down pc munns with no warning went for my throat and pava sprayed me twice first time he sprayed me he left me to it so I came forward again to try an reason with him so he decided to do again after he then starts to.restrain me pushing my chest into a metal door bar on the floor after he calls for back up ( im not resisting arrest at all) turns my head to the door where his mate opens my front on my head dnt know how many timels or that was happening but had a lump on my head near my temple they then drag me outside dnt give any bottled water for washing my eyes out in the end i dnt break the law or have a weapon but the.officer used a section 4 firearm on me and im am disabled

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Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse. The aim isn’t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets.

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  • Tyler Daniels

    My God your grammar…

    • Josh

      Thanks one does try lol had a fight with the smart phone plus the fact that 6 months on i still have panic attacks,flash backs, chronic shoulder, back, leg pain, a fuck off lump on my chest and head pain nearly every day but as I said thanks for pointing that one out because we come to this website to nit pick and miss the point completely!. Jah bless

      • abbey

        i have a bone spurr in my jaw from being beaten by a police officer, while pregnant, and because of my pregnancy i cant even get an xray so i have to wait for a referral from my doctor for a jaw ultrasound. thank god my baby is okay, but i still suffer from post traumatic stress and have constant flash backs, i fear for my own safety in my small rural town where the police are the biggest organized crime unit.

        • richardruscoe

          Our Corporate Governments want us to fear them. This is what happens when men are told the lie of unaccountability. I’m sorry this happened to you.Thankyou for your message.As a single male parent I understand this fear.This cruelty, and çowardice, will surely be met with a great vengence.

    • richardruscoe

      The kid said he was disabled. I`m proud of him for speaking truth to power. You lose the comprehension test.

  • Kelsi Nightwalker

    I am so sorry this happened to you
    And I can say that I truly care.
    This brutality must end now!

  • Banphotoradar

    Hopefully, someone will shoot these pigs some day.

  • altmartion

    why where they there in the first place?