New Bill Would Have Teachers Diagnose Psychological Issues in Children and Report them to Police

Jay Syrmopoulos | The Free Thought Project

Dallas, Texas – Texas State Representative Jason Villalba (R-Dallas) is once again in the spotlight after submitting yet another Orwellian proposal, H.B. 985.

Villalba first raised the ire of civil libertarians by proposing a bill, H.B. 2006, which would have eliminated the religious exemption for vaccination, essentially creating a forced government vaccination program without exception.

More recently, Villalba was thrust into the national spotlight when he proposed H.B. 2918, which would usurp citizens of the ability to hold law enforcement accountable for their actions. The bill would negate the people’s ability to create an accurate and impartial record of police interactions by restricting citizens from filming within 25 feet of an officer.

Now with H.B. 985, Villalba intends to give school officials the authority to force psychological screenings of students that teachers and staff diagnose as having mental health issues.

Once the process is set in motion by school officials, parents would be forced to take their child to a mental health professional within 30 days, under threat of suspension of the child from school.

“ …the requirement that the parent or guardian, before the expiration of the 30-day period, to avoid suspension of the student under this section, take the student to the nearest local mental health authority or a physician specializing in psychiatry to receive a mental health screening and a certificate of medical examination for mental illness, as described by Section 533.03522(c), Health and Safety Code, that contains the examining physician’s opinion that the student is not a danger to self or others.”

While under suspension the child would still receive an education, but they would be sent to an “alternative school.”

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  • Daniel W. McCullar

    Maybe, must maybe they should remove this nut job from any and all offices!

  • keepitreal

    Jason Villalba belongs on the end of a rope or in front of a firing squad to receive his death for treason and for being a tyrant

  • Whitepigs rape babyboys

    un/us/eu the minority of recessive diseased NjGGER babies and your toilet monkey failures, without your pederast child raping police and child molestng suicidal military zombies your FACIST corporations are exterminated along with your polio baby loser race and stolen countries!!!

    • OakenTruncheon

      Interesting perspective. Could you expand on toilet monkey failures?

  • OakenTruncheon

    The quoted section of proposed law, (above), seems incomplete. What there is, seems to propose that a notification be sent to law enforcement, and mental health officials, in the event that a student is being suspended from school. Not that a diagnosis be made by teachers, or staff, at the school. Or am I just reading the words?