New Bill Seizes Assets of Anyone Who Plans or Participates in Protests that ‘Disturb the Public Peace’

Imagine having all your assets seized because you planned a peaceful protest that disturbed the peace? That could be a reality under SB1142, which just passed the Arizona state senate.

Under SB1142, Arizona’s racketeering laws are expanding to include rioting. This gives the state government the right to criminally prosecute and seize the assets of everyone who planned a protest that turned violent and everyone who participated.

The bill also redefines what constitutes a rioter as any person who “uses force or violence or threatens to use force or violence, if such threat is accompanied by immediate power of execution, which EITHER disturbs the public peace OR RESULTS IN DAMAGE TO THE PROPERTY OF ANOTHER PERSON.”

The vote was 17-13. One of the 17 that voted for this, Sen. John Kavanagh, gave the following justification for this absurd, unconstitutional new law: “You now have a situation where you have full-time, almost professional agent-provocateurs that attempt to create public disorder. A lot of them are ideologues, some of them are anarchists. But this stuff is all planned… I should certainly hope that our law enforcement people have some undercover people there. Wouldn’t you rather stop a riot before it starts?”

Who defines what is considered a ‘violent’ protest?

Who determines what ‘disturbs the public peace’? Does profanity, shouting, or loud music constitute disturbing the peace?

The opponents of a protest could just hire agitators to make protests violent, then the authorities could use this as an excuse to seize the assets of all the protesters.

You are peacefully protesting and some guy starts throwing rocks at windows. Not only are you arrested on racketeering charges, but then the cops come and seize your house, car, and belongings? Good luck affording a lawyer to defend you in court!

If this succeeds and is signed into law by the Governor of Arizona, you can bet a similar nationwide law will be on its way not long after…

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  • magormissabib

    Ha ha, For years americans attack peaceful chrisitan preachers on the street. Pay backs a beyotch

    • privatechaos

      In what world do you live? Are you referring to Martin Luther King Jr?

  • circlingthedrain

    Arizona is some kind of haven for conservative assholes.

  • Joe Neckbone

    The right to protest is guaranteed in the constitution. Any lawyer worth his/her salt would tear this to shreds on court.

  • John Shinn III

    Use real bullets on rioters!!!

    • And on anti-Americans such as yourself.

    • mew

      You racist chink… Take your ass back China…

      • Jimmy McKaskle Sr.

        I like Mr Shinn’s thought process there. I have perceived you are the racist here.

  • Craig Winans

    I have no problem with them seizing the property of rioters.

    • Nicholas

      That makes you a commie and all those idiot’s who voted for sb1142

      • Jimmy McKaskle Sr.

        Who then pays for the damage the rioters caused? Why shouldn’t those responsible pay for the damage they caused? The laws behind “disturbing the peace” are way too broad in my opinion. Why should protesters be allowed to destroy property without recompense? I’m torn because I can see the motive behind such a bill on one hand but government goes too far when it comes to taking peoples stuff. It is usually a money grab.

        • Nicholas

          No, your right, rioters should pay for damages and be jailed in many cases,but what these politicians propose is a slippery slope law you can’t propose arresting people just because they came to protest something they strongly believe in and then get rounded up by police just because they where present or organized the protest when few or many riot ..We live in a world of technology where anyone and many can be found at any given time.The peaceful protester should be protected by law and the violent protesters arrested and made to pay..

      • Craig Winans

        And your statement makes you an idiot. Rioters cause damage and their property should be seized to pay for said damages. I’m sure you’d feel differently if it was your property destroyed by rioters. If not then let me know and we can arrange to have a riot at your house.

        • privatechaos

          Those “rioters” may either be, or be incited by, ‘agents provacateur’ (municipal stooges employed by the police departments) who mask themselves, break windows, and pretend to be apprehended for plausibility.

          • Craig Winans

            So I take it that that makes you one of those guys that jumps off a cliff because someone else is doing it?

    • Art Lee

      Since when did civil law fail to hold the little guy accountable ?

  • Franklin

    Targeting police is only targeting the messenger.

    Sen. John Kavanagh is correct in his statement. “Wouldn’t you rather stop a riot before it starts?” is referring to the proposed bill. I will look up this SB1142 and look at the language but I have serious doubts as to your statement –
    “This gives the state government the right to criminally prosecute and
    seize the assets of everyone who planned a protest that turned violent
    and everyone who participated.”

    Yes that would be an unconstitutional overreach by the government. The fascism I see is all coming from groups on the far left such as Antifa. Their tactics and behaviors are truly fascist. Consider where the motivation is coming from. These tactics are right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook. Chaos benefits those who wish to overthrow our constitutional republic and replace it with a socialistic government by force. That is fascism. First they need to collect all the citizens guns.

    • privatechaos

      ‘Socialistic’ is the opposite of ‘fascistic’.

  • mew

    An easy access to give hate groups the right to demonstrate their racist agenda…

    • Jimmy McKaskle Sr.

      No such thing as a “hate” group. There are just groups.

  • jim98122x

    This bill died in Feb 2017

  • unsheepled

    All I see is the hegelian dialectic used on us proles in every aspect of life !