NEW STUDY: Americans 58 Times More Likely to Be Killed by Cops Than by Terrorists

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WASHINGTON, DC — Ever since information was released showing that Americans were 8 times more likely to be killed by police than by terrorists, more attention has turned to the problem of police misconduct in the United States.

But that attention is likely to become even more critical, given newly released FBI data from which a much higher figure can be extracted.

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When the totals are calculated, it turns out that Americans are 58 times more likely to be killed by law enforcement officers than by terrorists.

The new data includes an average figure of 545 people who were killed by local or state law enforcement officers that went uncounted in previous annual crime statistics reports, according to Sputnik News.

To make matters worse, it must be kept in mind that the vast majority of police abuse and killings go unreported.

The exact probability of being killed by police over being killed by terrorists could be much higher than 58 times — it could be 100 times for all anyone knows, given that police often cover up their misconduct.

The new research also determined that an average of 928 people were killed by police per year during the same period — but that number could also be a very low estimate, because, again, police often do not report their misconduct.

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In contrast, the number of Americans killed by terrorists in the same period was 16, according to a US Department of State study quoted by Sputnik.

Sputnik News summarizes the results as follows: “Dividing the average of the number of people killed by police with the number of American citizens not in the military who were killed from terrorism, you get the 58, suggesting Americans are actually 58 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist.”

Watch America’s Largest Street Gang (Full Documentary) below to get some perspective on how frequently cops are abusing and killing Americans – Warning: Graphic Content:

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  • Katina Louise

    I honestly believe this is happening because of abuse of our legal system, FROM THE TOP

    • bad to the bone

      DUH. You have no clue. I find it HILARIOUS that a white girl knows why this is happening. Go put on your makeup and go shopping, you tart.

      • Tannim

        You know, she has some valid points. Your only point is on the top of your head.

    • like-mind

      It all makes sense if you conceptualize a world where the vast majority of officers are Fox News viewers, focused on their white privilege world stolen away and powerless to reverse it. In such a world, angry white men armed and authorized to use force, and interfacing with minorities on the job but not within their private lives, could be imagined to enter a mob mentality, a group state of mind where they mutually enforce the urge to punish and slay.

  • David Bryant

    The problem is that no normal person wants to become a police officer. No normal person wants to walk around all day with mace, a baton, a loaded weapon and a silly uniform. Only dangerous assholes want to do that all day.

    • Katina Louise

      Make it a more esteemed position then. Require better credentials than a high school diploma and pay them more. We might get better candidates. Can you imagine what might happen if they all had law degrees like judges do?

      • Jarrod Jones

        Cops make enough as it is. Plus here in CA you can double-dip, meaning you can retire from one department and go to work for another department all the while collecting your pension. Policies like this are killing our state. The law degree is an interesting idea, but DA’s/judges (Who already have advanced law degrees and many years of experience), rarely prosecute and/or convict bad cops, so I don’t see how that would make much of a difference. The whole system is broken…

      • bad to the bone

        Idiot – the more you type, the more obvious it becomes that you know nothing other than nail polish and blowjobs.

        • Tannim

          And the more you type, it’s obvious your IQ test came back negative.

  • David Bryant

    Police officers today act like prison guards and treat the public like convicted prisoners. They have zero accountability and all know they can get away with it.

    • Guest

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    • Katina Louise

      Because the lines between criminal and civil have been more than blurred and they’re no longer doing law enforcement to keep citizens safe. They’ve been placed between citizens and government in a very dangerous situation no one can win.

      • Aaron Sewell

        Bankers win no matter what goes on between citizens and their government employees.

    • dxsmopuim

      “all know they can get away with it”
      THAT is the problem here.

  • David Rivers

    we need to even it up

  • Chris Christian

    I am not doubting you but I would like to verify the stats quoted here. Can you provide a link to the Study? I never heard of sputnik news so maybe I am a little skeptical after all until I get a look at real numbers. I’d use this if I can support it.

  • Mikko Viitala

    Sputnik news? THE Russian propaganda office? Just a few days ago they released pictures of “Ukraine” showing how wonderful it is out there, in Crimea. Turns out pictures are old and taken e.g. in Moscow. For some reason you can’t comment on any of the news either.

    Nice reference, keep it up. Always trust Sputnik news!

  • Is there a link to the actual study?

  • So I’m guessing no, there isn’t any link to the actual study available…. I would really love to look it over for myself and share it with my social networks if the title of this article is true.

    • NCBrian

      it’s a meaningless statistic. i came looking for the same study after i saw someone posting about it and it’s nebulous at best. From what I can tell the Guardian released a report that the FBI was underreporting the number of police-involved deaths and the number is more like 900 or so as opposed to 500.
      they then took a look at the world-wide US deaths by terrorism in 2013, which was 14, and divided by that number.

      If you buy 10 lottery tickets you have increased your chance of winning 10 fold. Does it have a meaningful impact on your chance at winning? of course not.

      I’m no favor of the increased erosiion of our civil rights and the apparent militarization of our police – but this is some silliness right here.

      • Yeah, I remember having seen those reports when the issue first started to really come back under the public microscope following Trayvan, Michael Brown and Ferguson, and Eric Garner (and the list goes on and on unfortunately).

        If I remember correctly they were saying how it’s really difficult to get a firm/accurate statistic because of the different ways in which various departments at various levels of law enforcement are required to report such incidents. The lack of uniformity makes it difficult for interested parties, including the FBI, to know where to look, or how to access the necessary data to crunch those numbers.

        Also, one of the biggest things which influences the accuracy of those numbers that do come in is the fact that for the most part, it’s entirely up to departments to self report these incidents and statistics, and is often in their own best interest not to do as they’re supposed to.

    • FreedomFighter

      There is no “IF”. When was the last time someone has gotten killed by a terrorist in the US? And when was the last time a cop has killed someone unarmed? In the last 24 hours we’ve had 2 incidents of cops killing civilians. It’s kind of scary to think about. They could give any reason to out you and have impunity. Very scary thought.It’s like everyone is a criminal in their eyes, mainly blacks.

      • Again, would still like to look over the “study” being directly referred to and referenced as the sole justification for the titles bold claim.

        I agree, it’s scarily easy to look around us, or listen to the news and feel confident in making the assumption that aside from the one major terrorist attack we suffered on 9/11, police consistently kill more civilians than terrorists do.

        Still, that’s not the claim the article made now is it? Where I take issue is at the fact the author was very specific about their numbers, and implied they were basing this off actual research, in the form of a study, which I’d be curious to take a peek at one way or the other, cuz I’m sick in the head and like that sort of thing.

        If there is no study, then the author shouldn’t have alluded to one in the title as clickbait.

  • paulie

    “Americans 58 Times More Likely to Be Killed by Cops Than by Terrorists.” Only bad Americans…

  • Paul Green

    I really wonder what this will lead to, this can’t go on like this forever without the people rising and saying enough is enough.

  • FreedomFighter

    When you put your own protection in someone else’s hands that’s when problems happen. Now we are their slaves. We’ve traded sovereignty for safety. This could happen in any society. Unfortunately they are abusing their power we have given them. I’m not sure how to fix this. But nature has a way. God nature whatever you call it.

  • Paul Dean

    Terrorism: The use of force or threat of force used as a means of coercion.