No Charges for Cops Who Fired 130 Bullets at Man, Executing Him in His Car



FLORIDA — Police officers who shot 130 at a young man while he was fleeing from them, and injured four bystanders, will not be charged, according to reports.

“All of the officers were justified in the discharge of their firearms,” the report states.

The incident sparked national outrage when police unloaded a hail of gun fire on the street, executing Raymond Herisse, who was only 22.

The police shot a staggering 130 bullets at Raymond.

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In the process, multiple bystanders suffered from injuries.

It began when the officers “stopped” Raymond after the tires on his car burned out.

As they confronted him in his car, they claim Raymond reached “over the passenger side seat.”

Presumably he reached to the passenger side of his vehicle to grab his registration an proof of insurance, but whatever the case, the police at that point engaged him physically.

Raymond was reported to have jerked his arm away from the police — it sounds like the young man was simply scared of being attacked by police and his body reacted instinctively.

Police ended up drawing their weapons and firing 130 bullets at Raymond as he sat in his car, penetrating him 16 times and killing him on the scene.

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Police later claimed that “they found” a firearm under the seat of Raymond’s car.

Assuming the firearm was not planted by police themselves, there is still no evidence that Herisse used it against police.

The slaying resulted in numerous lawsuits by Raymond’s family.

“Raymond did not shoot a gun at any officer,” said the family’s attorney.

The slaying was captured on a witness’s cell phone camera.

The shooting took place on May 30th 2011.

Watch raw footage below:

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  • KingE

    They Killed a man then turned on the people watching and recording. WOW!! They went full retard!! Their time is coming very soon…..

    • Macorichi

      Yet it was justified, who the fuck is watching this shit and coming to that conclusion? Wtf is honestly going on in this country. FFS

      • Anthony Quatroni

        The only people who deemed it “justified” are the pig cops. They will deem anything “justified” because they believe they are above any laws and can do whatever they want. The problem is that we give these low-intelligence losers so much leeway that they think it’s automatic now. The only people who support cops these days are cops, of course, family members, friends (if they still have any by the time they become a cop), lovers/spouses and the weak, meek morons that live a sheltered life and think that the cops provide “protection” all day long. the real deal is that civilians are the cops’ meal tickets and arresting people is their job, so like any punk on a job, they will twist things and make things up to keep their job.

    • George McJunkins

      If cop’s feel like killing someone,if you unlucky enough to have a run in with them your dead. That’s the saddest part of living in the US. And don’t be in a low income neighborhood, shoot you just because.

  • tnpaintman

    Sad . . .

  • fass52

    Is this what US law enforcement is about?

    • Ryan Malloy

      Is this the first time you’re noticing that this is what US law enforcement is all about?

      • fass52

        People in Palestine know about Amerikkkan police brutality toward Blacks and Hispanics and they don’t really have a TV to watch! So what are you talking about? Oh! I see… You’re that privileged guy who has witnessed police brutality on a Hispanic or Black, but it didn’t concern you, because you never have to worry about that, huh? You’re just mad at them right now, because maybe they took your pot once. You’re just here, because you like to watch action scenes that glorify the privileged! The only cure for you is to be one of those who are targeted then we’ll see how much you like action! That will never happen so your sickness is terminal!

        • Suzanne Rice

          Really? How do you draw all those conclusions based on his one question? Obviously, from his one question, he does seem to be aware of these kinds of things happening. I think you need to take a deep breath and calm down.

          • fass52

            Uh huh. Spoken like a true privileged white person. How do you feel when ISIS lops off one of your heads? You want to go to war with them, don’t you? You need to practice what you preach and want others to do. Go sit down somewhere!

          • whattabunchacrap

            Lops off ONE of her heads?

          • fass52

            Reading is not fundamental to you, is it? I said your heads not her heads!

          • whattabunchacrap

            Since you can’t comprehend what you wrote I’ll address the same question to you. How do you feel when ISIS lops off one of your heads? That statement implies that you have more than one head.
            Apparently writing is not fundamental to you.

          • fass52

            Go to Syria and get your head lopped off!

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            This all started on here because you misunderstood someone who was simply asking you if it was just now that you were noticing that police in the U.S. act this way. His question implied that he himself had been aware of the police overreach and brutality for a long time. Then you started freaking out on everyone calling them white privileged people. White people are getting attacked by the cops too. We don’t like the brutality anymore than you do. So just calm down.

          • fass52

            Uh huh. Another privileged white person trying to tell my how to act and talk. You didn’t say that to your people for jumping on me. My statement in the first place was sarcasm, but the most important thing about this whole discourse is that I don’t care what you people think. You’re crazy in the first place for thinking that your skin color makes you more intelligent and privileged than anyone else. It was your privilege that made you come on this blog and reply to me like you’re doing with that fake pro pic. You’re one of those privileged who think you can do anything to any people and receive brotherly love in return. I stick by everything I posted. Your privilege will not do everything for you. Cops kill Blacks everyday! BLACK WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!!! Not so with white folk! You’re a liar! You can go to Syria too. Bye!

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            I’m certainly not privileged and I did not state that I’m more intelligent than anyone else. At this time I am going to state that my reading comprehension is far superior to yours. My “privilege” didn’t have any effect on my commenting towards you. I simply felt that you are misunderstanding that everyone that commented here was actually against police brutality. You are less intelligent than everyone who has replied to you and it has nothing to do with anyone’s skin pigmentation. You simply lack reading comprehension and understanding.

          • fass52

            Lol! That’s what I’m talking about. You think because you’re white you comprehend better! If you were really more superior you wouldn’t have even commented! You’re really actually just a geek! Fuck you!

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            No, I think I’m smarter than you based on your replies to others. I don’t think skin pigmentation has anything to do with intelligence. You fail to comprehend what others are saying to you. You are a hostile reactionary who doesn’t even understand the comments you are reacting to. You can call me a geek, it’s true. You perhaps didn’t receive a good enough education in reading comprehension. It happens quite a bit nowadays as politicians continuously cut funding for education. It’s not your fault but it is something you should work on. I do not mean to imply that you don’t know how to act or talk. Your English is just fine. However, when dealing with others, hostility won’t help win people over to your side of an argument. It’s simply bad strategy. Especially when those people you are showing hostility towards already agree with you that police brutality is fucked up. Wake up my man, people of all colors are in this together. It’s us against the corrupt system.

          • fass52

            You and they failed to see the sarcasm in my question in the first place. The others have gotten it by now and you’re still fumbling around with it especially if you think I or any minorities are trying to win acceptance from you. The whole world hates you, and we are not in love with you ourselves. You got it all wrong. Your privilege has even blinded you to that. All you’ve done was scared everyone into pretending that they like you. Watch how no one in heaven nor on earth sheds a tear for you when we witness your downfall. It is not us against the corrupt system. The system has always been corrupt, but now that you see it has also screwed you you want to say we are all together now. Lol! Bullshit! You didn’t want to come together when MLK was preaching it so why should we come together with you now? Only a fool would trust you. The police have been lynching and murdering minorities since day one and all you all ever did was claim the victim must have been a criminal or something. Now that you see that the police will murder you too you want to say that we are all together! Eh! Fuck you and what you think. You are inferior and are not fit for any struggle. All the enemy has to do is lie and trick you into believing that they are not against you and you will fall straight for it. No! You aren’t together with us. You are the enemy! Bye Mr. privilege! You are officially on ignore!

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            You might be the most misguided moron I’ve ever spoken with.

          • John

            Don’t do anything wrong & you won’t be shot, the parents need shot too for not teaching a child right from wrong, I praise the Police for the fine job they are doing, Blacks murder & rape whites 10 to one compared to whites murdering Blacks, wish one would bust through my door, the only decision would be which gun to shoot them with & how many times to shoot them, 20 or 30 times, maybe just 10 to the face…

    • Macorichi

      It’s sad, yet you know how many people STILL deny it? They fucking live here and they deny it. People who are on the outside looking in can even fucking see it and they have no biases. What in the actual fuck is wrong with people, did they really get brainwashed that badly?

      • Anthony Quatroni

        Law enforcement only keeps it’s “godlike” status because the weak give them that power because they have none of their own. They have it ingrained into their little (emphasis on little) minds that police are to be respected simply because of the uniform, not the person, and actually believe that cops are out there to “help” them. Until they themselves get Tased or beaten, and then they’re posting on here with the rest of us “enlightened” people.

    • Mike

      No, just Florida law enforcement.

      • Anthony Quatroni

        Florida, The Jail State.

  • Ben Dover


  • duane mccrary

    Here we go….

  • Ryan Malloy

    I especially like the part when the bike cops pull their weapons on the bystander getting into his car….real professional way to handle a crime scene

    • Mr. Wrestling III

      That part really exemplifies how the cops act now. Everyone not in uniform is the enemy.

  • Lawrence Bruse

    it’s becoming the rule rather than the exception. If they are saying something like one officer said p- “it’s alright to kill black people, cause it’s OK to shoot an animal” or something very near that.

  • Kurt Broecker

    War is coming…

  • tim

    Join Free America And Police Reform on Facebook and lets make things happen. I for one am done with law enforcement officials. I will not stop nor will i hesitate to shoot and once enough innocent cops get hurt they to will turn on the “leaders”. Free America

  • Scotty Monte

    Bad Karma will come to all of the terrorist police officers who have murdered and who have condone the murders of innocent civilians

  • margova46

    An actual piece of pure shit CAN shoot a firearm. Corrupt bastard.

  • Randy Robinson

    there will come a time when people pull out guns instead of their cell phones.

  • CopHatingCausesBrainDamage

    Why are you leaving out almost all of the story of what happened here? Because nuance damages your narrative? If you want to know the full story, you can read an actual news report from the Miami Herald:

  • real world

    He was prolly reaching for his registration, (stolen car) and proof of insurance, (get a grip). most black gangsters only sell crack so they can give it to Geico. Avid hunter is why there was a gun under the seat, (deer season?) He was a good boy!

    • fass52

      Alert! Alert! Strong ignorance on the post!

  • Cls37x0


  • Karina Pincombe

    Glad i dont live in America police are a law unto themselves.

  • aric


  • Stiky Wicky

    Fuck cops! Cant wait for the day we all turn on them…

  • Howard Treesong

    How incompetent do you have to be to have to use 130 (one hundred and thirty!) rounds on someone who is not violent and is not using a fire arm themselves? Getting shot with a bullet is quite a dramatic affair. One bullet can be enough to end a life. Shooting 130 times is extremely risky because that’s a lot of bullets flying around.

    If they had to shoot at all, and it doesn’t look like it, 130 rounds is not self-defense. 130 rounds indicates there was ample time to shoot that many. They shot that kid 16 times. What in the actual fuck?

    This is gross incompetence and I would not want officers on the street who could not distinguish between necessary force and playing zombieland.

  • theoneandonlyridor

    130 bullets, unbelievable. I always tell my friends to stay away from the cops as much as can be. They’re nuts.

  • Lynn



    Truly many police officers here in this world work for the devil to not find a better way to solve problems than to kill. for it as well go for suspects too. any one living in this world & not have JESUS in your heart be ready for you to do the unexpected. folks….we living in our last days in this dark world. best to all find JESUS & repent of your ways real soon. Our LORD sends no one to hell. but if you live in this world where Satan dwell. than you on your way to join him for not deciding your soulful fate! best believe that!