Noise-Hating Cops Beat Copwatching Student, Receive FBI Civil Rights Investigation

Max Chantha | December 19, 2015

WASHINGTON – As any college student can attest to, their most frequent interactions with the police are at parties, where raucous behavior, underage drinking, or loud music are likely to draw the ire of local law enforcement.

David Pontecarvo, a student at the University of Washington, was familiar with these interactions, and began to film officers arresting a friend for a noise violation.

What would begin as an exercise of his first amendment rights would end in broken facial bones and a weekend in jail.

Pontecarvo was about to begin studying at UW in 2012 when his physical integrity and Constitutional rights were grossly violated.

He began filming Seattle officers when they responded to a noise complaint at his house party with excessive force.

Though the music had been turned down prior to the police’s arrival, just as they were leaving one of the partygoers raise the volume – resulting in his subsequent arrest, which Pontecorvo and others allege was overly forceful.

At this point Pontecorvo began filming the officers, and his weekend descended into a nightmare of vengeful police brutality.

Pontecorvo was first told that he was not allowed to film the officers – a blatant lie – and when he refused to do so, was manhandled outside of his own residence and told he was under arrest for obstructing a police officer.

The student protested verbally and questioned the officers on the necessity of their overly physical methods.

It was at this point that officers Michael Renner and Joseph Maccarrone stepped in.

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