Officer Attacks 10-yr-old Child, Breaks Child’s Leg for Filming Cops


BROOKLYN — A mother and her 10-yr-old child have been traumatized after an officer entered their home and broke the child’s leg for filming cops.


It began in the morning when Courtney Silvera, 10, was eating his breakfast cereal and heard pounding on the front door. As he approached, he found that his grandmother had already opened it.

Standing in the doorway were police officers, telling the child’s grandmother that they were there in search of an “ex-boyfriend.”

The grandmother, who is suffering from brain cancer, had difficulty understanding why the police wanted to look inside.

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This courageous little child became concerned about the police presence, so he picked up a cellphone and began filming.

That’s when a cop noticed him filming, came inside, and did the unthinkable.

The officer literally began attacking the child, kicking the defenseless boy, according to a report by the New York Daily News.

“I heard my son screaming, ‘You can’t do that! You’re hurting me! Don’t hit me!’ ” said Krystle Silvera, the boy’s mother, who was upstairs at the time.

She was in her underwear at the time, but rushed downstairs anyway after hearing her child scream.

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At that point an officer grabbed her and pulled her outside, causing her breast to fall out of her bra.

The officer then began moving his finger toward the mother’s right breast, flicking her nipple-piercing in front of her neighbors.

“It was degrading,” remarked the mother. 

Meanwhile the child’s leg became swollen and black-and-blue from being kicked by an officer.

Officers then placed the little boy in handcuffs as he winced and screamed from the pain of a broken leg.

After it was made clear to officers that the child was only 10-yrs-old, the handcuffs were removed.

When he  was taken to Kings County Medical Center, X-Rays revealed his broken bone.

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“I’ve seen a lot of police brutality cases, but nothing as low as this, kicking a 10-year-old boy,” says Anthony O’fodile, the family’s attorney.

The mother is now filing a lawsuit over the incident, and states that her children have been traumatized ever since.

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  • Tom Birmingham

    this is what happens when your departments only hire people that score BELOW 70% ON THEIR TESTS. The HR departments don’t hire anyone that scores too high (google IQ caps on Cops). They have deliberately filled the force with morons. These men are D students, I wouldn’t trust them to flipp a burger and now they have gun and a badge. This shit needs to get fixed!

    • Some cop somewhere

      Mines in the 140’s. I’ve never done homework, and never made below a 90% in anything, including a bachelors program. I have been a soldier and a cop. Your information is utterly incorrect. Many intelligent people simply choose not to serve for a degrading salary to protect folks like you- it’s a thankless, unrewarding life we choose. As a result, the applicant pool at many agencies is less than stellar- but in 95% of cops the attributes needed to perform the job well do exist. I will research this story, but it’s quite obviously biased. I recommend you do the same. Also, no one can flipp burgers.

      • non of your buisness

        your a moron, its not biast, you may serve and you may be smart, but your misinformed, you can sit on you no homework 90% horse or you can open your eyes to the police state we’re becoming. she deserves what she’s going to get, the officer degraded her by flicking her piercing, and breaking a 10 yr olds leg, and the fact that the officer only did this because he wanted to go into an african american home under false pretences just shows how ignorant you are and he was. visually he should have realised that the kid was 10 idk who you are but i can tell the difference between a 20 yr old and a 10 yr old, this cop, like many others is a pos. and if you WERE a solider and WERE a cop means either A: you served your duty, you got medically discharged, or you got an unhonerable dichcharge. and sence you WERE a cop meaning you arnt anymore means either you moved and didnt want to continue yourself on the police force or you were a crooked ass cop and deserved to get fired, your a joke shut the fuck up

        • Pissed

          What you meant to say was “You’re a moron”, “it’s not biased”, “but you’re misinformed”, and “you can sit on your..” oh for god’s sake you’re so damn stupid what does it matter.

          Honestly, you’re going to attempt to correct someone when you’re so damn stupid that you are completely unable to communicate in the prevalent language of the forum? I mean, for Christ’s sake, spellchecker will help you in most cases and yet you’re so dense that not even that help will lead you to the correct response?

          • Chris Sebok

            What’s up with all of the bad spelling and poor grammar in these posts? I’m starting to lose my self-esteem for enjoying this site…

          • Fiddler1

            Um….wait a minute. Did you get the gist of the writer’s blast? I did. That’s what he was aiming for. It may be that he has not had benefit of your education, but he goddamed sure made his point, and very well. The cops who did this to the mother and child should be prosecuted as far as possible. They should be made to pay. Too many cops resort to mindless violence any more. That’s the whole point.

          • Stoned_Conservative

            Sir, I agree.

      • Stoned_Conservative

        $75,000.00 a year is degrading? IQ of 140+? You certainly flunked English syntax, and punctuation. You have no concept of tautology. It is obvious, you seldom did homework. Your degree must be in CJ, as Science requires much study. Soldiers have ROEs, cops do not. A cop’s first thought is violence.

        I can not see you being a Sigma IV. Please do not confuse Sigma V, and Sigma VI Statistics with Sigma IV. Sigma V, and Sigma VI, are “reserved” for new discoveries, and Particle Physics. You did take Statistics, and Calculus, did you not?

        What is the difference between “incorrect”, and “utterly” incorrect. You say your life is “unrewarding”? Go flip burgers. I make no claim as to my intelligence, or education. US Army 22 wonderful Infantry years.

        Lastly, how many folks have you beaten for no reason?

        • Mike

          @Stoned_conservative – Who are you to assume what a cop’s first thought is? That’s a pretty asinine statement if you ask me. Oh wait, you must of studied under the renowned professor Ms.Cleo…

          • Some Guy That Smells Bullshit

            Quite a few grammar errors in both your posts, for someone with such a high I.Q.and whom has never scored below a “90%” on anything……

          • “whom has”?

          • ContessaSharra


          • johnz96

            Lol. Obviously full of shit.

          • ContessaSharra

            The word is THAT, not Whom… and the “and” is superfluous! Edit and remove the comma, also.

          • Eddie Prewitt

            He is only basing this on observation, a police officers first reaction to a situation is almost always to escalate it to an arrest through means of violence. If that is not what is on their minds then they are doing it wrong.(Doing it wrong, no matter what seems to be what cops are good at).

          • Chris Sebok

            Uh, “you must HAVE…” not “must of.” I can’t believe I’m struggling to find a copywriter job, and so many people have great jobs and have no clue how to write.

          • johnz96

            We see it all the time on the net

          • PatrickHenry

            pobodies nerfect. typos happen get over it. all this cop brutality going on and you bitch about typos.

          • Curry Man

            Yeah, the same shit goes on online when I’m reading comments about stories on a British paper. Doesn’t matter if it’s Kim Jong-un or whatever, people comment just to bitch about people’s spelling or you not making paragraphs etc. A) it’s easy to hit the wrong key. B) I and many others, mix the letters of words around sometimes, we’re getting old it happens, if it weren’t for spellcheck or going over it before posting I do it too. But yeah, when the subject’s something like this you’d think they have something constructive to say and maybe the reason he can’t get a job is his asshole attitude is obvious to others. I had to correct a number of things on this post btw.

          • Stoned_Conservative

            Mike My experience has shown what I have said to be true. I was once surrounded by Sheriff’s Deputies. I politely refused to give my SS#. All cops present took a step toward me. I was in handcuffs. No charges were filed, and the Deputy Sergeant went ballistic. I saw the veins in his neck, and forehead. Thank God, I was in the illegal custody of the United States Coast Guard. No charges, and no reason to hand cuff me. Those who are handcuffed are required to be fitted with a life preserver, when aboard a USCG vessel. I was not. I will not bore you with Orange County Dock Nazi’s, or the sorry water cops of New Jersey, and New York.

          • Curry Man

            When I was a teenager I was at home when I heard my older brother yelling for me to get my Mom, he was being dragged by a cop into their car and I could tell by his voice he was scared. About 2-3 years before that he was hanging out with the wrong crowd and got in some trouble but my parents got him into a program and counseling and he straightened out, had a good job too. But these pricks knew him from before and thought he was responsible for something, robbery? Anyway they took their badges off and it was night time, I ran downstairs to see if I could make out the car’s number but I couldn’t make out the number on the car it was too far down the block. They drove around while the cop in back with him just started beating him to get him to confess to something he didn’t do, his past was over it wasn’t him but they thought he’d know who it was. They finally drove back about a block away and dumped him out of the car. He came home crying and scared, black eyed both, bruises on his torso, they beat him pretty good, never saw him scared like that before, when my Dad called the police to report this my brother was too scared to even come to the door so they could see what was done to him and I mean he was scared didn’t want to get within reach of them. They were some good ones I guess, I told them what I saw and they were mad that this happened to him but without any badge numbers or car numbers they only had my brothers descriptions of them to go on and he didn’t want to go with them to try an ID the ones who did this to him. Just so you know, we’re white middle class, this was in SF. circa mid ’70’s. So, don’t think it can’t happen to you no matter your race or class especially these days.

        • Michael Bulger

          Where does the average cop make 75k? Most forces pay a whole lot less than that.

          • djtorchMusic

            Many Do. In Richmond, CA, they were paying 80K I recall.

          • Stoned_Conservative

            Where did I say ,”average”. A Washington State Patrolman begins their career with $45.000.00 a year to start, and after some seniority, a cop makes $75,000.00 a year. You can go to the WASP website, and find I am correct. I always check my work. I stand by what I have said about cop pay.

          • No shit, I have police friends that would love to make 75k and live the good life, lol

        • nunya

          haha OWNED !

          • Stoned_Conservative

            I am actually a high school dropout. As I said, I make no claims as to my ability. How owned?

        • ContessaSharra

          Here in Sacramento, with overtime they are well over 100K, plus benefits, and the apparent right to use cars as weapons to run over the mentally ill, or to just shoot them down at will.

      • James Dore

        Clearly you aren’t even smart enough to know that the supreme court has, years ago, already determined that police are under no obligation or duty to protect citizens or civilians, it is they duty to ONLY enforce laws regardless of whether or not the laws are good or bad.

        • Adam Brian

          Lol if a cop runs up on you. You better do what they say or you may end up in one of other stories.

          • Spinne

            Even if people do what those cops command, a bunch of them still will get hurt or killed, and the tendence is growing rapidly. Btw. if there are any mistakes, english is my second language.

      • Cromwell

        Uh Sweetheart, It’s either
        Mine is in the 140s or
        Mine’s in the 140s.
        Amazing how a person with a 140 IQ can so quickly disprove it. Oh and when I’m asleep I’m a Viking.

        • Adam Brian

          Whoa lol

        • for_the_one

          incorrect use of an apostrophe does not indicate anything toward IQ. In fact, if you were to go to the extreme high end, you will find that those people typically have a very poor use of punctuation, etc. It is simply not worth the time/effort to learn such trivial nonsense.

          • Jaime Segovia

            This isn’t simply an incorrect use of an apostrophe. Mr. 140 doesn’t understand that “mine” is possessive and it is incorrect to add the “s” at the end. Also, he stated that he never received anything below a 90% on anything. His sentence is not the mark of an “A” student.

          • Mine’s in the 140s

            It is a contraction, so it is still incorrect. “Mine is in the 140s.”
            Perhaps 140 is a person or business that owns some mines, hence “Mines in the 140’s.” Or it is a sentence fragment “Mines in the 140’s land.”

        • Curry Man

          Maybe he’s talking about how many mines he buried in the desert when he was a soldier boy. ” Many intelligent people simply choose not to serve for a degrading salary to protect folks like you- it’s a thankless, unrewarding life we choose. As a result, the applicant pool at many agencies is less than stellar- but in 95% of cops the attributes needed to perform the job well do exist. I will research this story, but it’s quite obviously biased. I recommend you do the same.” Well, he’s proof of that. If he wants a better than “thankless” job I suggest finding one in a small city out in the country, they don’t have much to do other than stop people for traffic violations and depending on the circumstances, many of us know them and are very thankful to them when we need them, especially when they’re 20-30 miles away. If anything they don’t have enough to do and there are some bad ones just like him, no matter where you live. With such a high IQ, why is he working in law enforcement? From the looks of things in the news I’d say most of them come home and go straight into law enforcement, hence the problems with their soldier attitudes treating us citizens as if we’re the enemy. What exactly does he mean by “folks like you”? He’s reading comments and judging people he can’t see or know anything about based on one comment. Please, do us all a favor and find another job, and degrading salary? He makes pretty good money with benefits and a nice retirement package, that’s more than a lot of us get. And what about the manner in which these unfortunate folks were treated? They roughed up a ten year old kid, humiliated a half naked woman while looking for an ex boyfriend? The only male present was the ten year old boy and a grandma plus a half naked woman. Were they unable to assess the age of the boy or the sex-obviously not, due to the way she was humiliated-of the woman? It’s as if we’ve regressed backwards to a time of lawlessness that we thought we’d left behind in our history.

      • Justsomeguy151

        Biased? You mean like yourself? You defend murderous treasonous pigs like this?? Pigs like you will get what you deserve, a bullet to the face. it just can’t happen fast enough.

      • Spookie Bones

        Actually you can look up any of these stories on the internet and find their sources. Maybe you should have researched before making comments.

        • altmartion

          are they as exaggerated as this article? do they have as many lies as this article? i truly am a little surprised that the author didn’t get in trouble. especially with the heat that is on the cop, i would have thought this would have been brought up.

      • Chris Cornwell

        You keep telling yourself you have a 140 IQ. My dog has a higher IQ than you.

      • Meg Cole

        Funny thing, I can remember a time when police took pride in their job and we didn’t have these problems, then it became all about the pay and not the job and cops started using terms like “Folks like you” and we started getting more and more corrupt abusive police. Your right, if it’s all about the pay for you, work somewhere else. If your into making the world a better place and believe in the motto “protect and serve” be a cop. A screw you on the military thing, My son is a purple heart from Iraq, his uncle and father are dessert storm, my father and uncle are vietnam and my father in law and grandfather were WWI, my family has served in every war in this country since the revolution and I grew up listening to stories of the atrocities perpetrated by soldiers on civilians in EVERY war so don’t put that out as why we should think you were a good cop.

        • Natasha

          Well said!

      • Alex

        fuck you pig… your IQ isn’t even close to 140 with a post like that. IQ means fuck all to what you do, you fucking public servant. my IQ isn’t 140 or even 130…. but i make a shit ton more money than you do.

      • Adam Brian

        Of course cops are dumb but not all however every gang needs dummies to do the dirty work right.

      • Dorn J Dorn

        Do you support this type of thuggish behavior?

      • Mrs. Chief

        Oh my God & your a cop with an arrogant attitude like that!? I pray to God you aren’t hurting people you arrest like I’ve just read in the article above. People used to want to be police officers for noble reasons like protecting & serving. Yes pay is important but wanting to help people should be the main reason.

        • Stoned_Conservative

          I came back from Vietnam. I wanted to be a cop. The first review board wanted to see what was in my wallet. That was my end of wanting to be a cop. WTF? I respected cops, and joined The Junior Police. Now, I just have zero use for them.

      • DougBloot

        I’ll kill you, you dirty fucking pig!

        • Gutter

          and this attitude is any better? you are just as fucking dumb as this asshole cop…

        • Greg

          u are an idiot,,,u do know communicating threats is a crime? looks like there are 2 people commenting here with less than a single digit IQ

      • Chris Sebok

        wait, so that response was biased but you’re not?

      • Kilo Jonez

        “Mines in the 140s”


        Sure it is, buddy.

      • bdj1

        Most Americans would rather you go away and never return. Nothing good comes from calling the cops. Nothing good comes from speaking to the cops. Nothing good. “to protect folks like you” Cops don’t do a damn thing to protect folks like us. Cops rape, murder, kill, pillage, steal, torture…..this is what police do.

        • Fiddler1

          Way not fair. I’ve called the cops in numerous situations and they have never failed to be of help. ‘course I’m an old white guy who poses no threat. I still believe that most cops try to help before resorting to violence. And only then if provoked. But you’re right, there are plenty who need to be removed from their positions and prosecuted.

          • johnz96

            What really bothers me is that even with video evidence of them committing crimes they are let off without any penalties. Usually suspended with pay.

          • Fiddler1

            Agreed, johnz96. It’s a very tight club and they protect each other like crazy. In a perfect world, they’d be held to the same accountability standards as the rest of us. But they’re not. That needs to change. How it gets changed, I don’t know. Maybe the system needs to change from the ground up: start with hiring and profiling the best, and pay them commensurately. That’s not today’s practice, as I understand it.

          • Curry Man

            Allowing us citizens to record what they’re doing would be a good place to start, but they don’t even play fair with their dash cams and now they want to outlaw our right to record what they’re doing. They don’t want to change, they feel they have the right to treat us all the way they do and they know it isn’t right but they don’t care. Bullshit! We have every right to record what they’re doing if they’re abusing their authority over us, it’s all we have left. They’re in the public domain or in our homes, they’re not doing “undercover work” and they’re over reacting in almost every situation. We’re all guilty until proven innocent is not the way this is supposed to be.. My wife, who could pass for Mexican or Native American, and I, were going thru a sleepy little town in her uncle’s Cadi with seatbelts on breaking no laws, when a cop passed us in the opposite direction, I see him do one of those screeching u-turns and we pull over and he comes toward us hand on gun flashlight out, I have both my hands on steering wheel, car shut off, and when he can finally see that we’re not whoever he’s looking for, he makes a lame excuse that he thought I wasn’t wearing my seatbelt. It was a custard yellow Cadi with matching color seatbelts, I was wearing a black coat, you couldn’t have missed it unless you were blind. I’m white so I figured based on my wife’s looks and the Cadi, he thought he had his man or woman, but that was 15 years ago, I imagine were it today it might not have gone like that at all.

          • eaty

            “suspended with pay”… gotta love that one. imagine how much better life would be if every job had a way to get suspended with pay.

          • Stoned_Conservative

            I have assisted in two separate felony arrests. The Police I worked with were, “good to go”. I saw excellent police work in Belligham Washington, and, went to the station to give my praise.

        • eaty

          that’s true, and part of the problem is the 911 system. it’s tied into everything. 90% of the time if you call 911, it’s because you need the fire dept or paramedics. but the cops always show up too and start in with the questions and the accusations, at best delaying the attention you need, at worst killing somebody.

      • don wall

        I’m not sure that a police officers pay can be viewed as degrading in any way. Add in overtime, and I’d say it’s much better than most jobs held by employees with Associates degrees, and most probably much better for officers who have gone on to equip themselves with a bachelor’s degree.
        I do however agree that low IQ has little to do with the problems of policing that have become more noticeable lately. Lowered standards, especially in psych evals, are one of the major problems.
        As for further research, do you think any of us, including yourself will find any action in the incident which will justify a grown man kicking a child’s leg until it breaks, or sexually humiliating a woman in her front yard? Personally, my standards might be a little high to accept anything to justify either.

        • Justin

          People who do try to justify, and rationalize this kind of stuff are as much of the problem as the men and women committing these atrocities. I do hope your standards are too high to accept such things, without police being held accountable for the wrong they do, they will never have a reason to do right. Human beings are notorious for doing things the easier way, and beating someone is easier than trying to decide if they are lying to you or not.

      • Vere Palmer

        So your are one of the educated culprits? You totally forget about the abuse of police power on a child and his mother. Any wonder the guy in NYC had to take out a few to prove a point?

      • Echoman

        No it’s actually true, dept don’t hire ppl who score above average! Most police are not the brightest ppl on earth! & it’s funny a police defending the conduct of these low life pigs that would beat a 10 yr old child that was filming them (the pigs) in his own house! Fuck the police!

      • Jerome Jones

        I am also a soldier and these mother fucking crooked ass cops are doing extra shit

      • The Glider

        “Mines”? I don’t know anybody with a 140 IQ who says “mines” instead of “my” or “mine.” Lying ass cop. lol

      • Dirk dangledown

        Your not even good at lying!! Your 140’s iq would put you in the range of Steven hawking!….and we all know that your nowhere near that smart!…. Judging from your no one ca “flipp” burgers comment ! Fool!

      • kat

        Fuck off you fucking pig

        • Fiddler1

          Boy, you ain’t gonna do your self no good thinking of cops as “pigs.” In the right circumstances, that will come back to haunt your ass.

      • Mark Seditious

        Mine is*

      • djtorchMusic

        So, are you saying “smart cops” can be brutal sex molesters too and still should be appreciated after the actions?

      • Damon Anthony Darrough

        Mines in the 140,s??

      • I know what you did, child Tou

        I bet you like to beat and touch childern you sick bastard…. DON’T FUCKING LIE… CHILD MOLESTER

      • John J Publicus

        You’re a bald faced liar and your post proves that readily. Your grammar sucks, your composition sucks and your spelling sucks.

        I’d put your IQ closer to 80-90. Prime LEO territory…..

      • Ann

        All cops suck.

      • johnz96

        You’re a fucking jerkoff.

      • Sarah Mangeno

        If your IQ is in the 140’s, which I highly doubt, then you are a rare exception. The average IQ of police officers in the US is about 104! In 2000, federal courts ruled that police departments can legally refuse to hire candidates because they score too high on intelligence tests. It has since come out that many police departments across the country, have been refusing to hire police officers with higher than average IQ’s. So his information is not correct! As I stated above, 104 is the average IQ (which is pretty low for people that run around pointing deadly weapons at people and try to solve crimes) for police officers in the US and it is not simply due to lack of intelligent people pursuing the field, but because when they do, they are denied! If your IQ was as high as you claim it to be, then you would have done some simple research and would have prevented yourself ignorant comment.

        • karensc

          People with higher IQ’s tend to question authority. That’s one reason why most cops have lower IQ’s.

          • Sarah Mangeno

            Yes that is one reason. They want the police to do what they are told and not question the orders.

      • ta2t2o

        When you start a sentence with “Mines” – forgive us if we doubt your claim of a 140+ IQ.

      • Mine’s in the 140s

        “Mines in the 140’s.”
        That’s hilarious.

      • Randy Irvington

        You’re an ass, and no doubt lying about EVERYTHING! 140’s, yeah right! Why do people like you lie so much?

      • FakeNicholas Systad

        You hear a story like this and call it biased? It was matter of fact, the only way it could be biased is if it were telling blatant lies. Still, you want to finger point and call out this mans character? Give me a break… but please not literally, I like to walk.

      • nunya

        ” but in 95% of cops the attributes needed to perform the job well do exist. ” if by attributes you mean a quick temper and a taste for blood ….well I agree , now watch this tape and come back and tell us a-a-a-ll about how most cops are good , I’m sure we’d all enjoy a good laugh , and pay particular attention at the exchange beginning at about the 4:30 mark .

        • Curry Man

          Wow, they really are some assholes these days but if they want your ID then show it to them and call the county or city to file a complaint, don’t go to the precincts.

      • We the people

        You are not protecting anybody. You are looking out for your own interest. When you show up the crime has already been committed and typically just ruin everyone’s lives you come in contact with. You are a parasite filling your quota with traffic tickets. I will protect myself from criminals and police. Like you boys say, “I was in fear for my Life”. No need to reply. The people are starting to get fed up with how you do things and there will be changes.

      • George Edward Morey

        Tom I don’t believe you and if the job is so thankless why don’t you quit and stop whining! You cops are always complaining but your unions and fire unions are the only unions tolerated by this increasingly fascist nation, and you get great benefits and pensions, so shut up already! You complaining is sickening!

      • dxsmopuim

        Hopefully someone will shoot you in the face before Thanksgiving, if you’re still a piggy.

    • Guest

      Thanks, I was just about to write the same thing!

    • WhitepoliceCIArapebOys

      I can make a lot of pederast child raping white pig njgger baby nobOdies kill themselves, their diseased round eyed recessive weak race and their tOilet black bleeding anus monkeys!!!

      =D~~~ EAT IT us/eu/un FAILURES!!! Don’t forget to force your children to cover up your pederast child raping pOlice!!!

  • Tom King

    I hope she gets millions……..

  • Miles O’Keef

    I miss the Black Panthers. I think they’ve pretty much been redeemed at this stage.

    • JonEdHil

      Sad, but true…

    • Greg

      boy,,u 2 are blind,,stevie wonder can see how dumb that comment was

  • CajunRay

    Fuck the police.

  • altmartion

    so where do we go to discuss the police brutality? I thought this was it but I seemed to have stumbled into the 3 year old belittlement page.

    • Adam Brian

      Right. Lol

  • Omahni K. Kenyatta this point we are done talking more marches, no more rallies, no sit ins or protests ..its time to separate and liberate ourselves from this 500 year hell and the devils who brought us here

    • altmartion


    • Justsomeguy151

      Just stop. You’re letting yr ignorance and stupid prejudice get the best of you. NOWHERE did it say the pig was white. You assumed that. You think there aren’t black pigs who wouldn’t do what this POS did?? if you believe that, you are truly stupid and a lost cause. Judge people on their actions, not on what you think their ethnic background might be.

    • Daniel Hunt

      You mean the africans that sold you into slavery, right?

    • Gutter

      Shut up, stupid… who said this cop was white? fucking moron…

    • ….

      it is not a race issue. black and white cops behave exactly the same. now i have to assume that you are African-american, and likely did not pay much attention in social studies class. but to paraphrase, the white people that you speak of were only the truck drivers. local tribes had been capturing and enslaving for centuries. they were the ones who screwed over our ancestors, not the white man. dont pick low hanging fruit brother

  • doug bloot

    Kill all cops, politicians, and government workers! Kill the tyranny

    • Gutter

      I think we should kill all the retarded fucks like you…

      • can we just castrate both and let them live out the rest of their lives but produce no offspring? like the spca does with feral animals?

  • Ann

    This is mind blowing to me.

  • Darrell Darrell

    Ok How does a black kid get a black and blue mark WHEN HE IS BLACK?

    • Greg

      the story does seem a little made up dont it?

    • is that a serious question? you do realize black folks can get bruised too right?

  • Patrick Knox

    Holy shit a kid got his leg broken and his mom sexually harassed in public and the only thing you commenter’s can come up with is correcting each others fucking grammar? You’re all just a bunch of trolls! Just pay attention to the damn story for God sake or else nothing can change. Good grief people!

    • unfortunately there is a lot of people on the lower end of the intelligence spectrum here. that goes for both sides. poor spelling and grammar have never been shown to be a sign of lower intelligence. in face, studies show that more intelligent people tend to appear poor at those things because it is simply a waste of time, it does not affect the point made. now apparently there are folks on here who need the apostrophe or they cannot make out what they mean, sad really. another sad fact is things are only going worse, because intelligent people are looking at these situations, looking at the numskulls on sites like these, both pro and anti police supporters having the equivalent of a grade-school rivalry. neither side can admit any wrong doing and take responsibility. and unfortunately these people have a lot of power in terms of politics and opinion. so why would they want to stay when they can go to much more civilized, and overall better countries? trick question, there is no reason for that. they are already leaving in flocks. idocracy wasent a movie, it is prophecy.

      ps, i apologize for any spelling or grammar issues. i am on a phone that is having touch screen issues

      • city zen

        “studies show that more intelligent people tend to appear poor at those things because it is simply a waste of time,”

        LOL, please point us to these “studies”

        • Fiddler1

          I agree with what you’re doing. I’ve read some pretty stupid comments here, but that quote is a topper! I’d like to see the “studies,” too.

  • bdj1

    This is what cops are trained to do. Cops are too Anti American. Cops hate Americans. Cops hate Citizens. Cops hate Rights. Cops hate you. Cops want to beat you into submission. This is what cops do…. This is what cops are…. They and their evil bosses prove this to you each and every day.

  • Zee-L Usay

    One more reason screaming “Come visit NYC and the surrounding areas.”

    “I was following proper procedure.”

  • for_the_one

    officer who entered the home needs to be charged with illegal entry (would say breaking and entering, but door was open, so only illegal entry), child endangerment, assault, and probably a few other items. This, in addition to the civil suit. Unclear from story if it was the same thug who assaulted the mother, or if it was another.
    All of them should be criminally charged as accessories, unless they were doing something to stop the crime.
    And all of them should get the additional charges of committing these felonies while having a firearm.

    The second that the officer stepped foot into the house illegally, he was no longer an officer of the law. He was a criminal. That distinction needs to be reinforced over and over and over.

    We had to have the Miranda decision in order to get police under control at one point. Seems that another action, be it legislation, or a court ruling, needs to happen to counter the current lack of control.

  • Diana

    I hope these cops go to jail

  • Susan Marie Sanders

    There needs to be an app that you can download that when you start filming the police during any interactions it will continue to record and upload even if they take the phone because our only defense is to record the injustice and hope that it will be seen

    • Susan Marie Sanders

      Please excuse me for any misspelled words as well as my lack of punctuation

  • Sgt. Killgood

    Where is CPS , how com they don’t get involved when it comes to cops .

  • SGillhoolley

    Why do Americans put up with this?

  • Neocable


    1. There are a group of people on this earth who are attempting to make the bible prophecy known as “revelations” into a reality. This is the reason for the religious extremism and war in the Middle East, the place where many of the so-called prophecies take place. These are no prophecies at all, and the only way that these stories will come true is through the actions of police and military. The police and military, represented by the “knight” of the chessboard, are literally the horsemen of the apocalypse. You can still see many police and military riding around on horses to this very day because they are the “horsemen”. The ONLY WAY that these horrible predictions can take place is through the police and military of the earth, without the support of these order following slaves there is no “revelations”.

    2. and I saw, and lo, a white horse, and he who is sitting upon it is having a bow, and there was given to him a crown, and he went forth overcoming, and that he may overcome.

    These verses are codes referring to the mentality of the imperialistic enslavers. The “bow” and the “crown” represent the “kingdom” that the slave conquerers were serving at the time. The early imperialist slaves thought that they were doing a good thing, an honorable thing. They believed that the humans that they conquered were too stupid to be respected at all and did not even consider them to be fully human. They served their masters with little guilt since they could not see anything beyond their hierarchal chessboard way of life. They enslaved many with this mentality. “White” is the shimmering glory of the crown.

    3. and there went forth another horse — red, and to him who is sitting upon it, there was given to him to take the peace from the land, and that one another they may slay, and there was given to him a great sword.

    This red horse verse code represents the mentality shift from conquering for “the kingdom” to conquering in the name of “survival of the fittest”. This is the “alpha-male” mentality derived from the social order within families of wolves. This is a selfish mentality where all humans are dangerous animals and your needs and your families needs are more important than the needs of “weaker” people. This is also represented in the Darwinian perspective of life, “only the strong survive” was the justification for the continued brutality of the state serving slaves. COMPETITION. A “STRONG” COUNTRY…These slaves wanted to become the patriots, the great warriors, the great killers, the war generals, they wanted the valor and the glory as they served their masters well. They enslaved many with this mentality. “Red” is the blood shed in the name of “survival” in the “dog-eat-dog” world. Live by the sword, and die by the sword!

    4. and when he opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying, `Come and behold!’ and I saw, and lo, a black horse, and he who is sitting upon it is having a balance in his hand

    The black horse code is a symbol for the court system, a worship system headed by judges in black robes. This is the last attempt of the enslavers to try and make their system of slavery appear to be “civilized”. Beyond the courts there is no hiding the human bondage system for what it is, these courts are not meant to serve justice, but to give the appearance that fairness is available for all. The courts are the centerpiece structures of economic slavery, they judge based on state law and not by the laws of nature. Courts are absolutely fraudulent and they are meant to fool slaves. If courts were real they would prosecute the “white collar” criminals of the world, which the courts will never do. The slaves mind still gives credit and acknowledgement to the judgements of the courts. The courts tell the slave who deserves most resources and who deserves nothing and the slaves abide by these “judgements”. Courts get to have the final “say-so” in any and all interactions between humans and police and military slaves, so they hold most of the corruptible power. Slaves act as if this land was not conquered and brutally stolen before any of these illegitimate, so called “courts” existed. But who is to judge those heinous reprehensible actions? “Black” is the color of the judges robe and the black magic enslavement code words used in the maritime admiralty law court system.

    5. and I saw, and lo, a pale horse, and he who is sitting upon him — his name is Death, and Hades doth follow with him, and there was given to them authority to kill, (over the fourth part of the land,) with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and by the beasts of the land.

    The pale horse code represents FEAR, a person can become pale when overcome with fear and when they are dead. Once the vail is lifted from the eyes of the slave masses, they will rise up. The only thing that the government will have left is the horsemen slave police and military dogs. The government representatives and the last remaining police and military will be paralyzed with fear and the only thing they will be able to do is to murder the freedom seekers, the only thing that the government knows is violence. The police and military slaves will murder their own human family in order to keep the government in power. The government masters, scared to death that their chessboard is crumbling, will order their slave police and military hounds to kill more and more of the humans that desire pure freedom. Will the police and military slave dogs continue to serve their masters then? Will you be complicit and responsible for ushering in the apocalypse? Is that really what you desire for yourself and for others? Are you pale? Are you a free human or the “beast of the land”?

  • djtorchMusic

    It’s obvious the officer in question should be fired, arrested and then held to the same standards of at least the citizens, since it’s obviously they’re not going to be held to a “higher standard”.

  • Clive

    Anyone who’ll do this to a 10-year old needs to barred from any form of law enforcement for life.

  • John J Publicus

    I’ll believe there are good cops when they begin arresting and prosecuting the bad ones. Until then, they are definitely all bad cops. You’d have to be blind and brain dead to believe otherwise….

  • katgal1232

    It is time to stop hiring the stupid people. They never hire smart people, studies have shown.

  • Guest


  • Jay

    Id be damned a couple fuckboys did that to my kid and wife im gonna sit back and wait on a lawsuit

  • Silence Dogood

    It’s amazing how far down a bunny trail you guys can go. Stop arguing. (That’s why we never fix problems in America.) For the cops reading this, FYI… I, for one, don’t need your protection. Don’t make yourself out to be my hero. (Editor’s note: The sentence should read “Mine is in the 140s.” You could’ve used a contraction for “Mine is” but it is better in this case to avoid confusion and use two words. You didn’t need to make “140” possessive. It doesn’t “own” anything. That’s a common mistake, people use an apostrophe with numbers and acronyms. You shouldn’t.)

  • Jane Dugan

    who gives a fuck who spells the words right i can say that there r a lot of cops out there that r very good at their job and then there r the assholes that abuse the law they r the 1’s that need 2 see the inside of a jail cell beating a fucking 10 year old dirtbags and then the 1’s that burnt the little child why r they still cops stop fighting over the spelling and get some real balls and get these fucking assholes out of the force

  • Tshnet Net

    great comments. most are distracted by grammar nazi’s, and away from the real issue. POLICE STATE BRUTALITY, so now that we’re back on point. any suggestions on how to defuse this illness? yeah, didn’t think so. can’t wait to see all the red marks on my post…………………………..uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh!

  • Peggy Peterson

    I have never, in all my life, had to read such childish posts. Are not every one of you an adult? You are arguing and name calling like a bunch of grade school children on a playground. I for one think these cops(I say cops to show my contempt for crooked police officers) should have their badges permanently taken, so they can never again work as police officers ever again. We need good and honest police officers. We do not need racist, jaded, and crooked cops who would do anything to keep themselves or their buddies out of jail for their criminal actions. He broke a child’s leg. That is child abuse. What is everyone talking about? That is a crime, he should be in prison. Sexual harassment and misconduct is a crime that also has prison time for punishment. Why even ask the question. If the cops were adult enough to use such bad judgement, let them pay for it. No payed leave while it is checked in to either. That is an insult to the victims.

  • Sharolette Hopkins

    Police should ho through deep Psychological Evaluation before hire. As a recent manager for Security Company seem only those with Mental Issues and Druggies had Gun Cards. They should also go through background which enable to check school records old neighbors. Background Checks a Joke they just mean they have not been caught. And should hold or have at least 3 semesters of sociology as a requirements. Until the courts stop protecting these Criminals nothing changes.

  • Ben Dover

    People just gotta start arming themselves and not give a cop a chance I guess…. and to stop them in their tracks by ganging up on them on the street when they’re being a typical, cowardly, psycho bully with a “superhero complex” 🙁

  • angie

    What a piece of work department. How disturbing. I would literally have some biys run up in that pigs house an put some work in. Do not fuck with my kids cop or not im too oldschool for these shenanigans

  • Evelyn

    they have some highly intellegent uniformed killers as well . test scores mean something but not always. i think its more of there upbringing, what there character is and what kind of person they are..

  • ronald1216

    cops are out of control the end times esant here yet and there marshal laws getting out of hand. its not againts the law to video cops he belong in jail with the new chief of police

  • Cadence Wallace


  • What is wrong with you people? Revolutions and civil wars have begun in other countries for LESS reasons. When are you going to stand up and fight these scum?

  • dxsmopuim

    No one is killing pigs fast enough in America. Someone needs to rectify this situation.