Officer Charged for Beating 7-Month-Old Puppy With Mop Stick, Choked it to Death: Report

SILVER SPRING — Residents are deeply shaken after hearing that a Silver Spring police officer, Alec Taylor, has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty and abuse or neglect of an animal.

The officer is reported to have bludgeoned a seven-month-old dog with a mop over and over again.

Officer Taylor was charged with abusing an animal after he was reported for beating and choking a 7-month-old puppy to death.

Officer Taylor was charged with abusing an animal after he was reported for beating and choking a 7-month-old puppy to death.

After the beating, the officer then gripped his hands around the animal’s throat and strangled him until he died, according to reports.

This was reportedly done as a punishment after Rocko, a tiny Jack Russell, could not be potty trained.

 sick of big brother

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The dog’s owner was dating Officer Taylor at the time.

She trusted the officer to take care of her pet while she was at work — a mistake that proved fatal for the dog.

She says that Officer Taylor texted her at one point while she was away from the home.

She was horrified by what she saw.

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As she looked at her phone, she saw a picture of Rocko’s carcass, she says.

Along with the carcass was a message from Taylor, telling her that he bludgeoned and choked the animal to death because it had an accident on the carpet, she says.

The officer then tossed its body into a parking lot dumpster, according to reports.

Animal medical personnel found that the dog died from liver damage caused by blunt force trauma.

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Taylor has been a police officer for five years.

He was given a suspension after he turned himself in.

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  • spike spiegel

    i will pay any one who can give me this basterds address i need to deliver some vigilante justice

    • Ralphie

      Vigilante JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!

      • Shah

        The only real justice.

    • Michael Smith

      You can google his name and get a bunch of info. Especially since he was a cop. Then again, a lot of his info may be restricted for that same reason.

    • That Guy Who Said That Thing

      You aint gonna do shit. Shut it.

      • Cristina LoCelso

        Anyone who defends this ugly ass motherfucker deserves to get stomped & set on fire.

      • Guest

        Fuck you pal ,I will

        • Meanjoegreen

          Well you can get stomped to death with him!

    • Wendy Collins
  • suspension without pay for dog killer, paid vacation for police who kill humans …

    • KingE

      yeah figure that shit out! I can’t! I think its a process of elimination for a over populated America. If you’re mentally ill you are the first ones to go!

    • Hope

      All in the name of “Justice”.

  • Kathryn Berger

    If he had strangled his girlfriend, and thrown her in the dumpster, he would still have his job.

    • Kaylinn Marie

      ???? What. Why

      • because women are devalued …

      • PYak1967

        No.. I think what he means is; ??Cops are able to hurt/abuse ppl all the time and ppl don’t raise an eyebrow even when person shot is innocent old guy etc….but hurt a dog and the US rises up….yet you hunt and kill bears just to skin them…hmmm.

        • Hope

          Animals cannot defend or speak for themselves!

    • BlackCoffee NoSugar NoCream

      OR he would of got a paid leave

    • Hope

      and a PAID vacation.

  • guest

    Somebody get me a mop handle…

  • SL Abrin

    Nothing will happen. Another cops gets paid vacation and sits behind a desk for two weeks before unleashed back into the world. I bet the girlfriend takes him back, too. Women who date cops have no self-esteem.

    • Trish

      I have four college degrees and know eight languages. Yes, I have very high self-esteem and I also date a cop. Not all of them are pigs, you ignorant ass.

      • J doggy

        He said no self esteem, what does your ability to get a college degree and learn languages have to do with self esteem? You clearly took offense to a comment not directed to you personally and took it personal. I call that a self esteem issue.

      • Reptar

        What does your education have to do with this?

      • Ryan

        Yeah you may have some College degrees lmao but you’re still a dumb bitch..Self esteem has nothing to an education, which I doubt you actual have.

        • bleh

          By the sound of your grammar I think its safe to assume you either?

          • cori

            His grammar is fine, as all he did was leave out one word, so don’t judge jackass. YOUR grammar and punctuation, however…completely disgraceful.

        • Kaylinn Marie

          How in the fuck is she a dumb bitch.

          • Sherry Gillespie

            Because she is dating a cop.

      • cori

        If you took offense, you have self-image or self=esteem issues yourself. Agreed, not all of them are complete tyrants, but unfortunately, most of them are. Your intelligence has nothing to do with self-esteem, and if you think it does, then you have serious issues yourself. Are you trying to say that people without degrees and can only speak one language are more likely to have self-esteem issues than those like you? Get a grip, woman, as I have a 163 I.Q. score, can only speak one language (partially know ASL, but not fluent), have 4 kids, and my self-esteem couldn’t be BETTER! The fact that you have to defend yourself against something not aimed at directly at you says something along the lines of…I care what others say. Guess what? People with high self-esteem don’t give a flying rat’s ass what others say about them(or their genre) because they know who they are and where they’ve been.

      • That Guy Who Said That Thing

        Your boyfriend has done things that would turn your stomach. And even if he hasn’t (yet), he knows who the bad cops are and he protects them. He’s one of them.

      • Dee

        You need to get your money back beccause those degrees didn’t teach you how to construe a proper argument.

      • Dee

        I think you need to get your money back because 4 degees later and you still don’t know how construct a proper argument.

      • haha!

        Cops suck and so do u..His DICK anyways:-D haha jokes on u

      • breeze

        Yes all of them are pigs. Even if they don’t behave badly they condone and allow to continue the other pigs actions. And you may have an education but that don’t mean you have sense.

      • John_erox

        99% of them are crooked pigs. Just cause you’re dating the 1% who is supposedly honest wait until he starts turning in the bad cops on the force, then we might have some respect for him, but until then he’s just another pig.

    • cori

      actually, he is suspended without pay….or did you not watch the video?

  • Eric Quintero

    Kill him.

  • Scott Wilson

    Throw him in prison in the general population and tell everyone what he did.

    • Truthhurtsbad

      No one in prison would care…you watch way too many movies

      • cori

        Actually, animal abusers and child molesters typically have to be separated from the general populace…for their own safety.

  • Bob O’Donnell


    • Truthhurtsbad

      Caps lock really makes your argument invalid. Turn it off and type like a normal person

      • Mark

        No it doesn’t. It just makes him look like he is yelling and pissed off… which he probably is. It’s a tone… Why people get so butthurt over all caps?

        • SLM

          Because it’s obnoxious

          • cori

            It makes a point. It stands out. It’s saying ” I am beyond pissed, and if you could hear me, your ears would not only hurt, but your eardrums might burst!” If you do not know the rudimentary tones of typing and chatting online, you shouldn’t judge.

        • Jen Singleton

          I love CA

      • cori

        No the hell it doesn’t. It just means, if you had ANY chatting experience, that he is pissed, and he is yelling it at the top of his lungs.

    • SLM

      Aside from all caps – STOP the effing bullsh!t about calling POS garbage humans “pigs” “dogs” etc. Pigs are extremely intelligent and LOVELY animals – as are all non human animals – why insult them by saying some low life human POS dirt bag is “like” them. And what’s the effing “pussy” bullshit – 1st- scum baggary is usually male – and 2nd- I am just as skick and tired of using pussy- aka female – to describe something NON desirable.

      • Guest

        “Pussy” is a shortened slang version of the word “pusillanimous”. Hasn’t anything to do with females.

  • Efesgirl

    I have a very good place for that mop handle, and it’s NOT down his throat….

    • David Gilbert

      Agreed. Up his bunghole, shove it in as far as it would go, and hammer it in another few inches, then stick the other end of the mop handle into the ground. Since it’s blunt and won’t tear major blood vessels, death will take place in about three days due to organ failure and dehydration. Just like a guy named Vlad Draculea liked to do.

      • Efesgirl

        You’re my kind of fella… 🙂

  • Angela Fisher

    She needs to really think. He was thinking of her the whole time he did this otherwise what is the point of sending the picture to her. He is a hate filled and horrible person. I hope he spends a lot of time in jail with some of the people that he no doubt put there.

    • ‘zactly . attacking the dog was the violent action . sending the photo was felony intimidation

  • fatunclesam

    So cops get into more trouble for hurting animals than humans?

    What the f’ing f

    • cori

      I think it is because the animals are typically helpless. Most humans can fight back…they just DON’T.

  • Ethyl Alcyhol

    Poor, sweet baby. :'(

  • Ihatefuckslikethis

    Kill this sick fuck. End.Of.Story

  • samthor

    actions like that are a good indication of a mental illness…. the type of mental illness you DON’T want to give a gun too and set them loose on society….

  • Twelveone

    Thank God it wasn’t a human being.. This dog gave his life weeding out a corrupt and evil cop.

    • Jen Singleton

      oh believe me if he could do that to a precious pup then he can do it to people didnt you know thats how all serial killers started torturing animals for fun when they were adolesents

      • cori

        And he wasn’t even remorseful. Sociopath mentality right there…especially the gloating picture he sent to the poor girlfriend.

  • Gabriel Alan King

    Has it always been like this? Or are people just getting more heartless and cold these days ?

    • it’s always been like this . the advent of cell phones with cameras is changing what we know … not what is done

  • Nicholas VanLandingham

    Every good cop that does not speak out against this piece of crap, is complicit in his actions. You all have to start seperating yourself from these POS’s. They make all cops look bad. But it looks even worse when you all stick up for em. The line has to be drawn. Either you all clean house. Or the tax payers will.

  • Usurper

    Typical of the psychopaths they hire to be pigs today.

  • SG

    OMFG!! WTF
    is wrong with people? Situations like this make me sick to my stomach. I
    know I shouldn’t but I think of the poor animal in the situation and I
    get enraged! They don’t know why they are being hit and hurt. They know
    that the person they love unconditionally is hurting them and that they
    can’t do anything. What is in these peoples’ heads that make them do such horrible things. We NEED stricter
    animal abuse laws. This sick sh*t has got to stop. There is no reason
    for such acts. We need to protect the voiceless. There is no excuse for
    these animals to suffer at the hands of a$$holes. People should be
    fined, sent to prison for such crimes and never ever allowed to own or
    even be around animals. Treat them as sexual predators, monitor their
    whereabouts, and make their neighbors aware that these scumbags live in
    our towns. Animals need the same rights as children!!! They are
    defenseless and helpless. They need to be protected better!!

    • Well said! Couldn’t agree with you more! I’m so outraged by this nonsense…this cops actions remind me of th Kelly Thoms ordeal!

    • Hope

      No, they would rather put nonviolent offenders in prison for violating drug laws. Most of the POW’s in the “War on Drugs” would NEVER do anything so heinous yet they get exorbitantly long sentences while scum like this get a slap on the wrist. And they call this Justice?

  • Amber Richardson

    I wish the punishment of abusers was exactly what they do to their victims.

  • xxnoy

    Serial killers start by killing animals. This went beyond abuse to torture resulting in murder.

  • Andy Smith

    What are all the worthless pigs going to do when pot becomes legal? I
    guess it will be a lifetime of speeding tickets, and animal cruelty, with
    a little bit of spouse and child abuse, thrown in for good measure. The vast majority of them
    should just eat their guns, nobody needs them. Any creature that would
    volunteer to enforce so many idiotic laws is a complete waste of skin.
    The main reason people become pigs in the first place, is because they are
    fucking sociopaths, who need to reinforce there delusions of control.
    This particular pig needs to be skinned alive, then lit on fire. There
    actually isn’t a form of torture in existence painful enough for this steaming pile of feces.

  • Edward Jonson

    Relative of Michael Vick?

  • Cristina LoCelso

    You defending this motherfucking cocksucker?
    Both of you eat shit & die.

  • Kaylinn Marie

    Right so he is a monster and will do this to a human being soon after his release.

  • rlhndrsn

    i’m beginning to believe that all cops suffer from ‘LMS’
    Little Man Syndrom

  • julianterris

    What an asshole. -He’s obviously a psychopath -and now that he’s done this (and probably many other unreported crimes) there WILL be more. If his girlfriend has any intelligence she will run and never look back.

  • DD

    The police take “alleged animal cruelty seriously”. There is nothing alleged about his admission and photos.

  • John

    With all this conflict about proper grammar and style, I think some people miss the point, that if you confront dangerously insane people who have guns, sticks and gas bombs, whether you are a dog or a person, you are headed in the wrong direction.

  • John

    That boy is lucky that they did not shoot him. The shooter was ready and its so much easier to pull a trigger than to stomp and yell at a dog or explain why you beat the hell out of a human being whose face scares you. The cops are doing what they are being told to do by the lawyers, executive administrators, judges and senior officers, who then, of course see no wrong in their shooting dogs or people who have been targeted to fill a quota or some perverse inner longing.

  • PYak1967

    Its time for us to start treating these cops as they treat US! I am lucky enough to live in the UK and it isn’t quite as bad as USA YET! Though cops are shooting/tasing/pepper spraying more vulnerable ppl daily. Look IF someone makes themselves a threat to a cop AFTER Committing crimes I understand their actions….but when they are sadists committing crimes against normal ppl who are NO Threat, or killing Their pets to “punish them” is like the Nazi’

    This must stop, or it will escalate out of control for all parties….but the Non-Criminals” will get dragged into this blood feud going on between Cops/Gangs.

  • Chris

    You fucking scum bag, I’m going to beat the shit out of this guy, not in my fucking town. Wait for you outside the courthouse you sorry fuck.

  • Nanette Valencia

    Another ghetto slimebag

  • Leroy Blankenship

    That’ll teach them to stick to beating up defenceless People.

  • The Gritty Truth

    Please stop using auto-play on your videos. That makes me not want to visit your site, which would be shame because this is a cause I really believe in. I just don’t like getting blasted with videos that start without me hitting the play button. Thanks.

  • Chuck Schwinger

    beating , killing people OK…..beating , killing puppies, not OK…got it?

  • Wendy Collins


  • Stevo PitLover

    he should never be a cop again

  • NYDogWhisperer

    stick the mop up his rear until it comes out his mouth.

  • Hope

    I hope he goes to prison and someone in there does the same thing to him.

  • maxiemom

    Given a suspension?!!!

    He should be rotting in jail with a MAXIMUM sentence! Any time cops break the law, they should be held to a higher standard because they’re supposed to enforce the laws. The problem is they’re now almost immune and invulnerable to penalties and get away with murder- literally.

    I really hope karma catches up with him SOON.

  • Street Beefs Fightvideos

    i get SOOOO sick of the animal nuts excuse when you say to them “no one gets THIS upset when a womans murdered”
    “animals cant defend themselves” (insert whiny, preachy voice”
    LOOK…if a woman was mudered by a man, then obviously SHE COULDNT DEFEND HERSELF EITHER…
    What about the tens of thousands of children who die horrible deaths in africa, asia and the middle east, do you animal nuts threaten to go kill over THAT?
    People who place an animal murder over a human murder in order of importance should go seek psyche help IMMEDIATLEY
    (btw, i own a dog and FIVE cats, all of whom i adore..but id still let them perish to save a humans life in their place)

  • SinDelle Morte

    A JRT. They weigh what? 5lbs? Fucking bastard, I hope you die, you piece of shit.

  • Genniebelle48


    Is that all that son of a bitch got…..??!!

    Don’t Tell Me..!! This spawn of satan…
    ” just lost his F’IN MIND..!!”

    If he will murder a defenseless animal…

  • Genniebelle48

    Someone with alot of $$$$$..should pay off
    to have a blanket party for that bitch…!!

    Make him feel right at home where he works..and continues to work.. !!

  • Hanneke Amahorseya

    Shoot the fucker between the eyes , low evil inbred morron !!

  • Richard Blaine

    OK! So now he is charged! He needs to lose his job and needs to get his fucking ass kicked over and over again! You are a piece of fucking shit you motherfuker! You are hopefully going to jail where the real toughguys love dogs as much and children and then guess what happens to you motherfucker? Does the term down low mean anything to you?

  • JimC

    Makes me wonder since he would do some thing like this to a dog ..What kind of abuse he has done to people in his 5 yrs being a COP!!??You can bet he has had reports that he used “excessive Force” on people he has arrested ..

  • John_erox

    piece of shit police.

  • Sharon McKenzie

    I can’t help but wonder at how much time would have gone by before this garbage did the same thing to his girlfriend, or how many citizens he’s already abused under color of law.

  • The Glider

    I hope somebody take a lead pipe to Officer Taylor’s head repeatedly, but makes sure to let him live.

  • Scott Dinh

    Is this guy in jail yet? Did have have to pay the victim for extreme pain, embarrassment and anguish? Anything less than lost of his job and extreme long jail time is just wrong. Cops or not cops.. nothing protect you from this crap.

  • ewop07

    I find it amazing how people get more upset over a cop killing a dog than a cop killing a black person. Cop kills Black man, no charge and paid administration leave . Cop kills dog, gets charged with animal cruelty and get suspended without pay. I in no way condone what this cop did. I’m just shocked at how some people love animals more than humans.