Officer Repeatedly Sprayed Mace in Woman’s Vagina as Punishment: Lawsuit

NEW MEXICO — A New Mexico woman suffered for weeks with painful urination and swollen, burning genitals after an officer repeatedly sprayed mace inside of her vagina to “punish” her, according to an ACLU lawsuit.

“It’s tantamount to torture,” Peter Simonson, the Executive Director of ACLU of New Mexico said in an interview.

Marlene Tapia was apparently arrested for a drug-related issue.

She was taken to the Metropolitan Detention Center, where two officers made her strip naked.

They then forced her to bend over at the waist.

The officers claimed that Tapia had a “plastic baggie” in her vagina.

Rather than sending her to medical staff to get it removed, one of the officers began spraying mace inside Tapia as punishment, according to the lawsuit.

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“It’s just the maliciousness, the wanton disregard, wanton maliciousness that the corrections officer demonstrated,” said Simonson.

View the court records here:

NM ABQ Sprayed Genitals

The officer who sprayed the chemical agent was reportedly disciplined.

Simonson says the ACLU is proceeding with the lawsuit to “ensure that these sorts of things don’t happen to another person.”

Watch the video below:


One of our sources did a follow-up investigation into this case and reports that the officers have not been fired:

“I just called the Metro Detention Center in NM, and from what the control office says, both of these officers are STILL on the job and will be in at 3p New Mexico time.”

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  • KennyD

    The officers need to be FIRED … and hopefully; the woman wins her lawsuit …

    • whitefalcon74

      fired and prosecuted! and jailed!

    • Blacka_Zulu

      shouldnt they go to prison ?? isnt that a crime?

  • BillyBoy80

    Is Amerikkka Nazi Germany yet?

    • Clint

      Yes, actually it is, not that we didn’t know it was coming, we have had years of warning to prepare, but turns out we are stupid,stupid sheep

  • 31Forever

    I am seriously wondering what a police/corrections officer has to do to face Criminal charges anymore…..

    • Justin McFarlane


    • Brian Wilson

      Start by aksing their Union shop steward..

      • 31Forever

        This isn’t a liberal/conservative question. Stop bashing unions; that’s not what this is about. This is about legal behavior versus illegal.

        Cops frequently cite justification as the reason for illegal behavior. Killed a guy? Justified shooting.

        What justifies this?

        • ccreamer_22

          So you believe their union does nothing to exempt officers from facing punishment?

          Are you blind?

          • Brian Wilson

            Despite your flaccid ability to Read With Comprehension, you will note I posted “Start by asking their Union shop steward.” Get back to me when you have the answer.

          • whitefalcon74

            yep 100% prove different! i have proof here in ca they murdered a homeless man beat him to death for no reason.look up ther kelly thomas case on you tube.police are the american taliban corrupt as hell!

          • Jim

            With regard to the Kelly Thomas case, the cops UNION is demanding the ‘officers’ get their jobs back.
            CAUSE as we all know, ‘they were not guilty’. AMERICA we are in a police state.

          • Peter Gabriel

            Government troll?

        • Brian Wilson

          It’s always about “legal vs illegal”. Police union protectionism voids the difference. If you really think police departments are diligent in “policing” their own, you must be very young, naive or a shop steward.

          • Gotime

            name calling says a lot about you

          • Brian Wilson

            If Young Naive or Shop Steward is “name calling” to you – let me also add “lobotomized moron” to the list. At least then you can be partially correct and feel real good about yourself. Have a cookie.

        • whitefalcon74

          the bastard unions protect them thats the issue.there unions are paid to cover up any criminal accusations and try to make it a none issue.screw there union!

          • more accurate to say the community tolerates a police dept. with [like em all!] with a union, that like all known police unions is far more interested in protecting officers from justice and a fair standard than in ensuring they act as officersof the PEACE and remove them when they do not.

            police unions need the same checks other unions get. reality. and the y do not get it.
            we have to change that community by community till arrogant cops are rare and scared to get caught.

          • Simply Amazed

            their, there, they’re…you really want to screw them don you?

        • Guest

          Unions are not a left-right issue in this case? WHy are you so defensive? This pig should be executed, end of story.

          • Gary Williams Jr.

            no unions are a criminal issue! who do you think runs the unions? haven’t you ever seen a mob movie!!?? god father, good fellas, any of this ring a bell?

        • Ich Vergessen

          Union contracts make it impossible to fire them and guarantee they receive full pay and benefits while on investigative suspension. If they are charged the union will likely hire their attorneys and argue against their termination.
          Unions pretty much guarantee that government can never rid itself of malignant employees.

          • 31Forever

            I’m not saying that is or isn’t happening here. Here is exactly what I’m saying:

            Several people on this thread are busy vilifying the police union for protecting the officer or officers that did this. I’m not trying to argue whether that’s happening. But, what I’m failing to see is an article linking to any sort of overt support of the officers in question.

            I’m asking for one simple thing: show me where the union is backing the officers in this. Until you can, why is it safe to assume that they are? This is a fairly reprehensible act, why would you assume that decent and/or stand up cops would be okay with it?

          • justonce

            If you have ever worked in a union they do anything to stop your termination so to ask for evidence when the unions (not just cop unions) main responsibilities are to keep a fair wage and to have job security. And if you have worked in a union there is almost always a few people who are only still employed because the union fought for the, and these issues is why majority of jobs now are noon union.

          • Fred Bellows

            not all unions are corrupt. unions can be good. without them the corporations often become the corrupt oppressors. we need to reduce corruption in unions, not reduce unions.

      • unions and cops seem to be a bad mix. amazing how succesful establishment unions are compared to populist ones….

    • HenryBowman419

      They have to kill another cop. If they kill a a non-cop, that’s OK, though they might have to suffer a couple of weeks of [paid] leave.

    • Theta Q

      EASY! KILL the superior SOB government tyrant that refused to prosecute the LAST Nazi officer that pulled a stunt like that!! At my anti-rape site that I have, I cite that victims are going to HAVE to CHANGE the rules because tyrants/rapists will NEVER change THEIRS!!!

    • Shawn Cooper

      My thoughts exactly, guess people forget Nazi’s got executed for this kind of stuff

      • HistTeach

        Ummm, not many…the Vatican helped rescue the especially high level ones and assisted in their “new identities” and passage to South American, most specifically Argentina.

        • useless facts

          And a whole whack of Nazi scientists where pardoned of war crimes and ended up starting things like NASA

    • Stoned_Conservative

      In Fullerton, a few cops are on trial for murder. Believe it , or not. I am delighted.

      • whitefalcon74

        you tube kelly thomas murder

        • Stoned_Conservative


      • Stazzy

        It must have been a very special circumstance. There must have been a fuck ton of irrefutable evidence otherwise they would have walked as countless other cops do unpunished

    • Ian Battles

      The local D.A. would have to have the integrity to pursue charges.

    • Gary Williams Jr.

      more importantly CONVICTED! on the rare occasion they are actually charged, they bribe/threaten judge or jury. Kelly Thomas is the perfect example

    • Rick

      Break the blue code of silence & report one of their fellow leo’s criminal cop behavior.

    • Shane Vreeland

      Um… The only way a cop gets fired is when they stand up an do the RIGHT things like doing the job the way they TOOK THE SWORN OATH to do so

    • Blacka_Zulu

      if they kill a young pretty pregnant pale/european woman they MIGHT have to go to court

  • Juan Negro

    Funny how this poor woman is covering her face in this picture. I figured she’d be covering her swollen vagina.

    • Noah Arien Joseph Vanderwood

      It’s in shame, bro.

    • pdxsays

      That is stock footage. It is all stock footage that you see for non-mainstream It protects victims.

      And you’re not funny. I am glad you’re not my friend.

    • henry

      you’re a jack-off

  • Clint

    Uuuuh, it is torture, sick twisted Gestapo Torture

  • Mr.Gee Marino

    The judges,, the Prosecutors, the Corrections officers ALL work for the State. – They Protect their Piggy Bank. That’s why cops and other pigs in Law Enforcement are never really Prosecuted – They’re not going to let their Employer get sued…

    • DO

      Wtf are you talking about. The piggy bank is fuck ed. The city paid out millions of taxpayers dollars. Everyone is getting the shit sued out of them. The only thing that was protected was the asshole cop Did you even read the article?

  • NorthoftheBorder Gold

    OH my God. I have to travel through New Mexico sometimes..

    • pdxsays

      As the old song says, “I wonder if anybody would think I’ve flipped if I went to L.A. via Omaha?” Charlie Daniels – Uneasy Rider

    • Jay Sandoval

      I live near Albuquerque. There is a serious problem here with cops killing civilians. The D.A. here NEVER prosecutes rogue cops. They absolutely do whatever they want, whenever, to whoever. As far as I understand, the rate for cops killing civilians is worse than any other city in America.

  • Banphotoradar

    He was disciplined how? Was he shot in the head?

    • DeathlordUSA

      It was actually a female officer, if you read the documents. O_O

      • George III

        That’s even worse…another female? How could a woman do that to another woman. I thought a sick and twisted dude did it. That’s just as bad as a female participating in, encouraging or leading another female into a gang rape.

  • Cornhusker jones

    That’s freaking horrible! I hope they seriously get busted big time

  • Arnt Johnsen

    Looks like a great deal of the Police officer’s are having one big issue, low intelligence and bad manner. Wonder how these types could pass an education to be a officer, either they are smart and stupid at the same time or they are just mean and infantile…

    • hithere

      OR sociopaths and psychopaths.

  • Passing Thru

    It’s a CRIME!!! They should be indicted on assault charges! THEN sue the bastards!

  • Pissed

    Dishonorable removal of his shield and 5-15 in the slam.

    • Do

      Bullshit. Nothing less than a life sentence. He fucking tortured people dude. Let’s hook your genitals up to a car battery and make you confess and spend 30 years for a murder then talk about 5 to 15 you assclown.

  • Cynthia Gibbs

    Posibly they should be having a mental exam to see about a root cause of not liking there own mother in that situation!, also they need to just go back to protect the innocent and serve in public service. They should not be harming, killing, and mamming people who doesnt commit crimes and minds there own bussinesses!

  • Gary


  • But_Who_Will_Build_The_Roads

    We have a serious problem in this country. Give a man a badge and the backing of the State and he becomes a menace to society, often untouchable. Yet, these are still the people a lot of folks teach their kids to look up to. My kids will view the police with skepticism at best.

  • ccreamer_22

    Obviously cops are allowed to do anything they want to the civilian population nowadays. Your rights are just a pipe dream.

    • Vil

      Exactly, and this is why we should be resisting with violence, but Americans are pussies. We deserve this for our unwillingness to question authority.

      • ccreamer_22

        While I understand your frustration (I’m frustrated too), I do not condone violence.

        • Vil

          How can you not condone violence? The pigs use it against us. If a pig, even an off-duty pig, assaults you without justification, you go to prison (if you’re lucky and didn’t get killed first) for assaulting an officer. Basically, you don’t have a Second Amendment right to defend yourself.

          The vote doesn’t work. Petitions don’t work. This crap continues. So, if the system doesn’t work, by your logic, we should resign ourselves to being the property and victims of the state? To Hell with that.

          It is well beyond time that the people take to the streets and take down this government of ours, or die making a valiant attempt.

        • Robert Ireland

          violence is long past due. you waant to wait until they are sure you have nothin to fight back with go ahead by yourself. I think all hell should break loose!

          • Robert Ireland

            they are already killing US! DUH!

        • Sharon Hyatt Wyser

          Then a slap on the wrist would be out of the question?

    • whitefalcon74

      it wont stop until the public starts fighting back we need to arm citizens even from police!

  • Cheesy

    Cop needs to be sprayed with lead.

  • TSN

    Odd how some comments assume it was a male correctional officer. Read the linked story and you’d soon discover it was a female named Bianca who violated her with the mace. Even without reading the story, common sense seems to dictate a woman did it, since it’s very unlikely (albeit, not impossible) a male officer would perform a strip search on a female detainee.

    Nevertheless, Bianca (and her unidentified partner) should pay a serious price for this crime. And those who assumed it was a man, should feel the same I hope.

    • John West

      Sorry for the correction, but the name is Blanka Zapater unless it was misspelled in the complaint.

  • Amy Hopple

    I for one, no longer believe the police are there to protect us… shameful as hell

    • Helena_Handbasket

      The courts recently ruled they have no duty to protect anyone, just arrest people for illegal behavior.

  • Sandra Johnson

    There is something called police procedure this is not part of that process. Law enforcement officers, are only as responsible as their leaders direct them to be .This is going to cost this city a whole lot of money . I hope these officers receive constitutional /civil rights training .This happens often with rural law enforcement who believe they can just make up their own rules .Attitudes such as this cost too much in attorney and court fees.

  • coven777

    is something about the state putting the power to bully into the hands
    of subnormal, sadistic apes that makes my blood boil.”
    ~ Gore Vidal writing as Edgar Box, DEATH IN THE FIFTH POSITION

  • Wang King

    Has the movie cum out yet?

  • ben dover

    All police need to be hung high in a tree, FUC-ING PIGS

  • ben dover

    We just need to start more target practice on these useless POSits

  • Nancy G. Shuert

    Did none of you read the actual report? It was female officers who did that horrible thing.

    Corrections officers Jennifer Stepp and Defendant Blanca Zapater took Ms. Tapia to the shower area to conduct a strip search

  • OhSnapDJB

    I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: NEVER EVER EVER TRUST NOR SPEAK WITH ANY COP…….EVER! Cops will lie on u to cover their ass and other cops asses. If by some reason u have to speak with a cop, make sure u film and/or record the encounter. If u film from ur smartphone, use an app called “Bambuser” (which is free). Bambuser will film and broadcast live and directly to the internet. Bambuser DOES NOT save to ur phone. So if an douchbag cop takes ur phone to delete the footage, they won’t find it! Another key thing to do with ur phone is to USE A PASSWORD TO LOCK UR PHONE! This is MANDATORY! I actually go a step further and use an app called “App Lock”. So if my phone gets taken and by some miracle the cops figure out my password to unlock my phone, they would have to figure out ANOTHER password to unlock any other function as well. Make use of the technology to protect urself. And share this info with as many as u can. We owe it to each other because if ur rights are violated, then MY rights are violated. If there are any questions feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

  • Jeff

    She should be charged with felony sexual assault and have to register as a level 3 offender. What’s the standard prison term for that? 5 years plus and a life time of being ostracized for being a pervert. Sounds like a good start to me.

  • HpPavilion22

    The police Union will make sure that them 2 disgusting officers keeps on raping and torturing anyone they want to..without ever being held accountable for thier actions.

    • Chad

      Oh, they’ll be held accountable. They’ll get 6 months of paid leave while their trial comes up and then acquitted. All that time from abusing people sure has to be boring.

  • Bobbie Jo Justice

    the officer(s) in question need to be executed publicly and painfully, and if the state won’t do it, then it’s time for some vigilante justice.

  • Ms. Ann

    It is apparent that these cops are being recruited from the psych ward of the VA hospital.

  • OhSnapDJB

    I just called the Metro Detention Center in NM (505-839-8700), and from what the control office says, both of these lovely ladies (Jennifer Stepp and Blanca Zapata) are STILL on the job and will be in at 3p New Mexico time.

  • OhSnapDJB

    We ALL need to call and DEMAND that these women be terminated from their jobs IMMEDIATELY!

  • OhSnapDJB

    Also, The Mayor of Albuquerque, NM. is Richard Barry. His Director of Communications is Dana Crawford. The Deputy Director of Communications is Brianna Anderson. The number to the Mayor’s office is 1-505-768-3000. Once again, we ALL need to call and DEMAND that these women be terminated and charged with crimes.

  • Wulgus

    I truly hope someone murders this pig, preferably by shooting a bullet into his anus.

    • Lisa Bean

      at the very least, I’m thinking an eye for an eye…for a vagina and in the anus…explosive diarrhea has never been so deserved!

  • Robert Ramrattan

    Did she HAVE this alleged baggie?

    • Lisa Bean

      terrible but I was wondering the same thing… not that it makes any difference with abuse of this scope.

  • Annie Bonnie

    what kind of people become cops? they’re definitely not firemen. 1/10 of the worlds population has psychotic tendencies. a dead cop in my opinion is one less psychopath. goes for soldiers aswell.

  • Will I am

    disciplined? – in “cop land” that means you get a free paid holiday doesn’t it? and a promotion down the road for not ratting out that everyone else does it …

  • mir

    This kind of highly disrespectful and heinous behavior is the basis for the imminent ruin happening on the planet. Who raised these morons? Only The Creator can render proper justice. The world is coming to an end of another chapter of inhumanity to man. smh

  • A Dawg

    What on God’s green fuck??????

  • Andrew Kurdziel

    I spit on these bastards. TRUST NO PIG. KILL IF YOU HAVE TO

  • ReadDeeply

    This is not new. Cops have always been what we see today. What has changed is our technology, which now enables us to have eyes everywhere, and a voice worldwide. With a system so entrenched in its tradition of brutality and power corrupted, it will take constant vigilance on our part to change it. And we must change it.

  • IHateFatChicks

    Most LE is comprised of narcissistic sociopaths, pathological liars, troglodytes and violent psychopaths.

  • Weediculous Pho-Sho

    They are gonna bully the wrong citizen one day, and get what they deserve. Cowards with guns on a power trip.

  • Helena_Handbasket

    It wasn’t wanton disregard… that implies ignorance and/or negligence. They know what mace does, they know they broke procedure, it requires more effort to spray mace into a vagina than to not spray mace into a vagina.

    It was deliberate sexual assault, pure and simple.

  • JoBrown85

    Someone should squirt mace up these female cops’ vadges, or fill ’em up with “deep heat” or similar ointment. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth – that’s the only kind of punishment these pigs will understand!

  • John

    Too bad her civil lawsuit will just get thrown out. She needs to contact Karl Lentz and bring them into her court [case] for injury and or damage to her property. Filed in a common law/court of record as i, a [wo]man prosecutor against the wrongdoers.

  • freewheelinfranklin543

    New Mexico,land of 14 hour colonoscopies,lookin for weed. Blazin away at a whole van full of children over a fuckin speedin ticket. Murdering mentally ill homeless people in the act of surrendering and now spraying a womens vagina with pepper spray.
    Lets kick New Mexico out of the union. I’ll bet Old Mexico wouldn’t even want em back! The political leadership and representation from the cops all the way up to their courts are very corrupt!

  • Amanda Deal

    My God, there would have been a death that night, I would have gone down kicking, screaming, with serious injury. They would have had to kill me (which I’m sure is what would have happened) if some sucmbag did that to me!!!

  • Danny Thompson

    They ‘were’ just spraying WD-40, because they didn’t KNOW procedure, and didn’t have a female to examine her. Seems as though ‘us’ humans NEED an anti-cop spray, that sends them on their way. Looking for development of such a ‘spray’ for our protection!

  • 33243232

    Now let’s watch the (corrupt) mainstream media vilify Eric Frein now that he’s been captured, while not spending a single second on a legit discussion on what may cause people to hate cops.

    Corporate media would never give people the idea that they should stand up to what amounts to their subsidized security force.

  • Chris Gonz

    That is so disgusting. This is why people are QUICKLY losing ALL respect for anyone in law enforcement. That is so disgusting, it’s CRIMINALLY INSANE!!!!

  • tomjohnson

    Sue the Department. Sue the City. Sue the County. Sue the state. Bankrupt as many as you can. It’s all they understand.

  • Damien Cross

    Police are NOT your friends or there to help you in any way. The police are there to make money for the state and WILL get away with 99% of what they do against the law.

  • Larry StCroix

    Why would you want Sgt Sena fired? She put a stop to it according to your article. Zapater should have been ‘disciplined’ by losing her job then and there

  • CherryA

    Is there an update on this case?

  • Sunday Kon

    This must of hurt like fuck!

  • Gabriel Anibal Toribio


  • charles000

    Anyone here remember the brownshirts from Nazi Germany, many of whom later “graduated” into the SS and the Gestapo? Anyone??? Read some history, if not familiar. You’ll find the similarities quite compelling . . . here, in the 21st century, on US soil.

  • Dee Queen

    These devil Pigs are acting as tho they are judges!!!!!!! I thought you were innocent until proven guilty.

  • Luke Cloud

    Well, good thing they were “reportedly disciplined.”

  • disqus_POh1nqjxba

    Sick people. these police officers should be placed in mental hospital for the rest of their life or just hang them be done….

  • Pete Ponchorat Maddison

    Sexual assault and nothing is done about it. WTF!
    Why are we still letting these scumbag cops treat us like this. We need to start patrolling the streets ourselves and protecting our fellow wo/man. I’m NOT saying ‘citizen’ because that’s the word ‘they’ use in ‘their’ system andwe are NOT under their system. We are FREE, we are NOT slaves to the system any more, we need to stand up and protect ourselves from cops as it’s THEM who are the real criminal. Look at how many states are ‘sacking’ cops and amazingly, crime goes DOWN. The rest of America needs to wake up to this fact and sack EVERY cop in America. Only then will we become safe.

  • Jon

    When there is a unconstitutional offence committed by a cop, why waste your breath complaining to the cops, They will say it is under investigation. The truth is they will not even bother to document your complaint . don’t ever call the cops for anything unless you want to have more problems.

  • Stephen Bellinger

    Way too many straight sadists wearing badges today, and no where near enough “good” officers willing to turn them in.

  • Nikoli Buxton

    Can we just start hiring private security contractors to protect us from police? Seriously what would it take to implement an entirely new system of people who will ACTUALLY serve and protect?

  • William Borden

    I say they should be done the same way.

  • OldManMtn

    ACLU dude: “It’s tantamount to torture”

    No, its not “tantamount”.
    It IS torture!!

    These officers should have been locked up on felony charges IMMEDIATELY upon knowledge by their superiors.
    The fact that they are not…. even yet….. says much about the system, and the superiors need to be indicted as well.

  • Jason Anderson

    is that evil pig dead yet ?

  • Bill Catz

    And another paid vacation proudly earned by our finest.

  • Arf!

    Arm yourselves and fight back.

  • Sunday Kon

    The hell is wrong with American cops?!

  • JesseMace

    stupid pigs do stupid stuff, the gang protects them, and the taxpayers get the bill. fts

  • techiewayne

    So this is ok to do to people? How about we do it to his wife or kids and then lets see how he feels about it.

  • Randall Goguen

    That and wallmart is the only job she could get.

  • steve

    When will they be held accountable,,,

  • H Steven Mead


  • H Steven Mead

    Their government henchmen and as such they are left alone

  • Blacka_Zulu

    we still have people who will say “its just an isolated incident—a bad apple” … we got a whole f-ing orchard of “bad apples” lol

  • David Hughes
  • Abbi Orenstein

    can we all revolt now? -.-

  • Anthony Quatroni

    They treat themselves and each other as royalty, under the false impression that they “protect” society. The sheeple think they are gods, when in reality, they are the lowest form of life on the planet.

  • Anonymous

    They do this stuff with absolute impunity…then wonder why there is a “war on police” afterwards!!!

  • Tania Welch

    Sick n tired of multiple ads n pop ups that I have to “x” out of! And click on 2nd page n see nothing! Ads u have to scroll through are horrible n annoying!