Officer Shoots Family Dog


SAN ANTONIO — ‘Why did you shoot my dog, did she growl at you? Did she jump at you?’

“No ma’am, but I’m not going to get bit by a dog”

That was the exchange that Ms. Birkhimer had with a police officer who moments earlier pulled out his gun and opened fire on Birkhimer’s dog.

It all started when when she received a phone call from her son, “Mom, the cops are here and they just shot the dog.”

She immediately raced home to find out what happened.

When she arrived home, Officer G. Salazar announced that he was the one who shot her dog.

When asked if he was threatened by growling or lunging, he actually confirmed “No mam, but I’m not going to get bit by a dog.”

In other words, just the mere presence or existence of a dog at a house is reason enough for a dog to be shot by cops these days.

The police claimed that they went to Birkhimer’s house to search for a man; Birkhimer confirmed that he did not live there.

But the damage had already been done.

The cop evidently was trying to shoot the dog in the head, but fortunately the bullet grazed the dog’s head and entered the front of the dog’s body instead.

The bullet then exited through the dog’s limb.

The dog now is only able to use three legs — the limb that was shot just sways around lifelessly like a wet dish rag.

Watch the video below:

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  • old409

    The dog owner should take a shotgun to the cops legs and let him walk/hop around on one leg. Where do they dig these brainless,scared, pants peeing, cops ups up? I’m surprised they don’t shoot at their own shadows. Chicken Bleeps !

    • Iknowthingsok

      If you shoot one of their dogs you going spend time in jail or straight to prison for sure, but your dog don’t mean shit to them….oh I forgot we’ll talking about cops.

    • Neal Feldman

      Nothing but lying racist cowardly, censorious, trigger-happy militarized dog-killing murderous thieving unaccountable thugs with badges.

      Welcome to the Fascist Police States of Amerika.

  • jy kelly

    Dog lives matter….

    • Melissa Gandarinho

      not a pussy

  • Taylor Costello

    You shoot my dog you might as well go ahead and shoot me cause I’m bout to fuckin kill you

    • punisher

      AMEN BROTHER!!! I already sent to troopers to the hospital in 98 for kicking my dog at the res stop !! fuck them cops!~!~

      • Taylor Costello

        Ohthe sherrifs showed up to my friends house a few years back and didnt announce themselves or come tell anyone anything. They just walked up to the fence to the back yard and shot both his pitts in the head because they’re illegal in city limits

  • banCoD

    Another filthy fucking pig. Cops will get killed one day for shooting someones dog. And I will be there to “like” the story when it happens.We will we be able to opt-out from having pigs roam our communities?

    • Pickles The Drummer

      It’s already happening. Look up George Hitcho Jr.

  • BustDaMaTriX

    Then shouldn’t I be able to use the same reasoning as the fucktard cop? I did not want to be falsely arrested/shot/ beaten by some possibly psychopathic cop so I get to shoot him? Of course after the fact during my piad leave my co workers will “investigate” and find I committed no wrongdoing.

    • Pradyumna Vatula

      You can, now. Or sometime soon. You’re allowed to use self-defensive tactics if police enter your property and you feel threatened…. Or something like that.

  • michael92064

    This is a police force that brags about dog encounter training.

  • Rusty Shakelford
  • Rusty

    My wife was home and a Deputy came by and was talking to her about I believe the neighbors kid firing a spud gun at other kids including ours. Our dogs were in a pen and he threatened or started to threaten to shoot them because they scared him being in a pen and barking at him (He came to the back door instead of front door anyway?) She verbally jumped on him about it and he left, she was quite upset.

  • punisher

    im sorry chief i beat the crap out of your officer? or I shot your officer chief did my officer growl at you? did he threaten you? no!! chief!! I wasn’t about to have a citation givin to me!!!

  • punisher

    for instance!! postal workers meet dogs on a regular basis!! they are not armed with guns the have 100 times more encounters with dogs than police!! but yet they don’t kiil,shoot dogs!! they are out of control with guns!!!!

  • Enya Walsh

    They mean to shoot Black people, for similar reasons, and with as little thought.

  • Jim Zubkowski

    i would avenge my dog lose my sanity and prolly torture that sick bastard

  • H Steven Mead

    People need to stop being afraid and demand some type of change with our police. When a policeman can just roll up at your home and shoot your pet for no justified reason and then turn around and act like it’s OK there is something very wrong with that reasoning. I ask this question every time I read one of these articles, Where the F are our representatives whom are suppose to be watching and controlling society? when it’s time to run for office they will all be out and running their holy-er than thou mouths though. What is it going to take a civil uprising to rein in our police?

    • HoneyJoRumples

      Yes. A civil uprising is exactly what it’s going to take. Colorado has a new law that requires cops to get four hours of training in animal behavior and non-lethal ways to control a dog. I don’t know if dog killings have gone down, but it was because a woman lost her German Shepard to a cop who just killed her, much like this story, and she rallied the community and local politicians to her cause and got things changed. Things are not just going to change on their own. People need to protest, organize, contact their local politicians, and get things changed.

  • RogerandShelley Sandmann

    So, I guess anyone, anywhere can pull out their concealed carry gun and kill a dog, just because they don’t want to get bitten?

    • Mustascheo

      Nope. Only LE, because they’re better people. Oh, and above the law.

  • neddycat

    Sue them for the cost of the vet bills. Every single time. I honestly think the only way this is going to stop is when they get sued enough times. Although a law was just passed requiring dog training for cops – but it probably isn’t in place yet.

  • Patrick H.

    This is why police beleive police lives matter so they can shoot your dog. Wonder what led them to beleive a guy they were looking for was there?

  • just me


  • Neal Feldman

    Nothing but lying racist cowardly, censorious, trigger-happy militarized dog-killing murderous thieving unaccountable thugs with badges.

  • Yet these lowlife gutless homicidal Neanderthals with badges and guns expect Citizens to tolerate getting severely mauled by police K9’s, making it a felony to kick, harm or kill a police dog.

  • Theres

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  • Kathryn Aldridge

    And THIS is my gift to THAT wussy cop!

  • Richard Krahenbuhl

    file a lawsuit and make the incident more visible in the public eye. file a complaint with the mayor’s office i.e. be a regular pain in the ass

    • Tracey Elaine Patrick

      most people can’t afford to do that, and these assholes know that.

  • Bendy Bentley

    Recently, I forget where, a cop shot at a dog and missed, killing a woman standing nearby, in front of her kid(s)! He was not charged with any of it. It may be time for street justice every time this happens.

    • HoneyJoRumples

      It happened in Iowa, and the woman’s name was Autumn Steele. And the cop basically got a two-month paid vacation while they “investigated” and then he was back on the job.

  • Laura W

    Well done, once again the government/cops has come through with training our youth to hate them. The government and police always questions why they are hated by the youth of today when in fact they are the very ones training them. So when these children grow up and come after the government and police you will be able to see your work first hand. I just hope it is caught on camera so the world can enjoy it.

  • Laura W

    And cops wonder why they are being targeted, shot and killed and then whine and complain because no one really cares….

    Their own actions have desensitized everyday people and actually make them (cops) look more like a civilians terrorist than someone that is supposed to Protect and Serve. Protect and Serve—now that is a joke. The only ones they Protect and Serve is themselves. Judges, DA’s , Grand Jurys and any and every one involved should be held accountable as well for their actions related to allowing a cop to get away with proven illegal activities.

  • Laura W

    It never ceases to amaze me how police departments are always
    saying how they don’t understand why people aren’t more sympathetic when a
    police officer is injured or killed. Well it is their fault. Social media has
    exposed their brutality towards people and their pets on a daily basis and with
    everyone armed with a camera they will continue to be exposed. Their own actions
    have desensitized people to what happens to them—-and for those who aren’t
    yet desensitized it is just a matter of time. Police openly break the law
    without consequences daily as evidenced by all the available video online and
    they wonder why they are not given any respect. You have to give it to get it.

    A policeman used to be someone you could look up to and go to for help but not
    anymore. Now people tend to take care of themselves rather than call the police
    due to their lack of trust in the police. I have known some very good policemen
    in the past but can’t say too much about now. I keep seeing the words “Police
    State” used to describe people’s respective police department which doesn’t
    bode to well for policemen. Again you have to give respect to get it…….

  • John O’Guinn

    It’s all about discipline and training. In short, you get what you pay for. I’m not condoning this horrific behavior; if someone deliberately injured or killed my dog in an unprovoked attack he or she would be on the ground.

  • john handy

    Get a lawyer they injured your property which is protected by the 4th amendment. Then get the DA to file felony animal abuse charges against the officer. Start a facebook page with all the information on what took place with the DAs phone number and email address then everone can let the DA know how we feel about these kinds of police shootins . Good luck make them pay !!!

  • john handy

    This happens daily in Texas would not live there for all the tea in China.

  • Ruth

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  • EyemNotFree

    Do you trust in god? pray for them. No more death penalty for killing Texas police

  • chikambura59

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  • Antionsuld

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