Officer Shoots Five Kittens Right in Front of Children



Shooting kittens right in front of children is totally fine as long as you are in the North Ridgeville Police Department.

According to the NRPD in Ohio, the police did nothing wrong when they discharged their weapons a few feet away from children in order to euthanize 5 kittens.

In what world would this be considered acceptable? Have police become so far detached from reality that firing a weapon several feet from children seems like an okay idea, not to mention the killing of the kittens?

Police Chief Mike Freeman defended the shooting as a method of euthanasia and defended the action of the officers, stating that, “the officers will not face any disciplinary actions.”

The Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wants a humane officer fired for allegedly shooting five kittens at a home near children.

Watch the videos below:

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      • George Campbell

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  • Michael Stanton

    The kittens and mother cat should have been taken OFF SITE and euthanized away from the neighborhood.

    • leastyebejudged

      Duah, thank you Captain obvious !

  • Arawra

    The only reason there is any complaint whatsoever is because the people didn’t have the gall to be near where euthanasia occurred.

    • leastyebejudged

      You’re a fucking idiot.

      Discharging a firearm in a residential neighborhood to kill kittens where kids can see it is the issue, you stupid fucktard.

      • Arawra

        OH NO, A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL handling a firearm! Someones gonna die!

        • George Campbell

          You’re complete idiot! !! they’re kittens they couldn’t have been transported somewhere else they had to be shot immediately on site what were they resisting

          • Arawra

            Notice how I never said they couldn’t have been transported. Again, people are just crying because they couldn’t face directly what goes on behind closed doors.

          • Evan Farley

            No dude. You’re just a fucktard if you think that was an acceptable action taken by the police. It has not one thing to do with the fact that they were going to be euthanized. The officers firearm is used for defense of himself or others. This wasn’t even a mercy killing. This was just some asshole making the worst possible decision on how to handle the situation.

          • Arawra

            If your only argument is “Oh, I’d take care of them if it came to this.” then you really don’t care too much about them.

            A gun is a tool. There are different uses for a tool. Yes, a cop’s intended use of this tool is for defense. To ignore the other uses is naieve.

            This is very well a mercy killing. Seeing as how there are photos of food left out for the cats, they would already have had loss of instinct to hunt. They are wild, so as soon as that food is gone they are more than likely going to starve.

            Wild animals are a very large potential source of disease, as they are vectors. Worms, fleas, ticks, and whatever else. Notice also how the parents CALLED the police because they were afraid of what the parent cat may do to the children if they were too close. You have proximity, cause, and an unpredictable animal.

          • Evan Farley

            Don’t for a second pretend that you are going to school me on firearms. I’ve carried a gun for more than a decade professionally and I maintain an CWP. I know guns are just tools. The problem is this cop didn’t use the primary tool available to him to solve the situation. It seems he completely ruled out using his brain and went straight to his gun. He didn’t take into account the health and wellbeing of the citizens that called him. The psychological impact on the residents WELL outweighed the impact of a handful of feral kittens. YOu can hem and haw anyway you like. That police officer made a piss poor decision in regards to handling the situation. To support that sort of bullshit tells me everything I need to know about how you would likely handle it as well. Do us a favor, if your an LEO, quit now.

          • Arawra

            If your psychological well being is as frail to suffer from the euthanasia of feral animals, then maybe its time to learn life isn’t all sunshine and butterflies. The health and well being of the citizens seems to have been his concern all along, otherwise he would have ignored the cats all together.

            I am not saying his decision was the best. I am saying its not “OMFG HOW COULD HE HAVE DONE THIS?!!”

          • Evan Farley

            Reading is fundamental dipshit. He dispatched the kittens in front of the children. THEIR psychological disposition is still being developed. It doesn’t appear as if yours has. I’m out.

          • Arawra

            You’re absolutely right! As well as watching the video! The kids were inside the house, AFTER the officer told the parent what was going to happen. The parent seemed ok with the kids going to the window to watch. Only complained afterwards knowing full well what as going to happen.

          • George Campbell

            Yes that’s quite clear that’s why everyone thinks your fucked up…you say Evan is weak to worry about kittens dying that’s not the point both he and I are saying where are the cop did it when he did it was a bad call… and from your perspective do you think psychologically it’s ever a good idea to kill any animal in public unless threatened by it immediate harm not fleas or worms

          • Arawra

            Did you forget that animal services weren’t available?

            Define public. Also, this occurred on private property.

          • George Campbell

            But it was done behind closed doors click on the article there’s a guy there who claims he lives in the neighborhood and said exactly what happened the kids were in the house looking out the window

        • George Campbell

          Umm news flash those trained professionals with handguns have been killing innocent people

        • Adam Scott

          Shut the fuck up, cops aren’t trained, they spend one day a year on the range to qualify, if their training officer takes the time to set it up. Otherwise they don’t do stress shooting, let alone manual of arms with a shotgun.

          • Arawra

            Safety, action and receiver, magazine release, aiming and trigger pulling are really hard concepts to grasp. I wonder how firearms ever made it into mass production.

          • Adam Scott

            And that solves all stress shooting problems encountered by, so called professionals, no, it doesn’t. Manual of arms only assists in operating the firearm, it doesn’t train you how to process a very fast moving situation.

        • PatrickHenry
        • Ray Morin

          trained professionals with a gun ?? really . this guy did miss

        • Ray Morin

          youve got to be the dumbest fuck on the planet .

      • Arawra

        Also, dat feel when you read in elementary about a youth who had to shoot his dog due to it being rabid but then its ACTUALLY not acceptable to actually do.

    • George Campbell


  • Jesse
  • Drakenfly
  • George Campbell

    So does this municipality have an animal control or aspca or humane center of the county?
    And it’s just kind of a dick head thing to do in front of children I mean shooting kittens in front of children let that sink in what are you going to do kick Santa Claus in the balls next?

  • Dimitri Theodosakis

    Hopefully Jesus Deny Kittens Murderer from Heaven for Sin of Murder

  • PatrickHenry

    Still waiting. Any “good” cops out there.

  • debby grant

    I’d spend every cent I had going after that fucking jerks balls!!!

  • Gordon Klock

    Almost sounds like the cop was intentionally trying to traumatize those kids, whilst being an ignorant, transparent sadist. “Euthanasia” my ass….
    (Kittens are usually the easiest to find homes for)….

  • Rob W

    There isn’t a situation that is improved with the presence of these thugs.

  • Dawn Anewday

    They must want us to hate the police.

  • techiewayne

    he best be glad he don’t live near me cause he did that to my kids and kittens on my property I would defend it vigorously with an ar15.

  • crazytrain2

    So sickening

  • jim

    I can understand that they would be put down BUT
    at what point is using a gun in a housing area a good idea
    you put them in a cage and take them somewhere else away from people
    it might not be illegal but it was stupid

  • Cee Hep

    The worst

  • lars larson

    If cop shoots my dog he will be dead before he could fire his next round.