Officer Stomps on American Man’s Groin Area, Calls the Man “Terrorist” in Front of His Child

QUEENS — A man who was in the parking lot of Fresh Meadows supermarket, waiting for his wife to finish getting groceries, was surprised when officer Milko Mejia rolled up behind him and began honking, according to reports.


Gamal Abdelaziz, who is a 57-yr-old American of Arab descent, realized that the officer wanted to drive past him, so Gamal moved to let the officer pass.

Gamal states that instead of driving past him, the officer pulled up to his side and began cursing and yelling “You fucking asshole!”

Gamal moved on, and drove to the front of the parking lot by the store.

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He was stomped in his groin area and repeatedly beaten, according to reports.

He was stomped in his groin area and repeatedly beaten, according to reports.

Officer Mejia, however, began escalating the situation into violence.

Mejia was off-duty at the time and Gamal did not realize that Mejia was a police officer.

Escalating the situation even more, officer Mejia got out of his car and started heading on foot toward Gamal’s car.

Mejia finally got close to Gamal’s car and began broadcasting the fact that he was a police officer — as if his costume and his government-privilege gave him the right to curse and honk at anybody, anytime.

Gamal had his child with him at the time and just wanted to be left alone.

He told Mejia “Having a badge does not give you the right to curse at me.”

That’s when officer Mejia had the audacity to demand that Gamal hand over his keys and license, according to reports.

Gamal had not broken any law and was just trying to get home to cook food with his family.


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Knowing his rights, he did not obey the officer’s command to surrender his keys and personal information.

Instead, he asked for the officer’s badge number to report the harassment.

Officer Mejia became even more enraged at that point.

Instead of giving his badge number, he resorted to initiating violence on Gamal in front of Gamal’s son.

According to court documents, the officer “brutally kicked Gamal in the testicles, and then repeatedly struck Gamal in the face, causing Gamal to fall to the ground, where the beating continued.”

During the beating the officer called Gamal a “terrorist” because of his Arab descent.

To make matters worse, the officer called his other government-privileged friends over for back-up.

When his fellow officers arrived, they arrested Gamal for “arguing with a sergeant.”

Gamal is now suing for violations of his civil rights.


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  • ZeroDarkThirty

    I hope this was caught on video otherwise there unfortunately is nothing Gamal can do as it is the cop’s word against his. I recommend Gamal find a better place to live away from NYC.

  • Rex

    Officer Mejia and ALL of the accessories to this road rage, assault & kidnapping need to spend some time in jail. Every day that a Mundane would, plus an extra 5 years for doing it while “protecting” people.

  • musichandra

    NYC is worse than north korea… regulations galore and more cops than people on the streets…

  • Elizabeth Henderson

    im moving to korea, fuk the american police dept, no morals no values, the police are the terrorists. people hunting, social leeches.. we need a revolution!!!! all in!!

  • Brenda

    I bet the store has video cameras. I hope he sues the department, the city and the individual cops and presses criminal charges against them. I hope he bankrupts them all.

  • palestinian atheist

    I’m sick of all this anti-Arab racism. It’s time we rise up and start letting people know we’re not going to take their **** anymore

    • Ameena Shehab

      walahi, this is a sad day.

  • WarrenHart

    The Arab guy was probably parked in the front of the store in a no-parking space getting in everybody’s way just because he was to lazy to park his car in the parking lot. I hate cop aggression as much as anyone but I also hate people that wont follow the rules just because they don’t want to be inconvenienced themselves.

    • Jessica Anderson

      are you fucking stupid? even if he WAS parked in front of a no parking space… the “officer” had no right to do what he did. you are ignorent as FUCK.

      • WarrenHart

        Jessica, looks like you’re the embred hillbilly dumbass that can’t read. I never said the officer had a right to take out his aggression upon a citizen. There’s just obviously more to the story than is being reported here. Dumb hick.

    • Dave

      If there were more to the story it’d be in the story. You sound like a fucking tool, get a life pal.

  • Jessica Anderson

    seriously fuck the NYPD. fucking assholes think they can fuck with anyone. they are a GANG. they should all be put in jail.

  • Ameena Shehab

    Many times these stories against American Muslims go unheard. Im so happy to see one making headway. We are people even if others dont want believe that.

    • ‘Craig Bruner’

      This is not a muslim problem, this is an NYPD abuse of power problem, really its a badge coward problems we are having to deal with across the country…It’s would not have mattered to this badged coward if the man would have been christian, muslim or an atheist… This cowardous badged thug would have done this to any citizen and calling them some kinda names if they got in his way and pissed him off.. This problem here is because those badged cowards know they have their gang of badged buddies to back them up for their lawlessness and believe their badges and their lying buddies with badges make them above the law!!!

  • Andrew Kurdziel

    NYC PIGS are the worse. ALL cowardly bastards hiding behind their badges