Officer With History of Inattentive Driving Runs Over 100-yr-old Woman Who Was Taking a Daily Walk, No Charges for Cop



ST PAUL — An elderly woman was killed when a police officer with a history of accidents ran over her.

Roza Sakhina immigrated from Russia with her family to the United States to seek a life of peace and opportunity.

Roza was nearly 100 yrs old.

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She was taking a stroll through her neighborhood in St. Paul as usual, but what happened next devastated her family.

Roza was using the aid of her walker to help her across the street, when suddenly a police officer accelerated backwards and struck Roza with the patrol car.

Officer Goutlet, the driver, had parked her vehicle diagonally at an angle instead of parallel against the sidewalk, according to reports.

She then reversed from that angle and hit Roza. Roza died after the patrol car struck her body.

The question many have is: didn’t Officer Goutlet look in her rear view mirror before backing up?

It turns out that Office Goulet has a history of accidents on the job. Officer Goulet was in squad accidents in 1994, 1997, 1997, and 2007, of which three were sideswiping and two were due to inattentive driving, according reports.

In 2007, Officer Goulet backed into a vehicle and hit it, a crash that was determined to be caused by Officer Goulet’s inattention, according to reports.

Officer Goulet was still able to keep her job as a cop and continue driving, despite this history of preventable crashes.

Roza’s family was deeply saddened when Roza was killed and filed a wrongful death suit against Officer Goulet in January, 2015.

Officer Goulet “acted in a negligent manner so as to collide with Roza Sakina, a pedestrian,” the lawsuit stated.

But the city attorney’s office replied to the suit by claiming that Officer Goulet’s actions were “reasonable, proper, and necessary under the circumstances and authorized by the laws of the United States and the State of Minnesota.”

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The county attorney’s office has declined to file charges against Officer Goulet.

Instead, it has been determined that Roza was responsible for her own death, according to court documents.

Officer Goulet presumably is still driving and will not face charges or a conviction.

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  • Tamra Louviere

    I so hate these pathetic pieces of crap!

  • Bendy Bentley

    Hope the cop dies in the next wreck, taking out no one else.

  • Janey Siegrist

    My God…they get away with murder…and blame the victim.

    • Michael Fuson

      and people like fox news backs them.

      • chuck

        what the hell does fox news have to do with “backing them”

      • JP

        You’re really stupid.

      • YankeePatriot1969

        Showing your political bias only discredits you.

        • no, it doesn’t . part of the truth is that support from crews like fox news helps create the ongoing illusion that there is support for police corruption, brutality, and just plain ignorance

      • Ginger McNulty

        Be all that as it may, truth is truth. Faux News backs police no matter how wrong they are. And they, in turn, are backed by a Saudi prince.

    • OnionLicker

      This is not murder lol holy shit are you stupid

      However stupid cop should be charged with manslaughter.

      • it’s vehicular homicide

        • OnionLicker

          Shut it up and shut it up GOOD.

    • David Pierce

      The American Revolutionary Army will remove all weapons, and all legal protection from law enforcement.

  • Albert Ross


  • Phasung Baccam

    Guest who pay for the lawsuit you guest it right taxpayers we should let the cop pay for take their pension and payroll 20% from them not the taxpayers

    • tdatrufe

      you live in a city, and pay taxes and follow orders without question and you allow a corrupt government to form and a corrupt police force to take over, and that system gets people killed, then everyone is responsible, you dont want dirty cops costing you money, then be more diligent about who you allow to tell you what to do..

      • Mike Barnett

        oh yeah, because the people get a say in who forms a police force. Your comment is ignorant and stupid. Politicians, maybe, but not a police force.

        • Ginger McNulty

          Oh yeah we do. When they break ranks to do the right thing, support them! Take a look at And there are plenty of stories floating around about individual officers losing their jobs and even landing up in prison for whistle-blowing. This has been going on since Frank Serpico’s day.

          Every generation should try to improve on the work of the last. It helps make up for all the ways we should carry on but don’t. I think this generations better understands the difference between soldiers and politicians. Here’s another thing we could do. Recognize the difference between obedience and righteousness. A slave asks “is it allowed” a free person asks “is it right”.

        • tdatrufe

          youre right St Paul MN is a police dictatorship, the police forms itself, makes up its own rules, and then autonomous to any government or a democratic system, it rules of the city.. its the tax dollars that pay these peoples salaries, and its the city and the state that empowers them. the city and the state is made up of the people who elect the politicians that represent them in their government. like i said, if you allow a corrupt system to take power, with your own money and that system gets people killed, you are responsible, you dont want that to cost you, go and be proactive about who is in charge. a police force isnt directly elected, but it also doesnt appear out of thin air. get real

      • Phasung Baccam

        Only get rid of dirty cop vigilant on their asd no went and but take them out

    • David


    • bovine46

      Phasung, that’s guess who pays and you guessed it

  • freedom fighter


  • LawrenceNeal

    The whole system that allows this is corrupt, top to bottom.

  • Chuck Fasst

    magine what that coP ANd her shameless cohorts would do to us under the same circumstances.

    • Mike Barnett

      They would probably shoot you

  • Michael Fuson

    so its dept policy to back a car up at a high rate of speed without bothering to see whats behind you

    • Randy Robinson

      Doesn’t matter what speed, should be careful when backing up, & driving in g.

    • Randy Robinson

      Doesn’t matter what speed, should be careful when backing up, & driving in general.

  • martymarsh

    All you have to do is join a corrupt union, which all of them are, and you can get away with anything also.

    • dontbedumb

      Dont be dumb. Unions aren’t the problem. We are the problem. We are the ones who put the people in power who make policy. We need to take some accountability and make sure we make the necessary changes. This is tragic but to label all unions as corrupt shows your level of ignorance and lack of education.

      • John J Publicus

        Police unions ARE the largest part of the problem here….wake up

        • dontbedumb

          Ohhhhhh, I get it. Why take accountability when we could just as easily pass the buck? How does it feel to be part of the problem?

          • John J Publicus

            What does that even mean? How many cops do YOU have in your family? I have several, and not all are ‘good’ cops either. The union protects them ALL, no mater, right or wrong. It’s the number one reason cops get away with murder (literally). The union threatens to sue the department for all kinds of shit, the department can’t afford to defend against that AND pay out civil penalties as well. They take the civil hit and appease the cops.

            Now, take the advice of your own nickname……

          • dontbedumb

            Lol, because unions are the proble, that’s laughable. As well just so you know I severely dislike cops, but to classify all unions as evil is stupid. Dont be dumb.

          • John J Publicus

            Read for comprehension, I didn’t classify all unions as evil, I said THIS union was the problem. It’s a very unusual kind of union, one that can enforce its wants and demands by force of arms. If you don’t think this is a huge part of the problem here,,you’re not paying very close attention…..

          • Whoa. People arguing in FAVOR of unions. That’s a first on Disqus!

            See? NOW you show up

      • martymarsh

        16 years in the corrupt teamsters gave me all the education I needed and your attempts to insult me gets you no points, you see that would mean I care what you think and I honestly don’t.

        • dontbedumb

          Just because you’ve had a negative experience with one specific union doesn’t mean they’re all evil. That’s stupid. And obviously you enough to reply, dont be dumb.

          • martymarsh

            LMAO, you can call it anything you like, say anything you want, you do not impress me.

  • jim

    “authorized by the laws of the United States and the State of Minnesota.”
    what law lets a cop or anyone else run down people ?
    does this mean if the cop was chasing someone and the passed a school with kids getting out the cop could run over kids in a crosswalk ?

  • Adam

    Of course bc the cops n attorneys don’t care, they would blame an older lady for this, f*ck st. Paul Minnesota cops, they are reckless and get away with murder, the DA office should be sued as well as the state and police dept.. Yea I’m sure she’s not at fault but its ok to hit someone and kill them but it’ll be reversed if it was the other way around, the person would have the book thrown at them.

    • 94c2500

      Remember, “If you ain’t cop your little people.” Dead old ladies don’t talk back or defend themselves.

      • peck2

        Neither do dead pigs

  • Kathy Krauss O’Leary

    This is bull. I don’t care what the situation was. the officer should have been paying attention to what was behind her when she back the car up. If this had been a normal citizen we would be in jail on involuntary man. I tired of cops being given special privilege above the law.

    • bovine46

      Don’t you realize, Kathy, that cops are above the laws they enforce.

  • jo

    How dare them blame her, my heart goes out to the family. That dumb ass cop and the county attorney need to be fired and charged.

    • 94c2500

      Maybe the response to this homicide would have been different had the old lady been an “illegal immigrant”? This may be a new INS policy or presidential executive order?

      • John J Publicus

        Oh please. How much of an utter moron can you be?

        Crawl back in your hole, troll…..

  • jo

    How is the pedestrian to blame, my heart goes out to the family. The cop and county attorney need to lose their jobs and the careless driving cop needs to be charged for killing this woman.

    • Robert Ireland

      under every state law i ever saw, pedestrians always have the right of way. this is homicide by cop. pure and simple. that DA just showed he’s a real POS, a liar and complicit in the cover-up(conspiracy). furthermore, i would bet my arse this attorney has a history of convictions based on pure lies. cheap piece of self serving statist shyte!

  • 99ways2die

    is just how the in-justice system worked when police in past other
    countries made their transition to this.
    Are the shit talking idiots seeing a pattern yet or is just going to be
    “Don’t break the law” again?

    • bovine46

      Cops are above the law. Didn’t you know that?

  • Tabitha Rose

    Wow this is rare apparently they have not trained their officers correctly. In any other precinct around this Nation, they give the officer a paid vacation, for murder.

  • tdatrufe

    its ok to murder people almost a century old these days, i remember disgraceful

    • bovine46

      But only if you’re a cop.

  • David


  • Larry Johnstone

    Negligent homicide, charged or not

  • Mike Barnett

    I wonder if she would have been responsible for her own death if you or I hit her. This is disgusting.

    This is the best part though “claiming that Officer Goulet’s actions were “reasonable, proper, and necessary under the circumstances and authorized by the laws of the United States and the State of Minnesota.” Since when is running over a 100 year old woman, reasonable, proper and necessary?

  • ricciroo

    I say kill them all , no exceptions.

  • gphishmon

    If any of us backed over someone and killed them, we’d be facing prison.time. Maybe a lot of it.

  • prayforjustice

    The City Attorney should be put on trial for dereliction of duty both the city attorney and that cop should both be in jail , write to Eric Holder about this case he is suppose to review all cases involving brutality from police, in this case MURDER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • peck2

      involve Eric Holder? LMAO!

      • prayforjustice

        Yes FYI he’s suppose to investigate all complaints of Police brutality in this case Murder, involving this idiot cop and her accomplice the city attorney!!!!!!!!!

  • Kai Malone

    this has got to stop. pigs aint above the law. me thinks its time to give pigs their just desserts seeming as courts or people above em aint gonna d owt. how bout ww3 against pigs and those who let em get away wit murder….

  • Esmeralda Barrera


  • AnimalSupportProject

    WTF!!!! When will this end!! We allow cops to kill the elderly?????

  • David Connolly

    “and necessary” So the officer saw the woman but had no other choice because it was “necessary”.

  • Mr Hyde

    This can’t be true. I’m calling shenanigans

  • Jo Brown

    So the victim is responsible for her own death! Because she was just minding her own business and should have known that that woman cop was going to violently reverse out of that parking space the moment she was behind the car!
    Somebody in her family should make sure that the officer responsible gets a grave of her own real soon.

  • Guest

    The American Revolutionary Army will remove all weapons and legal protection from law enforcement.

  • BobtheGrape

    WTF? Is that what “protect & serve” means? I can’t believe they let this stupid cop off without any consequences.

  • dallas cowboys

    Now yall see how the black community feels

  • Cedric Thomas

    now you feel how the black community feels.

    • King D

      Nigga stfu. Most black deaths in america are black on black murder fool. idiots have too much same racial conflict. You just wanna bitch about something so you blame white people and cops. This cop deserves hell for what he did to this old lady but shit most cops have good reason for pulling when they have a wreckless uneducated nigga trying to come at them. You gonna let some nigga run up on you and tell me you wouldnt pull?

  • MikeParent

    Anyone else would’ve been charged.

  • jimmyt

    no wonder cops are being ambushed

  • ben dover

    Fuck me , That god dammed pig needs to hang for what she has done