Officers Declare Family’s Beloved Pet Deer ‘Illegal’ — Promptly Kill it In Front of Them


Matt Agorist | The Free Thought Project

Ulysses, KS — An infuriating and heart-breaking video was posted to social media recently of a family’s beloved pet deer, Faline, named after the Disney Bambi character, was gunned down in front of them — for being illegal.

In Kansas, keeping wild animals as pets is illegal.

However, it wasn’t like Kim Mcgaughey and her family lived in the city and had some tiger in their apartment. No, the Mcgaugheys live on a farm and the deer wasn’t stolen from the wild and brought to their home. Instead, the family nursed Faline back to health after she showed up at their farm with a broken leg.

Only after Faline refused to leave did the family start feeding her.

After that, the deer quickly became a part of the family. She would often times go inside the home and sleep in Kim’s room.

“She would get on the bed and stand like she owned the place,” said Taryn Mcgaughey, a fashion, fitness and glamour model.

“But she had free rein to do whatever the heck she wanted.

“There was no way you could keep her in an enclosure.”

According to NBC Los Angeles, authorities got wind of the ‘illegal’ deer after Mcgaughey asked on Facebook whether anyone had seen the deer when it disappeared for several days. She was issued a ticket for “unlawful possession of wildlife without a permit,” said Mark Rankin, law enforcement assistant director for the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism.

However, only minutes after giving her a ticket, law enforcement officers killed Faline.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Kim’s daughter Taryn, speaking to The Independent.

“All of our people have a real heart for wildlife,” Rankin said after his officers killed Faline. “I can’t imagine any of our employees enjoying something like this.”

However, it appears that they may have enjoyed it, according to the family.

“One shot to the head would have been enough but then he shot her in the leg and four times in the back.

“He treated her like target practice,” explained Mcgaughey.

“My son broke down to his knees when he found out she was dead,” she said of her 8-year-old boy who’d grown attached to their pet deer.

“My mum, it’s real hard for her to talk about. It was like Faline was part of the family, it’s just hard,” her son said.

According to Taryn Mcgaughey, the officers wrongly killed Faline, as owners were supposed to be given 30 days to contest a penalty notice over an unlicensed pet and a further 10 days to get a license, reports the Independent.

The video below is graphic and hard to watch. Faline, who’s been around people for most of her life appears to know that the armed men at her home are there to harm her, so she tries to avoid them.

Eventually, however, they catch up to her and kill her — as the family cries in horror.

This instance is similar to the situation that unfolded in Clackamas County, OR, when police officers killed a family’s miniature pony.

When the Fitzgerald family discovered that their pony was missing last month, they began frantically searching. When they found the pony, however, she had died from a gunshot wound to the head.

The police initially claimed that the family’s 30-year-old American Miniature Horse was hit by a car, so the deputy was kind and put it out of its misery with his police issued shotgun.

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  • kaynash

    “All of our people have a real heart for wildlife,” Rankin said after his officers killed Faline. “I can’t imagine any of our employees enjoying something like this.” Proving once again that police officers will lie about anything, anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

  • Mike Moose

    I am at a loss for words. Thinking that it could happen in America.

    • Ryan James Fitzpatrick

      Really? this is standard practise or so it seems nowadays. somethings needs to change quick.

  • JK

    fuckin loser cops….

  • Travis Galvan

    “All of our people have a real heart for wildlife,” Rankin said after his officers killed Faline.

    One of the major draws to the field of law enforcement is power, and the authority to kill without consequence. It’s a profession with one of the highest rates of sociopaths and psychopaths. These officers clearly knew the law, and knew the family had the right to challenge the ticket in court, but just wanted to make them suffer because they have the power to do so, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

    • Stewart Millar

      I am a hunter but find these officers behavior very disturbing…they should be fired

      • Travis Galvan

        Preach it, brother!

  • kidkeenan
  • dilbert

    Cops do NOT have the balls to confront a real man one on one. Only pets.

    • Ann Carter Bledsoe

      A deer is NOT a pet!

      • Nahuel Benvenuto

        shut the fuck up

      • Dave Andre

        What gives you the right to decide what animals can be a pet?

        • chivalry

          Common s……..never mind

  • Mike Koleos

    Was this deer season? Did he have a hunting license? Is it legal to hunt dear by penning it before shooting it? There are charges to be brought against the shooter.

    • Harry Tzianakis

      i totally agree this family was terrorised

    • chivalry

      Did you not read? Game Warden not cop. Trying to stir up something, when they know it’s wrong to keep a WILD animal as a pet. They knew it was illegal

  • Idgaf

    I’ll play devil’s advocate.

    It’s illegal to keep wildlife. Game wardens, just like police officers, are law enforcement officers. Their job is to enforce laws. If you don’t agree with the laws then contact your legislators.

    Since the deer was tamed she couldn’t be reintroduced into the wild as that would be cruel and basically a death sentence. They obviously weren’t going to let the family just keep it.

    They did the logical thing and used it for meat.

    In the end it was ultimately the family’s fault that the deer was shot by the wildlife officers.

    I do think they could have done it in a more respectful manner, like transporting the deer somewhere first instead of doing it right in front of the family like assholes.

    • jimbo

      have you even read the article?

      According to Taryn Mcgaughey, the officers wrongly killed Faline, as owners were supposed to be given 30 days to contest a penalty notice over an unlicensed pet and a further 10 days to get a license, reports the Independent.

      “They did the logical thing and used it for meat.”

      Gosh you smartasses are such a pain in the arse

      • Idgaf

        I did.

        “She would get on the bed and stand like she owned the place,” said Taryn Mcgaughey, a fashion, fitness and glamour model.”

        ” said Taryn Mcgaughey, a fashion, fitness and glamour model.”

        Just because the victim said so doesn’t make it so. Did the article cite the law that allows the accused 30 days to contest a penalty notice and obtain a license to keep the animal? Does that state even issue licenses for keeping deer?

        It’s conjecture, admittedly on my behalf as well since this part of information is missing.

        Cool personal attack though.

        • Corey Kirby

          And just because the perpetrators said something doesn’t make it true, by that standard. And so nothing meaningful can be said and we’re all speaking nonsense.

    • Harry Tzianakis

      you are just a bit retarded… but that’s just you

      • George III

        Harry, your response was a bit rude! Idgaf stated that he was playing devil’s advocate and although his post was hard to read, he only provided the same spin that the game warden will try to sell to the public in an attempt to excuse his officers’ behavior. I agree with his last sentence…killing it in front of the family that nursed him back to health was uncalled for. And a “heart for wildlife”? Seriously? Shooting the deer that many times was for sheer fun and to prolong the family’s and the deer’s suffering.

    • Stewart Millar

      No one plays the devil’s advocate unless you are a follower lmao

      • Idgaf

        orrrr maybe, just maybe, you have a huge confirmation bias.

        not surprising since this site is called but maybe you should try looking at things objectively instead of subjectively.

    • Ryan James Fitzpatrick

      you fucking inhuman scab. ‘its the law’ doesnt change shit if your a moral human being. these men are scum to the core

    • You’re not playing Devil’s Advocate…you’re playing Hitler’s Excusers.

    • AirLancer

      Being within the bounds of the law doesn’t make something right or just.

      • Idgaf

        Neither does loving an animal you were illegally keeping as a pet.

      • Robert Fleming

        Look at Hillary she is worse than any Criminal and that Bitch ran for President. A lot of laws are just a way to make revenue and keep a tight grip on the population.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      cop troll reported

      • Idgaf

        and this is exactly why no one takes people like you seriously. you totally write off someone’s opinion because it differs from you and try to slap a label on them to discredit what they say.

    • Robert Fleming

      What about a Zoo that isn’t cruel? You are a cold hearted Bastard. Also you hide behind a fake name. I am glad your Hillary LOST…..

      • Idgaf

        what the fuck are you even talking about? and i voted for johnson, thanks.

  • Harry Tzianakis

    there is no way they would kill my pet NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!!! why did they not put it in a Zoo or something why did they terrorise this family???? this is the affect of our Talmudic run government… NO Christian run country would treat their people like this….. Get the jews out or nothing will change

    • Brianna LaPoint

      Shut your hole. Most Americans are Christian and this is what happens when religious nuts like YOU get into office.

  • Daniel Mcamoil

    Most fish and game people I have been around were hwy patrol or rejects from real police depts.for one reason or another. One we had local was scary.. leather gloves with the fingers cut off, big firearms and acted like RAMBO. was glad to see him move to another area.

  • Brianna LaPoint

    People have to stand up to cops. More and more police officers are power crazed.

  • Brianna LaPoint

    Harry Tzianakis is a real christian people. take a good look. But remember this article isnt about Harry and his “this country isnt Christian enough bullshit” its about cops overstepping their authority. Oh by the way, most police officers are Christian. Just like Harry.

  • Ryan James Fitzpatrick

    disgusting scumbags should hang their badges and themselves

  • LiberalConservationist

    These idiots should be shot in both kneecaps… then maybe in the gut, if still alive after 24 hrs.

  • Eddie Krump

    Will my city’s cops start shooting my squirrels? they might find them self’s at the end of my shotgun

  • David Randall

    I’m surprised they didn’t shoot the dogs too!

  • noncents

    Congratulations big government folks, you got big government.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    kill those fucking cops

  • Dave Andre

    Can someone post the names of the officers?

  • Syze00

    I hope they take this to court, request a jury trial and with enough support from the public have them found innocent and the officers guilty. The police acted as judge jury and executioner. What are we going to do with all these bad apples that keep popping up. Not even the “Good” cops will cross the blue line

    • chivalry


  • Isaac Shelby Baker


  • CT Jaynes

    Fuck the police

  • This is a 3 fold problem.
    #1 The police are enforcing laws that serve no purpose.
    #2 The politicians and various government regulators are drafting laws that serve no purpose and in turn the police are required to enforce.
    #3 We The People keep voting into office the lawmakers that further the very statism that led to the creation of pointless laws that cops carried out by killing a deer and solving a problem that doesn’t exist.

    Stop legitimizing government by granting them imaginary authority and this problem will go away.