Officers Starved and Shot Rancher’s Animals to Death and Threw Corpses in Holes


“I feel that this needs to be put out for the public to see”

Mikael Thalen |

New photos released by the Bundy family Sunday provided more evidence to the claim that the Bureau of Land Management was illegally killing and burying confiscated cattle.

Image: Cattle Grave (Bundy Ranch Facebook).

Image: Cattle Grave (Bundy Ranch Facebook).

Posted to the official Bundy Ranch Facebook page, the gruesome image shows several dead cattle being removed from a makeshift grave discovered just this weekend.

“Digging up 1 of the HUGE holes where they threw the cows that they had ran to death or shot,” the picture’s description reads. “I feel that this NEEDS to be put out for the public to see.”

The picture backs up reports by several people including Nevada assemblywoman Michele Fiore, who commented on the BLM’s cattle graves last Tuesday.

“Near their compound, right off the highway, they were digging holes,” Fiore said.

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“They tried to bury some cows on the compound, but I guess they didn’t dig the hole deep enough, so they throw a cow in and they put dirt over him and you have cows’ legs sticking up out of the dirt.”

Fiore also displayed several photos on her Twitter account Sunday, labeling the incident the “BLM Massacre.”


Although the BLM’s court order only permitted the agency to seize Bundy’s cattle, federal agents have thus far already admitted to shooting and killing two prized bulls, claiming the animals were a “safety hazard.”

Image: Prized Bull (Bundy Ranch Facebook).

Image: Prized Bull (Bundy Ranch Facebook).

Video from the area also revealed holes in water tanks, a smashed tortoise burrow, as well as destroyed fences and water lines.

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“They had total control of this land for one week, and look at the destruction they did in one week,” Corey Houston, family friend of Cliven Bundy, told Fox News last week. “Nowhere in the court order that I saw does it say that they can destroy infrastructure, destroy corrals, tanks … desert environment, shoot cattle.”

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  • deathfrogg

    So, a wealthy thief, using publicly owned land to graze his cattle and who has steadfastly refused to pay his grazing fees, as all his neighbors are doing is some kind of hero? Fuck that prick. The public owns the land, he should be paying rent for using it. He has bulldozed illegal water holes, built fences and roads, and allowed his cattle to wander at will onto other people’s property. He has lost every court case on this. Every single one. Time for this cheesedick to pay the bill one way or the other.

    • Eddie Prewitt

      Post this venom without a pseudonym, or you’re just a troll

      • deathfrogg

        The basic facts of the case notwithstanding? None of his neighbors are supporting him. The man is a thief and a lunatic. His piddly little 160 acres can’t support him, so he steals from the commons, and refuses to obey a law that has stood for nearly 200 years because he’s “special”. The fees exist for a reason. Left to their own devices, these ranchers would totally destroy the land in a few years and render it useless for anyone.

        • jfrey123

          That law hasn’t stood for 200 years. Grazing act was passed in 1934. Troll.

        • Smash

          he has said he would pay the fees to the State of Nevada but not to he federal gov’t. Also, his family has been there for 200 years and hasn’t destroyed the land yet. Troll.

          • Soraya Seifts

            YEAH, TROLL OF TROLLS!!!!

          • Adam Brian

            Least the government admits that they spend millions of dollars paying people like that to come on here and lie. I wonder if he gets paid by post or hour.

          • Adam Brian

            Oh. None of the that is reported on CNN or fox so of course all these people heae is he is thief. They don’t hear the blm ran out of business over 50 ranchers in the past 20 years and gave away for free thousands of acres to the military and corporations.

          • canucanoe2

            Source please. Don’t have one? Didn’t think so.

          • Jacob Bloom

            His family has not been there for 200 years. learn to search some facts. They moved there from Arizona in 1948 and didn’t even have cattle on their farm land until 1954. the BLM was formed in 1946 two years before his family moved to their land from Arizona. Every one else pays their bills why doesn’t he? He does not have a 200 year claim to the land as his family has only been in Navada for 66 years and only running cattle for 60 of those years. He attempted to murder random victims at the BLM with bombs and made countless death threats to others. He has made roads and other alterations to land he does not own or have any claim to. He is nothing more than a leach and a thug willing to use women as a shield like the coward he and his militia are.

          • Dale Shipley

            Doesn’t change the fact our Gov. is corrupt. One of the worst in the world. I would back a theif and a liar before our Gov.

          • Jacob Bloom

            His family moved to Nevada in 1948 and didn’t start raising cattle until 1954. 200 years? lol Sorry but fact are facts.

        • Adam Brian

          The blm has only imposed and managed the land since1993 which they gave away thousands of acres to corporations for free. So WTF are you talking about guy.

          • Jacob Bloom

            So? Wow what a surprise that the federal government gave and or sold parts of their land to government funded corporations. So are they not allowed to sell land they own? So because the federal government sold or gave away land like you claim means he doesn’t have to pay his bills? Menas he can make death threats and make murder attempts by mailing pipe bombs. What if a child got killed by one of his bombs he mailed to the BLM. Whats the next excuse his supporters are going to make up? simple fact is he has no claim on the land. His family has not been their for 200 years. They were in Arizona up until they moved to Nevada in 1948. 1948 was not 200 years ago. I got an idea lets use women as a shield like a bunch of cowards just to protect one welfare farmer who is unwilling to pay his bills. So is it ok if I stop paying my bills to mail pipe bombs to the bank I got my loan from?

          • Uncle Arty

            you don’t understand the simple principal of freedoms, if the damn government can step all over the constitution and tax people’s land out from under them or just take outright under eminent domain, then wtf did our Founding Fathers fight for? You need to stop reading that Marxist bullshit and google John Locke, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson.

        • Eddie Prewitt

          I refuse to take into account the words of “deathfrogg” due to the fact he is a TROLLOFTROLLS and posts his venom under a pseudonym

        • Dottie Martin

          The neighbors are not standing up in fear

    • JD Morgan

      That’s funny since him and his neighbors ran those fucking BLM bitches off by standing together. Drink some more kool aid, sheep ass

    • PleaseKillMe

      Let’s not pretend that land the Federal government owns is “public land.” You and I get no say, nor do we get any use out of the land they own there. Of which they own roughly 85% of the land in Nevada.

      • Adam Brian

        Right. They would not give any of us any of that land to use unless we are a trillion dollar corporation which are the people who have been getting the land for free for the past 20 years while kicking off those ranchers.

    • jim

      You missed the point. This article is about the unlawful way the federal agents handled the operation and the ihumane way they treated the animals.

      If you want to talk about the rancher, do it someplace else.

    • freewheelinfranklin543

      The Bundys owned the land from 1877 to the 1930’s when the feds stole it from them. They still own the water rights. The court case wasn’t finished. You sound like a filthy mouthed troll IMHO!

      • deathfrogg

        Oh, look! Another willfully ignorant individual.

        Talk about your trolls.

    • Uncle Arty

      you mean “public lands” after the BLM formed in 1946, then confiscated all the grazing lands under civil asset forfeiture. All the BLM as been doing for the past 50 years is take land and sell of it’s water and mineral rights to their corporate asshole buddies. I say fuck the BLM and fuck you limpdick piece of shit

      • deathfrogg

        Well, aren’t you just a damned bald-faced liar.

        • Uncle Arty

          The problem you have is the BLM has left a very public record of all their land grabs and give a ways. What are you 10y/o? calling me a liar with nothing at all to back it up is 2nd grade bullshit. We live in the information age and assholes like you are still to fucking lazy to do some research. It’s not like you have to get in your fucking car and run down to the library to pull up records, news print etc etc. You can get all the fucking information you need as about as fast as it took you to troll,

  • Erwin Dale Brown

    They should have taken all his stock and butchered it to feed the poor all over America, every last piece of his beef. Putting it in the ground was foolish and a waste. They could have divided the cattle up among the members of several native American tribes for farming and food but unfortunately we had idiots on both sides of this issue so everything turns to waste and hate. Cliven Bundy and the nuts who climb on board with him are the perfect example of how uneducated people have added to the mess we call America. You want to know what would make a government even think about arming itself against it’s own people? “Public Land” only means that the government hasn’t sold it yet to a large corporation for gas development or a mining operation. Public land is only in State Parks that people visit and even those are being eaten away by the gas, oil and mining industries. If you Google map/satilite the big beef producers in the west it would make you throw up. You can see tracts of land the size of cities with the ground covered in 150 years worth of cow crap and piss in closed pens. YOU CAN SEE THEM FROM OUTER SPACE. If Cliven needed to pay for free range grazing so he could produce a better grade of stock……..he should pay it, profit from it and shut the he(( up. This isn’t some kind of mistake. He did all of this on purpose. I think the government should go in with a team of high powered lawyers and take his operation apart and sell it off. Retire the man out on $1200 a month Social Security.

    • Adam Brian

      OK. First of all I voted for Obama the first time but not the second. Now I really don’t care about some rural rancher since I doubt they care about some half breed inner city guy. Now this is out the way. Let’s look at thefacts. Bundys family murdered all the indiansand threw them off this land generations ago. He has been grazing ever since probably using illegal Mexican laborers when needed to become a millionaire like all americanfarmers have done so this is nothing new. Then in1993 the blm took over managing the public land and charged a fee. This is the issue cause bundy refused to pay. I can let the past be the past but it must be acknowledged as a historical truth. Now here why do we need another government agency to manage some land when it was just fine for hundreds of years. Truth is we don’t. It’s not a tax for me but for them to sit on their fat ass and nothing. Now during the 20 years the blm gave away thousands of acres to corporations for free and it’s public record. Yeah the same corporations we have all heard of and they gave land to the to big to fail industrial military complex. So now bundy is the last rancher left. From what I seen other ranchers in the area supported him. The Federal government owns 80 percent of land in Arizona. This all being said with the simple points I have stated that I can only conclude that the federal government is a bunch of corporate thieves using law to grab land as they did to the Indians. What’s new. I guess the Bundy’s now oboe what the Indians felt like. This being said I think that the fed has become so corrupted a long with city state county governments that I have no problem with Bundy’s rise of rebellion. Either way in this nation civil war is inevitable. People are starving unemployed to no fault of their own since we have 30 million people working full time who still collect food stamps. On top of this 1 million college graduates work for minimum wage. Meanwhile 1 out of 3 jobs is a government job. This being said civil war and uprising is inevitable. The United States is over. Those Bundy’s have now been labeled terrorists and under the patriot act they could be drone striked. So the government has labeled anyone who does not support them terrorists which means that it is closer. Think about this. In 2009 the Federal government labeled right wingers constitutionalist gun rights advocates anti abortion groups liberal groups and many more domestic terrorist. This said the government has declared war on the people cause I don’t think I know an American thatdoes not fall into one of these groups. I think that it is time the people stand up for my enemies enemy is my friend and from what has been happening in this country with police robbing raping and blatently murdering American citizens everyday by the hundreds we need to do something before its to late. I congratulate bundy for his efforts and I’m glad rural America has finally woke up after all of the signs were there for at least 30 years that tyranny and a one world order was comming into effect. Minorities better get behind this man and the rest of rural Americans better as well or we will all be put into the FEMA camps created for us while forced to take a microchip in our hands to buy an sell. This is the beginnings of the New World order and the beginnings of the rebellion. Time to choose sides people so who will you stand with.

    • Adam Brian

      Stickeng up for a corrupt fed state city and county government is not going to do anything but make things worst. The real terrorist are the governments of America. This site was created cause coos are murdering robbing and raping hundreds of not thousands of Americans daily if you include the men who just get a daily beating from a cop cause they can. You wouldn’t see me she’d a tear for any dead government worker at this point when I work everyday for scraps. Owe thousands in school debt for a degree that ain’t shit but another scam since human resource managers only hire people they like. Not qualified people but people who they like. This is a fact study.

      • wpglove

        You jerks rip away at safety nets for all americans. It helps maintain your comfort zone. Can’t be helping anyone get healthy again… no sirrie.

        • Adam Brian

          You make no sense. Stop doing drugs and get off government tits taxpayer funded troll. Go back to your gov job so all of us can pay for you. The onoy drain on the economy is you. No producing anything parasite.

  • Charles Vella

    I won’t call you a troll because you are playing the devil’s advocate. I will tell you this; nothing that this rancher did supports the slaughter of his cattle in this way. The cattle themselves had no choice or control. Because of this fact, the government had an obligation to treat them in an educated manner, and that didn’t happen. They fucked everything up like they always do.

    • Ruby

      How does anyone know who killed those cattle? The Koch brothers are funding Bundy because they want to steal the mineral resources on our public lands. I can see Bundy killing his own cattle if the Koch brothers paid him and then blaming it on the government.

  • straydog

    Some Americans have gotten used to this Govt. and whatever it chooses to do, numb to unconstitutional acts against citizens, no knock warrantless raids , corrupt politicians making money, abusive cops , etc. and some of the comments only prove to show how some citizens never experienced what it was like to be a lot more free , not constantly being watched or recorded everywhere. What real privacy was all about. Technology has eliminated our rights. You don’t need to be doing something wrong to lose privacy. The BLM or whomever decided they needed this land cleared of cattle had no right slaughtering these animals. None what so ever. They had no right stealing these same cattle and selling them !!! Cattle rustling used to be punishable by hanging ! I guess the Govt doesn’t count. Next up? Humans who are inconvenient to their cause. Mass burials? Why not? Cattle, Humans , turtles, they are all in the way of making money , Chinese or American . Bankrupting this rancher is a crime perpetrated by the BLM , and whomever tells them what to do. They kill his herd , rustle the cattle and sell them? This is way over the line and they don’t even hide it , because they know we will say nothing…..

    • Theresa Easley

      All of what the BLM is doing has to do with Scary Harry Reid. The old fart calls the Bundy family lawbreakers when he himself along with Obama and his merry band of idiots are constantly breaking laws.

  • iv3

    These officers would do the same to people if they could get away with it

  • Roxana

    I wonder how many wild animals were murdered so the rancher could use their land. I feel sorry for the poor farm animals, they should have find new homes for them instead of starving them and killing them. Rich ranchers need to stop using public land and slaughtering wildlife.

  • WoundedEgo

    The real takeaways from that whole Bundy fiasco are these:

    * Oregon was created as a haven for pasty faced men to not have to associate with darker skinned people
    * these rebels occupied a federal building with weapons – they confronted the cops with weapons several times
    * they weren’t shot dead
    * racism is alive and well

  • Dottie Martin

    How were the bulls a hazard