Officers Who Tasered Teens Testicles Till He Died Can’t Be Charged



The office of Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson said Thursday it had concluded some Mesquite police officers, who in August 2013 shocked 18-year-old Graham Dyer with a Taser on his testicles while he was handcuffed and allowed him to fatally injure himself in the back of their cruiser, had committed a crime.

But due to the expiration of the statute of limitations, the officers involved couldn’t be charged.

“If I could go back in time and have this case, it would be indicted,” said Michael Snipes, the first assistant district attorney. “We would have pursued criminally negligent homicide charges.”

According to state law, however, such charges cannot be brought more than three years after the incident, which came to the district attorney’s attention as the result of an American-Statesman investigation two months ago. And while there is no such limitation on the higher charge of manslaughter, Snipes said the officers’ behavior that contributed to Graham’s death didn’t reach the level of a knowing disregard for his life.

Graham, a skinny skateboarding enthusiast, died after Mesquite police took him into custody on a summer night while he was having a bad LSD trip. The medical examiner called his death an accident, concluding he’d died of self-inflicted injuries sustained by hurling himself around the backseat of the police car on the way to the jail.

Yet police videos later obtained by his parents — with great difficulty and despite the city’s refusal to turn them over — appeared to show that Mesquite police had failed to properly restrain Graham in the back of the car. They also revealed the officers had pulled over and shocked the teenager with a Taser, including several times in his groin. One officer threatened to kill Graham.

The videos also seemed to contradict official police reports of the incident, which stated that Graham had needed to be placed in a special restraint chair at the jail because he was so out of control. Yet the videos of him being unloaded from the police car before being taken to a cell show Graham lying limp on the sally-port floor. It was more than two hours later, when officers found him unresponsive, that medics were summoned to treat him.

The case was never presented to a grand jury, and a city spokesman has said none of the police officers involved was disciplined.

Graham’s parents, Kathy and Robert Dyer, said they met with prosecutors for three hours Thursday. Snipes said his office’s investigation included reviewing videos of Graham’s arrest, police reports and affidavits, and it resulted in a 12-page internal report that was presented to the district attorney.

Kathy said she was disappointed the Mesquite officers wouldn’t be held to account for her youngest son’s death. “We’re pretty emotional, but it’s what we expected,” she said. “We feel like (prosecutors) did a pretty thorough investigation.”

Wayne Larson, a spokesman for the city of Mesquite, didn’t immediately respond to a phone call or email.

The Statesman described in April the Dyer family’s long and frustrating battle to obtain the damning police records. Mesquite was able to withhold them because of a Texas law that says law enforcement agencies don’t have to turn over their records if a defendant isn’t convicted of a crime. Graham was charged with assault for allegedly biting an officer in the finger while being arrested, but, he was never convicted because he died before his case could be heard.

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  • S.D L

    That state statute my have ran out of time but Federal statute for Color of Law violations is 5 years. Someone needs to get the Department of Justice and FBI. So it looks like they have until August of 2018.

    • killmoves

      good luck with this administration.

      • Jhon Pat Shoemaker


  • Dale Shipley

    Allowed to kill someone, still roaming our streets with the power to kill again with no accountability. Are you fucking people crazy?

    • Sylviakbarreto

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      • This discussion is about the needless death of a human being. Go fuck yourself.

  • Vanessa Little

    I’m so sorry for this young man and his family. But I be damn if I would take this sitting down. Statue my ass, it hasn’t run out on his ass… he would be looking over his shoulders for a long time to come…

    • NoRberto Colón

      Hopefully, with this finding, the family has good grounds for a wrongful death suit.

      • Helookalikaman79

        Even though the money wouldn’t bring him back, however I would sue as well, the PD and DA, but more importantly the specific cops, sue them PERSONALLY so the cops would at least pay out of their pockets, not the insurance companies, or the police department, to pay FOR them.

        • secret societies

          take it to the state level or federal. make his death mean something and that he didn’t die just to be forgotten.

  • NoRberto Colón

    Now, I’ve said this before, and I’ll say this again: If they will do this TO WHITE PEOPLE, what hope do we People Of Color have???

  • Amy Matheus

    How is threatening to kill not a precursor to disregard for life? Ie manslaughter. Furthermore the blatant falsifying of police records is a crime. And should not be limited to the statute. The worst part is the parent statement “it is what we expected”. This has become the norm. Legislation is being pursued to ban investigation of police. Without accountability we have no authority over the government who work for the American people. It has become a mockery of the judicial system to enter a police report as fact when time and again we see these falsified documents treated as evidence to protect the very author of said document.

    • Helookalikaman79

      Police are NOT accountable UNLESS their is majorly damming video, like the cop that shot and killed a man running away.. He was shot in the back, and the cop lied on reports. FINALLY some cops are being held accountable, and the look on their faces when they are found guilty is priceless the “what wait I am a cop I cant get into trouble or go to prison”

      As you mentioned, the sad part is the parents of the VICTIM, ““We feel like (prosecutors) did a pretty thorough investigation.”, NO an investigation happens BEFORE the statue of limitations run out. and the ” but it’s what we expected,” comment. It depends on how she meant it, as if they expected the cops and DA to get away with their sons murder as a LOT of cops do get away with it.

  • nytw

    If this guy had followed the direction of law enforcement he would still be alive.

    • Darling Damianton

      They tortured him to death in the back seat of a cop car by tazering his testicles until he died….

      I hope you get the same treatment when you ‘folllow directions’….

      PS…You are a total cunt.

      • Margaret Tomko


    • Sherissa Newhouse

      Are you a moron. People listen to cops and still get shot. Open your eyes and see the world for what it has become.

    • Christa Siobhan Cartwright

      I used to believe this too. Sadly this is not true. Most cops are decent, but there are too many rogue cops who believe they have license to do anything they want.

  • Little Wing

    If anyone in power really wanted to prosecute these cops they could. If it were my son they did this to I would kill the pricks if the law is going to PRETEND nothing can be done. .

  • EvelynU

    i don’t see any mention of what crime they “took him into custody” for. Presumably, if he was reacting to LSD, it looks the same as if he is mentally ill. So is that the crime they were accusing him of? or what? I’m pretty sure torture is illegal, and has a longer statute of limitation than 3 years!

  • Helookalikaman79

    There was a OBVIOUS lack of the cops NOT restraining him in the car (assuming from the article) If I or anyone else do not put on our seatbelt a cop can ticket us for it, but then they don’t put it on a person who was not all there due to the drugs, and we are all suppose to believe they had no reasonable expectation to restrain him properly….

    The sad part is the parents, ALLOWING these animals to get away with murder…. WHO shocks a man in the testicles, and DO NOT think he would need medical help. One SMALL LIGHT kick or bump to the groin men drop, and darts charging electric SHOCK to the testicles are no big deal? Screw that. The cops should be charged with MURDER, the only reason they charged (or would have) with this particular crime is so the statue of limitations would protect those animals. SO not only should they be charged with murder, the DA should be charged for their BS, and not prosecuting the animals on the PROPER charge….

    When you become a parent, by choice or not, your life is NO LONGER about YOU, it is about that child, no matter his age. If you are 90 and your kid 70, your life is STILL all about your child. So, these cops, wouldn’t have to try to stay out of prison, they would be asking to be put in prison. Remember, if you cannot put your child regardless of age, above your own wants, needs, etc., if you cannot put that child first, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY.

  • brotherap

    Sounds now like a federal case now at this point, a violation of this young man’s civil rights.
    Given the city’s action of concealing the documents and preventing his representatives and family from gaining access, the statute of limitation should still be in effect.

  • Michael Jenkins

    All cops are scum. They they come need me I go the other way.They try to come into my home well…….

  • The officers involved should say a prayer of thanks that it wasn’t my son they did that to. If it had been my son the statute of limitations wouldn’t even be an issue. I’ll guarantee you that.

  • Christa Siobhan Cartwright

    Sue the shit out of them!!!!

  • rhn5595

    fuckin pigs

  • Paul Joseph Goodwin

    The police video was relevant evidence, and it was witheld. Relevant evidence has no statute of limitations …


    This is shocking

  • Dave Beers

    on… the statue of limitations does not apply if NEW evidence is
    discovered. Additionally, murder has no stature of limitation. So WTF is
    really going on??

  • Jhon Pat Shoemaker

    GET R E V E N G E

  • Netfrog

    Let me see if I got this right. The cops witheld evidence against them for a long enough period of time for the statute of limitations to expire and therefore walk free? What the f….

  • ronald1216

    he should haunt the cops the law says tasseling must be on the upper chest not the balls. they should’ve arrested the cop day one not wait 3 years to receive the report



  • Jim Simolari

    hey douche bag cop will be charged because murder has no statue of limitations and for him to claim he didnt know he was going to kill him is bullshit the law reads IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE FRY THE BITCH besides why wait 3 years to get him in court or was it by design lets charge the D A for corruption and a few others with conspiracy it fits well is it me or does every in court know deach other been to birthday with each other christmas partys together this includes judges lawyers prosecutors and cops only takes 3 to prove conspiracy oh and they all work for the state who gets a fair trail

  • Jim Simolari

    wow we need a SUPER HERO in the form of a vigilante who will get us justice and they will be loved by all and be very famous