Orange County Sheriff Left Deputy on Patrol After Sexual Assault and He Found Another Victim

But there’s nothing funny about what happened to then-21-year-old Alexa Curtin in Dana Point in the wee hours of June 28, 2014. During a civil trial in Los Angeles this month, Curtin attorney Dan Balaban told jurors OCSD Deputy Nicholas Lee Caropino knocked on Curtin’s Nissan Versa window with his flashlight; gained entry; spread her legs; “rammed his fist” into her vagina; forced oral copulation; ignored her screams; inserted his penis for intercourse; yelled, “Take that, bitch”; and, about 20 minutes later, ejaculated.

“When he drove away in his car, he took a piece of me I never got back,” a weeping Curtin testified at a two-day trial with a federal jury of four women and four men. “I was scared for my life. . . . This guy had a badge and a gun and the ability to kill me.”

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