Oregon Police Officers Leave Dog in Car to Die After Arresting Woman

Oregon cops have been sued by a woman who claims officers arrested her under questionable circumstances, then left her dog in her car for 17 days where she found it dead upon her release from custody.

Tamala Bemis filed the lawsuit in federal court last week against the City of Eugene, officer Brad Hanneman and several unnamed officers.

The suit claims the officers violated her civil rights and engaged in “conscience-shocking conduct” by refusing to contact her brother, whom she requested to tend to her 13-year-old red heeler named Magic inside her car parked in a cul-de-sac.

“That Magic died in such a cruel fashion, alone without water, and in extreme heat, haunts her to this very day,” the lawsuit, which can be read below, states.

Bemis stated to police during her detainment on October 5, 2015 that Magic was inside a nearby parked vehicle and that she feared the dog would die from overheating or starve to death with no food and water.

An in-car dash cam recorded Bemis repeatedly telling officers about the dog as well as the location and make of her car.

However, she was unable to provide a phone number for her brother, although she did provide her mother’s phone number and gave them directions to her car.

“I think they should have broken into the car to save the dog,” her attorney, Jeff Dominic Price of California, told Oregon Live on Monday.

Bemis told KATU she had gone for a bike ride and left Magic in the car with the engine running and the heat on.

She was arrested during her ride after Eugene Police suspected her of being connected with a burglary in the area after receiving a call about a male and female suspect on bicycles.

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  • Mike

    They should charge the cops with murder, just like the cops charge citizens who kill police dogs!!!

  • Anastasia Beavenhouser


  • a_b704

    Well, she is an idiot, for leaving the dog in the car, and for having a warrant out for her arrest, and for not even knowing where her car and dog were.

    Left out of the article here: “The EPD says that officers tried to find the car with Magic in it, but Bemis gave them the wrong location of the car. EPD also says they asked for contacts from Bemis, but she struggled to give them correct names and phone numbers.”

    And: “”We found that officers attempted to locate the car where she said she left it, at Jay and Marshal. It was not there. The officer who transported her to jail did not dismiss her concerns, but tried to get additional details about where she might have left the vehicle,” McLaughlin said.

    The police gave Bemis a phone number and instructed her to call if she could provide more details about her brother’s or mother’s phone numbers but she didn’t call, according to the Eugene police spokeswoman.

    Shortly after the incident, Kamkar told The Register-Guard in 2015 that “our heart goes out to (Bemis) because the bottom line is, she lost her dog. Most of us as police officers, we love dogs, and a story like that touches everyone’s hearts.”