Parents Outraged After Cop Asks Their 12-yr-old Child for Sexual Photos

ILLINOIS — A mother and father are outraged after finding out that a police officer tried to elicit sexual photographs from their 12-yr-old child.

“He’s no better than who he’s arrested,” the father said.

The mother had been dating the officer, which ended abruptly when she found that the officer asked her child for “sexy pics.”

It started last summer when the child told her mother that Officer Amati wanted her to wear jewelry with the word “Princess” on it.

The mother was disturbed by this.

She immediately confronted the officer at his home and cursed at him, she said.

Then she went back home and told both of her daughters, ages 12 and 10, to avoid the officer.

That’s when the 12-yr-old daughter revealed all of the text messages she had been receiving from the officer.

One message, dated Aug. 16, read “hi beautiful.”

Another read, “feel free to send me a pic any time.” Officer Amati then added a smiley face.

Three days later, according to copies of the messages obtained by the Chicago Tribune, Officer Amati texted “send me some sexy pictures!”

He then added a heart-shaped emoticon.

The daughter did not respond.

The mother reported all of this to investigators once she found out.

The investigators then made another discovery —  Officer Amati had been using a taxpayer-funded police database to collect information on the mother.

He was looking into her records without her knowledge or consent. It’s a felony for officers to use such databases for personal reasons.

But the officer has not been charged, according to reports.

Instead, he has received 30 days off, reports say.

Officer Amati is one of the highest-paid officers in the city and will continue receiving forced tribute from Americans paying taxes to fund his career.

The mother commented that the so-called punishment “disgusts” her, and added, “police are supposed to be sworn into their position to serve and protect…He just did the opposite.”

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  • normajeana

    Given the number of police officers who diddle minors and little children, this cop needs to be thoroughly investigated and FIRED immediately. Search for “TRUE STORIES OF RAPIST/PEDOPHILE COPS OUT OF CONTROL AND THE JUSTICE SYSTEM THAT FAILS THE VICTIMS” to see a SHORT list of sick cops- like Pike County Ohio Deputy Chief Clyde Franklin Sanders Jr. who, this past July, plead guilty to raping a THREE YEAR OLD GIRL- TWICE and received a PROBATION sentence…

    • Arnt Johnsen

      Rape on a 3 year old baby girl, disgusting. Beheaded the one who did it.

      • normajeana

        Alas- the predator cop didn’t even go to prison. He got probation, and was allowed to retire with his pension.

        Judges don’t like to give cops prison sentences for raping children or sex workers- or anyone, for that matter. Cops are given a pass for their predations, which is why so many of them think they can get away with doing these things. And they are right- most of them do get away with it.

        • Patriot

          Absolutely CHILLING….. I believe in a public’s just response when knowing that a convicted child rapist is walking the streets freely, TAKEN CARE OF BY THE STATE….. he will most likely be gunned down as more people find out about his history and how he was “served” justice…..

        • sj

          And we wonder why there are vigilantes?

  • Friedrich Hassenholtz

    FUCKING PIG!!!!!!

  • kirkdickinson

    I know someone on the sexual offenders list for similar stuff. Felon for life and could never be a cop.

    • Helena_Handbasket

      Hell, there was one guy put on the sex offender list for grabbing his own (fully clothed) crotch while in a verbal argument with a neighbor (who was a grown-damn adult) You know, standard (albiet stupid) form of showing disdain in an arguement. HE is now a sex offender, but apparently if you’re a cop you can creep on 12 year olds and get a paid vacation.

  • Figures.

    Pedocop gets no punishment. makes sense. Even when the crime committed is one as heinous as this. they get away with it.

  • Chris Baker

    Absolute power-hungry, elitist, pricks. I hate pigs.

  • Clint

    Nazi motherfuckers are never held accountable

    • Lee

      Well they were back in the 40s but not now.

  • This happens all the time, and yet it’s almost never reported.

  • Willie Capps

    …put his ass in prison, and

    keep him in general population…let’s see how he feels when the rabbits have the gun…..LUBE ANYONE?….ya’ goin ta’ be squeelin’ like the pig you are you mother fucker! REAP IT!

    • rayb_baby

      I’m not sure this is prison worthy, but is certainly being fired worthy. There have been many more prison worthy offences by cops than this.

      • Laurien Rowan

        The man was seeking child porn- he was grooming her to rape her and was requesting pornographic pictures of a little child. If that is not prison worthy – what is? How many children has he successfully groomed into raping them and how many pics of these children are on his hard drives and WHY ON EARTH IS NOONE LOOKING FOR THEM?

        • rayb_baby

          If you are correct, then I would agree, however, none of what you said are substantiated in the above article.. Do you have information other than what is above, if not then you have made a lot of assumptions that would fail in any court. “Sexy photos” are not necessarily pornography. But I agree, it should be looked at and then we go from there. Otherwise, the above is not prison worthy.

          • soliciting child pornography is a serious fucking crime . quit defending a pedocop

          • rayb_baby

            Did you even read my 2nd comment?

          • rayb_baby

            As a matter of fact, did you even read my whole 1st comment?

          • kditty

            i did, and felonies are handed out daily to people who have drug problems. so what should happen to someone who abuses an information system just to get info on someone to use in a malicious way? FELON = PRISON

          • normajeana

            If this crime isn’t prison worthy, why is society so eager to send the non violent, non abusive clients, employers and associates of ADULT sex workers to prison for 15 years to life- merely for paying us for acts of s.ex that we can legally give away to as many partners as we wish? If any other non cop citizen had arranged to meet a 17 year old whom he believed to be a prostitute, but who was in fact an undercover agent, that non cop citizen would be facing decades behind bars and a lifetime s.ex offender registry.

          • “Us”?

          • Chris McNair

            Is it EVER ok to ask for a “sexy photo” from a 12 year old?? W T F

          • rayb_baby

            Did I say that? If so, show me where and how. Can’t you folks understand anything that I say? I write in pretty plain English and it should be pretty easy for anyone with 1/2 a brain to interpret. Those of you responding to me are so rabid in your hate for cops that you can’t even accept a rational assessment of a situation.
            Re-read the comments I’ve made so far and use your fucking brains before replying.


          • Chris McNair

            ** “Sexy photos” are not necessarily pornography.**

            Like others have pointed out – Those are apologist words. And don’t tell me “to use my fucking brains” you troll.

          • ldicker83

            Misuse of police databases…. did you miss that part?

            I both agree and disagree with your comments. “Sexy pics” is certainly suggestive and extremely inappropriate but by itself isn’t a crime. However, I think it’s absolutely reason to suspect that a crime has been committed and fan good reason to investigate.

            But then, this is America where the bank steps and their lackeys go free while the rest of us got thrown in a cage for not harming anybody.

            I suspect this pig will be back on the job with a slap on the wrist and nothing more.

          • Has anyone investigated? If he were a regular citizen, the police would have seized his phone, computer and other electronics, gone through his home to see if he had videos and pictures, etc. When a regular citizen is suspected of grooming children for future sex crimes, the government looks more closely at him. But a blind eye was turned to this man. Is it that there’s an undercurrent of pedophilia in our police departments? It appears so.

        • looneytunes

          firing squad?

      • Neal

        Misuse of the police records is most certainly prison worthy.

      • kditty

        he committed a felony, thats prison worthy. if he didnt know it was a felony, ignorance is no excuse. he should still be tried for the felony he committed. just like the people who get caught with a coke residue straw or an ounce of weed get a felony charge so should he.

        if you try to argue that his crime wasnt anything bad like drugs or some BS, dont because his crime had a victim. 99% of drug cases that are felonies have no real victim except the users who choose to do it.

      • ClintJCL

        Hey shithead, did you read the part about committing a fucking felony? You might be a piece of human filth who actively helps police rape children if you apologize for the felonies of a cop trying to do that, and say it is not prison worthy. What the fuck does fucking felony mean, asshole? At this point, I’m assuming “baby” is in your username because you’re a baby raper.

      • Bash

        Your a rapist your self if u think this isn’t prison worthy sick fuck

  • Kore Walters

    a true pervert’

  • circeherbivora

    This is NOT acceptable behavior. A grown man should not be allowed to solicit sexual pictures from a CHILD. And the fact that this man is a law-enforcement officer makes it 10 times more disturbing.

  • TranscendTheStory

    Where is this dudes’ facebook page? Someone needs to release that information.

  • Helena_Handbasket

    I hope against the odds that this fucker goes down hard. Can you imagine the life in prison as an ex cop AND a pedo?

  • Jessica A Lopez

    So sick of this fucked up system, They have no respect, they use the power they have for all the opposite shit..,I get happy when a cop gets killed…I LOVE that shit!…Fuck The system, the cops n the law….they r a piece of shit!

  • Matthew Hurt


  • Arnt Johnsen

    Rapes, murder, assault… are that what the police do in USA???
    Up rise against lawenforcement will come when enough is enough but will they learn????

  • Sharon Ravert

    Police are people not saints. We need to get the bad ones out lest we believe they are all bad. When they do not receive the same punishment that normal folks do, when the are caught committing a crime, it makes those making the decision to give this man a vacation and his job back, criminally negligent in their position.

    • police are thugs

    • Lee

      Nope. Sorry. Can’t agree. LEOs should be held to a higher standard, not a lower or even one. They are given powers that most every day citizens do not have (lethal response, arrest powers, seizure of property). When LEOs commit crimes, they should face harsher punishments for violation of public trust.

  • Antonio Buehler

    They’re not really felonies when cops commit them. They’re just administrative hurdles.

  • Raymond R. Reines

    So many of these disgusting, perverted thugs in uniform…it’ll be open season soon enough if the corrupt system can and/or will not serve justice on these pigs..!

  • Ian Hollinhead

    after getting a baton rammed in his ass and having his motherboard knocked loose robocop became… Pedacop.

  • halbersert

    Bullies behind badges are still bullies

  • DefundDC

    Police are no longer sworn in to protect and serve the public. The Police are not there for your benefit. If you want to continue to say they are sworn in to “protect and Serve” please add “their own ass” at the end.

  • ozzythaman

    BANG. problem solved

  • Don’tTrust

    If ONLY you people knew the truth about the protections cops have – THEN you’d stand up, riot, and overthrow this B.S.

    But nope, continue believing in what you believe, and continue to read more stories like this.

  • zarathustra2k1


  • Hank_Thoreau

    All cops are worthless scum, they are either violent thugs, or straight up criminals, or they PROTECT the cops that are.

    Police should be shunned, never speak to one, never allow one near your home or family. The only good cop is one that eats their gun.

    • Keely Shaper

      Not all of them are bad, but yes you are correct, a lot of them are guilty of doing exactly what your wrote.

  • crz666

    When will Americans revolt, to much going on, and America just bend over to any tiranny. Too medicated!!!

  • hellraiser

    I would have shot him dead right then and there. If people think that cops are ruthless pigs then just face the hell of an angry mother. No shame. No one would have seen him again. No trial or pissy punishment. My court works differently. If u don’t like it don’t fuck with my family. But yet again everyone is different……..

  • Dick Gosinya

    An acid attack on his face seems in order.

    • aim lower

    • Lee

      Nah. He needs to be the guy on the seat for a dunking booth. At a local elementary school. And the booth is filled with Drano.

  • fuck the fucking police

  • Jim

    I want his name. People serve life behind bars for less than what he did. Disgusting.

    • Lee

      Sgt. Charles Amati, Woodstock PD

  • disgustedcitizen

    people often say that the few dirty cops give the good cops a bad name. I think there are few are far between good cops. they are the gang in blue and the American injustice system makes sure that they stay in power.

    • Lee

      You see the good ones all the time on the news too. They’re the ones who are ousted from the department, generally with some kind of trumped up or other BS charge, for whistle-blowing on the department. The “good ones” who stay on a department are the ones who choose to not report criminal activities and seek resolution on behalf of victims of LEO violence. This, in essence, makes them accessories after the fact and criminals themselves. You don’t see many actual good cops that stay on at departments for long unless the department itself makes it habit to punish criminal behavior and that is really what is far and few between.

  • madafu

    You’re a fucking pedophile Officer Amati. You should be in jail getting butt-raped in prison. Go to hell. Fuck the police.

  • Anna Rather

    This is sick! Why hasn’t this man been arrested?! WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! WHY ISN’T THIS MAN IN PRISON!!!!!!!!

    • Lee

      He was arrested and charged. He got probation, got to retire with his pension, and didn’t have to register as a sex offender. Yay!! Justice was served!! (end was sarcasm since emotion and snark doesn’t read well over the Internet)

  • Pookie Bear

    Police are the best liers and get away with anything they want dont trust the justice system.

  • St0rm_

    these unichs think they have free reign to do as they see fit and bend the laws the act like they uphold. they should be decapitated at the least for crimes on a child. end of story. that or they can choose to be immunized for their afflictions with a lead injection. only one needed for the rest of their petty lives.

  • Jack Barnes

    Tell the Woodstock Police Department what you think!
    656 Lake Avenue Woodstock, Illinois 60098
    24 Hour Emergency Telephone Dial 911
    24 Hour Non-Emergency Telephone – (815) 338-2131
    [email protected]

  • Bryce Henderson

    Surprise, surprise… pigs protecting their own. “oink oink”

  • Kyle McCabe

    Throw him to the crowd and see what happens

  • Arnt Johnsen

    Jail time for life or For all eternity remove his balls so he him self cant hurt children or anyone else.

  • Ryan Leigh Henley

    Put him in general population with a shirt that says “I was a cop but I got caught asking a kid for dirty pictures”

  • riversideCA

    Soon, after the revolution, theyll get theirs. Nobody forgets bad cops…for any “good cops” out there, “silence when one should protest, makes cowards of men” -lincoln

  • riversideCA

    Here in los angeles, a good cop tried to expose some bad cops last year, they hunted him down and killed him in big bear

  • Kim Serrahn

    He’s a cop and he didn’t really touch the child so no harm, no foul. And before you jump, if something were to “accidentally” happen to him I wouldn’t shed a tear.

    • Lee

      “Didn’t touch the child so no harm, no foul”, huh? Soliciting a minor? That’s a class 4 felony in IL. And before you go off on the ins and outs of the term “sexy pics”, let me direct you to the phenomenon of “sexting” involving minors and it being regarded by NUMEROUS courts as child pornography.

      • Kim Serrahn

        I guess my shade of sarcasm is to subtle. I’ll fix it for you.

        • Lee

          A bit. Apparently responding before coffee isn’t the best idea lol

          • Kim Serrahn

            that’s okay. I forget that when I talk to myself (and the voices answer every time) I get what I’m saying but others might not., due to empty coffee cups and such.

          • Lee

            I do that sometimes too. lol. I generally try to reread my posts before sending so I can make sure they make sense to more than just me.

  • Daniel S J Franklin

    Well given that this happened 2 years ago at Woodstock, Illinois. i want to share the rest of the story, me and my friends from Anonymous Chicago, and Illinois Anonymous Legion went there to protest that nothing was being done, and when it was time for the community to speak about it, I went up and addressed the fact that people from all over want this cop locked up, and how would you feel if your daughter, your sister, your friend was being Sexually Harassed, by a Pedophile Cop. Me and my friends were escorted out of there by that pedophiles fellow police officer, we made our stand and I respectfully came up and we were made to leave. Thats how they work, any opposition is quickly taken away!

  • Nykiegp

    I am sick of how POLICE have turned against the very people that they have SWORN to PROTECT! Cestui Que Vie Trust…LOOK THIS UP. YOUTUBE AND OTHER PLACES. NEVER BE A VICTIM AGAIN!!

  • Mark White

    You people are so funny. Willing to string up the cop but unwilling to put your culture on trial for supporting such a militarized force to dominate your nation and kill, rape and degrade with impunity. #BurnAmerica

  • Whitetoiletmonkeysrapebabies

    LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Typical white western pig/cow truly a recessive diseased failed stolen country and race of polio… Did u know you can only find polio diseases in white pig eurodiseased race of round eyed POLIO LOSERS!!!

    Currently I have a cOnspiracy of pederast child raping white pigs (police) and their toilet slave monkeys still chOking on my penis ever since I was a baby… Truly pathetic!!!


  • WhitepolioceCIArapebabybOys

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