Penis-Flashing Cop Costs American Taxpayers $1.25 Million



A NYPD lieutenant said he is unsure if sending pictures of a penis to a female subordinate counts as harassment.

The now retired officer Alexander Rojas categorically denied that he subjected three of his colleagues to groping, touching and using sexually derogatory terms.

However, this is not all.

One of his victims, 44-year-old Dawn Sprague claims that he repeatedly played a lewd video of a woman performing oral sex on a man.

He told her that he was the one in the video.

Another officer Claudia Melara has also indicated she had seen a lot more of Alexander than she wanted to. After calling her to his office, he showed her a picture of male genitals that he claimed were his. He even asked her if she liked she saw.

His third victim was Maria Lampley. She too was subjected to photo evidence of what was inside his underwear.
As it turns out, all three women had filed a lawsuit against him.

Last week the court ruled he would need to pay well over a million dollars amount to victims. When asked, the former officer said he could afford only $ 12,500.

So the City of New York is expected chip a cool $1.25 million owing to his years of servitude, which includes the period he spent exposing himself to his colleagues.

It seems Alexander is not the only one who needs a crash course in appropriate behavior at work. Other American policemen, too, are having a hard time keeping their pants zipped while on duty.

In a separate incident since last year, one member of law-enforcement decided to showcase his manhood in public.

Late last year Officer Jason Miller was charged with official misconduct and public lewdness and was been suspended without pay.

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  • Anonymous

    Wait!!! He is “unsure” if sending penis pictures to a female subordinate is sexual harassment? Hmm…let me remember back to my harassment training…Calling someone a derogatory racist word is harassment. Trying to convert someone to your religion or lack of…harassment. Making sexual jokes to co-workers is sexual harassment. Sending a subordinate pornographic pictures is sexual harassment. Sending naked pictures of yourself? I’ll have to ask at the next company harassment training, but I kind of THINK they will say “Yes it is!”

  • ‘Craig Bruner’

    Why are taxpayers having to pay this bill? If he would have gotten jail time for his illegal perverted actions would taxpayers have to do his jail time too?? This is BULLSH*T!!

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    Recessive diseased white pig toilet njgger baby failures need to kill yourselves now. The more you terrorize countries even your own collapsing ripping apart country the more I will force your fvck throats on your God, my penis =D~~~